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Preparation of Mutton bone soup || Mutton Bone Soup Recipe || Healthy Mutton Soup (Indian Style)

ಕಾಲು ಸೂಪ್ mandya style village soup goat leg soup

How To Make Mutton Soup || Tasty & Healthy Mutton Soup || Mutton Recipes.

Aattu Kaal Soup | ஆட்டு கால் சூப் | Goat Leg Soup Recipe | Lamb Leg Soup

Paya Soup – Paya Recipe – Goat Leg Soup – Shorba – Trotter Soup – Attukal Soup –Bone Soup 

Preparation of Mutton bone soup – Healthy Mutton Soup (Indian Style) -Mutton Soup is a simple, tasty and healthy dish. You can either make this soup with mutton pieces or mutton bones.

Mutton Leg Soup Recipe
Watch this video to find how to make Spicy Mutton Leg Soup recipe at home, easy to understand step wise tutorial.
If you have any doubts or suggestion regarding this recipe please COMMENT below.

Turmeric powder 
Ginger & Garlic Paste
Curry Leaves Leaf
Bay leaves
Lamb Legs
Green Chilly
Coriander powder
pepper powder
Red chill powder
Coriander leaves

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E25 || Mutton Bone Soup Recipe || The Tiny Foods

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