Best Restaurant in Prattville, AL | Uncle Mick’s Cajun Market & Cafe

Video 02:13 Best Restaurant in Prattville, AL | Uncle Mick’s Cajun Market & Cafe

Rated “#1 Restaurant in Prattville, Alabama” – 4 years in a row!

Mais, jamais d’la vie!¹

Uncle Mick’s Cajun Market & Cafe, or “Uncle Mick’s” for short, has done it again!

TripAdvisor ranked Uncle Mick’s Cajun Market & Cafe the #1 Restaurant in Prattville, Alabama (out of 90 restaurants), crowning them the winner of the coveted 2016 Certificate of Excellence Award!

What is a Certificate of Excellence?

Each year, TripAdvisor awards a Certificate of Excellence to restaurants that consistently earn great reviews from travelers. See all 257 restaurant reviews (so far) right here:

Got an ahnvee² for some Cajun Cooking?

Comedienne Joy, the “Queen of Clean”, recently had a craving so strong for some authentic Cajun cuisine she made her way down to the Montgomery River Region faster than you can say “Shrimp à la Crème”!

Comedienne Joy has two great passions in her life: food and comedy! And after teaming up with Uncle Mick (Mickey Thompson – owner & manager of “Uncle Mick’s”), her video commentary left everyone laughing to the point of tears and drooling with anticipation for some Cajun cooking! Learn more about Comedienne Joy on her website “Dining Out With Comedienne Joy” at .

» Credit: Video produced by Comedienne Joy and shared with her express written consent.

What follows is the audio transcript of Comedienne Joy’s visit to Uncle Mick’s Cajun Market & Cafe located in Prattville, Alabama and the Montgomery River Region.

Enjoy as she samples the Cajun delicacies while initiating adoption proceedings for her new, “favorite Uncle”…

Begin Transcript:

(Note: CJ = “Comedienne Joy”, UM = “Uncle Mick”)

• CJ: “What’s up everybody? This is your girl Comedienne Joy, the ‘Queen of Clean’, in another issue of ‘Dining Out with Joy’.

So, where can you go and get some N’awlins³ flavored food without going to Louisiana? Right here in Prattville, Alabama at Uncle Mick’s Cajun Market & Cafe!”

• UM: “Chicken and Sausage Gumbo on Dirty Rice in a sampler platter.”

• CJ: “Uncle Mick’s serves everything from various types of Gumbo to Crab meat au Gratin.”

• UM: “Crawfish Étouffée, Alligator and Sausage Sauce Piquant, Chicken and Sausage Sauce Piquant, Crab Meat au Gratin, and this is Dirty Rice.

All the vegetables have got Andouille sausages in them which is a Cajun-smoked sausage.

Lima Beans & Sausage, Red Beans & Sausage, Green Beans & Sausage, and Black-Eye Peas & Sausage.

That’s called Corn Maque Choux.

That is whole corn, cream corn, peppers, and sugar, and tomatoes.

It’s got a sweet flavor with a little bit of spice.

It’s called Maque Choux!

Cajun Potato Salad, it’s got crab boil in it with a little bit of spice.

Regular Potato Salad, tomatoes, and deviled eggs.”

• CJ: “One repeat customer says that ‘Uncle Mick’s’ is part of her ‘me’ time.”

• Customer #1: “It’s that good! I only get to come here when I’m getting my hair done next door so I always come in here – I don’t care what I look like!”

• Customer #2: “I like Shrimp à la Crème on the White Rice. We eat here pretty regularly. It’s a great place to eat. Good home cooking. You can always count on it being some of the best in the area.”

• CJ: “Now, if you’re unsure about a dish at Uncle Mick’s you can always get a sample before ordering. Uncle Mick has just given me some of his delicious Bourbon Bread Pudding and let me tell you – I’m in love with my Uncle!

If he don’t adopt me, I’m going to adopt him, because he gave me some EXTRA bourbon!

Um, Um, Um! I love me some “Uncle Mick’s”!

Uncle Mick, I have one question to ask you.”

• UM: “What’s that?”

• CJ: “Will you adopt me?”

• UM: “I will, come on down!”

• CJ: “You know? You’re my favorite relative!”

• UM: “I am glad you enjoyed it. You come on down and eat some good Cajun food, now!”

• CJ: “That’s what I’m saying!

So that’s my new favorite relative, Uncle Mick!

So y’all come down to Uncle Mick’s in Prattville and see if he’ll adopt you, too, and get some of this delicious Cajun food!

I’m out. Back to you at The Alabama Way!”

• UM: “Thank you!”

End Transcript


¹ “Mais, jamais d’la vie”: Well, never in my life!
² “an ahnvee”: hunger
³ “N’awlins”: New Orlean’s

Uncle Mick’s Cajun Market & Cafe
136 W Main St
Prattville, AL 36067
(334) 361-1020


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