Bread & Butter Pickles – How to Make Great Depression-Style Sweet Pickles

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Learn how to make Bread & Butter Pickles! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Bread & Butter Pickles recipe!

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628 Replies to “Bread & Butter Pickles – How to Make Great Depression-Style Sweet Pickles”

  1. Pixelated

    everyone likes his voice, but i fucking hate the way he raises his tone at the end.

  2. Deb Nola

    A pinch of ALUM will keep them crunchy and crisp.

  3. gen100

    I have sea salt

  4. kjonewtou

    Do they taste sweet?

  5. Danna S

    I’m watching it and my mouth is watering 😃

  6. Toni Louise Carman

    I (distantly) remember there being small cauliflower pieces in my mother’s bread and butter pickles. Yum.

  7. Hazel Hazelton

    Well, it might remind them of the best part of the worst time of their life. It’s funny how good things are so much better during bad times.

  8. John Simpson

    After All, You Are The Don Rickles of Your Bread & Butter Pickles!

  9. Charyl Liss

    Chef John you are just hystetical. Its not just what you say but your inflections and timing.

  10. Linda

    I enjoy your recipes and humor! Thanks so much.

  11. Kristine Willems

    It is just doing the maths 😀

  12. GhostyCream

    Rick and morty faces be like:

  13. Michael Conroy

    you have the most annoying voice

  14. Pauline Mang

    I have such a crush on you Chef John. These beauties remind me of church fowl suppers and farmhouse feasts with homemade sausage and my grandmother’s good fresh bread. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

  15. MythicalOlive

    tbh pickle sandwich doesn’t sound so bad

  16. Violet Pierce

    I fucking love your voice it sounds sooo humorous and friendly lmao i love how u talk I’m hunting down a video to see what u look like I love 🤤😅😄

  17. Kathleen Hunt

    Love your videos and your style

  18. kara Is cool

    In German they call them gherkng . what is a gherkin a small variety of cucumber, or a young green cucumber used for pickling.

  19. Cindy French

    Kosher and pickling salt can be found in any store that sells food products. Never thought to to look in a hardware store. LOL!

  20. yzgrassy

    voice very aggravating..

  21. just the truth

    I didn’t use the jalapeno but substituted with red bell peppers. It came out awesome. I made a four pound batch and it did not survive the weekend with my family using them every way possible. Thanks John

  22. Latte Brown

    Duh… I never knew that sandwiches were made with bread, butter and pickles during the depression. These are a must try during cucumber season, along with a bread and butter sandwich.

  23. Adriano Andrade

    Regular table salt also works, but your salting will take much longer. Just keep your cucumbers on salt until a lot of water comes out of your cucumbers – it’s not practical at all, but it works.

  24. Aamir F.


  25. David Roberts

    No… your delivery is very annoying.

  26. Skye van Buuren

    your voice reminds me of the school of fish from Finding Nemo lol “blah blah blah, me me blah, blah blah blah blah, me me me” lol

  27. Claire Wemp

    What cutting board do you use? and do you like it?

  28. Ginger Brown

    wheres the butter

  29. Jules Mota

    dude the way you speak pisses me off

  30. dede barkum

    This guy is hilarious😂😂 thank you for sharing🤗

  31. Woodsie The westie

    I find his voice incredibly annoying. I have to turn the sound off

  32. Cloon the Goon

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I hate the way you talk. Your tone is unbearable. The way your voice fluctuates is so fucking obnoxious. How do you have so many subscribers?

  33. tanvir rahad

    can I add carrot? is it ok?

  34. smart451cab

    Pickling salt will work for pickling? Who’da thunk it?

  35. Mr Plow

    The “s” in Chartreuse is pronounced as a “z”

  36. michael stradley

    I like mine at room temp,,,the flavors are bolder.

  37. Elizabeth Leninski

    I ❤️my mandoline and use it all the time because it is uniform and makes it easier to marinate. Easy to clean as well!

  38. Michael Fitch

    My wife and granddaughter just made these bread and butter pickles. The pickles tasted great; easy to do. I know, I filmed the whole process. Thank you, Chef John.

  39. cooking with family

    always love ur videos so nice thanks for the tips.!!!!!

  40. Kris Opo

    That voice tho!

  41. MrDavidwilson86

    Bred & butter pickles are evil, sinful things nearly as bad as gherkins, “shiver”!

  42. Ben W

    I’ve seen what looks like crinkle-cut carrots in some kinds of pickles. Is that usual for bread and butter pickles, dill pickles, or what kinds?

  43. Summer A

    Chef John! Thank you so much for sharing…you always make me laugh too love your humor!!
    I cannot WAIT to make this.

    Any chance doing a video on Pickled Beets with onions? I would think the process is a bit different. Cheers!

  44. Yaqeen

    Will the boiling brine cooked the cucumber and loses its crunch?

  45. Rick Brown

    You don’t specify how much vinegar!!!!!!

  46. Craig Marston

    My grandmother would make  onion, cucumber/pickle  sandwich Love, love, love

  47. tclak

    It’s summer here in NZ and I have made this a couple of times. It’s delicious!

  48. Protocol Officer

    Thanks for the history of how they got their name. I have always wondered. Great video. Thanks for sharing!

  49. Petra Robinson

    I wonder if I could use my fermentation starter to pickle those?

  50. M S

    the way he speaks is annoying

  51. ns 77

    subscribing because its the best commentary on you tube.

  52. Aa Glad

    i sub cuz he’s the best cook. sorry Ramsey but u use to many things that i cant find in stores. i like down to earth cooking.

  53. Matheus

    Holy fuck, this shit is nasty

  54. Grant Aldrich

    Chef John, you’re my favorite. Everything that I have made with your help and inspiration has always been incredible. Thank you so very much.

  55. Debra Casseday

    Maybe we will stir it a little for something to do, funny. Thanks for sharing, I love bread and butter pickles.

  56. Sits Ramdeen

    thank you for the pickle recipe this is my second time i am making it love how it came out taste great

  57. Vincent Wood

    Yummmmm good for hangover I bet lol

  58. Richard C

    Great video they look very tempting and I will try and make some. As I remember Depression Pickles was an unsuccessful children’s clown.

  59. Still Gucci

    Your voice is annnoyingggg AF

  60. Potatoly

    Or.. just buy some :3

  61. Serena Yaas

    Im eating pickles now

  62. Red

    I love listening to you!

  63. Vusi Mthalane

    What accent is this?

  64. william Robinson

    thanks jonh for blowing me away agen


  65. Demin Jerez

    What kinda knife is that?

  66. Marco Camargo

    “remember that one you order when you came home from the club at 2 in the morning” – you know me so well Chef John 😂

  67. Wolverton

    Love your epic voice. Will try this recepie. Cheers.

  68. Latasha Bk

    My great grand mother made these … she made all kinds of pickles just like this !

  69. Nalini Tiwari

    I was in USA for 5 years and loved cucumber pickles then I came back, now I miss it. I am going to try this tomorrow and hope it will taste good. I am hungry already.



  71. Mike Burch

    Thanks for the share. Making this recipe right now.

  72. Darko Bertovic

    I have pickled by your recipe (I only modified vinegar – I used half apple cider and half alcohol (white) vinegar) yesterday! AMAZING!!! Can’t stop eating :-)) Photo:

  73. maserin1

    Who else full screens the Chef John videos immediately? Watching these at standard YouTube size is just silly and wrong. Also, Chef, I appreciate the fact that your bowl is conical, which helps the camera peek over the edge and gives us full bottom-of-bowl viewage. You just think of everything, don’t you?

  74. Siddhant Rhertal

    damn your voice is so annoying. anyways thanks

  75. Shermarke Mohamed

    I hate bread and butter pickles

  76. Coconut Tree

    Sushi please

  77. Martin Klose

    Cooking heretic here: I made these with regular cucumbers and regular iodized salt. Taste profile is as amazing as with pickling cucubers, but the texture is different. Obviously, center of regular cucubers will get soft, but the edges are still nice and crunchy. So, if you don’t mind softer center, you can definitely apply this method to good old cucumbers, it still works.
    Making another batch soon myself. Thank you, Chef John, for this recipe.

  78. Archibald liberal commie hatin Bunker

    Everybody please listen to me, dont leave them in the salt longer than 30 min! They will be so damn salty it will ruin the batch! I ruined 7 jars following this recipe. WAY TOO SALTY!

  79. Scher Know

    Seth Rogen what the hell man!

  80. Rik Slagter

    Your voice makes me want to punch kittens.

  81. stites outdoors

    They came out great!

  82. trublgrl

    A hint for washing the salt off your cucumber slices: Fill a salad spinner with water, obviously it has to be the kind with a bowl or reservoir, not a mesh bottom, and dump your salted and cured vegetables in. Leave it in the sink and spin the contents with the bowl still full of water. (Some water will leak out.) The salt will spin out to a great degree, leaving the pickles relatively free of salt. Repeat if necessary. I started doing this with salted cabbage for cole slaw and it really works, but you might want to be less thorough with pickles which want to be salty.

  83. Nova Scotia Living

    Great video. I’m just canned up a bunch myself. My family loves them. Lol. Thanks for sharing

  84. Fezdani

    Not only are these pickles delicious, but the onions turn out incredible as well. I have an overabundance of onions at the moment and you can bet your sweet bippy I’m going to make up a batch of this delightful brine and have jars of heavenly pickled onion for sandwiches and whatnot.

  85. Tyler Madelynn

    It doesn’t say amounts:/

  86. Mr. Meesseeka

    I’m a cannibal I’ll admit it

  87. Rebecca Stack

    What about using sea salt?

  88. fahim akhtar

    Too much sugar

  89. bobvise7

    Fantastic video, i 💘 pickel sandwhich’s. I like whole, cut long way, put on bun like a dog, yummy

  90. Nick Shillito

    I made these a couple weeks ago, they were absolutely delicious!! I used coriander seeds instead of mustard seeds because we didn’t have any, but that was just as tasty. Making them again today with homegrown cucumbers 🙂

  91. DoubleDee

    My great aunt makes these and I make sure that my mom gets them every time she visits.

  92. Rosilie

    Thank you. I’ve made this for my  family they liked them but what so funny is I don’t eat Bread & Butter pickles.

  93. Siobhán Dempsey

    Easy to understand and simple recipe told by an enthusiast, taste yum tooo.

  94. Dianna A

    Love all your videos. If i wanted to store long time and water bath, how long would I boil?

  95. Barbara Rickman

    Made these pickles for the 2nd time yesterday. Made them last year. Had 27 lbs of Marketmore 76 variety. Have LOTS of extra liquid. Can I process more of these pickles using the brine that is left? It’s too much to waste and would be expensive for me to make again.

  96. markos apostolakis

    Is there a way to make pickles to keep out of the refrigerator?and, if yes, for how long can I keep them?
    Also, how long can the pickles from the recipe in the video be kept in the refrigerator?
    Thank you 🙂

  97. Faye Keller

    Can I do these pickles one day and can the next if I refrigerate them?

  98. Twelve C-27

    A great recipe I’ll be trying with my pickles and gherkins. Also has anyone ever told you, you sound like Seth Rogen?

  99. sara alghamdi

    it taste like relish which i don’t like and i’m regretting that i made it 🙂

  100. Ranjit

    What does doing 2-4 hours affect.?

  101. Michael T

    You nailed it with the recipe…. mine turned out absolutely perfect… thank you!

  102. du Bb

    why do you end every sentence up. like the color is changING…. you speak like new zealanders… they end every sentence by raising the height of the last word they said….. ” rinse all of the excessive SALT” ….

  103. Darling Stuff

    a pity, but I just cannot stand this ‘sing song’ voice… a hammer drill torturing the ear drums

  104. TheStressD

    Do you know what they actually taste nice hot straight after from cooking. I added a couple of scotch bonnets, carrots, large Turkish chillies and bell peppers and used pickling spices that come ready made. I thought I’ll add my own little twist, its sweet but packs serious heat at the same time. Thanks for the inspiration.

  105. Carmenoid

    when you realise, Pickles are cucumbers soaked in brine.

  106. Kathryn Sink

    I also add a cinnamon stick to mine

  107. Ann Scholl

    I am making some of these right now but I will be canning them using the water bath technique. For those of you that already know how to can, use 1/4 inch headspace, process 10 minutes for pints, 15 minutes for quarts. I believe you’re supposed to add 5 minutes for every 1000 ft over sea level. Can hardly wait to dig in!

    1. Artistic Auntie Bagel, Past and Present

      I used 2 cups distilled vinegar and 1/4 cup water.

    2. Ben Hur

      How much vinegar and water ?

  108. J. Veronica

    No they did not make that one up if you cooked a shoe back that it was made out of leather and you broke down the leather and in the water and gave you nutrients and you could break down the leather enough you could actually eat it it was cowskin you know

  109. Emmy Blonde annotation. In your speaking! Gosh why!

  110. 2003Harleyguy

    What species of cucumbers were those? English?

  111. Audrey M

    OMG! Use that slicer you ordered on TV at 2 in the morning. That’s me! LOL 😀

  112. Bryan Bridges

    Everything you say sounds it is all part of the same sentence.

  113. Steven Freshy

    wanna trade subs?

  114. Grooovie725

    can you do this with other vegetables?

  115. L B

    Is there anything that leftover pickle juice can be used for?

  116. Shetasen

    I’m on such a tight budget, that I’m gonna do this.

  117. Jean Canestri

    i used 1/4 of the sugar and they are still really sweet

  118. arpxdagoodone

    I like your mutating voice… 😀

  119. Huyen Truong

    Curing them of what

  120. womsterr

    Why is every sentence annunciated as if it is a question? I wish I could watch but the annoying speech pattern is too much to take.

  121. Jamie King

    chef john..i dont cook n im 75 years old..sad day..but after reading n watching so many recipes n watching my gramzy make everthing under gods powerful sun i find i can taste something BEFORE its u? Maybe that is why my kids tell me im so skinny, cuz i just watch youtube food instead of eating..”saves dishes”, i say!!! Anyway.. reading (err i mean watching) your videoes are as good as getting dudded up n letting my grandkids tote me out 100 miles to any 5* restaurant…dont tell them i sed that😊!!!

  122. Nancho Party

    You said Kosher salt works for salting the vegetables. Kosher salt is coarse. You said table salt won’t work. Table salt is fine and uniform. You also said pickling salt would work. Pickling salt is even more fine than table salt. How does pickling salt work better than table salt? I don’t see any reason why it would work better.

  123. Enrico Bonomi

    Don’t you risk botulism canning this?

  124. Rani von Württemberg

    I am in the process of making my 1st batch of sweet pickles. I think I will plant some more pickling cucumbers seeds this evening.

  125. Marius Eide

    I bet someone actually used a tonne salt when trying to follow this recipe 😀

  126. deadpoil always sunny

    First time making pickles tried this recipe. It was great and surprised how good they were. I used bell pepper sadly next batch jalapeño. This is the 3rd recipe I tried from you and all have been tasty.

  127. Daniel Tyack

    I just found this channel looking for pickle recipes. I did not expect to be laughing out loud while trying to get a recipe 😂

    Thank you sir.

  128. Robert Morin

    I was kind of wondering if Mediterranean sea salt would work in place of kosher salt. Somehow, I was hoping to make some sort of Italian and/or Greek style pickles with these, but at the same time, one would have to wonder how well that would turn out. Hmm… Banana peppers and roasted red bells in place of the fresno chili? Now we might be talking.

  129. Khendhrah Silverbridge

    Proportion please? Ration of vinagre and water please?

  130. lolo Mk

    what to do with leftover brine ? can i use it again by heating it and adding little water then adding new batch of cucumber ?

  131. Angela Payne

    I always wondered why they were called “bread & butter pickles” … so they really made sandwiches with bread and butter and these pickles on???

    1. gonegolding

      Yes, and I still make sandwiches of them myself, today.

  132. Sydney Jackson-Clockston

    This guys commentary is awesome!

  133. Rotorzilla

    chef John, can you use the same technique for zucchini?

  134. whalebag07

    He speaks in a pattern

  135. Fourthgirl

    My mom was a depression era kid and I learned pickling and canning from her.

  136. kevin joseph

    do they have probiotics?

  137. Niamh Hopkins

    Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled…eh, let’s just say peppers, a peck of peppers Peter Piper picked, if Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where’s the peck of pickled peppers that Peter Piper picked?

  138. Yates Webb

    Your tangent about coming home from the club and ordering infomercial wares made my day.

  139. fbutz04

    I know I’m late to the party, but hey I’m determined to make these and just spent 25$ to make them and cannot wait to try the finished product

  140. Ethan Alexander

    I thought prison-style was dark. This just took a whole different turn.

  141. Ananday Khandelwal

    sir will pink himalayan salt work if i cant find pickling salt or kosher salt..

  142. Moses Poses

    those cucumbers are Lebanese cucumbers there the best tasting variety

  143. K H

    All a shoe is is a piece of flesh you’re drying out and saving for later to rehydrate when you’re hungry……I mean what are other people using shoes for???……..

  144. Ineluctable Smith

    I don’t do anything or  buy anything named Persian which is Iran. I’m using American pickles.

  145. Brian Bishop

    not for nothing, your recipes are pretty good. I tried the dill recipe and it was slamming. I let some family and coworkers try them. Now I’m the pickle guy and everyone wants pickles. This bread and butter version is something I’m totally gonna do, especially with BBQ season upon us.

  146. MetaMetaphysician

    I made it without the sugar or celery seeds and they’re still really good. I used table salt and much more than he used. Even then they tasted great! just like McDonalds Pickles.

  147. Forth Sadler

    Is there any reason why they couldn’t be transferred to oven sterilised jars while still hot or warm so the jars seal and then cooled in the jars?

  148. mona s

    Omg i love your voice!!!

  149. Milt Michael

    All recipes I have seen so far have called for a salt water bath for the vegetables…you say salt only….hmmmm….interesting!

  150. Zelnyair

    Don’t you just love osmosis?

  151. Piccles ™

    Hey, it’s me – Piccles

  152. saba essam

    I love pickles sandwich 😍😍😍😍

  153. Naghelfar1

    a sandwich with some liver paté and these cuqumbers are an awesome combination!

  154. Cash Pina

    I make these at work

  155. Firdaus Ibrahim

    your voice tone and those funny lines, hahahaha

  156. two frog

    i love your recipes but i hate your voice

  157. cody muller

    cucumbers are fruits

  158. BornIn1500

    damn this guy’s voice is annoying

  159. julia s. ferdinand

    my grandmother grew up during the depression. we often had these pickles at home. i never ate them as sandwiches, but always loved them. sometimes she would make me a butter and sugar sandwich for lunch. two slices of white bread. unsalted butter and a spoonful of sugar. with a cup of tea.

  160. Rachel Kay

    I tried making pickles before I watched this, but my pickles got mushy and soggy. I’m nervous it will happen again, do you know why it happened?

  161. Rita Chokler

    Bay leaves?

  162. James Grimwood

    Does this work with big cucumbers?

    Like, supposing you’re growing your summer veg now, and it looks like all the three packets of cucumbers you sowed are going to grow, and you might end up with more cucumbers than you can eat…

  163. ProjetoChef


  164. JustElvin

    freaking love you, lol

  165. NSK131

    Was Food Wishes a radio presenter in a past life?

  166. django bull

    fuking genius…love u…been watching u forever…:)

  167. Allie MacPhail

    what are the measurements of spices?? or is it just a whatever goes?

  168. cudlebuny

    Everyone is talking about the way he speaks and how he loves it. I dislike it though, reminds me of a teacher or parent patronizing me. The way he ends his sentences like I can’t understand what he’s saying so he has to pronounce every little thing for me to even try and grasp what he is trying to say.

  169. It's Just Milk I Swear

    I’ll umm, bread and butter ur pickle.

  170. jobatro

    Just finished making this recipe with some homegrown cucumbers and man, was it amazing. The taste and crunch is just the best. Fantastic recipe

  171. Sam Hakimi

    hardware store?

  172. Michelle Earl

    refridgerator pickles! thanks!

  173. evilwarcow

    I think I will try these.

  174. Jorgie Mathew

    Uncle! you say everything so nicely!! It’s like how my grandparents end the prayer. Swing stop and continue..

  175. carmen roupp

    I love these

  176. windi wallace

    I still make cucumber sandwiches in the summer

  177. John Templeton

    these are great. making for the 3rd time tonight
    i never have to buy sweet pickle relish anymore, and these are an awesome after work snack! Thanks!!

  178. Shena Yomogawa

    There was an “A” in the Tumeric.

  179. Elizabeth Shaw

    I love bread and butter pickle sandwiches.

  180. mattgotsskill

    can you do a pickled asparagus recipe? pleeeeease?

  181. Fire In The Church 66

    I love a good pickle sandwich!! soo good

  182. matthew brandon

    I’m always disappointed when I get served bread and butter pickle.

  183. Beepboop _

    Oh my I have depression what a great recipe for me

  184. cartell 112

    Will these give me Great Depression ?

  185. Rachiemeowpow

    “Everybody loves these…except possibly your great-great grandparents, if they’re still around. This will probably just remind them of the worst time of their life. But besides that…”

    Seriously, I’m dying. Where has this channel been all my life?

  186. The Teacher

    amazing work !!

  187. John Fox

    Great for making peanut butter and pickle sandwiches!

    Thanks for sharing!

  188. ChileExpatFamily

    Why does he always end his phrases like a Shrink?:


    could you this same process for dill pickles?

  190. MaxTehThinkenSkeleton

    I didn’t even know Cucumber was a pickle

  191. KurayamiXHikari

    My friend don’t like pickles, feels bad for him lmao

  192. Noah Hastings

    If theres one thing Ive learned in my life, it’s that any small firm cucumber WILL work

  193. James G.

    EASY!! I was actually going to forfeit not learning how to make pickles I’m going to grow garden this spring and I Was going to grow cucumbers. Now I know what to do with my cucumbers and I know exactly how to make the pickles and not have an issue from it.
    I always liked sweet pickles when I was growing up they don’t make them anymore and they’ve resorted to using the garbage northern varieties of bread and Butter. Southerners Do not appreciate bread and butter pickles it’s not how things are done.

  194. Regina Dickerson


  195. Lexy Lynn

    So Good!! Never liked these as a kid. I made some for my aunt and got hooked.

  196. Austin Mills

    Is this a poem

  197. Austin Mills

    Holy shit this guys voice

  198. Marcus Martinez

    this guy I swear lol the whole time I kept thinking it was Seth Rogen

  199. A Random User

    Hi John! Quick question: I’m trying to reproduce Wickle’s brand pickle chips at home. I’ve got the recipe figured out, but their pickles are much firmer than yours appear to be at the end of that video. If I do the salting process for less time, will that cut down on the wilting of the pickles or is that a function of the boiling? Thanks!

  200. 1finallyfree1

    These were beyond good. So easy to make. I didn’t like these as a child, now I’m hooked.

  201. Dinuial

    Does this recipe work as a cold process? I find hot process pickles always have a disgusting metallic taste.

  202. MyEnime

    I love the way he speaks!

    1. shadey538

      He sounds like he’s singing at the end of sentences. Then he does sing at the end!

    2. GTsnowbug

      MyEnime xD

  203. Cindie Permenter

    These look Delicious! Bread and butter pickles are my favorite. Thanks for the video. I’m definitely going to make some! BTW, I love the added humor in your videos. You crack me up!

  204. Rahul Bose

    I sooooo wanted to thank you for helping me make these…. They turned out exactly how I like them. Now I don’t buy anything at Subway… Lol… My sandwiches have a greater taste and I love them with pickled cucumbers. Thank you so much. Namaste!

  205. Jessica MacIntyre

    You’re hilarious!

  206. Ashen

    No fermentation? I thought that was the whole point.. Delicious probiotics! I just bought a 10 dollar jar, to last me until mine are done.. But I want a fermented recipe.. Can I do that with these? Just skip the heating the actual cucumbers and leave them out of the fridge for a while?

  207. Kitari

    Not nearly enough onions! My grandma and mom made these all the time when we were growing up. We’d always fight over the onions (which are the best part), and steal them from the jars, leaving all the pickles. Each batch they’d add more and more to combat our thievery. At this point, mom cooks mostly onions, with only a few pickles inside for flavor.

    1. No name

      Kitari onions aren’t even that good

    2. Carol Lopez

      Kitari : lol. we did that with my salt Brined mixed veg. pickles. I finally got wise and Learned to make just straight onion pickles.

  208. Jennifer Pakular

    Great recipe ! Thanks

  209. Maria Choi

    Tried making this yesterday, halved the recipe, and it is terrific. Next time I’ll add more red jalapeños. No changes to the recipe – I followed it exactly, even using the glass or metal bowl as in the video. Looking forward to trying the Persian rice!!! I’ve made it twice in 20 years and an utter failure each time.

    1. Ryan Olsen

      Thank you for replying Maria. I am getting used to the Youtube comment system as well and did not see you replied. I haven’t tried this recipe yet but when I do I think I will use half the sugar like you said.

    2. Maria Choi

      Sorry Ryan for not answering! I did not realize you left a message. I agree, sweet pickles are not to my taste, this recipe is ok for sweetness. A month on, you can taste the sweetness a bit more than when I first made it. A little bit less would be ok. I wonder if the sugar is what keeps the cucumbers so crunchy though. If you haven’t made it already, try using half the sugar.

    3. No name

      Ryan Olsen no

    4. Ryan Olsen

      Do you think he used too much sugar? That is the only thing I am hesitant about.

  210. iKillOrDieTryN

    i hate sweet pickles! it should be a crime to make this!

  211. moviegoer90

    damn this guy talkes strange 😀

    1. *Hannah M*

      I thought it was strange at first, very long ago, but I’ve now binge watched food wishes so many times I barely even notice it XD
      I love this channel!!

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    3. igotes

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      A shame to eat them?! You can always make more! Eating them is why I make them, and why I’ve turned my garden into a cucumber factory. It’s a bit of a minefield finding the right cucumber though. The thinner skinned ones produce a better result, pickling varieties tend to have thicker skins.

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      Table salt has roughly twice the amount of salt per unit of volume because the tiny crystals are more closely packed together, so a given amount of kosher salt has to be halved if you use table salt instead.

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    Salt is salt, pretty much. Sea salt and Himalayan rock salt have more nutrients, but are still just sodium chloride.

    If I want my salt blessed then I will perform a ritual upon it myself – and save $$ by doing it myself.

    1. Ash Jackson

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    2. duke of york

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    3. Ash Jackson

      Have you tried it with standard table salt, or Himalayan pink salt? If not please do and get back with me on the results.

      I have made these, and numerous other forms of pickles, both with plain table salt and with Himalayan pink salt – and they come out fine.

      Bless your own salt and save some $$$.

    4. HerrMueller93

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    5. Thomas LoVerde

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  313. Carol A. Marshall

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  314. Valkyrie Ziege

    ; From Wikipedia – ‘Bread-and-butter pickles’ are a marinated pickle product with sliced cucumbers in a solution of vinegar, sugar, and spices, which may be, processed by canning, or simply chilled as ‘refrigerator pickles’. The origin of the name and the spread of their popularity, in the United States, is attributed to ‘Omar and Cora Fanning’, a pair of Illinois cucumber farmers who started selling ‘sweet and sour pickles’ in the 1920s and filed for the trademark “Fanning’s Bread and Butter Pickles” in 1923, although the recipe, and similar ones, are much older. The story attached to the name is from ‘the Fannings’ surviving rough years by making the pickles with their surplus of undersized cucumbers and bartering them with their grocer for staples such as ‘bread and butter’.

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