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50 Replies to “Cookin’ With Coolio – Caprese Salad”

  1. jeffrey gollobin

    Socka Zoolu MUTHA FUCKA!!!

  2. Mr. Pryor


  3. Ruben117435

    U Know Hoo!!! Maad Circle baby!!!


    As I walk through the galley, Mr Coolio, Chef,
    I take a look in the fridge, and realise there’s much left.
    ‘Cause I’ve been baking and basting so long,
    that even my mama thinks that’s a mighty scone

  5. bsauce420

    I just wanna know whats up with the sax?

  6. nerdling301

    this shit is hecka dum

  7. Tampaterry54

    cool tomato w/ onion and olive oil my fav

  8. Keskon93

    a child would do better 

  9. MRturina22

    Get me that bellpepper

  10. Morgan_Fucking_Freeman

    Lmfao people here are mad that the salad isn’t fucking artisan. It’s COOLIO damnit this is obviously novelty entertainment, not culinary school. Quit crying.

  11. Demin Jerez

    Really thought u had some skill. That is a gross looking salad. Ur a fucking embarassment to the cooking industry. As a culinary student I would have burned that video.

  12. oleoblue

    Please learn how to speak English and cook.

  13. Ro

    red white and green the colors of the mexican flag…. ITALY PWND

  14. Amber Walls

    That’s not what I learned in culinary school…

  15. John Heffernan


  16. Raina Baecere

    I went to mydamnchannel but I still can’t find the secret ingredient.

  17. Brodie Caslick

    thats not gangstas paradise

  18. averhs

    i think alexis wins

  19. Kiera Kane

    Nigga my niggas will get you nigga yo niggas aint as niggas as my niggas be nigga we a show you true niggas nigga. You niggas will be running like bitch niggas when my niggas get on yo iggas nigga.

  20. Kiera Kane

    Nigga you’s a nigga nigger ass nigga lol

  21. Kiera Kane

    Nigga you gay as fuck responding lol

  22. Sam Body

    Nigga you dumb as fuck trying to troll a 2 year old comment lol

  23. Kiera Kane

    Nigga you gay as fuck talking about dressing lol

  24. AKFullyLoaded

    rofl he pulled a bag of weed out that girls shirt xD

  25. Andrew Hampton


  26. kdwormy


  27. kingmatrix99

    guess you didnt find anything better to do after you made gangsters paradise

  28. stoniee

    Gimme some of that special seasoning 😉

  29. MsMoonbadger


  30. MsSmegasaurus


  31. Micky B

    HAHAHA he look like he poured Jack Daniels in that shit

  32. QuickQuips

    I’d love a collaboration with Action Bronson.

  33. Mr. Triggaveli

    man i missed this show this was da last best show on oxygen but now they have crapy shows like jerseylious, bklyn 11223, n other crappy show after jersey show was out in 2009

  34. wookiewhat

    @stopmojim nah fuck that he just wants to fill yo stomach up

  35. MrJmv2010

    well this is the second one i watch this shit is horrible man

  36. Jackie Williams

    @mymovienerd you say ghetto, but where i’m from we call that gangsta…

  37. Random Street Theater

    my mother’s been dead for 20 years so it better taste better than that

  38. Skitzoid594

    Shaka Zulu Bitches!

  39. 29mattrog

    Are you serious coolio or were you like one day bored as hell and like ” fuck this mother fucker coolio needs to make himself some YouTube videos with my new iPad ..

  40. golddigger0325

    I’d be funny if coolio asked him to toss his salad xD

  41. avril.pearl

    ooo man i wanna make a mexican flag caprese salad shakalaka

  42. James Mullins

    @deacon9260 ROFL, what a childish little homophobe you are.

  43. James Mullins

    @deacon9260 ROFL, Yeah, I’m the problem, and you are an idiot troll.

  44. James Mullins

    @deacon9260 Knowing him or not isn’t the point. It’s the shitty attitude our so called “celebrities” put out as normal behavior these days. We don’t need it and our kids definately don’t need it. It’s got nothing to do with what the moron’s name is.

  45. James Mullins

    Wow, over the top masculine posturing with women objects hanging on the side. And the whole deal is made to appeal to teenagers for money. This is probably the lamest shit we do now in our culture.

  46. ashappyasannie

    lol salad eating bitches

  47. poopheadIII

    Hahahhaa this is hilareous…. And beside lol that girl her tits almost hanging out !!!
    Shakaaaa zuluuuuu mofoo

  48. Sludacris8

    The secret ingredient is Rohypnol.

  49. IcoVir

    is this real?

  50. chorn995

    This might just be the shittest salad I have ever seen.

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