Easy Organic Potato Salad Recipe

An Organic Potato Salad Mix, that makes making potato salad a breeze! Culinary Joy in a Packet ™. A packet that is pre-measured with 12 Organic Herbs and Organic Spices just add to real Mayo and cooked potatoes! Done, A complete, delicious Potato Salad. Each Retail packet makes 2.5 # of potato salad. Buy online: www.cjspremiumspices.com

Nowhere else can you find a Potato Salad Mix that requires no measuring of ingredients with only 3 simple steps to make a COMPLETE delicious Potato Salad in minutes.  This Potato Salad Mix has so many people raving about it, that it’s defined our product as Culinary Joy in a Packet!

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  1. CJ’s Premium Spices is a great company in Oconomowoc Wisconsin taking pride in creating organic spice mixes to make your parties or picnics easy and memorable.

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