Fondant Potatoes – Crusty Potatoes Roasted with Butter and Stock

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Learn how to make a Fondant Potatoes recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Fondant Potatoes recipe!

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516 Replies to “Fondant Potatoes – Crusty Potatoes Roasted with Butter and Stock”

  1. Travis Dicks

    😂😂😂 ask your British friends.

  2. Oogalook

    I am the 4 million 37th viewer. I just realized how many people that is. Chef John is like a prophet of great food.

  3. Dustin

    I’ve made these probably 10 times in the past year. Thought I would come back and thank you for showing me how to do these! They’re so great, everyone loves them. It really is a “tremendous potato technique!” 04:38

  4. A Marie

    I tried a less classy version with parm crisped to top and it was lovely. Not nearly as gorgeous, and I will try gorgeous at some point, but lovely. …thanks for the ideas.

  5. Lots To Learn

    More delicious cooked in (pastured, not CAFO) clarified butter (ghee) with no industrially processed seed oils.

  6. okiewoman

    Looks to me like Big fried potatoes


    Im going to try this… but I want to brown the whole outside…

  8. Gary L

    will you adopt me? please? I think my wife will understand….

  9. BJ JR

    Too much effort 😩

  10. Kimm Irving

    HOW should I reheat??

  11. czarmangis

    Cover these babies in ketchup and I’m ready babee…!

  12. Eric Monse

    This spud is for You! Excellent video

  13. DarrenBonJovi

    I like your sing-song accent 😀

  14. Random Stranger Online

    Gonna make this with the peposo and some kind of green vegetable

  15. Angelo Jason

    looks like i dialkon steak

  16. MyHatori

    A penis of butter?

  17. Karen Haggerty

    Hehehe. You’re funny. Cool recipe

  18. artvelcro

    Bet these are good with ketchup.

  19. Ty's Vlogs

    🦆 FAT

  20. Wascally Wabbit

    “…close enough for you tube…” 🙂 I love this guy’s vids!!

  21. Mr Jimenez

    Your awesome

  22. Fritte _

    this looks more like scalopped potatoes that scalopped potatoes

  23. Korean Mama

    Ohhh….I am so gonna try this….! BIG love to food wishes.!!!

  24. Robert Lang

    Never had these going to try tonight

  25. Jai Sanghvi

    i’m about to try this. also, could read novels from the period on audio book? your voice is very engaging.

  26. Wenqing Li

    Better boil it first

  27. Lin Bat

    Want to try these but serve w/ sour cream!!! And no matter how hard I tried, I could not hear the kind of butter you said. It would be great if you could spell unfamiliar words for us so we could look it up. Thanks for the video!

  28. Irene Carhart

    Looks great. We are def going to try it!

  29. Ryn hed

    These are real good

  30. Gianna Giavelli

    My fav new recipe – steam a sweet potato (large) for 8 mins. let rest. split open and work in butter slicing tiny slices up and down. a light sprinkle of salt. a drizzle of real maple syrup. I had it tonight next to some pan fried/steamed trout and honestly the potato was much much better.

  31. Gianna Giavelli

    they look amazing you are in my top 3 fav chefs of all time

  32. Jacob Lakoduk

    They are delicious and aren’t hard to make at all.

  33. S Miah

    Just came across your channel , your narration is epic 😂

  34. Sibs Zihle

    Sounds like I’m being taught how to cook by Phil (Tandy) from Last Man On Earth

  35. John Kathrein

    I really enjoy your videos and am inspired. One question: do you use some sort of voice accelerator? It seems like you are talking normally, them all of a sudden it speeds up like fast forward on an on tape player. One viewer described it as “roller coaster”. I agree and find it distracting. Of course, if that is your normal speed of talking, you need to get a job describing drug side effects on advertisements! Just pulling your leg!

  36. water man

    Roast Tati then

  37. Joseph 'Joey' Lee

    CAUTION!!! Please use tongs to place them in the hot oil. The potato silos are slippery and if they splash in the oil, you can get burned VERY badly… like I did. On my third week of very painful burns.

    But great recipe!! Family loved them.

  38. Loz M

    Completely wrong, dick!

  39. George Bush

    This will turn you into fatass. Look at all this butter

  40. Ricky Ricardo

    By request I made a batch this morning but the meal was delayed… now what? There was plenty of broth left so I turned down the oven to 175. They were in there for over an hour extra… it happens. They continued to wick up the broth and definitely weren’t crispy anymore. But! The inside was so silky smooth and flavorful I got away with it!
    This is a great dish and so easy, thanks Chef!

  41. ice water

    Aren’t they starch all the way through?

  42. mary loty

    you sound like disney magical character or show ! and your food is amazing ~ i love love this channel~~!!

  43. Danger Darth

    Chef John, what do you do with all the rest of your potatoes?! No wonder this was an aristocratic dish!

  44. amblt1

    Nice process, looks good, but what does it have to do with Fondant?
    Fondant is:

    noun: fondant

    a thick paste made of sugar and water and often flavored or colored, used in the making of candy and the icing and decoration of cakes.
    a candy made of fondant.
    plural noun: fondants

    It derives from the French verb Fondre- meaning to melt, from which we also get “fondu”

    I would use a descriptor such as “Sauté” or “Frit”

    1. amblt1

      That is pure horse doodoo. So now we just decide a word has a completely new meaning…oh…just because.

    2. Ian Hayden

      amblt1 it just means potatoes roasted in a stock

  45. 栗田美佐夫


  46. sheldon pereira

    Those are some giant potatoes

  47. Jack

    whats with the weird voice

    1. Ian Hayden

      Jack what’s with the word face?

  48. safe nsecure

    Thanks John, I love your cooking channel also on I watch a few recipes then I find your version. You make everything so simple and delicious. No need to be a award winning chef your recipes are what is America is all about. Good home style food.

  49. You Talk

    why you don’t put them in the oven first, then fry their sides in the pan?

  50. Old Yeller

    I would do this recipe with BUTTER.
    There is nothing that tastes better on potatoes than butter.
    Oh…posted early… 😀

  51. Executioness

    I didn’t know you can throw a cast iron skillet in the oven lol. How else do you decide when to use cast iron vs nonstick? All I know is nonstick for eggs.

    1. Executioness

      Ohh ASMR fork scraping potatoes

  52. Akuma

    Those look delicious

  53. hell low

    Just tell us what a knob is…geez

  54. Steve Utermahlen

    Quite lovely. Looking forward to making them. mahalo

  55. Adam Dunn

    Fuck yeah, scallops. Oh wait.

  56. Gregory Thoman

    These really are great. I didn’t think they would be anything special but they really are. Be advised chef John wasn’t kidding about letting them cool a bit before shoving them in you grocery hole.

  57. Starquise Maverick

    This was really dope lol if I ever make these I’m probably gunna add some bread crumbs too lol I feel like it’s a simple recipe but you can play around with it if you’d like lol your YouTube channel is really cool btw lol

  58. proNUB Central

    How about ‘Russet Scallops’? Lol.

  59. shadow run

    looks awesome but too much salt! LOL heart issues!!!

    1. Ian Hayden

      shadow run not enough really

  60. Faye Darling

    The way you speak make me want to shoot myself in the face

    1. Faye Darling

      you should do that

    2. Ian Hayden

      Faye Darling your photo makes me want to shoot myself

  61. Yesenia Martinez

    I love me some crusty edges

  62. iSeenUB4

    My Russian friend was doubtful, its potato he said… When he ate it he started calling it a Godly Potato xD
    Man knows his potatoes, great recipe!

  63. Mahedi Hasan

    I thought scallops.

  64. Elisabeth Blackwood

    Made my sister make them for me. AMAZING

  65. Lona Bremer

    Never heard of this! Thankyou!

  66. Christar Sanourath

    “Close enough for youtube” 😂

  67. mmanda515

    Omg, YUUUMMMMMM!!! (being a garlic nut, I’d prob definitely add some roasted garlic to mine!) They look absolutely amazing as is, tho…. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂 Be well.

  68. Nope No


  69. Kasran Fox

    Would you say you’re fond of this recipe?

  70. kscamara123

    Nice — I will try it next time I make potatoes — and scatter the scraps along the bottom – –should be like fries — naturally removing them before plating.

  71. Kevin Wright

    The al capone of potatoes.

  72. Kim Furuya

    I made these and they were so amazing, thank you for sharing this recipe!

  73. Matthew Riggle

    Tried this last night and it’s my new favorite way to make potatoes! Absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  74. fussellmuscle

    Bet it would be good with a little sour cream on top and crumbled bacon

  75. Dill Dough

    I bet this faggot coats these potatos with globs of his HIV cum. bet he eats lots of cum since he is such a complete faggot

    1. Ian Hayden

      Dill Dough wat

  76. BethyKable

    I can’t believe this is his real speaking voice…..but good recipe.

  77. Lady Hawke

    OMG I just made these and the texture SERIOUSLY BLEW ME AWAY. I made a few adjustments to match my dietary preferences, but overall result was still stunning. I will be making these for family meals going forward!!

  78. Mighty Rahiem

    I heard the music and thought I was in Mr. Plinket’s house.

  79. Speaking in Rhythm

    Listen to the music of the beautiful crusty potato, children

  80. jtchristiank1

    How do a thousand people not like potato teaching? Stick to mashed.

  81. Brett OBerry

    Have made these twice in the last month and my wife and I are crazy about them! Have gone too big with Idaho spuds… Found that a nice medium potato works best.

  82. thr33wisemonks

    Would of been easier to had put them in the oven in the 1st place rather than fart ass around.

  83. Ann Marie Valenti

    These potatoes were excellent! I made them for a special dinner and they were a hit. Thank you!

  84. Ross Potts

    OMG! I have been looking for this! I never knew what it was called…

  85. Randy Siverson

    A nob means penis according to Slo-Mo Guys

  86. Terry Courtney

    Can’t believe this has been around for almost 5 years. made it tonight with braised beef ribs. Turned out beautifully. Thank you!

  87. CaLMNESS77

    Pommes Fondant should be basted intermittently with butter during the baking period…

  88. Jaycee - Shorts & Film Production

    You have a Jerry Seinfeld voice inflection lol WHAT’S THE DEAAAL WITH FONDANT POTATOES??? 👌

  89. Randy Rogers

    I subscribed!  These look great, gotta try this

  90. Rich Pipia

    Made this, my grandson love these. Easy & TASTY…5 ATARS.

  91. Dolores Hunt

    I like your voice, reminds me of a teacher I once had in grammar school.

  92. Jaren Horner

    Douche bag

  93. Al Catraz

    Actually it’s a U-TUBER…

  94. T T

    Is there a way to replace the butter with a vegan ingredient? I love these, but I also don’t want a baby cow to be shot in the face with a bolt gun so that we can take his mothers milk for the butter. Hopefully I can have the best of both worlds 🙂

    1. Ian Hayden

      T T are you an idiot, the animals need to be milked, and why does their children have to do with anything?

  95. John Cooper

    love love love – Chef John is awesome

  96. delmar418

    I’m guessing that when you’ve seen enough of his videos, that the focus goes to his voice. But you keep watching, right?
    I believe that the reason for the emphasis and inflections is due to the narration after the video is made, and it could be that his V.O. is improvised as he watches and explains. This accounts for his own response to what he’s watching, while he narrates. All in all, to me it reflects humor and enthusiasm and I rather enjoy it. I couldn’t imagine suffering through a monotone in order to learn about making something that would kill my enthusiasm to make it in the first place. LOL. I really dig it! I’m learning and breaking new ground over some of the traditional Catalan foods that I make on a regular basis, which he also makes.

  97. baseballhunter42

    More than one step? It was all one pan, not that complicated. I mean technically pouring cereal is more than one step.

  98. Jake Holtz

    Do you have to use that much salt or..

  99. metal wellington

    Good luck with this one. The moment the potatoes crisp up they stick to the pan. The crispy bit breaks off and you back to square one.

  100. Lady Hawke

    Wonder how this would work using non-dairy butter (like Earth Balance) and vegetable stock…
    Think I might have to try it out!

  101. super1337spy

    You can call them..

    vegan scallops

  102. Nick C

    1:18 they look like bananas

  103. Caffeinated Nation

    You should do infomercials…. 😉

  104. Morai

    looks like scallops

  105. Mike Perkins

    Tree Trunk spuds good name will make me remember recipe, cheers

  106. medumdum

    Going to try this with vegetable stock

  107. Samuel Johnson

    Jesus the way he talks. It’s like every single sentence he trails off like he’s going to keep talking but then starts a new sentence

  108. Ian Robson

    What a condescending tone..

  109. Tod Tamayo

    Haha it’s like cooking with Jerry Seinfeld love it

  110. Quyn Ishtar Zurhorst


  111. Benjamin Myles

    You talk like people are fucking stupid not cool

  112. MegaBrandnewday

    I have followed your videos for a very long time…..and despite your harsh critic, my family loves your narrations. Thanks for sharing. keep the recipes coming

  113. Niveus Maxum

    Just made these with New York strip and roasted asparagus, perfect!

  114. Miguel Moreno

    fucking useless #earth is flat

  115. Giorgi di Lemis

    Hats off to yu chef, when everybody in the culinary world is going for the shock appeal, your methods are grounded and respected!

  116. heysoos666

    Add captions so I can turn your voice off. Please.

  117. MultiGemgirl

    I’m trying this

  118. Me Here

    Anyone wondering if this can be made vegetarian, I have three words: Pacific mushroom broth. Better than chicken stock in this recipe.

  119. Sarah Vermilya

    Thank you so much. I appreciate your videos. I’ve learned a lot. You are appreciated.

  120. Madison Heights


  121. Mathew Ferreira

    This man sounds like Tom Ford haha

  122. Laura Singh

    When I’m sad and down

    I pray
    ..then turn to food wishes yes… chef are the best

  123. Oriana Spiderowl

    Sea cucumbers….basicly a big nasty looking snail….sea potatoes…entirely different story…how’s ’bout them taters? Gives under the sea a whole new world, huh, chef jon?😘

  124. Colin Pendlebury

    I’ve usually made this recipe with thyme, but as of late, I’d strongly STRONGLY recommend chucking hoards of whole chive leaves (if you have too much of them) when you add the butter and garnishing the piece of potato with it.

    Also: don’t let the potato cool in the pan, the bottom sticks.

  125. Craig Manning

    The best thing i like about Chef John is that he teaches you to cook not just giving you a recipe. I could not cook anything two years ago but after watching and making many of his videos I can at least whip up a nice meal without having to watch a video or follow a recipe. Lets see what I have in my fridge and whip something together.


    very good too but i would brown them round the sides more

  127. Ramsay ForReal

    One of the best recipes I’ve gotten off the internet!!

  128. Paul Kushner

    We did it with beef stock, I’ll let you know how it goes! Lol we are trying to make beef Wellington also oh boy!

  129. Leah Andrews

    Absolutely delicious. Thank you for another winner 🙂

  130. Protocol Officer

    Excellent, excellent, excellent! Wow. Very similar to my English style roast potatoes but not! 🙄. I’m going to make this with my Sunday roast. Thanks Chef John!

  131. Arleen Smith

    Not a fan of the instructor

  132. Eric Leonard Nauschutz


  133. K Nicole

    Making these now with parmesan crusted pork chops and green bean casserole

  134. Susan Zomar

    I will peel then cut the shape and use the cutoffs for another potato dish..

  135. pastoral symphony

    Your expression is so usefull l am learning english

  136. Carol Church

    looks yum but why do people wanna put down the greatest country any8ne could be in

  137. throathammer1

    I have about a pint of goose fat from Xmas. I can’t wait to get home and do these on goooooos fattt!!

  138. Caroline Lang

    Absolutely love your channel. You make me laugh so much.

  139. Robert De La Cruz

    Gonna make these for 2017 new years dinner

  140. Cat Momma

    If I remember correctly from my GreatNan…1Nob = 2Tbsp

  141. Mark Harris

    I was a chef for over twenty years, and although I had great mentors, I never met anyone with your teaching skills. I’m English so I’m well aware what a knob of butter is, it’s halfway between a smidge and a dollop. A brilliant video that really put a smile on my face.

  142. Chris Adams

    I tried it no it just not me no no sugar nothing but salt pepper and onions and square cut potatoes and you only need the largest potatoes that you can get one person each so if you have four people you get for the largest potatoes and you’re done you’re serving is perfect you want to add anything to it fresh bay leaf fresh spinach leaf and fresh oregano leaf want to add in some Italian Flair some homemade parmigiano reggiano Sorella and drizzle A Romero sauce on top of the finished fried potatoes and onions home style you can try this but you can’t own the recipe I do so do me a favor and put it to the test and let me know I’ll check out your video and see what you came up with in the event that you wanted to add something to that without the Romero sauce or cheese add in some colorful bell peppers purple red and yellow orange with the rest of the ingredients of bay leaf spinach oregano you can put them in a blender and post them for a couple of pulses and then dress them on the top put the lid back on and let the flavor seep right into the potatoes for 5 to 10 minutes

  143. Chris Adams

    I saw this recipe for fried home potato Homestyle potatoes no I’m sure and his family likes it Billy boy no sugar and potatoes needs to be added ever especially in mac and cheese that’s the most disgusting thing ever tasted

  144. onefreebird1

    I’m gonna do it 😈😈😈

  145. Tom Lee

    how to cook surf and turf

  146. Patricia Lombardi

    Giving me awesome Christmas Dinner ideas..

  147. Bob Carson

    very good –thank you

  148. Scarletbull

    They look like my momma biscuits.

  149. stillbee


  150. Yoli Newearth

    Looks delicious

  151. kouki laameche

    What a waste of lot of potato!!

    1. kouki laameche

      D K
      On peut l’épluche sans gaspillage

    2. D K

      baked those skins

  152. Bernadette Vaughan


  153. George Thomas

    very nice

  154. Davina Test

    I love this mans voice it’s so 😃

  155. Marcel Audubon

    fondant potatoes means melting potatoes, not whatever it was you said it means … refers to the texture of the tater after being braised

  156. Brian III

    how about a fire extinguisher

  157. jaysysum

    This is literally just roast potatoes with a bit of butter and thyme

  158. steveparadox1

    This made for some very, very tast potatoes!!! Good work.

  159. master bow

    You know…we make it in Egypt but stuffed with ground beef

  160. Margaret Mitchell

    another one I want to make!

  161. cocopecan

    Thanks for the recipe! I love pototoes so I will be giving this recipe a try.

  162. Richard Locke

    that will work, also sweet potato in probably half the time. good job snaggapuss LoL

  163. Nats Likebananas

    WHYYYY! You killed my cousin potato Tyler
    And killed sister potato daisy and killed uncle potato bob :,( !

  164. Deb B

    Made these today and they were excellent!

  165. Kenna Hamilton

    1:22 they look like huge banana slices

  166. Val Kueh

    Call them potato scallops

  167. Jenny S

    Yum…looks interesting ;-}~

  168. Dawn Ruhl

    My Granny used beef bouillon, instead of chicken. Because she served these every Sunday with Prime Rib. Also sided with asparagus topped with Hollandaise sauce or a creamed spinach that tasted like heaven. She worked in some of the top restaurants in NYC before, during and a bit after the big depression. Thanks for this recipe. I was too young to remember all the details. You just brought back some great memories of family traditions long lost and gone.

  169. TJN

    The world needs more teachers like you in it. Thanks brother.

  170. Anthony Barraza

    Wow wow wow awesome job!

  171. Marcblur

    You have a nice presentation. Hopefully, you’ll get a network show.

  172. sk8rdad

    I’d just order pizza before these even get finished!

  173. R&R R&R

    Im Going to try this. Thanks

  174. Antonio Scarpelli

    You have the best voice, love these videos. Do a cookbook someday!!

  175. Carrie Levine

    Can you use margarine in place of butter?

  176. Louis Rubens

    Yukon Gold Potatoes work very well, also. The texture is that of butter with the taste of an epic potato. I don’t even skin the potatoes, no need to…

  177. Trish Fitzpatrick

    Man! You really know how to do a video. Great looking food, excellent narration, and nice music.

  178. Markus Miekk-oja

    Damn, this is great. Here’s my girlfriend testing whether the fork does lie. Alas, the sizzle of the butter overpowers the fork 🙁

  179. Danny Morriss

    A nob of butter is about a generous teaspoonish depending on how much you like butter if you have more.

  180. moewadee

    Omg i cant listen to his voice….. 😂😂😂

  181. Hey Mon

    this is an extra fat fancy potato chip

  182. Cattle Driver

    hey everyone I tried this recipe and these potatoes are slaming. me and my family ate all of them up nothing left but to make another batch. belive me this recipe is a keeper!!!

  183. Laurie M

    Hello yum! 😋

  184. carshagify

    Btw “fondant” — means “melt in the mouth.”

  185. carshagify

    I may be an idiot, but I don’t get where the two steps are — is browning then roasting two steps? Because if so all my food has two steps or more. I mean, there’s boiling and then mashing? Slicing and then frying? Even French fries — dry them, fry them, remove 5 min. and then fry again.

    But the sound of the fork on the potatoes had me. And a new potato recipe is always a great thing.

  186. Mieka Degerness

    now I’m hungry . 🙂 these look yummy

  187. Lemon Wedge

    Adding the sound of the tops was a nice touch.

  188. Ryan Duvall

    you can’t bake a potato out of its skin

  189. DivinityBleu

    I wouldn’t typically say something like this to any man other than my husband, but in this case, it’s apropo…you make me drool, Sir! I’m making these tonight!

  190. brad mcrae

    I like the look of the meal, but you’re presentation is a little annoying 😀

  191. Marcelline Choisne

    ahahahaha yes i know this recipe well…More? if you wash well the potatoes,u can use the slices at fries(yes with the peel!)and its just excellent!

  192. HitchHikersBlues

    i’m starving now

  193. Darlene Sima

    💗 than ks!

  194. OneThrough8

    I love this guy’s voice. 😊

  195. Jon Golding

    I’m from England. That’s not how you do roast spuds 😉

  196. 68LEELU

    yummy.. and he does sing..!!


    i love this channel😍

  198. Asensio Rodriguez

    I love this man’s voice. It makes anything he’s cooking sound interesting and delirious.

  199. Fuzzyscarfandmittens

    Fondant potatoes are possibly one of the best ways to cook them. They’re all crispy and crunchy where they were browned and just beautifully soft and creamy in the middle.

    But I prefer to use rosemary instead of thyme.

  200. Larissa JaNsSeN

    Anyone else think he sounds a lot like Seth Rogan?

  201. dannybflat

    Your Culinary classes, Talent and money spent are the best advice any upcoming Chef/Cook can appreciate! Thanks for sharing!!

  202. wdy 01

    Wrong, use butter not oil

  203. pduffy4



    Oh yes. If you were wondering, the answer is Yes. Thank you!

  205. madsli

    I made these for dinner today. Along with fried broccoli and fried asparagus with parmesan. I call it ‘veggie extravaganza’.

  206. BK Bland

    Dig it! Thanks for a cool idea.

  207. cheeky rotties

    Love this recipe. Is there a healthier alternative to the butter. Xx

  208. Missi R

    And that wouldn’t work there would be like a whole scene LOL

  209. Longlife Energy

    Wow! Crusty and creamy together… I am inspired!

  210. Longlife Energy

    Ah! Absorbing the oil with a paper towel before adding the butter… Good one! Thank you…

  211. Geraldito Barba de Chivo

    I asked my british friend what a knob of butter was and he called me a knob end.

  212. Rakly3

    Very great recipe, but don’t add salt. Chicken stock is salty enough.

  213. Joan L

    I love this guy!

  214. Robert L. Fallin

    Good cookin, better dialog . “Its called cooking, I get you close ” lol…

  215. Nikita Nopants

    When I saw the title of this video I was worried you were going to put cake fondant on potatoes. I’m very happy to have been wrong.

  216. RBP69METAL

    DUDE!!!! you on youtube??? I always watch you on all recipes!! Love you BRO!!!

  217. irish K

    You totally sing the last word of every sentence! 😂

  218. irish K

    Ouch… More than 1 step… He said kindly… Prob why Americans never embraced it… Nice way to say? Uhm…. Americans like instant gratification and too many steps… = too lazy!
    I’m American, offended?
    Nah…. 😂 😂 😂

  219. mrspeigle1

    Idea: use ghee (clarified butter) for the innitial fry, that way you dont need to soak up the excess when its time to throw in a nob of butter

  220. tha vvolf

    A touch of balsamic vinegar might be a good addition at the end as well?

  221. 2016

    EXCELLENT Chef John thank you!!

  222. szqsk8

    Everything is better with butter…..

  223. Robert Delisle

    Chef John. Yesterday, Nov. 06 ´17, « Lionel » (..Lionel-Media), complimented you and your wonderful site.

  224. Donna J Capps

    I have to try this. My meat and potatoes buy would love it.

  225. Ian Bates

    fondant means melting, not crusty, everything about this recipe is totally wrong

  226. Booper 343


  227. Scott Nelson

    Med-Hi heat? In cast iron? You’re an idiot!!

  228. Lex Luthor

    Perfect cylinders would happen with ring mold cutters

  229. Winston Smith

    Very good video and recioe.

  230. steve lawrence

    can’t wait to try

  231. Law Yew Loong

    should this serve as appetizer or main course ?

  232. DrunkSnowWhite

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  233. theC-LOS factor

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  234. Brandon Stephens

    I made some of these to go along side a roasted filet of beef and they were absolutely incredible. Best potato side dish I’ve ever had.

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  236. Alex Perry

    great instructions and presentation.
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