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Learn how to make New York Style Cheesecake Recipe! Visit to get more info, and watch over 400 free video recipes. I hope you enjoy this classic New York Style Cheesecake Recipe!

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589 Replies to “Food Wishes Recipes – New York Style Cheesecake Recipe – Sunshine Cheesecake Recipe”

  1. Maria Lucem Ferre

    Can I just say that I’ve been doing this cheesecake for the past 8 years. Ever since you put up the video !
    I’ve tried many recipes after it and non of them were as good as this one ! Love it !

  2. Fai Re

    As usual I failed
    My filling was too liquidy
    Didn’t put it in the oven yet but I know it will be shit
    Wasted the cheese

  3. Lavender Washington

    Chef John I been watching your videos for 2 years and I just recently applied to be a pastry chef thanks for the inspiration and plenty of knowledge🤗🤗

  4. Teina Kore


  5. Chris Hall

    Oh my gosh that Photoshop is awful and out of tone with this channel lol

  6. Daniel VanderWoude

    Not sure if it’s just me, but this made enough batter for 3 cheesecakes.

  7. Mr. Sandman

    Gordon Ramsay: “You Burnt it!!!! F*ing Charred!!”

  8. Ron Cooney

    Cheesecake — not beer — is proof that God exists and wants
    us to be happy.

  9. steve mack

    You are the best. I subscribed after watching one video. I want to make everything. Lol

  10. natalia trueba

    Can you make a japanese cheesecake pretty pleaseeeeee.. 🙁

  11. NiklasStøterau

    I have looked for the perfect NY Cheesecake recipe for soo long. This is it. Why didn’t think of you earlier Chef John?

  12. Sunshine Jaybird

    Just made a few hours ago, haven’t tasted will do that tomorrow. But i did the water bath and after baking, turned oven off, opened the oven a crack instead of leaving closed. No cracks.

  13. Rg Escalona

    I have the memory of a fish, so here I am again for the 5th time I’m making this. It’s just delicious.

  14. bluesbred3

    One too many “tappas” caused it to crack…

  15. Frank STEIN


  16. rosewaterkaren000

    can i substitute the milk for heavy whipping cream?

    1. Siel's Cluttered Inventory

      It won’t turn out the same. It will still turn out edible (Cheesecakes are very hard to fail), but milk has way less fat than cream.

  17. shipsbells

    I loath graham cracker crumb crusts. I recommend using Lorna Dune shortbread cookie crumbs.

  18. Dustin

    I couldn’t remember the name of this channel so I typed in “tappa tappa food” and this came up.

  19. brybry26

    I’ve made this three times now. The texture and flavor are phenomenal, just the kind of dense New York cheesecake I love. But it cracks every time. I even tried calibrating my oven which was running hot. I should have known when even in the original video it cracked haha. Temperature is just way too high.

  20. Ben Robbins

    The flour kills it for me.

  21. jerry davido

    Fuck your mother, I make better.

  22. Tranquil789

    Going to make this again for thanksgiving, great recipe, only side note I have, 350° for one hour has cracked every time I make it, going to try 345° for 45 minutes this year, cracked or not, amazing cheesecake.

  23. baylie millar

    Hey john, i like pie

  24. Tamara Grace

    Making excuses I see… oh well, your still a great chef buttt, I got a laugh out of it. 🙂

  25. Tojo Taco

    i need that cheese cake now

  26. Tojo Taco

    i am lactose intolerant but im still eating this now

  27. Ferrariassassin Gaming

    New York style has heavy cream not sour cream

  28. gotshpilkes

    I’m sure this video is too old to to get a response from Chef John, but I think he needs to know. Junior’s Cheesecake is the really real deal New York style cheesecake. That version starts with a spongecake base, and it is the shizzle. Junior’s is a full service restaurant in Brooklyn and they’ve put out their recipes in a cookbook. The cheesecake recipe is available online from multiple sites. They were good enough to transpose the ingredients/method for one 9″ or 8″ cake for the home baker, rather than the restaurant/semi industrial scale in which they make them. On holidays those cakes are flying out the doors. Do a search for “Junior’s cheesecake recipe”.

    It’s a bit more complicated than Chef John’s version but mo’ better. Junior’s also makes a killer matzoh ball soup.

  29. andrew beaudry

    My wife is getting fat, but I can’t stop cooking your dishes. They are just to good, and easy to follow recipes

  30. Marcel Anderer

    Juicy of 1 lemon would have been nice too

  31. Amelia Caballero

    it looks beautiful!! i love it. thank you so much sr

  32. Mo

    Just made another one…so so good. Thank you, Chef John

  33. Tom Hällgren

    the food wishes archive 😀 the invention of the “ooooold tappa tappa” WOW!

  34. Ben Robbins

    Putting flour in it ruins it for me. Oh well, my cheesecake recipe is awesome anyway.

  35. Sheila Sanderson

    What is a graham cracker like? We don’t have them in the UK.

  36. Delioncourt

    My FAVORITE thing to eat. Seriously. I ask for this on my birthday every year. Fuck regular cake. Lol

  37. Miss Kiwi

    Love how he owned the crack…easy way to avoid the crack is to put some water underneath the cheesecake.

  38. Ivan Low

    ‘Something you can Pack’= Wet Sand. =]=]=]

  39. Susan Zomar

    Sooo..don’t bake the crust first ?? hmmm

  40. Kory Kent

    It’s not fair, why does cheesecake have to be ONE OF THE MOST CALORIE DENSE FOODS EVER?? Cheese, cream, milk, eggs, sugar..ALL super calorie dense waaaah. Well except eggs…

  41. Andy Plater

    Since I first saw this video I’ve personally watched it 30+ times and made 15+ of these cheesecakes in 2-3 (chocolate) variations. Thanks Chef John!

  42. Cons Lorenzo

    And so God said, let there be the o’l tappa tappa

  43. Alf Know

    I went ahead and made this, going ahead and eating it with the family. Like the Grand Canyon, it was awesome, same as the majority of this young man’s recipes that we go ahead and go ahead and make.

  44. Rita Clark

    I must have seen a thousand recopies for “New York Cheesecake”.  So how is cheesecake different in the rest of the world?

  45. Haryo Dwipo

    can i use greek yoghurt instead of sourcream?

    1. Jojo Ndv

      yes but it will not be the same

  46. Warrior Son

    How do you make the crust if you don’t live in America and don’t know what a Graham Cracker is..? 😢

  47. 13c11a

    As a born and bred New Yorker, let me tell you–graham crackers are not authentic. They came into popularity in the last several years. Real New York cheesecake has NO CRUST! But the actual cheese cake recipe looks yummy.

  48. Maria Callous

    to me the best cheesecake is the NY…cheese and whipped egg white into meringue and fold together.  The crust is graham or zwieback – bake the cake and then at the end spread sour cream sweetened and vanilla on top and bake at high temp for ten minutes…best one.

  49. mnljh711986

    there’s a better way to make the crust and this is what I do all the time I used quick oats, either chopped pecans or walnuts, brown sugar, cinnamon, and then melted butter and with the filling I don’t put the orange and lemon zest , sometimes I put vanilla and sometimes I don’t. But try it it’s so delicious like that.

  50. Stacey Rashkin

    you’ll have to bear with me for a moment. Those of us that are deaf or hearing-impaired have no idea what the old tappa tappa is. if there was captioning on these videos I wouldn’t have to ask.

    1. Warrior Son

      It just means you tap the bowl on the table a fe times to settle the contents. 😂

  51. Daniel Beaney

    …..WHY AM I WATCHING THIS AT 23:08 AT NIGHT! (ps sorry for shoutting just really tired

    1. Reema Doshi

      Daniel Beaney 2337 hrs… i beatcha

  52. Patrick Pyke

    i used 18 graham crackers and the 3 table spoons of butter. there were too many crackers and not enough butter to get the same consistency. Kinda had to spit ball it. waiting for it to get done in the oven though, i hope it turns out okay.

  53. astro man

    How the hell do people think of putting these random ingredients together to make such a thing? The evolution of cooking food is incredible in its own right.

  54. WLK1965

    My mother puts a pan of water on the lower rack when she starts preheating the oven. She leaves it there until she takes the cheesecake out. She tells me that it helps prevent cracking. Maybe. I don’t like cracked cheesecakes, so I always do as she suggests.

  55. JINXtheGamer

    I’ve become a fan of grapefruit zest. The flavour of grapefruit zest is so refreshing and yet have this nice body to it. It’s a perfect combination of what lemon and orange zest can achieve in a cake. So amazing !

  56. mbright69

    The side of your cheesecake is all scorched and burnt. Ew

  57. Kaye & Kylie

    I made it today. It turns out perfectly and so delicious. This recipe is not too sweet and light. It is very delicious than 5 stars restaurant !

  58. christian sister

    I’ve made this a few times, always with Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Last time I cheaped out and got store version. Turned out horrible. You really do need the name brand version.

  59. relix456

    Mine exploded…..

    1. Warrior Son

      Maybe you used Potassium Chlorate instead of sugar…? 😞

  60. musicksol

    FINALLY THE BIRTH OF THE TAPPA TAPPA I was not prepared for this. I think I need to sit down.

  61. ANK H

    Oh Chef John. Here’s my problem: due to high cholesterol I can’t eat eggs (and I have three chickens – oy!) Can I substitute egg whites for the whole eggs?

    1. Warrior Son

      The whole thing about eggs increasing cholesterol is only relevant for factory farm chickens that are fed a synthetic feed and NO vegetables. If you eat REAL pasture raised chicken eggs or let your chickens eat as much grass and other leafy greens as they want, then eating less than 2 eggs a day wil not raise your cholesterol.

      Do some research…you’ll see it’s true.

    2. Mari W

      it’s only four eggs across an entire 12-16 serving cheesecake. Any full-fat dairy product is going to have cholesterol, which is basically all this entire cake is made from (cream cheese, sour cream, butter etc). You can remove a tiny percentage of the cholesterol by removing the egg yolks, but really, why are you even eating the cheesecake if it’s that big a concern, the other ingredients are basically all worse than the egg?

      Personally, I think, why bother effing up a delicious cheesecake recipe for basically no reason and no health benefit? Either eat a small piece of something delicious or just don’t bother at all. I wouldn’t want to waste that much of my cholesterol allowance on something that doesn’t taste as good as it should. 🙁

  62. Mayra Chan

    getting ready to try this.

  63. Tamahagane

    gawd damnit i have to ask my mom for a spring form

  64. Thai Thach

    I made this cheesecake using the same exact ingredients and it was a little too sweet for me. 1 cup of sugar would’ve be perfect and the temp was a little too high I guess it depends on the weather too.

  65. kevin lynch

    no bake CheeseCake is a sin against your maker and punishable by death

  66. Alexander Kchouri

    Question: Why do we mix the sour creme, flour, and vanilla extract in one bowl before adding it into the creme cheese, sugar and egg mixture in the other bowl? Does it have to do with the airiness?

    I’ve made this recipe for a party by the way. it was gone within 20 minutes.
    Thanks Chef John 😃

    1. Michael Hoover

      I think the Idea is to reduce the amount of force you need to expand mixing so that you incorporate less air. if you put it in together you would have a thicker mixture that would require a greater degree of mixing to incorporate the other ingredients

  67. Chris L.

    Here is the link to the recipe on the blog (had to search & scroll, so decided to link it):

  68. Keen Observer

    is this not sopposed to be sweet? I’m confused. this doenst have the flavor and sweetness im used to with cheesecake. someone help please?

  69. OmnipotentO

    OMG he explains there a Old Tappa Tappa

  70. angelinthedark5

    i’m making mine crust less, but to keep it gluten free can i use cornstarch, or arrowroot instead of the flour?

    1. Desiree Roush

      angelinthedark5 you can use arrowroot!! I’ve done it when I ran out of flour 😉

  71. Usama Nasher


    Otherwise…. fake!

  72. Dan Nguyen

    at 1:18…. four packages of wat???

    1. YoongiTrash57

      +Yo Mama I’m assuming it’s just the average 8 ounce package

    2. Yo Mama

      Each package weighs how much?

    3. Dan Nguyen

      Maria Petrescu tku 🙂

    4. Maria Petrescu

      cream cheese

  73. Rana Khattab

    yummy delicious

  74. AnotherChosenOne

    This is the first time I see a cheesecake being made with cheese

  75. Yigit Toktamisoglu


  76. Hercules Rockefeller

    how would i make this into chocolate cheesecake? I wanna make chocolate cheesecake for a friend of mine’s birthday coming up, but when i google chocolate cheesecake recipes most of them come out as the no bake cheater kind and i want to make the real deal

  77. Alexander Irwin

    its great going back and watching these ol videos. Definitely one of my favourite youtube chefs.

  78. wotchadave

    Your cheesecake isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    1. lauren Robin


  79. martian_senpai

    i always just make the filling and sit at my desk and eat it… and i wonder why im a fatass

    1. Truly Greg

      Planet Unto Her Own they’re not bad for your health however they can give you salmonella

    2. Planet Unto Her Own

      martian_senpai Er.. aren’t the raw eggs in the uncooked filling bad for you..

    3. Charul’s ok…you’re not alone

  80. Joe Ries

    Over the years I have made this cake at least a dozen times and each time it is delicious and I get compliments galore. Another great recipe.

  81. jesse ruby

    Philadelphia Cream Cheese is made in upstate new york by kraft.

  82. Babajee Edlyn

    my food wishes would be a tart with oranges

  83. xtafpfhr

    looks delicious!

  84. I Kiss Girls

    This video is so old, Chef John had to explain what the ol’ tapa tapa was. What the fuck.

    1. biggreenblob

      I don’t think you know what “salty” means…..

    2. TheUnknown285

      Remember whose video this is. It’s cayenne.

    3. Kelli Anne

      I’m laughing at the library. Can’t. Stop.

    4. Clifford Koh

      dude… this is a very old vid

    5. nanoman172

      That ain’t salt, mate. Looks more like cinnamon. Or maybe butterscotch. Or both. Fuck it, it’s both.

  85. Sylvia Keefer

    Where’s the cayenne?

  86. Camila Gisselle

    Wow, that’s all the crust is? Awesome! I can’t believe I didn’t know that. I’m going to try this recipe out tomorrow.

  87. Sok Yun

    tapba tapba

  88. cookie love

    here in switzerland we have some cheesecake slices to buy with a raspberrysauce on top, baked with the cheesecake. And we were looking for a recipe with the same ingredients like the delicious for soooo long and now… NOW I’ve found this!! 😀 perfect, thank you!! I’m going to make this cheesecake for my brother and me tomorrow 🙂

  89. Rg Escalona

    I’ve made thid twice, once with zest and one without, both were amazing. I hope thid video never disappears because its what I use every time I make them. I love cheesecake 👍👍💜💛

    1. Ferrariassassin Gaming

      Look up juniors cheesecake. Best in the world.

    2. Rue14

      There is no ingredients list

    3. Raquel Merino

      Rg Escalona jshsk

    4. Raquel Merino

      Rg Escalona qkwuwjzl

    5. Raquel Merino

      Rg Escalona bsbscskz

  90. Samed Šabanović

    well as cheff John would say

    You’re the Adolf Hitler of your cheesecake mixture

    1. Tamara Grace

      Samed Šabanović bahahaha, ok this wasn’t funny but it so was. :}

    2. 123

      It will if you try hard enough.

    3. Truly Greg

      Samed Šabanović that doesn’t rhyme

    4. grandyabbo

      You’re the Jack Black of your cheesecake crack.

  91. Tanner Myers

    Hey, why dont you use 3 eggs and 2 yolks like you do in the pumpkin pie video? I have been using that same less egg white technique with my cheesecake recipe and it does not crack.

  92. Matthew Condon

    Ok, so I used your recipe. I have made a lot of cheesecakes and am always looking for a new and better one, well, I FOUND IT! Made it last week…it was amazing. I baked it for an hour…decided to give it 10 more min…came back and it cracked all the way around the edges. It didn’t sink in the middle…the top was perfectly flat and it had a great texture. I LOVE IT! I do like a sweet crust though, so I added sugar to it and upped the butter to a whole stick. 🙂

  93. Renn Li

    well that “perfect” cake had an amazing photoshop lol
    fooled me completely

  94. docoluv9

    That’s what Emiril says as well. That’s what they make sauce for.

  95. Tavga Hawramy

    interesting recipe

  96. leo ll

    I wanna smoke some cheese dank and eat some weed.

  97. Samus 1818

    I’ve messed this recipe up so many times before LOL I’m going to try your recipe! Thanks for the tips! This looks amazing 🙂

  98. mbright69

    350 for 1 hour then oven off for 3 or 4 hours? That seems to be far too long for this recipe.

    1. edjucat

      +mbright69 I promise you, it’s not. I now use Chef John’s recipe exclusively and it comes out perfectly every single time.

    2. Alexis S

      Have you ever made cheesecake before? It’s pretty standard except I usually take it out of the oven, let it stand for about 15 minutes and then put it in the fridge for 3-4 hours

  99. Colin Huggins


  100. Vivek Babu

    Hey Chef! Where are you from in Pennsylvania!

    1. edjucat

      +Vivek Babu He’s not from Pennsylvania, he was just referring to Philadelphia brand cream cheese. 🙂

  101. maloos kitty

    i made one and it came out kinda dry and not tasting so well. the first time came out great the second time it came out kinda dry and flavor and texture was weird i did the same thing both times but different oven, what went wrong?

    1. Sharon La Tour

      gas cooks faster, lessen your time to bake it.

    2. maloos kitty

      +B Wong actually the first one was an oven toaster.

    3. maloos kitty

      +B Wong sorry for my bad English. I used the electric one for the one that came out good and the standard (gas) for the dry one.

    4. Joseph Stalin

      Did you use standard or conventional? Which one for which oven?

  102. siti Nurmasuci Suci

    Saya salah satu orang INDONESIA . Saya suka nonton food wished

    1. Brandon Yong

      Walau syok sangat

  103. Hibo Abdi

    made this last week and it was superb!

  104. punda milia

    18 graham crackers for the crust. Does that mean 18 full sheets?

    1. edjucat

      +punda milia Yes, the full sheets. Eighteen of the little ones (4 1/2 sheets) would not be nearly enough for the crust. There are 9 sheets per package, which is probably why he’s showing two whole packages, which equal 18 whole crackers. P.S. I’ve made this cheesecake and it is outstanding!

  105. Stay Sharp Facas

    We don’t have sour cream in Brazil, what can I use instead? Whipped cream with lemon? Thanks

    1. The Khun

      +Euclides Netto you can also use creme fraiche

    2. leo ll

      creme fresh

    3. Areej Alrawashdeh

      I tried it. It worked.

    4. Stay Sharp Facas

      +Areej Alrawashdeh I’ll try this method Areej never tried with vinegar. We have some different kinds of cream here and I use one that is quite thick already, a squeeze of lemon, salt and then add a little ricotta paste to make the texture similar. But still not the same. I’ll give it a try yours. Thanks very much for the help

    5. Areej Alrawashdeh

      +Euclides Netto You can make sour cream by combining 1 cup heavy cream w/ 1 tbspoon white vinegar until it thickens up (2 mins). Add pinch of salt. Mix. That’s it!  Hoped that helped. 🙂

  106. jenny abudaram

    I made it for the first time and came up perfectly. I made the sauce with raspberry and add 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract. Everybody loved it. Thank you Chef John.

  107. Elsa Moreno


  108. Hs2000

    Amazing thank you 🙂

  109. vuenavir sanchez

    I made this today. It was still wet in the middle after an hour so i continued baking it and there were cracks on the side😱😱 i must have listened to chef john to bake it for an hour so i wont do the same mistake he did😅 it was so good dense but not dry a perfect cheesecake!😊😊

  110. Marisol Ontiveros

    Has anyone had a go at making this? It looks delicious! But i am the worst at making baked goods!

    1. Spider

      +Marisol Ontiveros I made it. Oddly, I had to increase the baking time pretty significantly. About an hour and a half instead of an hour. I’d say start an an hour, and then adjust from there. It should have some jiggle, but be set a few inches around the sides.

    2. leo ll

      I did. I’m typing this from purgatory, there’s no cheesecake here.

    3. Hibo Abdi

      I did and it was surprisingly easy

  111. Eliza Wilson

    You are killing my waistline..but I got to try this too.

  112. Marcus Bækgaard


  113. alotan2acs

    Why do you only mix it till it’s just mixed in? What happens if you continue to mix?

    1. alotan2acs


    2. edjucat

      +alotan2acs Overmixng the batter, as he said, will change the texture, making it airy and fluffy as opposed to dense. Also, it will just about guarantee a cracked top.

    3. Nastia

      +alotan2acs You let in needless air bubbles = D other than that nothing.

  114. Eliane Mayerhofer

    Great recipe! Delicious!

  115. Henri Midgette

    omg I will definitely try this thank you

  116. Henri Midgette

    omg I will definitelymtry this thank you

  117. Poor Man's Gourmet Kitchen

    I like to make this around the holidays with Peppermint and an Oreo crust.

  118. Tau Misi

    Can you use any biscuits as I can’t find these one in Australia


      +Tau Misi You should choose something thats a bit more dry. It tends to stick better in my exp

    2. David P

      +Tau Misi I use Arnotts Nice biscuits (about 3/4 of a packet). They work well too and are sweet.

    3. HeyLookItsAmy

      +Tau Misi Use Marie or Milk Arrowroot biscuits, any of those ones work 🙂

  119. Angela c:

    My favorite quote: “the olllll’ tapa tapa”

  120. EjwiiiMovies

    I made three of these cakes for my cousins in Bologna, It. and served them with homemade fresh fruit sauces (fig, clementine and lemon).  They were a huge hit and well worth the effort.   Oh, don’t forget a chocolate sauce.

  121. Victoria Rosca

    Superr it’s verry good mmmmm its deliciouse 👏👏👏👍👍👍😊

  122. Ana Paulina Gomez Sandoval

    Definitly i’d try this. It looks amazing very easy and yummy. Thank you Chef John 🙂

  123. Angie G

    Can the Orange and lemon zest be optional?

    1. EasySnake

      Yes it is just for extra flavour, it doesn’t contribute to the texture

  124. kingdom7777777

    with the Strawberry Sauce, do you have it warm, room, or cold with the cheesecake?

  125. sarge727

    You just wittnessed the birth of the oooool tappa tappa

    1. ArmanDoesStuff


    2. David berglund

      sarge727 its been a long time since you posted this comment

    3. Raymond Jin

      was this the first oooooole tappa tappa?

    4. Daniela Navarro

      I know right?

  126. GoodbyeRubyTu3sday

    I’m from Italy and I can’t find cream cheese here, I searched online and I found out that in Italy they use Philadelphia cheese, but seriously it looks much more thicker then the soft cheese in the video, what can I use instead?

    1. GoodbyeRubyTu3sday

      +Diana Urbalejo
      thanks, I’ll try it then!!

    2. GoodbyeRubyTu3sday

      or maybe not ^-^

    3. Carlisle

      Maybe you should stick to Italian recipes.

    4. Diana Urbalejo

      is the same thing, philadelphia is the brand name of that cheese cream ( of course there are more brands). so of course you can use it. im from mexico and im always using  philadelphia cream cheese for almost everything because is my favorite brand. 
      if you want to get a soft cheese do not refrigerate it at least a couple hours before using it.

  127. hi bra

    Only thing i dislike about cheesecake-the crust

    1. Joanna L

      I don’t like the crust either

  128. Jule Caesara

    350 °F = approximately 175 °C

  129. Mary L

    I made this and my mistakes were I didn’t pre-heat the oven long enough and I took the cheesecake out without sticking a toothpick in the center to make sure it was complete done. But, the parts that was done was really good. I am going to try this recipe again because I have learnt from my mistakes and I know that the next one will be perfect. Also, my hands are getting arthritic so I will not be able to crush my graham crackers by hand so I will have to buy a pre-made graham cracker crust. Will you ever forgive me chief for do that? 

  130. Prudence Kwok

    Tap it tap it ~

  131. brie figue

    This is the only cheesecake recipe that I use, and it’s ALWAYS a crowd pleaser.

  132. stndrds79

    Why not a but of sugar added to the crust ??

  133. Lia's Life

    Can I use a cake pan instead of springform?

    1. gaurang bailoor

      you can. with all due respect to Chef John and his recipe, check the one by Alton Brown. He recommends not using a spring-form pan, and that has been my go-to recipe for the longest now. 😀

    2. namnhan2003

      How do you get the cake out then?

  134. EmanoTM

    Goat cheesecake? Would it be just add a few instead of 1 bar of cream cheese?

  135. crazyfriend6609

    I made this recipe today Chef John, Turned out perfect, Second try at making cheesecakes, havent had a crack yet. but Hands down one of the best Cheesecakes I’ve had. Really silky smooth. Definitely will be making this recipe for Christmas for my family.  

  136. Lilia Eballa

    It’s my favorites cheese cake

  137. katnip9292

    I’m going to try this one. I LOVE ME some cheesecake!

  138. Tranquil789

    Making this for the 4th time, never had it crack on me once! Love this recipe!

    1. Carlisle

      Well aren’t you special.

  139. Dennis Hyun

    This cake recipe is wonderful !!!!
    The sun really shines with this recipe and all my friends really really loved the cake~~!!!!
    Thank you so much for this superb twist~!!!

  140. Jocelyn Dung

    Hey Guys, I cooked my cheesecake today and I would like to ask, is it normal for the top of my cake to be brown? like fully brown Its not burnt though. 

  141. Geekella

    It seems like every week now i try one or two of the recipes you post haha. And every time, it’s a success for me. I tried this today and I’m still waiting for it to chill completely but I took a sneak-piece and wow it’s so good!!!

  142. Shu Gao

    bullshit u want it to be light and fluffy u idiot

    1. kevmarkpat

      You haven’t had cheesecake before ? It’s dense and rich. Light and fluffy describes the begging dog you ignore as you eat your cheesecake.   

    2. Mr G

      that’s called cheese souffle cake you idiot 


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    Crust Ingredients:
    18 graham crackers
    3 tablespoons melted butter
    Filling Ingredients:
    1/4 cup all-purpose flour
    1 cup sour cream
    1 tablespoon vanilla extract
    4 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese
    1 1/2 cups white sugar
    2/3 cup milk
    4 eggs
    1 or 2 teaspoons freshly grated lemon zest
    1 or 2 teaspoons freshly grated orange zest

    1. Blake Mills

      907 g in total

    2. polarweiß

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    3. The Amazing Engie

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