Beef Stroganoff Recipe – The Best Beef Stroganoff

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Learn how to make a Beef Stroganoff Recipe! Visit for the ingredients! Plus, more info and over 500 additional original video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Beef Stroganoff Recipe!

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646 Replies to “Beef Stroganoff Recipe – The Best Beef Stroganoff”

  1. King Peezyworld


  2. Buck Fush

    Stick to cooking and don’t be an ignorant American.

    1. Jason Ring

      Buck Fush this doesn’t even make sense. Shut up and go away.

  3. MLD-RN 1974


    1. Chet

      MLD-RN 1974 putin your ass

  4. robsycko

    Use dill weed

    1. Jason Ring

      robsycko how about you use dill weed.

  5. Felix Niederhauser

    The noodles you use are called Pappardelle. Like your recipe, however, I miss the Russian Vodka. 🙂
    Bon appetit.

  6. Missy Evitt

    I made this last night. So good.

  7. Kimm Irving

    NO… THAT WAS NOT RACIST!!! You were talking about yourself and said nothing negative so please go easy on my fav

  8. K4 Josiah

    He likes them phat noodles

  9. eieio59901

    Oh so busted …John bought those shrooms in the pre sliced package

  10. eieio59901

    I all ready know how to make stroganoff….and I ain’t tellin nobody

    1. eieio59901

      Dude sounds gay

    2. eieio59901

      John Baha hahaha it’s pretty easy ….

    3. Jason Ring

      eieio59901 good, now go away.

  11. sooofunny37

    why did i always think this was a German dish? i’m half Russian

  12. Carroll

    Yum…. I miss this also…. ;-0

  13. Bonnie Cull

    I just made strogonoff tonight and I cook it pretty much the same way. I will definitely be trying it with the homemade creme fresche next time

  14. Chani P

    Made this today and it was PERFECTION. I wanted to eat the entire thing myself ugh but had to share with family which I did. Lol thank you for sharing the recipe. Omg I’m gna go eat some more beef stroganoff.

  15. dede dere

    why overcooked the meat? Its a stroganoff not a ragout.

  16. Corey White

    U got me with puttin🤦‍♂️

  17. coolingwinds

    I made both the créme fraiche and the beef stroganoff…I have no words. I heard a mike drop in my kitchen!!!😃❤️❤️❤️

  18. Gary Dell

    no paprika?

    1. Jason Ring

      Gary Dell maybe in yours, but not his.

  19. jean volgyes

    Racism will not be tolerated.
    You will be reported! Right after I eat.

  20. loardjohnWhorfin

    I cooked this dish and it was fantastic.

  21. Eric Petty

    I would recommend making a seasoned flour to throw the meat in before searing it in the pan. Brown’s the flour, cooks the beef nicely, and I personally think it helps lock in and keep the flavors on the beef. Everything else was spot in for me. I’m no master chef but have cooked professionally for a long time. Love your videos. Subbed

  22. tim jones

    Your a white guy, of course your racist, tune in CNN or PMSNBC, they’ll tell you

    1. Jason Ring

      tim jones you don’t even make any sense.

  23. Charles Lee Smading

    I love to eat a Russian Girls Sweet, Hot Super Tight Pussy until she has a big orgasm in my mouth

  24. Donatus Raus

    I jhave followed the above recepie by Chef John religiously, always with great success. Toninght, having misjudged the contents of my larder I realized that I had run out of brown onions and mushrooms. As the beef had already defrosted I decided to slightly vary this recipe. After browning the beef as usual and setting it appart I finely chopped two large red onions and sauteed them in the fat and juices of the beef together with two 285g tins of button msuhrooms,  added seasoning (salt and black pepper) and glazed the pan with 50 ml red wine and rich beef stock, I then added  the beef and let everything simmer for 90 minutes. Just before thickening the sauce with a very generous helping of crème fraîche I also added two dashes (and only 2 spritzer please!!!) of Worcestershire Sauce – a revelation. I highly recommend this variation on a theme if your heart is set on changing a wonderful dish.

  25. spiffyloo

    This is a fabulous recipe and video. Easy to follow and delicious. I made it with white wine last time but I’m going to try some red wine tonight. I also prefer shiitake, either way it’s great

  26. Nick Smolinski

    This looked good. I have used several of your recipes and they have all come out good. Is there a certain kind of buttered noodles you use or do you make yours from scratch. Also where exactly does one find creme fraise , have checked several grocery store dairy sections and to no avail

  27. Jisel Campos

    Lol mmmm The Best No Clue it was Russian thought American what an Insult to Putin lol

  28. Lars Graf


  29. Peter Frenzel

    I made this beef Stroganoff recipe but was to hungry to wait another day for crème fraiche to get ready so I took the beef stroganoff off of the heat for 5 min and then added sour crème,  plus 1 table spoon of pickle juice. I also didn’t have white wine so I just used the beef broth. It was so, so, so so good. A definite 6 stars out of possible 5 stars.

  30. Maria Callous

    everyone loves John…too bad he sold to allrecipes.

  31. Mark Kodama

    Why not use a better cut of meat and then rry it like a streak. Reserve it. You can be eating in 30 minutes.

  32. M Howard

    It’s like Garfield the Cat is teaching you how to cook!

  33. lennyboy

    chef john, yor the best.

  34. Fred Ortiz

    Ha!! Too funny with the Putin puns 😜 Looks really easy to make thanks👌

  35. Humphrey Smiggens

    ‘is that racist?’

    not when you made the video in 2011- but here in 2017, everything is racist.

  36. Jakub Dziekan

    Say ‘juices’ but slowly

  37. DanniJay


  38. MlleNoko

    Oh my, it’s better than the French and Russians combined!

  39. Brian Glass

    I’m putin this one in my favorites

  40. shirtshine73blitz

    I always add a some smoked sausage.

  41. jellyfish9966

    I love this recipe, I always find myself coming back to it again and again. Everybody in my family loves when I cook this, you truly are my favorite chef on youtube 😊

  42. South Jam

    Бефстроганов готовится 10 минут, но не как не час …. нет горчицы и соленых огурцов , так что не знаю как это назвать )

  43. 선형재

    This is the best

  44. Rocco vitiello

    Very good job

  45. William Xuan


  46. Jon Rothenbusch

    That is exactly how my mother made it except she used burgundy instead of white wine, and she made her own egg noodles…god I miss her cooking.

  47. Walker Lamock started this beef conversation I’ll finish it…an old bull and a young bull were standing on a hilltop looking down on a herd of cattle,the young bull says “let’s run down there and fuck one of those cows ” the old bull replies ” let’s walk down there and fuck them all”.

  48. Walker Lamock

    You say “take your time”, at the same token you admit your Russian….what gives.

  49. Luciano Bezerra

    Simple and delicious !!!!!

  50. aprilmustjune

    your voice is retarded

  51. sasquatch1 #1

    Wierd voice, but love this guy. My dad waS the best chef! Love it when men do a great job cooking.

  52. Kimm Irving

    I LOVE THIS GUY!!! Racist? Never… its the INTENT behind any word or joke… he has a good heart so I don’t care what he says, he is an awesome chef and funny as hayle…haaa (my joke) can’t please em all…Eat and be MERRY!!

  53. Pushyhog

    I been waiting on this one. I can do it. Iam a newbie here. Creme fresh is 8$. Can u do carbonara next.

  54. Milooosevic

    Watch my chicken stroganoff recipe😉

  55. red zilla

    I have NO mushrooms 😣

  56. cattigereyes1

    Dumb that looks very eatable!

  57. DevInvest

    You are of course the Czar..
    Of taking the joke one joke to far… : )

  58. Vanessa Shantae

    Russians are hot but the females be Putin too much makeup on

  59. GizmoBee1702

    Great recipe. Making it tonight.

  60. Michael T

    GREAT DISH, easy to make and you are right about the noodles.

  61. patricia chaissonne

    We love that you’re not PC! lol

  62. Marie Hoffman

    Definitely making this for date night. Yum ❤

  63. ladytec40

    of course you r racist youre speaking for your own bloodline Caucasian race….i am majorly racist too…I love my own Black Israelite (jew) people…its not consider to be a crime

  64. rory lanway

    is that racist…probably

  65. TheEnzoferrari12345

    as far as I know there s pickles and mustard in the original recipe

  66. Shang T sung

    SALT FREE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Mike Solarz

    Thanks again for a wonderful recipe. It shows that you have a passion for good food. I’ve made many of your recipes and they always come out amazing.

  68. Ben Babich

    I’ve made a few recipes from this guy just because I had the exact ingredients. Now I watch this weird talking guy like he’s the textbook. And I’ve never been disappointed. Love this Channel

  69. smoknn77

    i’m putin this video in my favorites

  70. Melai Leigh

    Looks delicious

  71. Ravendarke 777

    I hate mushrooms, is there any substitute?

  72. Trudy Latchman

    Sorry chef John but my friend makes the best stroganoff, it would make your mouth drool, seriously


    My fave! Thanks for the re boot from my best friends recipe!

  74. Ming Song

    How does creme fresh taste different from sour cream?

  75. shalene rose solari

    Is there a substitute for the dry white wine? That is not something I usually have in my kitchen

  76. Lucy Diamond

    I’m 28 and I’m making my first beef strog thanks to this vid

    1. Lucy Diamond

      it turned out great, thank you!

  77. 日猫

    add some tomato.

  78. Rafael A

    Борис лучше

  79. Sheldon Harris

    Man that looks delicious

  80. Moogie Always

    Can’t wait to try it. I’ve got a thing for plain old sour cream, but, our whole foods always has creme ‘fretchy’ as my kids always called it.

  81. gkgyver

    Doesn’t Stroganoff have pickled gurken as well?

    1. Jason Ring

      gkgyver I suppose if you want it to.

  82. langouste eleveur de loutre

    why overcooked the meat? Its a stroganoff not a ragout.

  83. GAV 1

    Racism will not be tolerated.
    You will be reported! Right after I eat.

  84. Beth Bilous

    Hey I use a different recipe using tenderloin and its way fast and using cognac, digion, but i always used store bought cream fraiche, but since its so hard to find, and soooooo expensive made my own yesterday so we shall see if its better, certainly is cheaper.

  85. Sarah Vyeda

    Laura Vitale makes this recipe in like 25 mins. Chef John…..she trippin??

  86. Christine Camarillo

    Putin… Ha ha, I get it.

  87. Joanna R

    Ground beef is delish in this recipe as well, extra lean only.

  88. Frank A. Hernandez

    This Stroganoff recipe is the absolute best and I humbly thank you, John! You’ve turned me into an awesome cook. I’m a stay-at-home dad and at first, my wife & kids tried to fire me because of my bad cooking but you’ve turned me into an great cook. I kid you not: My wife and 1 of my daughters actually licked their plates! I’ve followed so many of your recipes and every single time, they were a success! Every time!!! Please keep those recipes coming. BTW, have you ever made Slumgullian?

  89. Arthur

    Why do Americans always fuck up the pronunciation of *everything*. Stroganoff is not Stroe-ganoff. It’s a hard o, like in clock. The double-f is also held. When would a Russian ever say “Stroooow-ganoff”?

  90. Paul McArthur

    Oh my… I made the creme Fraische and used it in this recipe. It was sooooo good. Thanks!

  91. R. McBride

    Looks wonderful. Just curious though… not red wine? I always use a red…

  92. Becky Garcia

    Ha ha your funny

  93. David Currie

    Succulent !!

  94. DeadBoyHK1

    Hooray for Putin puns lol

  95. Udo Rabe

    absolutely delicious, stay tight to the recipe and you wont go wrong

  96. Drasiella The Patient

    I make beef Stroganoff by Boris’ recipe.

  97. atkey1000

    That was good Chef John!! Thanks for the recipe

  98. Barbara Melady



    God bless you John !!!🏆👏🏽💖🌹

  100. bee pot

    No one ever adds a little Dijon to the sauce? Hmm must’ve been an invention of my mom’s!

  101. John Kugelfischer

    Ah, hah!   Putin!!!  Good on ye, John!

  102. hellenismosadventure

    hey thanks dude i tried this and it was fantastic!! so tasty!!!! but it did take me like 3 hrs to make it was my first time.

  103. Elizabeth Proverbs 28:9

    Our family recipe for beef stroganoff uses rice instead of noodles. I know, totally not “traditional”, but SO much better. My dad was a Cajun so rice was more popular for everything. I this looks good, but it’s still not “comfort” food if it’s not our family recipe ☺️

  104. the boss


  105. Linda K

    You Putin thst pun out there, hahahaha

  106. Sharon Korkes

    I don’t care that this comment comes over six years later (you are timeless.). I have been searching for a good beef stroganoff recipe and, thanks to this one, I’ll be Putin on the ritz. Oh yeah.

  107. Hugh Janus

    You are the Bob Geldoff of your Beef Stroganoff.

  108. Ron Lund

    I made this today and it was absolutely wonderful. I did need another 20 minutes of simmer time for the meat to get tender. I was a little worried that the meat would be dry, but it was tender and had a very nice texture.
    I thought your first Putin joke was good and the second one was, well … Chef John. I watch most of your videos whether I’m interested in the dish or not just to hear your monologue. It’s always a bright spot in my day. Thanks for being, well … Chef John.

  109. Verinda Luvita

    Omg….. ((drools))

  110. Иосеф Сталин

    Use real RUSSIAN sour cream chef John, dissapointed. Not enough to send you to gulag but almost

  111. Create Channel

    I made this tonight for dinner and I have to say it was absolutely delicious. 😍 There were NO leftovers!!! You can actually taste the time and effort lol

  112. Babbis Christos

    Hi Gianny! Do you mean Strong Enough not Stroganoff?
    Or, Strong & Off? Funy for us here in EU, it sounds like…that.
    B**dy Russian, it’s OK, we can take it…

  113. Bobby Stelpstra

    Could I uses Mirin in place of the white wine, or you think it would make it too sweet?

  114. angelina RG

    If set rogen was a cook. instead of an actor this is what he would sound like 🙂 lol

  115. sky 1187

    I love this guy cooking. They all look so good

  116. joel stewart

    I bet you were STALIN tell you could think of a better joke

  117. not ry

    Why must Americans put butter in almost everything they cook?

  118. Savanah Smith

    You should make beef Wellington or zuppa toscana

  119. Jodi Cox

    I love this guys recipes! Out of all others that I have tried, his are the best by far. His are simple, his instructions are simple and you can follow him easily. Thank you Food Wishes guy! Keep them coming. But I can’t find the creme fresh recipe?

  120. Abdulle Abdullahi

    Meat is over cooked … Right?

  121. D S

    you’re so funny!

  122. foil hat brigade

    I made this! Omg it was sooooo good. I couldn’t get over the fact that I made it lol.

  123. Erik Högman

    Put some mustard in that bitch.

  124. davis4557

    I love food wishes!!!!!!😊

  125. Raymond Legans

    What do you call a bull masturbating? Beef strokin’ off…

  126. DCS Mustang

    Camera work and Framing is perfect at 3:18, you can see the clock in the lid of the pan, and it goes from 1:40pm to 2:35pm until he shows how it’s done after an hour. Impressive 🙂

  127. robert vogel

    I could of swore that there is pickles in beef stroganoff.

  128. black.raven

    chicken strognoff

  129. Simple Sunday Afternoons

    Love any beef recipe, Thank you,

  130. Julio Canon

    no paprika? ???


    Don’t forget to putin the creme fresh!!

  132. ReadyToRumble777

    3:07 happy shroom slice

  133. Marisol Ching

    I am from México and i love your recipes my favorite beef goulash delicioso me encanta

  134. Tony Sahni

    You’re the only man I trust when making new recipes chef.

  135. The Toilet Inspector

    I often brown-in-my-own-juices.

  136. Jessica Rollins

    Why not use a dry red wine?

  137. Blinded

    I’mma try this one!!

  138. laurarox80

    Mm! I am trying your onion rings this week and will try this one soon. Thank you!

  139. ☼ Heirloom reviews ☼

    that is one nice looking piece of meat

  140. Mack Frank

    I have been watching several videos on how to make stroganoff, but this one looked the best and the Putin joke sealed the deal for me. This will be tonight’s dinner. Off to the store for beef, noodles and ingredient’s to make the creme fresh

  141. Beth Bilous

    looks yum, but i use filet tips, a tad a dijon, dill, and only cook meat a few minutes, OMG is right

  142. musicelfka

    In Poland we make the sause very thin and eat the strogonoff like a soup.

  143. e21big

    *anything drinkable

    *pour an ice cold cup of piss

  144. TanakinSkywalker

    Why are there noodles in there

  145. nozii06

    he didn’t say “that’s right” :l

  146. Scott Roberts

    Stroganoff is meant to be served with creamy mashed potato you savage! (i’m jealous of not eating this right now)

  147. F. Scott Fitzhemingway

    Love your recipes! Thanks for

  148. anthony concepcion

    how about chicken franchese

  149. Leslie Johnson


  150. Eileen LeValley

    Beef chuck??? What cut is that?? Top sirloin.

  151. Mark Pilkanis

    I made this recipe last week. It’s utterly delicious, Chef John. Many thanks.

  152. Ethan Tremblay

    Made this meal last night. I made some minor changes to the recipe. Otherwise, it was a fine meal. Cheers

  153. B Davis

    Cream cheese instead of creme fresh is also delicious.

  154. Carla Carraway

    you can cook for me plz this looks so good

  155. balooc2

    its mostly served with rice. accually never tried with pasta!

  156. LurkersDaughter

    My boyfriend just made this and he is SO getting…LOTS of compliments 😀
    ((Except he used Cayenne))

  157. qhsperson

    I made venison stroganoff. Works just fine.

  158. Robin Greenhow

    hysterical…love it…

  159. Fand Htwoohs

    But, where are the thyme and dry mustard? I just don’t understand.

  160. Beth Bilous

    I love this, I make mine with beef tenderloin, and cognac and don;t cook it that long. Stellar dish.

  161. southbendkid

    If you mix flour with sour cream (one table spoon per cup) it won’t curdle. Account for the thickening action tho.

  162. Wizard Johnson

    4:23 BIG FAT WIDE

  163. productplacementads 24/7

    Please tell me I’m not the only one, who when he said Creme fraiche, yelled at the screen, “Yeah stir that bitch”, Randy Marsh Style.

  164. Jim Perris

    +Food Wishes Hey Chef John, thanks for this recipe. Unfortunately, I let my mushrooms sit around for too long and they got slimy and spotty, so I left those out. And I didn’t make creme fraiche, just used sour cream (tempered by stirring in some of the sauce first so it didn’t separate). But still, it came out great! Admittedly my only prior experience with beef stroganoff was the Hamburger Helper style my dad used to serve. For me it was a great way to make use of the beef chuck I bought on sale last weekend.

  165. Officer Nivelle

    the hell is creme fresh

  166. Lucian Nicholson

    I appreciate many of the food channels I subscribe to but this one just gets on my nerves. He needs to get someone else to do the voice.

  167. mbright69

    Is the garlic crushed? Minced?

  168. coleyjoon

    I made this last night with some left over delicious grilled flank steak. Sadly, I had to use sour cream…. I know, I know, the horror!!! It turned out amazing anyway, and I it was very easy. This will be a staple in our house going forward, and next time I will give myself time to make the creme fraiche. Thanks, Chef John 🙂

  169. Dan

    No cayenne pepper?

  170. kiwifruitkl

    So, this recipe is just a mixture of mushrooms (portabella, I think), beef chuck, onions, and cooking alcohol or water. It sounds pretty easy.

  171. Ambrose Leahy

    I’ve made this, creme fraiche and all! Absolute delish dish. I ended up Putin two dollops of creme fraiche, which finnished it off nicely! Thanks for the instruction Chef John!

  172. Cacostab

    I just hit the like button right from the beginning. I mean it’s chef Jon, what can go wrong?

  173. Mix Master

    Omfg why do i do this to myself

  174. norina195

    You’re the Romanov of your Stroganoff

  175. Jerry Arbogast

    Stroganoff without fresh nutmeg is a sin.

  176. Bill Mayhew

    I love stroganoff. I know this sounds lame, but I actually like making it with lean ground beef just as much as the beef strips. It’s quicker, still good, and for some reason I like the texture better over egg noodles. i know, for shame, but I like it.

  177. pfmasson

    You could also dust your meat with paprika to give a smoky taste to your dish.


    TRUMP is that you ? the way you speak

  179. Gage Smith

    The first Chef John video I had ever seen. Here I am today, anxiously awaiting a new video.

  180. goddessoflove4ever

    how many servings is this?

  181. TehEssence

    Hello and welcome to Half in The Bag I’m Jay, and I’m Mike.

  182. liv ics

    Your recepits are amaziiiinnnngggg ❤❤❤❤❤

  183. Reza Rahman

    i’m sorry, but Boris make the best Stroganoff

  184. bobby redondo

    would you stop with the beautiful? women are beautiful not food. wow,

  185. Usa France

    I don’t know, I just like sour cream more.

  186. 1humboldt101

    What do you call a pasture full of mastubating cows? Beef strok’in off.

  187. meri

    try making only noodles and eating only ONE noodles dish instead and maybe on occasion ONE slice of beef PER DAY when u make this meal. only one meal, OKAY? there are many others who might need the resources

  188. JohnTre all Day Green

    If you really wanna go gangsta wit it. Make some garlic mashed potatoes instead of noodles! This is a great and easy recipe folks!!

  189. schlumbl84

    I have a favourite recipe very similar to this one. But instead of white wine (wich is good, too) you use Guinness beer. Tastes amazing and makes every man smile!

  190. xman870096

    Chef John, I see this is one of your older videos that I hadn’t seen before; still a great one. I haven’t made ‘Beef Stroganoff’ in quite a long time and think this is a great reminder of how easy it is to make…. Thanks for the reminder…And lastly isn’t it funny that the ‘Putin’ jokes are even more ‘timely’ even now???

  191. Jay Allidap

    chef what can i use if i dont have white wine

  192. lainey r

    Thank you for your videos!!!! Makes me want to cook each time ☺ And I have 😁

  193. Yael Frid

    You are funny and I love your recipes,thank you

  194. Reginald And Yahqyrah

    No dill?

  195. ForeverAlonelvl100

    only got cream cheese at home, can i use it?

  196. bert boer

    I feel like this would be even better with a generous splash of red wine added in 🙂

  197. Lauro Andrea

    Cafeteria food elevated to super gourmet levels!

  198. flor wast

    Shouldn’t there be nutmeg in this?

  199. richard wiediger

    Be kind to animals don’t eat them!! You piece of shit

  200. Sidney Wallace

    This is a wonderful recipe…BUT… I just bought a pressure cooker and would like to know if this can be made in a pressure cooker ??

  201. Whoa!

    I’m putin this recipe into my recipe play list.

    1. Officer Nivelle

      Is that a Russian joke

  202. Edo Rocko

    i love the voice when he describe everything in the methods…
    kinda funny

  203. TheEpicSpire

    I’ll be putin this on my Facebook

  204. ABitInsane

    Im so dissapointed you didnt say, “You are the David Hasselhoff of your beef stroganoff.”

    1. 96dreamful

      ABitInsane now that’s a good pun 🤓

  205. Rabboleth

    I’ll definitely keep this recipe in mind the next time I make beef stroganoff, but it will be served on a bed of fluffy Russian kasha. ^_^

  206. FreeRonnieRadke

    Isn’t Beef Stroganoff made with onions and pickles? :O

  207. Samantha Esra


  208. cook

    this is NOT a stroganoff.   . ..

    1. mike notta

      I know this might come as a surprise to the simple minded, but recipes are meant to be changed to your desired taste. Stroganoff is more a method than a recipe. So cut him some slack!

  209. Eric Fremstad

    Chef John, where do you find those awesome egg noodles?

  210. Korban Dallas

    Nice to hear your old voice, your real voice, not Mickey mouse’s, but your own, much better like this, fire the guy who made u change.

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  212. Denise Keinan

    This is one of the best stroganoff recipes! thank you for explaining it so clear.

  213. guardiangarasu

    omg disappointed you didnt say “You are the Hasselhoff, of your stroganoff”

  214. MonSwon

    Just watched ten beef strong recipes this is best, just right. We have with white rice.

  215. RedRisotto

    Paprika, couple of table spoons of prepared mustard and honey adds that extra ompf for the sauce. Would add the fried mushrooms in the last 10-15 minutes for a better texture.

  216. Forsaken Ex0usT

    I am In Love With Your Voice!!!!!! Yesss

  217. L. Scott Music

    Good quality low-fat yogurt works good too.  Has a bit more tang.  It was something my mom insisted on when we were kids and rather than not get beef stroganoff at all we got used to it.  These days I do use low-fat sour cream but don’t mind yogurt either.  Never tried crème fresh (spelled wrong of course.).

  218. luvbotany

    Russian isnt a race so it’s not racist.

    1. Leslie Elaine

      luvbotany Slavs are another race, I believe

    2. luvbotany

      Jackie Janine it’s a country. Like the English and French and Italians are not different races but live in different countries. frankly I think the concept of race is flawed to begin with.

    3. Jackie Janine

      luvbotany What is it then?Sorry if I seem like an idiot😊

  219. Duke Of Hesse

    This is no doubt a great tasting recipe. But why not use a good (tender) cut of beef? That, I believe is what most recipes call for.Chuck seems to come out kind of mealy after it’s cooked long enough to get tender.

  220. ladyboog


  221. BARBARIAN757

    my food wish THE ULTIMATE SHEPARD PIE ! oooooh yyyyeah.

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