Asian street food | DW Documentary

Asian street food | DW Documentary video 42:26

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Asia’s street food delicacies are world-famous. From scorpions to insects, every region has its specialty. Street food isn’t just cuisine – it’s a part of cultural identity.

Food trucks and street vendors all have a story to tell. And to explore Asian street food is to learn about a society and its culture, history and politics.

Travel across four Asian countries and explore the diversity of the street food tradition, from the staples served up for tourists to the secrets of Xinjiang cuisine. But it’s not just about the food; cooking can be an escape from poverty. Saiyuud Diwong, who grew up in the slums of Bangkok, now rubs shoulders with the likes of Jamie Oliver. She’s also published a book and runs a cookery school.

At a bazaar in Xinjiang, at the heart of the Silk Road, we meet Alimu, whose specialty is lamb kebabs. And we visit Japan, to see how a classic ramen noodle soup is made.

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Asian street food | DW Documentary video 42:26


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