Beef & Guinness Stew – St. Patrick’s Day Special – Beef Stewed in Guinness Beer

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Learn how to make a Beef & Guinness Stew! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day Special Beef Stewed in Guinness Beer recipe!

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611 Replies to “Beef & Guinness Stew – St. Patrick’s Day Special – Beef Stewed in Guinness Beer”

  1. tvcharleytown

    Why not use beef broth instead of chicken?

  2. luckyducky224

    I tried this exactly as Chef John made it and did it again modified as how I read in some of the comments (i.e.-add bay leaf, add beef broth)…sooo much better as Chef John’s original recipe. LOVEEEE IT!

  3. Ernesto Torres

    This is the best food porn I have seen in a long time. Thanks Chef John!

  4. Beyond

    My mom loves Guinness, i know she’ll love this. I’ll be making it during the week C:

  5. MUNG STReightn


  6. Ron Verburg

    Great reicipe, but when are you start talking like an adult?

  7. Cliff DaRiff

    Yay Guinness!!!!

  8. Tim Coombes

    some time people say use Guinness but the stuff you get in North America is garbage I have been to Ireland twice that is the real thing to replace the beer use a dark ale it’s better

  9. LynnBlack0185

    This was amazing. Love this recipe. My picky nephew even liked it. I added peas to it. Will definitely make this again.

  10. 9spiderlegs

    Made this last week and my boyfriend said it was in his top 5 of the things I’ve made! I usually make pretty good things for the record, so top 5 is good 😉

  11. TheaterRaven

    I made this tonight and it was delicious. My sister–who is not easy to please when it comes to trying new recipes–loved it so much she said we should make it our annual dinner for St. Patrick’s Day (or All Snakes’ Day as I celebrate it, being a Pagan). Thanks, Chef John!

  12. Unicorn Bunny

    Want to make this but my area DOESN’T have thyme or guiness beer.

  13. Carole Weisbrod

    This. is. delicious! And you’re right, Chef – it DID smell like a wet leprechaun while I was deglazing with the Guiness (2:36) ! But the flavors came together fabulously. Thank you! 🙂

  14. youchilled

    cooked this tonight, one of your best recipes I’ve tried chef!, thanks

  15. Jenn K

    Can you do this in slow cooker/ crock pot

  16. Natasha Sxoxo

    Absolutely FANTASTIC! Made it for my boyfriend’s family for St Patrick’s Day- couldn’t get ENOUGH of it! Great recipe!!

  17. Stephanie Jordan

    My mom’s maiden name is Callahan ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘ 🌈💰💰💰💚💚💚💚💪😀

  18. Grand Moff Tarkin

    Will I be cooking this tonight? The answer is yes, absolutely yes.

  19. amy brady

    Love this meal

  20. Tonithenightowl

    Ya know why G-d created whiskey? So the Irish wouldn’t rule the world. I didn’t say it Brad Pitt did….give him hell. :o)

  21. Scott S

    Am I allowed to use beef stock chef? I am allergic to chicken and any broth or stock associated with bird meat. I can however eat their eggs thank goodness!

  22. SvenTviking

    Green inion mash, known as “Champ”.

  23. eric rinehart

    i made this a few nights ago and it came out fantastic. Best stew I ever made. Who knew a can of Guinness could add so much flaver

  24. Jamie Carlton

    God I’m hungry now I want some Irish stew so bad now

  25. Grace Darling

    Jesus …… not you again.!!!!    I want to listen to a real human being talking like real human beings speak…… please GO AWAY   >

  26. Samuel Boundy

    It’s SO refreshing to hear an American refer to real gravy as gravy. Us Brits still can’t get our head around that creamy white stuff that you put on whatever it is that you call biscuits! 😂

    1. Ms PePPer

      Samuel Boundy what biscuits call
      over there…. just a thought

  27. Rachel Iamonaco

    I made this, it’s awesome!

  28. adrian peirson

    That looks tasty, gonna try that, thanks for sharing.

  29. ohsnap31

    Cooking for 1.  Would this freeze well?

    1. Bobby Oneill

      Keep onion and potato away from a freezer, best to cook them the day you wish to serve the rest of your meal.

      Add in both on the same day.cheers.

  30. robbase83

    Hey Chef, Made this tonight for my family and received accolades of success on how awesome it was, I agree, totally delicious. Again thanks,

  31. Ich Bin Ein Preuße Will Ein Preuße Sein

    I personally like Murphy’s stout better.

  32. Yoeri Hengeveld

    I like slow cook beef too.

  33. Stephen Chapman

    DAMN chef John, you need the cayenne obviously

  34. Blixem

    I made this with elk stew meat–insanely good.

  35. Steve the country cook

    That looks delectable! Going to make this!

  36. Rhiahl

    Chef John is going to freak but, I’ve made this several times. Every time several people have asked me for the recipe so I send them video and they are surprised. Saying that, I’ve found I can pull all this together and put it up in the fridge the night before. Put it into the crockpot on low. Then, when I get home (I’m rarely gone 5 hours or, I have someone turn it off at like 4 hours), I put it into a stew pot and simmer it off. It’s good. Do try the spring onion mashed potatoes with this. Fantastic!

  37. chris goodness

    Thumbs up for the Boondock Saints refrence

  38. xErikTheRedx

    Anyone got a nonalcoholic substitute they can recommend?

  39. John Ryan

    I’m gonna make this, this weekend!

  40. ddavel5441

    You mean you wish there was a ‘more’ attractive way to add that tomato sauce….not a ‘less attractive way’….lol

  41. tdr124

    Hi Food Wishes! I watch your channel when I want to procrastinate!

  42. bluetsunami

    A lot of these stew recipes found elsewhere don’t include tomato paste which is surprising since it gives stews a very good depth. Feels like something is missing without it.

  43. Writer6608

    This video was so good I had to watch it twice

  44. Geoff Molyneux

    Just come on to get this delicious beef stew recipe for tea and the ad before it started was “do you spit blood whilst brushing” accompanied by someone spitting blood in to a sink? I’m skipping the stew. ffs!.

  45. Kristian Brandt

    No Guiness? Don’t worry brown ale works too. I made this a few days ago, and my friend Allan was a bit disappointed he couldn’t have any because of his faith. No worries, obviously take out the bacon, but the beer isn’t a problem either, because the alcohol evaporates as it boils.

  46. kofManKan

    The potatoes are called Champ BTW. Thanks for all your vids, you rock!

  47. József Varju


  48. atd8vii

    All this drinking, violence, destruction of property. Are these the things that come to mind when we think of the Irish?

  49. Catie

    Making this tonight for dinner! I just got back from the store with all the ingredients. 😇

  50. Vianeey Adame

    Can I replace the bacon with something else? Or can I just completely remove it out of the recipe?

    1. Catie

      Vianeey Adame you could totally just omit it; I imagine it would be completely fine

  51. Rita Reid

    Thank you. Thank you for food and recipies where someone does not have to do a dance and a spin and touch the nose this way but not that way before winking twice and clapping five times. In case that last sentence was confusing thank you for approachable and uncomplicated food. Thank you for taking basics and turning them into something extraordinary. 😄

    1. Catie

      Rita Reid what a great comment! I feel exactly the same.

  52. peter T

    If you can get it in the U.S ox cheek, takes a bit longer but its the best really tasty

  53. Robina Anstey

    Wet leprechauns are tasty I’m told.

  54. westsidemikeyahoo

    I am making this as we speak and it looks EXACTLY as the recipe does…..I’m getting ready to do the final reduce and the house smells amazing….OMG…..the family is sniffing and “when is it ready?”

  55. itsmegp46

    I don’t know what the fascination chefs have with using so much salt. It has been medically proven that eating excess salt can lead to high blood pressure, kidney disease and heart disease.

    1. lesley phillips

      Chefs/restaurateurs aren’t interested in your health. They want to see your credit card and further visits to their outlet. If you’re worried about your health talk to your doctor. You won’t hear the same story from chefs and medics.

  56. namenot needed

    “A less attractive way?” Or more attractive way?

  57. Lisa Adler

    My Dad liked this better than any beef stew I ever made, which is sad for me, but thanks for the great recipe.

  58. jessica ilett

    Advert had a great tune over it I’m ashamed that I like it

  59. James Boardman

    Reducing is good, intensifies the flavors. maybe one potato to help make it thicker.

  60. Guillermo Villamil Kingsley

    Se come mucha zanahoria en Irlanda. Y hay un rico pastel de zanahoria.

  61. Artie Wagoner

    Add a bay leaf, flour your meat before you brown it, and lastly, use beef broth instead of chicken broth and you have my recipe.

  62. courtball77

    Just made this today! It. Was. Incredible! Thank you!

  63. Fariaz Rabbani

    made it last night – Loved it!

  64. HeadlessSongstress

    wet leprechaun…. hahahahahaha

  65. Mark 1

    Has anyone tried this recipe with rice or pasta instead of potato mash? What’s your opinion of alternatives to mash potato?

  66. Cyndi Bates

    Hmm. Why two different pans? The dutch oven should be fine for browning the bacon and beef and sweating the onions.

  67. FutureRefrence

    Them dam smelly leprechauns!

  68. Order of the True Force


  69. Iris Moirangthem

    What kind of beer should i add strong or light or medium

  70. ShawBrothersGirl

    Man this really looks good. I think I might try your recipe chef john. Has anybody tried this?

  71. Raj Ray

    Brilliant dish, thumbs up.

  72. Michael Gonzalez

    Nice recipe.

  73. Bill Mayhew

    As far as skimming the grease off the top, I always use the spoon like you do, but recently I saw a trick by Gordon Ramsey of taking a piece of plain white bread and skimming it across the top. According to him, it absorbs all the grease if you do it right almost perfectly. I have not tried it yet, so I cannot comment, but it looked like it worked well and a clever idea.

  74. David75 Nufc

    Looks awesome. Will give it a go 🍴

  75. Kory Kent

    Looks sooo ridiculously good. True food pornography.

  76. Charlie Melia

    Its funny. Irish people never made or make this. Its a hotel, bar, restaurant invention to sell to american tourists….. Tastes awful thats why we dont make it…. Make a real stew and you wont have that guinness taste and it will taste great

    1. Seamus McCabe

      Not true!!! I live in Ireland and I’ve eaten this since I was a child . The Guinness store in Dublin has it in there recipes . Check your facts !!!!

  77. mangomaaza

    why is chicken stock used in beef stock ?

  78. Michael B

    Dinner tonight!

  79. rap101ful

    i know im not the only one who thinks he sounds like seth rogan

  80. anonimo

    looks amazing!!!

  81. Kabo Bradley Radipitse

    what can I use instead of beer?

  82. Dan Cho

    You forgot to shoot it with a 1 oz slug

  83. Jim Perris

    I made this today. It’s really good! Thanks Chef John!

  84. kralljazz

    Chef John is a very very good teacher& great chef NO JOKE! his blog has hundreds of meals you can make yourself at home made to look easy for anyone who wants to learn from a pro…….

  85. Catalina Catalina

    yeah thats what i always use in stew lots of bay leaf.

  86. morti james


  87. D Anton

    I forgo the stock and use all Guinness draft. That’s the beauty of making beef and Guinness stew. No stock necessary. I just use beef stewing meat (chuck or cross rib works well), onions, a little garlic, thyme and bay leaves. The rest you can add carrots, celery, etc…. I usually keep it fairly simple.  Then I can add peas and mushrooms (which I like) when I am ready to eat it. I usually make a lot so I freeze it portions and then just reheat when I want to.

  88. David BIrd

    Hi Chef Jon-We made this dish yesterday, and it was great! Thank you for all of your great recipes.

  89. gilligun29

    Boy oh boy was this delicious.

  90. Felix Conlon

    why chicken broth and not beef broth?

    1. Catie

      Felix Conlon if I recall correctly, in other videos where he has used chicken broth in other beef based recipes, he’s said he prefers the flavor of beef on beef.

  91. Orchid de Lioncourt

    Just made this for St Patricks day and WOW!!!! Could not believe the flavor that the Guinness gives to the stew, I will make this more often now =D

  92. LA Guy

    Well done bro !
    Although I am used to my Baba making a family favorite Ukrainian Beef Stroganoff ! Whoop dude ! Mirrored in preparation served on top of a generous bed of hot and buttery soft, fresh flat noodles.tender meat,sweet carrots, onions then finally topped with that thick,hot, dark, rich garvey base.

    So, that’s my question.. I should not expect the same flavors despite the same prep and ingredients ? I was waiting for more ingredients like some kinda Westchester sauce in the stew for the pop. Let me know if you can. Gunna make it and taste, smell and give thanks for sure!



    This is a dish we have on Christmas Eve. On st. Pat’s day we have Corned beef and cabbage.

  94. Jeremiah Song

    So chef would it still be applicable to use a roux for your recipe?

  95. jakamneziak

    how long would this need in a slow cooker?

  96. Erok BrewMeister

    Now that’s the bomb ! YUM !

  97. Amocoru

    Get yourself a QUALITY stout for this recipe. Don’t just grab guinness because you’ve heard of it. I recommend a beer like New Holland – The Poet. It’s available year round and really elevates this already amazing recipe.

    1. eldsprutandedrake

      Sure, get yourself a quality stout and drink while you make this maybe… But why waste it in the stew? It’s just like how you want to cook with a decent cheap wine, not the most expensive thing you can find.

      Also, nobody likes a beer snob, anyone who has ever commented on the choice of beer in an online video is for sure an asshole, no exceptions to that rule 🙂

    2. Sultan Madeeba

      b-but guinness is tasty

    3. SvenTviking

      Sophie Stimpson Guinness a fine example of LONDON PORTER. Yup, Irish stout is an English recipe beer.

    4. Sophie Stimpson

      Or just stick to the traditional IRISH recipe and use a traditional IRISH stout

    5. Wicked Babushka

      Guinness is good tho…

  98. Crazy Harry the Muppet

    I use lamb instead of beef for this. Chef John’s lamb stew recipe is bland compared to this.

  99. Jim Marcum

    looks good.

  100. Animal Lad the Ace Vegan

    My god does that looks savory! I want to make something like this for Saint Patrick’s Day but don’t want to use beef or bacon (cows and pigs aren’t treated humanely in the meat industry…). Do you know a vegan way to prepare this—perhaps with a flesh alternative?

  101. Mindofa Lev

    I made this last year, it was fantastic!! Bravo chef John.

  102. Raymund Lee

    …DAMN..!!! MR CHEF….if i gained weight again.. I’ll blame you for this..!!!…it looks SO good.. I must try this this weekend… TNX,,!!!

  103. taeliah01

    The stew should’ve been served in a “bowl” of colcannon (sp?)… a traditional Irish potato-cabbage mix. The stew looks very good though.

  104. DellTewahdo

    looks delicious

  105. DellTewahdo

    if you put potatoes in the original stew do you think that you could serve this with rice?

    1. dunsa123456

      Yes and the potatoes will thicken up the gravy so it will be even more delicious!

  106. Sissi

    I’m going to do this today. Wish me luck :p

  107. Noah Carver

    I love to generously salt my beef.

  108. Ramesh Kumar Biswas


  109. GOMON TV

    This too looks very yummy.

  110. Joe Gasz

    Instead of cooking this on the stove top, I suggest you use an oven safe stew pot and bake on 300 degrees for 2 1/2 hours. A layer of foil between the lid and pot will help with cleaning the pot lid.

  111. 3 Crazy Dreamerz

    I think I might avoid the paste rather add flour if I have to add anything

  112. Peter Durnien

    Green onion mash potato known as champ in England.

  113. SuicideHotline123

    I believe it’s called draught beer because it has a ball inside the can that keeps it smooth when you pour it out as if it came from draught

    1. Alvin 1757

      SuicideHotline123 – Wrong, it’s called draught because you can in the USA like Miller genuine draught in a bottle. Elsewhere in the world, draught beer comes straight from the barrel.

    2. TacDyne

      That and it’s watery tasting like pub beer, as opposed to extra stout.

  114. John G

    All I have to say, at 2:;48 IS “BROWN 25”.I made this yesterday and it was superb! I added a demi glace cube (from Chef John’s tutorial) which spiked the unctuousness in texture and flavor.

    1. Oscar Balladares

      Thank you good sir. I didn’t know what demi glace was, so I went and watched chef John’s video thanks to you, and it was amazing.

  115. uhavemooface

    This is our fourth of your recipes that we have ate. My fiance made this today after she got home from work. It is so good. Thanks for one of the best recipes of beef stew I have ever tasted. Hope to have some more of your recipes.

  116. martyn parry

    The Potato you used, here in N. Ireland we call that “Champ” or if you mix it with Kale or cabbage its “Colcannon” !

  117. ARMI Strickland

    I’m trying this one for sure. My in laws are coming for the holidays and this stew will be great because I can make it ahead. Thanks for the recipe! You’re a lifesaver.

  118. Nooroku | Memearoux

    I shall make this!

  119. jason brocky

    Cooked this last night it was lovely

  120. Jim Forgrave

    do yourself a favor & try this recipe. I’ve been making this for a long time & its truly on of the best!

  121. midorialexandros

    Tripled the recipe, and added potatoes into it, ( mashed was too much work ) and we have stew for about a weeks worth of left overs! Great recipe works awesome, I adjusted the celery and carrot count to match more what I wanted visually and this still turned out fantastic. Beer really makes a difference!

  122. Katalin Polgar

    In the original version we use smoked bacon, but using oil is OK. You put the fat or oil in the pan, when its hot, you put the finely chopped onion in, and the smashed garlic. When the onion gets caramelized, you get the pan off the stove, put the paprika powder in, then put in the small pieces of meat. Stir it all the time, until the meat has a whitish color. put salt in it, cumin, black pepper, large hot green capsicum, cut into 1cm-thick slices, sliced tomatoes, chili pepper, carrots, turnip, celery, and chopped potatoes. Then put hot water on it, boil it slowly. You can use some red vine too. All together it takes 45 min-1 hour. It looks like a thick soup. You can decorate the top with parsley and sour cream. You can eat it with bread or, Hungarian galuska, a special noodle, its a little gnocchi like, made with eggs, salt, flour, and a little water. You tear the paste in hot water with hand, small pieces, or there is a special tool that you can buy.

  123. CookieLori45

    I have recently become a fan of your site and have made this recipe twice! My family loved it so much that they asked me to make it again a few days later. Thank you for your easy to follow directions and great recipes!

  124. Kenny Howell

    With lamb?

    1. Seamus McCabe

      That’s Irish stew your talking about which is not made with Guinness . Beef with Guinness is a totally different recipe . I live in Ireland . However each to there own

    2. Agatha jay

      I’m planning on making this with Lamb.

  125. Dieter Mayr

    And if it’s not for St. Patrick’s day, feel free to substitute the Guinness with the dark beer of your choice. ( Yes, i know, this may be sacrileg for some, if you feel that way, just make Guinness your beer of choice all year long 🙂 )

  126. Shoobie

    This would be great to put in a pie.

  127. YUBEL Δ

    what can i replace the beer with?

    1. Zane Billings

      it won’t taste the same but I would say just use beef broth. Dark beer can be replaced with beef broth and light beer can be replaced with chicken broth in most cases (unless the beer is used to leaven).

    2. Wills Pram

      Faris alghamdi if you watch his older videos. He makes Irish stew without bacon and beer.

    3. brwi1


    4. ZimBeckler

      Ah! That makes sense. Do you have any non alcoholic malted beverages? Something like that should work.

    5. YUBEL Δ

      beer is forbidden where im from, so i couldn’t find any kind of it anywhere. thats why i asked if anyone wandered….

  128. dj pablo

    guinness is not a beer

    1. MrTechselect

      its a stout which is a type of beer

    2. kettil kroh


  129. efiTHEking

    wonderful, I also added some mushrooms.

  130. Danny Mcmindes

    what, no mussy peas?

  131. jescollo

    do you think this would be freezer friendly?

    1. Seamus McCabe

      Yes it is .

  132. Brock Landers

    Looks like it’s begging for a Bay Leaf.

    1. sparkle1princess

      You could have gotten fake saffron. Or just not used it correctly. But I use saffron in my cooking often and it definitely gives more than color.

    2. Mesmer ASMR

      ^ The caps lock shows I didn’t hit some sore home truths at all, ya’ll.

    3. Unicorn Bunny

      Mesmer ASMR : TRIGGERED MUCH!? Bad mouthing PEOPLE… shows you r A DEGENERATE REDNECK.
      Saffron and turmeric DON’T give the SAME COLOUR to food. Turmaric gives Yellow while saffron gives reddish colour.
      Me struggling with RENT…LMAO.

    4. Mesmer ASMR

      @Unicorn Bunny “YoU dOn’T KnOw SaFfRoN” lmao bitch I know saffron smells like feet and has no damn flavor at all. I know I can get the same effect using 0.01 cents of turmeric while your ratchet ass is wondering how you’re gonna make rent because you putting 40 bucks of saffron in your uncle bens xD

    5. Unicorn Bunny

      Mesmer ASMR : If you think Saffron spice is ONLY about colour then you don’t know about saffron. Its the most expensive spice in the world its around $20.00 per gram. N u think those cheap supplements they sold as saffron is saffron!

  133. Cu Chulainn

    Best made the night before Paddies Day, the next morning have a plate of it for breakfast washed down with beer, you’ll be set up right then for a days drinking, later that night finish off the stew and head for the big sleep. Lovely.

  134. Christopher Green

    Stew and colcannon. 🙂

  135. Sean Patrick

    St. Patrick’s Day for me consists of waking up at 5am, drinking all day, and blacking out around 11pm. Gotta embrace your Irish heritage when you have it.

  136. Jordy Matias

    dude those carrots look aweesome

  137. Victoria Chism

    Garlic in Irish stew? Please report why.

    1. PlexusNervus

      This vid is 3 years old. Why are you being weird??

  138. Cantetinza17

    Last St. Patty’s I did your Shepard’s Pie. Came out pretty good. I can’t wait to make this one.

  139. ELAINE

    Does the alcohol cook off completely? I have a relative that cannot have alcohol.

    1. ELAINE

      Thank you very much for the explanation. It is very appreciated and we will go ahead with the dish. It looks amazing

    2. erikjaroy

      As I understand it, alcohol never cooks completely away. There will always be some minute levels of it left in the dish. So if your relative can’t have alcohol due to some religious conviction? Then technically this dish isn’t for him/her.If your relative can’t have alcohol due to some medical reason? Well, it depends on how severe it is. I would assume that the amount of alcohol left over after two hours of stewing would be small enough that it shouldn’t be a problem.

  140. Frank Kolton

    Last St. Patrick’s Day I had an Irish 7 course dinner, a six pack and a boiled potato.

    1. Rivka Shalvah Weiss

      No silly, that’s an Irish child’s packed lunch!

    2. SJ P

      Frank Kolton these comments are so funny!! 😂😂

    3. Norbert Vossiek

      Sounds like Jug of Punch?

    4. Banter

      It is so old that the last time I heard it I was knee deep in Dinosaur shit.
      … LOL
      …and I was standing on your shoulders!

    5. leo ll

      Suzanne Baruch does your dinosaur like scooby snacks?

  141. Barbara Blättler

    I have not seen Guiness beer here in Namibia. I presume that I can use any dark beer, am I right?

    1. Ryan Han

      Barbara Blättler

    2. Barbara Blättler

      No, Geir Sunde, unfortunately we don’t get those here. Our beers are brewed the traditionally German way. Just too bad.

    3. Tony Samson

      NO NO NO, if thou dont use guiness, thou will be condemnd to hell 4 all eternity. Have a nice day.

    4. Geir Sunde

      I’m assuming Urbock is a bock style lager, which isn’t really comparable with stouts and porters. It’ll probably taste alright nonetheless though! But if you do find any stouts in your country, it will probably make a more complex dish than with a Guinness as that’s the mildest, most boring tasting stout I can think of.

  142. Shane Lucey

    tastey as hell lad cheers! threw a few spoons of bisto gravy in it too.

  143. Alejandra Jeldrez

    I made it! it was absolutely delicious! so comforting! now I need more recipes for the extra Guiness beer, since I dont drink beer and it comes in packs of 4 cans lol.

    1. peter T

      Alejandra Jeldrez Christmas pudding , the English version , use a good stout in the mix with brandy as well

    2. Cantetinza17

      +Alejandra Jeldrez
       That sounds delicious. It’s almost like a casserole.

    3. Alejandra Jeldrez

      +foodwishes Chef, maybe you can make “Cuban arroz con pollo” sometime. its a staple of Cuban food. Also “arroz imperial”(layers of “arroz con pollo” with layers of mayo and cheese. sooooo good!

    4. Alejandra Jeldrez

      +Cantetinza17 i was going for a “Cuban arroz con pollo” taste (rice and chicken cooked together) we use beer for that but light beer. I did it minus the rice. not that great with this dark beer though. i think its better for meat.

    5. Cantetinza17

      +Alejandra Jeldrez
       oh yum. was it like a beer battered chicken?

  144. Patricia Treslove

    I need this now!!!!!!!!

  145. Phalicia Wencil

    Just made this and it was INSANELY delicious. So flavorful and the beef was SOOO tender. This is a regular by far. Make it!! JUST MAKE IT

  146. Tyler Culberson

    If I were to make this into a pie, do you think I should “reduce” the stew while it is baking in the pie? Or should I follow your original instructions on reducing the stew?

    1. Cantetinza17

      I say follow the instructions then add it to the pie.

  147. kmhanno

    Holy uptalking. Uptalk much?

    1. Agent Bill Wilson

      +kmhanno uh, like, racist and sexist much????

  148. Savannah Martinez

    i drank to much last year woke up in a closet doing this instead

  149. Steve Niemyer

    I doubled this recipie and used London Broil (beef round) instead of chuck and it still turned out fantastic-just had to cook it a little bit longer to get the tenderness. It was a huge hit at our early St. Patricks Day party this past weekend. instead of mashed potatoes we served it over irish soda bread. Thank you Chef John.

  150. Cameron Voigt

    Why do people always say Éirinn go brách? Do you even know what it means 😛

    1. Ger Gemini

      i am from Ireland and no Irish person I’ve ever known has said it! it tends to be something the Irish diaspora say…mainly Irish Americans

    2. Cameron Voigt

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    3. just obliging

      +Kami K This guy’s name in the video is john mitzewich so he probably has no idea what it means.I’m irish too but i never hear people say that and i live in boston where there’s loads of irish so i really don’t know.sorry

    4. Cameron Voigt

      +just obliging Well good that you know but I was asking why non-irish people say it.
      I know well what it means, _I am Irish._

    5. just obliging

      +Kami K  it means “Ireland forever”

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    1. Phalicia Wencil

      Or cooking at too high heat. It should be a bare simmer. I just made it and it was perfect

    2. vish

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    1. Seamus McCabe

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    This has been one of my favorites for awhile now so I made this for my family ( I use 2 bottles of Guinness) instead of usual beef stew and they have not asked for the beef stew since.

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  173. Sean Newhouse

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    LI bet you’ll love it better, Let me know what you think.

    1. John Shepard

      (two years later, but just seen your comment), I use the bottles of foreign extra, and I’ve eaten in the guiness storehouse, there’s a video someplace showing a chef from dublin using the foreign extra. but yea you’re right the extra is def better for stews

    2. Cat Tobin

      +theforgetfulbuddha Yeah, I use the stout instead of the draught too.

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    1. Brian Arnold

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    2. Kelly Shen

      Yes, it’s a better choice, unless you’ve actually made your own beef stock from scratch. But who has time for that?

    3. Me Here

      glenn lawless Always use homemade chicken stock in beef stew. It has more body and more umami than beef stock.

    4. zingerbear27

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  178. comfortbwp

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    1. Dangerous Kitchen

      comfortbwp, pork absolutely. Chicken no

  179. Charise Edwards

    Hi there. I had a question as to why you used chicken broth instead of beef broth. Also, if your gravy in the stew does not thicken like yours then can I use flour? Thanks.

    1. Seamus McCabe

      Add some potatoes they will thicken it just mash them into the stew that’s what we do in Ireland

    2. janeyrevanescence12

      +Charise Edwards chicken broth is more neutral in flavor than beef so it highlights the other flavors as opposed to overwhelm them with pure beef. As for thickening, turn up the heat so it become a steady simmer or light boil and let it evaporate.

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    5. shewearsfunnyhat

      I found a malt soda at the local Chinese grocery store, I don’t think you would get the same flavor due to the lack of hops. But, you will get a nice malt flavor.

  187. Miss Marigold

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    1. Seamus McCabe

      I wouldn’t !!! It’s to strong a flavour

  188. Jeremy Kieran Ng

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  189. MarieK

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    1. shanesxe

      I mean, the title of this dish IS “beef & guinness stew” so, technically yes. All the alcohol will cook out of this while it’s simmering for two hours, and all you’re left with is the flavor.

  190. FindingMindEverland

    Can I use a alcohol free beer instead? I would love to make this for my boyfriend but since I’m under 18 buying beer is not an option… Love your videos! <3

    1. vish

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    2. Elazul2k

      Honestly you could sub the beer for a little Vegetable broth if you wanted. You will miss out on the same flavor though.

    3. shanesxe

      Have an adult buy a beer for you to use, show them this video and explain what it’s for and they shouldn’t have any issues buying it for you, provided they get to supervise the cooking process. 

    4. vish

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    I made this a while back and it was amazing, however use little Guinness, it was so rich in the stuff it was almost sickly! 

    1. Dannysubliminal

      I find the flavour too rich with a whole beer. 

    2. Jadinass

      I used bock beer, it has a strong flavor but is sweeter and maltier than a stout and is not bitter at all. I used the whole bottle and it worked just fine, it really elevated the flavor of the meat.

    3. Dannysubliminal

      I’d say quarter of a can/bottle max and the rest obviously water. 

  192. k41095

    Could I sub out the Guinness for red wine? maybe not add the sugar then as well.

    1. Jadinass

      I highly recommend using beer, something malty and hoppy does amazing things to the meat flavor. Any dark beer will do, i used bock beer which is a dark strong lager and it has not the bitterness of a stout like Guinness, i didn’t even have to sweeten it with sugar.

    2. Norbert Vossiek

      Yeah, but then use quality Burgundy wine, add mushrooms. It is delicious. And it is a different dish.

  193. Max Rex

    why not use beef broth its beef ?

  194. golyg

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    1. shanesxe

      I’ve heard that for beef dishes, it’s just a better flavor to use chicken broth and vice versa, what I was told is if you use beef broth with beef dishes it gives off an overbearing beef flavor and that’s no bueno. 

  195. Sira Mea

    Nice recipe, garlic and tomato paste are not normally used in Irish cuisine but make  a nice addition. Also we tend to make our mashed potatoes a little drier so they go better with a liquid dish like this. 

    1. Seamus McCabe

      Where did to hear that ? I’m 65 live in Ireland and have used both all my life .

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    1. Sira Mea

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  200. xxDrCsterxx

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  201. Steve Redman

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  202. danymsimon

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    1. shanesxe

      I’d guess for the texture of it all, but sauteing the vegetables sounds pretty delicious. 

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    That’s nothing compared to what she thinks of my roast dinners, it seems I missed my vocation in life as I’m better suited to working in a crematorium.  I can take the criticism, at least my percentage of food poisoning victims is in the low twenties.   I feel affronted when someone complains about my cooking and has to rush to the bath room, but the worse part is when they don’t quite make the bowl!

    My mother was a great cook, when she had an explosion at least it was contained within the pressure cooker.  Someone once said that my lack of cooking ability was probably genetic, how dare they!  I suppose this explains why most of my family are thin.  I suppose the zenith of my cooking exploits happened when I was in the Army, the guys were lined up at the latrine and bitterly complained as to the now exhausted supply of toilet rolls.

    Seems the C.O. agreed since he said the kitchen looked more like a war zone he promptly gave me a seven day holiday in the guardroom saying it would be benefit me.  I remember I once reheated some boiled eggs and managed to blow up the microwave.  In my career as a cook, these are just minor setbacks, but to be honest, I can’t think of any high points.  Anyway, back to what’s left of the kitchen.  Justin.

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    5. Justin Case

      +Juan de Dios Cáceres Moyano
      I only meant my comment to be humorous, though I much admit I’m not too sure what you are saying to me.  In a way it does reflect my journey of culinary cookups.  Justin.

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    1. david grigorjan

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    2. leo ll

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    2. Justin Case

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    3. Louie Neira

      obviously, but in what quantities? 

    4. skycub99

      pretty sure it’s just potatoes, milk and butter with the addition of chives or green onion.

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  229. ChefAussie

    I apologize (even though I don’t believe I’m disgracing any culture). I was just offering a suggestion for someone who is Muslim since those of that religion cannot consume alcohol or eat pig, even though I would probably sub. out the alcohol too – my preference.

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    Also if wet leprechaun smells like this, I want one around.

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    1. Seamus McCabe

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    Can I use silverside cut of beef?!

    I want the meat to be tender. I’ve never used silverside before.
    Being vegetarian, I used minced beef. Fast. Simple. Until the horses got involved in England. We’ve a mincer now. Burgers etc for children.
    Thanks Chef

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    It was the best stew I’ve ever had.

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