Chicken Piccata Recipe – How to Make Chicken Piccata – Chicken with Lemon Caper Sauce

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Learn how to make a Chicken Piccata Recipe! Visit for the ingredients! Plus, more info and over 500 additional original video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Chicken Piccata Recipe!

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570 Replies to “Chicken Piccata Recipe – How to Make Chicken Piccata – Chicken with Lemon Caper Sauce”

  1. Marina Udovcic

    Chef your recipe for chicken piccata is awesome! Cant wait to try it!

  2. bahram syed

    any halal alternate to White vine.

  3. Mike Kious

    Prepared this today (5/5/2018) and it was delicious.  I don’t scroll down much past Food Wishes and Chef John.

  4. Adriana Leme


  5. Muhemed Alkatib


  6. istanjim

    Going to have to give this one a try. Thanks Chef John!

  7. The Effortless Naturalista

    Who’s making this in 2018?????? 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Just made this and it was delicious!

  8. marcy devos

    Would even satify a “piccy” chicky.

  9. 17kitai

    Just made a trial serving of this recipe and it was so good!! Gonna make a family size serving tomorrow for dinner! Thank you for this simple and delicious recipe, Chef John!

  10. Cyndi Foore

    Looks delicious, I know some people don’t like capers but I love them.
    Thank you for this recipe.

  11. Cyndi Foore

    John, can you do a video on the different types of oils and their used, especially olive oil?

  12. Irene's Kitchen 1

    Love making this during the week! So quick and easy!

  13. Scoping L.A.

    Oh no, it does look delicious!

  14. Yiannis Demetriou

    Can I use coconut flour instead of normal flour?

  15. Matthew Harris


  16. TheOrion101

    I put a teaspoon of dill pickle juice instead of the capers because thats what I had on hand. I would have used Zesty Pickle Juice but my fam likes more mellow flavor unlike me I know its not the same but we all have different tastes. Please be nice lol

  17. Nathaniel Bowler

    “Once every 10 days” lol

  18. Nancy Orozco

    Yes it did look amazing I love that dish

  19. Jovita Comparan

    Chef John, thank you very much for sharing the wonderful and delicious recipes. I have been making dinner with your recipes everyday. My family loves my cooking. I told to my friends and co-workers to check up on your videos. Thank you again. Much loves 😙

  20. TheYoyozo

    This is the video that started it all for me.

  21. cigarzan

    Best cooking vid’s ever. Love the way you make classic, complex recipes look easy!

  22. Jack Price

    Artichoke hearts go great with chicken piccata.

  23. Dave A

    Can I use a non stick pan?

  24. Chicago Rob

    This was soooooooooo good. Came out tremendous super tender with flavor. I will repeat

  25. Chicago Rob

    Making this tonight for dinner here in LA Chef

  26. eequalsmcdonald

    “Pricked cock”

  27. Lisa Adler

    What if all you have is extra virgin olive oil what will happen?

  28. Craig Marston

    Thanks chef John…… last night I subed the chicken with swordfish …………might make  it again tonight

  29. John Doe

    bueno apetito

  30. Keet Randling

    Why use water if you have some Chicken stock on hand? (We all have homemade chicken stock in the fridge, don’t we? No? Chicken broth at least, then; add it with the white wine /vermouth and then reduce.)

  31. Area51Gregos

    I don’t understand why people have this aversion to capers? Personally, I love them. It must be that many dishes which call for capers have anchovies in them too. I think most people are naive and think capers are anchovies or from the sea. They are a bud of a plant from the Mediterranean (and elsewhere) which are brined -that’s it. So sad but hey more for me…
    PS I sneak anchovies into many of my dishes and no one ever knows. And when I ask, “How is it?” They reply they love it! So there, stick that in your pipe and smoke it!
    Such a great YouTube Channel

  32. Kenny VI

    Chef, aren’t you worried about the danger of undercooking chicken?

  33. janny vongdashian

    chef John what is a good white wine to use when cooking? Happy New Years by the way 🙂

  34. Tina Rose 2204

    What is the green small things called? I never seen before

    1. Junior

      No prob. Just make sure you rinse them thoroughly in cold water because they’re bottled in vinegar and salt water

    2. Tina Rose 2204

      Junior thanks so much . 🤗🤗😃😃

    3. Junior

      Erin Rustina22
      You don’t necessarily have to but it does add some zest to it

    4. Tina Rose 2204

      Junior can I don’t use that?

    5. Tina Rose 2204

      Junior thanks

  35. amonterov

    loved it! its was so easy and sooo delicious

  36. jrock 1975

    I’m gonna try it today

  37. James Karoul

    Chef John, instead of water Can I use chicken stock for this recipe instead?

  38. Jon Jones

    @foodwishes was that really 1/2 cup of wine and 1/4 cup lemon juice? it looked like much less

  39. evelyn palafox


    1. evelyn palafox


  40. Victor Scott

    Nicely done

  41. maserin1

    My favorite chicken dish ever! Can’t wait to try this, and it looks so much easier than I thought!

    1. maserin1

      Update: made this today and it was delicious, as expected, even though I couldn’t find capers in 3 different stores today in Buenos Aires. They must have them in the city somewhere… just need to track them down. In other news, I actually found tomato paste in the city today, opening up a whole new palette of Chef John recipes I can make! People in the US *so* take for granted ease of finding ingredients…

  42. Dave A

    I can’t find the Chicken Picatta recipe on the blog. Is it on there?

  43. Sadness Page75.

    I need Piccata for my bunghole.

  44. Miss Abyssinia

    I need that skillet in my life! Any ideas where I can get it?

  45. Suri Arias

    LOVE IT!!!

  46. cmiller8492

    Had this at a party as a frozen appetizer sort of dish and thought it was remarkable. Cant wait to see what its like fresh!

  47. bellazinaa21

    Can I make this without wine??

  48. karl john

    i WOULDN’+ use cayenne in ANY+HING

  49. Cooolchick647

    Just refreshing my memory on the how to lol. still as mouthwatering as ever!

  50. Lisette Kalshoven

    Made this chicken tonight, and it worked perfectly. As always thanks for a good recipe/technique chef 🙂

  51. Marie Czarnecki

    This looks great, will make it.

  52. Ron Romano

    A decent substitute for the capers is green peppercorns in vinegar and brine works, but the capers are the way to go.

  53. undo.kat

    say it again, 45 mins per side for chicken?

    1. undo.kat

      makes more sense 😀

    2. Gregory Scott

      4 to 5 minutes per side.

  54. Gus Hersey

    What can i subsitute w/wine with????

  55. James Fike

    What kind of white wine do you use

    1. James Fike

      Mary Conlan what do you mean no

    2. Mary Conlan

      James Fike no

  56. Oliver Jackson

    Awesome chef John oliver from jamaica

  57. Kent O

    I did this one the other day and it was insane!!!! Very good!!!

  58. Zach Haake

    I heard a rumor that Chef John once cooked food in a pan and didn’t deglaze, and that he still has nightmares about the experience to this day.

  59. Daisy Christina

    Yummm I’ll make this tomorrow. I love everything with lemon! And I like lots of capers.

  60. BigBass

    This was amazing – made it last night. I like less lemon though ! Be cautious!

  61. Paulie's kitchen corner

    Ohhh Yeah.

  62. Melissia Blackheart

    Is there something I can use instead of white wine? … with my family, half of them the wine wouldn’t last long enough to get in to the dish, the other half wouldn’t touch the dish if they realized I put win in it, or would be horribly offended upon finding out later.

    Ah, the joys of living in the South.

  63. Cathy Allen

    Serve mine over pasta:)

  64. kght222

    even the most basic grocery store should have capers, they will be with the pickles next to the condiments.

    1. Pale Horse

      I love the occasional caper-forward dish. That little burst of brininess is so satisfying.

  65. Steph V

    Is sherry instead of white wine okay?

  66. John Barton

    Every time I watch this I get hungry! Thanks Chef J!

  67. Freedom Jade

    I always use too much flour and end up throwing the rest away 😂

  68. Bill Mayhew

    Love it.

  69. NorthernXP

    I am watching these videos soooo out of order. And EVERY SINGLE ONE……… I want to make! I guess my score is 5-ish made/50-ish I want to make! <3

  70. the8ctagon

    The description doesn’t currently contain the full link to the recipe. Here it is:

  71. yoy331

    Why do you specify to not use extra virgin olive oil?

    1. Stephen Brockhoff

      i think it’s because it will burn. Different oils have different “smoke points” and some can burn if you are doing some high-heat cooking. I think extra virgin oil is best for making vinaigrettes

  72. JoAnn S.

    Why do you use cold butter instead of room temperature butter?  Please explain because someone told me when making Chicken Marsala you should use cold butter as well.

    1. JoAnn S.

      thank you for the explanation!

    2. catz Keet

      JoAnn S. because the idea isn’t to “melt” the butter, but to emulsify it, to help to thicken the sauce. If the butter is soft going it, it will just melt and make the sauce greasy

  73. RazaGaming-Destiny

    Whats the substitute for WINE

  74. Ahmad Farzad

    You forgot to call the pepper FRESSHHHHly ground lol

  75. aka MsL8nite

    Followed Link but can’t get this recipe :((

  76. biggdaddy blade works

    green olives sub for capers just fine

    1. Dani Delafuente

      DEMONIC DEFENSE too fruity not sharp enough but still good nonetheless

  77. Rakesh Patel

    Chef John,

    If I was making this for say a dinner party of 6 – 8, is there a way I could make some of the chicken and sauce ahead of time and heat it up later. My real concern is the chicken drying out when reheated, and the sauce breaking when it is being reheated as well.


  78. ggnore


  79. Christina Singh

    i did this last night, with the addition of mushrooms it was awesome. served mine with pasta 🙂

  80. Patrick Kendall

    Please do an airline breast video

    1. Steve Logan

      Chicken, or flight attendant,lol.

  81. mikeischangingplaces

    If you need a substitute for capers, just throw in a few handfuls of Kimchi. Nobody will know!

  82. Ashley Cote

    Am I the only one who noticed that the upper right piece of chicken at 1:12 looks like E. T.’s head??? 😂

  83. Leonardo

    whats the name of the pan?

  84. Gabby M

    you have a great attitude! I started watching you when I was 8 years old just getting into cooking, and now I’m 18!

  85. Reenajit Kaur

    Dude, you’re amazing. Simple, very repeatable. Good recipes man.

  86. monkeyman522

    Just made this and immediately threw it out. The only flavor was lemon and it was way overpowering. Going to try someone else’s recipe on this. This one sucked.

  87. monkeyman522

    Just made this and immediately threw it out. The only flavor was lemon and it was way overpowering. Going to try someone else’s recipe on this. This one sucks.

  88. Anthony-Phillip Cornejo

    This is chicken Nuggets.

  89. JGO

    does an electric stove compared to a gas stove effect the cooking time?

  90. MJD Qureshi

    that is what I’m going to ask you , chef John. now I know that there is no substitute for Caper 🙁

  91. Sabby Neko

    Chef John, what brand of skillet is that? Is it aluminum?

    1. QZahmis

      Very observant…!

    2. Sabby Neko

      Ash Jackson thanks for that tid bit😉need a pan just like that one

    3. Ash Jackson

      Hello. I have noticed, from watching hundreds of his videos, that Chef John uses a variety of cookware brands.

      He regularly uses *All-Clad, Cuisinart Multi-Clad, & Le Creuset* enamel coated cast iron. Chef John also occasionally uses a Lodge cast iron skillet.

      I hope this helps.

  92. Jolly M

    Hello Chef John! Curious of the parsley can be substituted? Or if it’s sauteed maybe it doesn’t taste so strong? I am good with other herbs, just that one gets me.

  93. Catherine Hunter

    He sounds like Seth Rogen

    1. Mz Lindsey Taylor

      Catherine Hunter I hear it if I’m thinking it’s him I totally hear it lol

    2. ronnie castleberry

      Catherine Hunter no he doesn’t!

  94. Sally Tostovarsnik

    I would put this dish up against my fav Italian restaurants chicken picatta. Don’t skimp on the butter either. Delish!

    1. Angelica

      Sally Tostovarsnik no butter skipping!!! LOL

  95. Hoa Tong

    Thanks chef 😊😊😊

  96. T Scott

    I’m going to try this right now. Looks great.


      T Scott , GLAD to KNOW THAT!😉☺ 👉CUZ I HAVE CAPERS (that I have NEVER even OPENED BEFORE)! I’LL ‘TRY’ it THIS WEEKEND! 😁😂☺

    2. Too'`'_,

      Yeah I’ve made his version before it was good. I’m about to make my own lil version and add some shrimp

    3. T Scott

      it was honestly the best meal I’ve made in months. first time using capers. I’ll definitely be making it again.

    4. Too'`'_,

      How’d it work out?

  97. Marie smekal

    Can I cook Chicken piccata freeze it and use it another day

  98. adam heeley

    Great video!

  99. Jenna Edmonds

    awesome chicken dish. made it for husband the other day and it was fabtastic… thanks chef. you rock. 🙂

  100. Nepali chef skilled

    I’m confused some people make different way that totally different ..

  101. Christopher Lepre

    Any way to take out/substitute the flour?

    1. Victor Ha

      Okay that was my second guess… It must be hard to have food allergies. I’m a major foodie so I just can’t fathom it. I’m sure it came out well.

    2. Christopher Lepre

      +Victor Ha I was making this dish for a person who had a gluten allergy. I just used Red Mills Gluten Free All Purpose Flour and it tasted exactly the same.

    3. Victor Ha

      Out of curiosity, why? To make it more healthy? Just don’t use flour at all I say (breasts can be grilled on their own), but it wouldn’t taste like standard chicken piccata then.

  102. Fel.M

    I have a weird question, would a bit of dry mustard ruin this dish or make it better? I think I’ve tasted mustard in this dish before and it was so lovely.

  103. Bizzle

    what can we use other than wine???

    1. Krystal Dispatch Bettty Mcginty Carter

      You dont.

    2. abunchahooey

      chicken stock

  104. Hala Arjumand

    I really love your recipes.. Thanks a lot

  105. Sanjeeth Selvan

    Hi chef john, thank you for your video tutorials. They’ve been a great inspiration. However, it would be really wonderful if you would also show us a tutorial of the sides that go along with your dishes. Pls?

    From a Singaporean fan. 😊

  106. esteban embroglio

    Thanks for this one Chef, its become my favorite way to cook chicken. Also you really need to come pick up these compliments from my family, they all belong to you and im running out of room

  107. Kayla Wells

    Thank you Chef John for introducing me to CAPERS! What other recipes feature capers (besides putanesca)?

  108. ZC94601

    I’m not a wine drinker and don’t know anything about wine. This would be the first time I buy wine to make a dish. Which wine should I buy? brand?

    1. Trina's Creative World

      For a white wine for this recipe use Pinot Grigio and make sure it says dry on the back of the bottle.

  109. Archie

    looks crazy tasty lol

  110. usagi18

    just had this… thank you chef!

  111. halpwr

    Is there a non-dairy substitute for butter?

  112. Nicole Manz

    If you leave the chicken in the pan the flour will help thicken the sauce.

  113. Beedisha Sabur

    Any substitute for white wine? :/

    1. Beedisha Sabur

      +sasithornamy thanks gurrrrl!

    2. sasithornamy

      you can substitute chicken broth…that’s what I did and it’s still delicious.

  114. wazclark

    would it be crazy to serve this with a side of ratatouille?

    1. Pale Horse

      It would be INSANE!

  115. Gerry Aire

    i tried to make chicken piccata once, but i wasn’t —– “caper”-ble !!!!! (ok, worst pun ever)

    1. Dennis Nedry

      Gerry Aire I’m god dam done with the internet after that

    2. Nirva Rene


    3. Marie Czarnecki

      Gerry: LOL

    4. undo.kat

      capers+blue cheese+anchovy = best combo ever

    5. Queen Bee

      Be Compassionate Two thirds of a pun: P U !!!

  116. 'diva williams

    Awesome!! I’m making now, thanks!!

  117. A Alekhine

    My favorite….God Bless Chef John! So good….

  118. Armando Piña

    no substitute for capers

  119. Jeffrey Powell

    Are you allowed to use bread crums?

  120. Lindsay R.

    How about adding sauteed mushrooms? I’ve had it that way and that add a lot of flavor.

  121. dpsrbi

    Haha… Chicken prick… I’m gonna go call someone that, brb.

    1. Boo Boo

      I was looking for a comment like this😂

  122. katcas82

    This recipe was wonderful! I made it today and came out delicious!! Thanks a ton!!

  123. Nate Sepnefski

    what was that about a half a cup of lemon juice?

  124. kemala sari


  125. Yoselin Rodriguez

    What can we substitute wine forrr??

    1. Deschler

      I just user regular chicken broth it was DELICIOUS

    2. Happy Jordan

      +Yoselin Rodriguez the wine is just for flavor u dont have to use it

    3. HaroldM814

      +Yoselin Rodriguez Chicken broth. I found one that is “White wine and herb flavored” it tastes really good.

      It does say on the back it contains LESS THAN 1% of white wine so you should be good to go. If not using for religious reasons…well less than 1% I don’t think anyone will bite you 😉

  126. George Roberts

    Chef John how do you keep your stainless steel pans so clean

    1. Dennis Nedry

      George Roberts he washes them buddy try it

    2. Deborah Davis

      Ray Maiden – spot on, I have owned a set of stainless pans(Salad Master) for 40 years and have always used bar keepers friend and they look like new, except the handles, but they aren’t stainless.

    3. Ray Maiden

      For cleaning my SS pots & pans I use Bar Keepers Friend. 

    4. Kevin Grady

      vinegar can do it also.

  127. Tia Smith

    that look so good

  128. tonntonns

    This is my favorite dish! I usually plate it with some black beans and fresh cilantro and maybe some couscous if I am in the mood. Last time I made this (which was about three weeks ago, and making some for dinner tomorrow) everyone was looking at me like I was crazy for pounding the chicken but they were extra quiet while they were eating it lol

  129. r2darky

    Ahhh.. I love it when Chef plays with flowers 😀

  130. PixieTrailSprite

    Capers are, of course, the very best, but minced, brined pimento-stuffed green olives are a respectable substitute.

    1. Bracha Muradov

      Ya I use green olives! The best!

    2. PixieTrailSprite

      +Georgette Orwell
      Glad to be of assistance.

    3. Georgette Orwell

      +PixieTrailSprite Excellent call! Thank you.

  131. Adventures With Karlie

    Mushrooms good substitute

  132. Rafael Artiga

    My piccata sauce is usually thicker because I use flour… what do u guys think is better?

    1. Brett N

      +Rafaellm ok l Artiga i flour mine chicken breasts as well and use a little more butter as called for =P

    2. r2darky

      +Rafaellm ok l Artiga I like my sauces thick and rich, so I also tend to go with flour or cream to make it thicker (: I think it’s all preference based really.. Nothing wrong with a bit of flour right? 😀

  133. EmmyS

    what can we use instead of wine? can you please give some substitutes  when using wine, bacon or ham!! 

    your videos are amazing, if you had a restaurant, i would be a regular customer 🙂

    1. Rafael Artiga

      U can use chicken broth

  134. hal cek

    Splash of cream won’t hurt !!

  135. katsan88

    What type of wine do i use? Can someone suggest a white white name, thank you 🙂

    1. Gold Panther

      gustoso white wine

    2. Float Plane

      +katsan88  Vino Blanca is great and cheap.

  136. Allison White

    btw way i just made this and it was EXCELLENT!!!!!!!   I would say substitute capers with chopped green olives in jar (take out pimentos) and add alot of juice ;)…keep up the good work here!!

  137. Sig Shooter

    What, no caper jokes?

  138. Keana Ellis

    I’ll be making 5 chicken breast. How much capers and lemon juice do I use?

    1. Tonithenightowl

      +Filip Dumbović Now that was FUNNY lol :o)

  139. David Rowland

    so i have to wait until i have some left over asparagus souffle before i can make this?

  140. Nanou Noozy

    Can the wine be substituted?!

    1. Caresse Garcia

      Yep, with broth. It will turn out fine 🙂

  141. Franco Romano

    no way, this isn´t original piccata. Deglazing  with white wine. No cayenn
    You lose

  142. Jon Holland

    Anyone else get pepper sprayed by the cayenne when hit the hot pan?  Both me and my girlfriend could not stop coughing.  She was making the sides, while I cooked the chicken.  Still it is now one of our favorite chicken dishes

  143. Mary Kenney

    The ingredients on the site call for 1/4 c of water or stock, but I don’t see that used in the video, or was it the splash of water? I just don’t want to leave it out if its a critical ingredient! 

    1. Official Jaswa

      yes that was the splash of water you see, and while it isn’t 100% critical (you could add more stock,lemon juice or probably butter to make up for it) you don’t want the other ingredients to cook dry or burn and the extra moisture helps. 

  144. Darian Bryan

    Very nice Job

  145. Marcell Cohen

    It looks very delicious can I use margarine instead of butter

    1. janeyrevanescence12

      I wouldn’t recommend that. margarine is a pretty poor substitute and health wise is worse than butter.

  146. Akiya McPherson

    That looks so good with the capers

  147. idol hands

    the day that chef john browns meat in a pan without deglazing it is the day that pigs fly. 

    1. Even Myhre

      dude.. swine flu

  148. Sugar Foot

    A good substitution for capers– in my opinion– is a little parmesan like maybe 1/8 cup or less. Also, put the parmesan in when the sauce has cooled for a few minutes at the end. Personally, I don’t like capers- I think they are over powering when you already have wine and lemon juice.. Another tip, if people don’t like all the sourness of the piccata sauce take a quarter of a lemon or less and squeeze lemon juice into your sauce. Also, you could add lemon zest to the sauce to  give a nice lemon flavor( Maybe 1/4-1/2 tsp.) I know piccata is somewhat traditional but I like to personalize it to my tastes…

  149. jardinmare

    Looks so good,must try!

  150. Calmncollect

    I am a sous chef of an Italian restaurant and I substitute capers with artichoke hearts.

  151. yugnok

    Is picatta supposed to be that sour?  This was good but I had to pucker through it.  I used about half of the lemon juice.

    1. Sugar Foot

      Use less lemon juice- just a slight squeeze of 1/4 of a lemon. Also, omit the capers if you don’t like them and substitute for 1/8 parmesan. A little lemon zest to taste is always nice to add to the sauce. A splash of heavy cream at end is nice too.

  152. J Griff

    Instead of chicken use recently caught snapper (mangrove, mutton, etc) and you’ll love it!

    1. mizzpoetrics

      Snapper piccata sounds delish too! 😋

    2. rschm87568

      Than it wouldn’t be chicken picata!

  153. Mojahid Zihad

    Can u plz write the ingredients in comment? tnx

  154. K

    Yummmy! I am def making this thanks!

  155. Lisa K

    I wonder, can you use chicken stock if you have no white wine? I want to make this but Im low on money and cant buy a bottle of white wine. 

  156. idontlikegoats

    This was amazing! I love this recipe, my husband was very happy too 🙂

  157. Paul Weatherbie

    This is now my wife’s favorite recipe!!!  We love this and have made it many times.

  158. TechnoMulen

    once every 10 days ? are you facking crazy 🙂 you get bored of food if you get the same meal that often

  159. My Name

    I just love Chef John and all his recipes. I have made Chicken Piccata many times but I usually add some sliced mushrooms that I’ve previously browned up in butter. I also add thin slices of lemon to the sauce, it makes for a nice presentation. This is a regal looking dish that’s easy to prepare and fit for an elegant dinner with friends. Of course, serve white wine with this dish.

    1. Calmncollect

      +Midge Sliwa Mushrooms alone does not make it a marsala.  You still need the marsala wine and onions/shallots.  Also you would have to remove the capers and lemon for it to also be a marsala.  Sounds like the OP is just making a piccata with mushrooms.

    2. thecatsarse

      +Midge Sliwa everyone has there own preference!

    3. My Name

      for me it’s still Chicken Piccata since I add white wine and not Marsala wine. I use Pinot Grigio. The sauteed mushrooms are a family favorite so I adjust it to add the mushrooms.

    4. Midge Sliwa

      If you’re using mushrooms you are making chicken Marsala.  Piccata doesn’t have shrooms. I don’t serve Piccata with white wine – I serve Pinot Noir. Just sayin’.

  160. Lisa K

    This dish was delicious! I have since put it into my permanent chicken rotation and make it about every 10-14 days. Most of my family loves it! My son isnt crazy bout the breading but hey cant please everyone. We sometimes serve it with rice and other time with pasta.

  161. Ruckus Piper

    And you should not substitute anything or your opinion of it won’t be right!

  162. Ruckus Piper

    Just made it at the firehouse….everybody loved it! One of the best dishes we have ever made!

  163. thisdamecooks

    If you don’t want to use white wine or capers, use chicken stock and green olives.  The important ingredient is the lemon juice.

    1. Lisa K

      Is chicken broth the same as chicken stock? And is there a way to double the recipe? Im making this tonight for 5 people. Oh….is there a link for the exact measurements…or do I just eyeball the amounts. 🙂 Thanks!! Made it once for just the family and we all LOVED it. I love the capers.

  164. Jay May

    The Cayenne King!

  165. djlive408

    Wow! if you guys haven’t tried making this then ya’ll are missing outt!!!! Made this the other day, obviously not as sterling as the chef in this video but I can say for my level of cooking (which is not expert) it was incredible!!! The flavor was irresistible to let go after I had finished it all!!!! I will def try and make his again! Oh yeah and I forgot to add the capers but it tasted good anyways! 

  166. Megan Carlin

    You sound like Seth rogan haha lol great recipe though looks great :))

    1. djlive408

      haha I thought it was amusing how he talked as well. ha

  167. Samalam C

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      If the sauce was thicker, most likely the chef who cooked yours used a roux! If you’d like to do the same, all you would need to do is to start your sauce off by adding equal parts flour to the amount of butter Chef John used in the video BEFORE adding the liquid or capers. Cook that together for 2-3 minutes, and then add the other ingredients in afterwards. Make sure all liquids are COLD, though, otherwise the roux will clump together.

      Hope that helps!

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