Beef Wellington Recipe

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Chef Tom trims a whole beef tenderloin, puts together some delicious duxelles then assembles and cooks up a beautiful holiday classic, Beef Wellington.

Full recipe:

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141 Replies to “Beef Wellington Recipe”

  1. Charles Wong

    Although it’s not as smooth as Sir Gordon Ramsey did, yet it is some masterpiece there, delicious job

  2. John K

    My wife makes individual wraps at her restaurant for her cater.. this and Pork Osso Bucco… my two faves

    Great job Chef!!

  3. Minhal Raza

    The videos just keep getting better 😍

  4. Connor Florence

    How did you get your knife so sharp?

  5. se ham

    i loooooovvvvvveeeeeeeee how clean you work.. i dont even eat meat

  6. lucas8265

    Dude you have fuck that up

  7. Guy Fawkes

    That should have rested at least 10 minutes more o.O i mean look at how much juice is dripping out :/

  8. Sam's Certified Auto Repair

    Never had Beef Wellington. I will soon, Thanks

  9. Theloss52

    That is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!

  10. Thomas Christoffersen

    Very nice do another prime rib

  11. Shaun M

    nice…just need a healthy side of creamy horseradish

  12. Peter Moody

    Start again add 20 mins to cook time or refer to pro’s

  13. vccnapa

    Chef Tom I tried this today with the family… turned out OUTSTANDING!  This is sure to become a family Christmas regular.  Great instruction!  Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  14. Christopher Stitt

    Merry Christmas to myself for finding this channel, swear to god you’re putting out content worth a hell of a lot more than 100k subscribers. Thank you Chef Tom, keep up the good work.

  15. Patrick Mundy

    Chef Tom, Can you prep and assemble this a day before you bbq it?

    1. Christopher Schares

      Patrick Mundy you can definitely prep the Duxelles, this way it even gets dryer which is only in favor of the meal.
      When it comes to meat and pastry, I would not recommend that, because the beef might lose some moisture which would wet the pastry, that means it will not rise (as seen in the video), and will be very doughy and soggy.
      So, the day before prepare the duxelles, and seal the meat and roll it up the day you serve it.
      And don’t forget to brush egg wash on the outside of the edge of the pastry when you fold it. It’s important to seal the whole “package” so it will stay closed. Otherwise you have soggy pastry as well.

  16. james metcalf burton

    Wait , wellington in nz ?

  17. Ian Stuart

    What is the baking tray lined with?


    very nice. Tks

  19. DjCole100

    Definitely trying your recipe. my mouth let out an ocean lol.

  20. shawn crosby

    Looks like someone watched gordon ramsay’s video lol

  21. asdasdsocka

    Best food channel in youtube. Good job on not taking over the whole cooking process by talking too much like every other food show. Very informative and the sounds from the actual prep and cooking are very soothing. Keep up the good work!

  22. alkalinesnail

    Awesome recipe. Still waiting for that rueben tho!

  23. Rob Metzger

    Man, that looks killer!

  24. A Life of Payne

    you typically use the pecan/cherry mix. any particular reason?

  25. Brian Tyler

    How does he say prosciutto? Pro-strutto? It’s meat, dude. Not a Pillsbury toaster strudel

  26. Ray Tran

    Gordon Ramsey would be proud!!!!!

  27. savv

    You are one talented motherfucker. Seem like a cool guy to hang out with. I cook a lot too.

  28. Melissa Hamilton

    really nice but i like a more medium meat
    nice though

  29. Black Mirror


  30. Jay Bennie boy

    Nice Gordon Ramsay recipe. I like how you added your own flavors though; but should have stuck with the English mustard.

  31. Banditos of Bacon

    This just looks delicious, we did a whole tenderloin a few weeks back. This is definitely something we need to try next.
    Nicky Bandit

  32. Joe Nimens

    Great vid. Well explained. Thank you.


    You’re the best chef man and you make the best food

  34. Evan Hufford

    Another stellar video! I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time and now it seems more doable than ever! Thanks

  35. PK Hocog

    Chicken salad (chicken kelaguen) Guam (Chamorro) style food you need to give it a shot!

  36. Kkkkyon

    Really great video, as always. Great video to end 2017 burying the pork wellington.
    Love your recipes, keep it up.

  37. maxisbijj

    what if, season the board and roll the meat, will have an even seasoning?

  38. Pacific Rim Trading Co.

    This is an improvement over the last time someone did beef wellington on the channel. Keep working on it.

  39. DNikos7

    Hello, what can I do if i don’t want my beef rare in the middle?

    1. DNikos7

      Thanks a lot

    2. allthingsbbq

      You would simply sear it a bit longer to raise them temp before finishing it out. Once the crust is cooked to a crispt golden brown, if the internal temp is still too low you can loosely tent with foil to continue to raise the internal temp to your liking without over-browning the outside.

  40. Tuff Dreckmeier

    who could afford to make this?

    1. allthingsbbq

      Literally millions of people. It’s pretty common, especially in England.

  41. nicholas lewis

    I love those black gloves

  42. Chet Levine

    Da Fuq is prost chutto? Haha

  43. Chad Miller

    Chef Tom doesn’t only tell you what he’s doing, he tells you WHY.

    1. Ikon

      Chad Miller this is an excellent comment, of why he is successful.

  44. robertpaulson31

    WTF is going on from 12:26 to 12:31.

    1. Chad Miller

      robertpaulson31 probably some drunk bastard.

  45. Spencer Rose

    Gordon Ramsey’s recipe? Lowkey tho guy does the exact same thing

    1. Christopher Schares

      Andrew Bartel that is pretty wrong. Classic Beef Wellington includes a thin crepe made with fresh chives instead of the Prosciutto and also asks for chicken liver in the duxelles.
      It’s definitely inspired by Gordon Ramsey! haha

    2. Nano Zzk

      chef Ramsey’s recipe..watchin sum1 else doin it😂😂

    3. Andrew Bartel

      That’s because mustard, prosciutto and a mushroom duxelle is the classic beef wellington. It’s been made this way since before Ramsay was born.

  46. Raul Toquinto

    Holy fuck!

  47. AntneY

    Are you cooking at a truck stop? that background noise is killing me…… Nice job on the beef though

  48. Morpheus Fishburn

    Great recipe, looks amazing, but did he say “pruss-chuto” ? 😮

  49. Jeff Silliman

    Thanks Tom, you keep me thinking. I’m always amazed at your recipes. One day you and I may share a brew and talk BBQ.

  50. Robert Salazar

    Should try a cutting board with grooves on it to keep the juices going away from the final product. But damn I would love to see you on the food network.!. Really good stuff you put out.

  51. Anky

    I feel like you should have added the crepe around the beef because it would have absorbed all the juices and bonded with the tenderloin and kept the outer crust crispy

    1. Bruno Travers

      Anky it’s not a crepe, no it wouldn’t, and no it wouldn’t.

  52. Brian Williams

    you are a wizard my friend

  53. Awkward Flash

    Thank u for doing this been wanting to try one of these for awhile now.

    1. Jay Bennie boy

      Awkward Flash You should check out the original recipe by Gordon Ramsay, much better.

  54. kitchensalive

    This is almost identical to Gordon Ramsey’s recipe. He adds chestnuts instead if chalets. Not sure if he uses garlic. Great job!

    1. Plummet

      ive tried it its not proper mustard

    2. Roosterslayer 1

      Don’t knock it till you try it

    3. Plummet

      he uses real mustard not the shit he uses here

  55. Michael Everson

    Hey Tom, I’m a fairly new subscriber, but have you ever done a duck video before? A bet a smoked duck breast would be killer on that Yoder, you could maybe even try to go Chinese with it and serve it on steamed buns with pickled veggies. Cheers!

  56. Dennis Biegel

    Hey Tom, great work on this meal. Keep up the great work.

  57. Tuteparle

    Done exactly like gordon ramsey. Still amazing!

  58. Slyder28

    Whos screaming at 12:25..?😂


      Gordon Ramsay

    2. DjCole100

      Do you feel better knowing the guy was nuts?

    3. KING JAY

      allthingsbbq wtf lol

    4. allthingsbbq

      A man in need of some help. He was seen later down the street stripping off his clothes and yelling at cars… it was around 20º out.

  59. aydoooo

    God the intro sound… reminds me of dropping a No. 2. Can’t unhear that.

  60. assu4lt

    The moment he was about to cut the whole tender loin I started to have hell’s kitchen flashbacks

  61. South Georgia's Drummer and Grill Master

    Wow….Amazing video ! Merry Christmas to you and your family Chef !

  62. Rafal Borowski

    In Ramsay’s words, after eating this you could “fuck off and go to heaven…”

  63. Tony Zell

    Excellent! Thanks for the refresher course, this is on my menu for Christmas. Nicely done.

  64. Nato 4015

    I would love to see your methods for quail!

  65. Keith Doran

    Tom Tom Tom Tom Tom…

  66. KentG

    Beautiful work!! I will be using this recipe!! Thanks for posting!

  67. Ricardo Sanmiguel Almaraz

    OH MY GOOOOOD!!! I have to make your recipe! grettings from México and happy holidays

    1. Spencer Rose

      Ricardo Sanmiguel Almaraz it’s not urs it’s Gordon Ramsay’s like Gordon adds more stuff he took away stuff and took everything from him

  68. PaCMaNBiN214

    Whoa.. that melting of butter was so mesmerizing..

  69. Manuel Fxcwc

    I miss the English mustard…

  70. No Area Stay North Crew

    Porchetta!! Next please.

    1. allthingsbbq

      Not a video, but here is our recipe. We’ll hopefully get this into a video in 2018. Thanks!

  71. John Doro

    This is more than just barbecue. This is on par with culinary school. Thanks Chef Tom and the ATBBQ team!

  72. Gitsum

    Ok, seriously, what’s going on? I’m going beef welly for Christmas dinner, and in the past two days have seen three videos pop up in my feed.

    1. allthingsbbq

      It’s a very popular holiday dish… and we’re all stalking you.

  73. Tohn Wyen

    Good Effort! I’m just wondering why the pastry came out mushy???

    1. Jeff Silliman

      Adam c, you are right on. The mushrooms needed to be cooked longer, to the point of almost dry. The meat sends a lot of moisture. I’m sure the flavor was amazing though.

    2. Adam C.

      I think maybe there was still moisture in the mushroom mixture

    3. Keith Doran

      Tohn Wyen because barbeque and not oven

  74. Mike Broadbent

    Eat your heart out Ramsay

  75. Littycommittee69

    Chef, did you go to culinary school? If so, which one?

    1. Littycommittee69

      allthingsbbq good to know! Currently in culinary school. I’m really enjoying it. a lot of chef toms techniques and terminology are being taught in school.

    2. allthingsbbq

      Yes, Chef Tom went to the Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland, OR. #rctid

  76. fglend73

    Awesome recipe. Can this be made the day before? Can I wrap it and leave it in plastic wrap in the fridge until it’s time to cook?

  77. Riesenfriese

    I havent eaten in 10 hours, why am I watching this while waiting for my food?
    My stomach is growling like an angry dog

  78. Kong Peng Moua

    Chef Tom ran out of gloves lol. Great video as always

  79. Buck Shot

    Somebody has been watching Gordon Ramsey Xmas dinner special

  80. Adrian Ramirez

    Could you use the silver skin for a stock?

    1. Jeff Silliman

      Adrian Ramirez , no

  81. Bäiderlasbou

    That is looking fantastic as usual. Great job and again a very nice video

  82. J.B.

    I just noticed: Congrats on cracking the 100k subs mark. Great videos and great cooking. Keep up the awesome content!

  83. MrJimodoom

    looks absolutely top notch. Hunger levels at + 1000 after watching this 😛

  84. Michael Parsons

    You done good son! Gordon Ramsey would be proud. I make this every Christmas and the family absolutely loves it. Gordon Ramsey adds a red wine au jus. Here is the link:

    1. Michiel de Jong

      Michael Parsons Hahha I was thinking The exact same thing. Still a great recipe!

  85. Adam Kenny

    Wonder how this would turn out with deer backstrap? May try it this weekend.

    1. Adam Kenny

      Gitsum so just finished my deer Wellington. It turned out awesome! Would definitely do again!

    2. Jeff Silliman

      Adam Kenny it works amazing with backstrap. I prefer it to beef actually.

    3. Gitsum

      I’m betting that venison backstrap would be fantastic. Let us know.

  86. Mr. kirouac

    This gave my the best idea for a red neck version of this.

    1. Mr. kirouac

      Maybe these guys have a smoked bologna recipe they would like to shear!!?????????

    2. Mr. kirouac

      Gitsum bologna log with a chesse layer and bacon layer. Then wrap it in biscuit dough. Smoke the bologna and bacon first then let it cool line the bacon weave with sliced cheese wrap in biscuit dough. Throw it in the smoker and call it amazing!! Traeger has an awesome smoked bologna recipe to follow for that part.

    3. Gitsum

      Pigs in a blanket?

  87. Carl Edvinsson

    You just gave me the base for New Years eve. Awesome, easy and man that locked good when you cut it up :p Keep it up! from Sweden

  88. Floyd Smith

    would a sauce be appropriate? If so, what would you suggest?

    Also, love all your videos! I put you right up there with Alton Brown!

    1. audoir

      Au povire bearnaise red wine any u like is fine

  89. jason hullihen

    this is some thing we always talk about making and never do… do you think creasent roll bread will work.??? the kinds in the cans.???

    1. cabulous

      jason hullihen it should. Puff pastry and crescent dough are virtually the same thing. Just not sure how many cans you would need whereas puff pastry comes in nice, uniform sheets with one sheet usually being the perfect amount.

  90. Scott Jangro

    This is basically the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed.

  91. jeff cullifer

    Looks like my Christmas menu just changed lol!!!!

  92. MAz

    12:25 wtf?

    1. Harold Harding

      The Grinch came to visit?!?!

    2. Mark Valencia

      MAz lol was someone screaming??!

  93. The Real Joey B

    Not fair….just Damn jealous….Great prep and cook Chef..

    The Real JoeyB Dallas Fort Worth Texas USA utilizing the Traeger Timberline 1300

  94. Nonya Business

    Please do some different variations of smoked pork cushion!!

  95. Barker BBQ

    Amazing like usual! Well done!

  96. GQue BBQ

    That was clever using the prosciutto – Great video as usual Chef Tom!

  97. Rhett Shull

    What was that dude yelling about?

    1. Justin Cary

      Homeless man. He was mad at something. Couldn’t quite tell who or what!

  98. USNVA11

    Very nice job ! That looks delicious ! 👏🏻

  99. Michael S

    I’ve been waiting on this video for a year! Now everyone can calm down about that Pork Wellington video, lol

  100. PAPPY 40

    Never knew how make

  101. Joey G

    When you took a bite I kinda got mad and gave you the finger.

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