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Learn how to make Spaghetti alla Carbonara Recipe! Visit to get more info, and watch over 400 free video recipes. Spaghetti alla Carbonara is easy and delicious!

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634 Replies to “Food Wishes Recipes – Spaghetti alla Carbonara Recipe – Pasta Carbonara”

  1. r pieces

    “Carbonada” is the term for Bacon you put in, I think. close to
    “carbonara”, so I forgive and forget.

  2. Zeef

    Can use hog jowl?

  3. vilko skorlich

    It was brought to Lazio from Umbria by coal men (carbonari), who came to sell charcoal to the Romans. Since then it has been adopted by the Romans and is famous worldwide.(not the black PEPPER? )

  4. Anonymous Capybara

    Olive oil and bacon? As if the bacon itself didnt already have enough fat

  5. John Amidon

    For smoked bacon, you could try adding thick cut bacon to a cold skillet, add water to barely cover, bring to a simmer & simmer till the H2O is gone, then saute. This cooks off some, not all, of the smoke.

  6. Philip Cooper

    No oil should come any near Carbonara.

  7. Ruger Dern

    can you use bacon as a substitute?

  8. Arthas Menethil

    2:00 … I’m gonna rinse my spaghetti cuz i’m a rebel 😛

    1. Arthas Menethil

      Oh God! The Spaghetti turned into a pasta brick!

  9. continental breakfast

    can someone help me please, i’m really bad cook. I follow the video instructions exactly only difference is I use bacon but the spaghet has no taste/flavor from the sauce and if I add the pasta water the sauce becomes a soup.. what am I doing wrong?

    edit: nvm my proportions weren’t right.. too many eggs. GREAT RECIPE ! Thanks for sharing

  10. FalloutModReview TV

    While youre at it, see how much spaghetti you can shove down your peehole.

  11. MsJavaWolf

    Sad thing is, even most Italian restaurants dont serve the real carbonara.

  12. Krystal Vincent

    I have a question. How come the eggs don’t scramble when you throw it in?

  13. Hatira Rakhimbek

    Chef John thank you for all the videos
    Love your vids bcoz of hw easy and fast it seems to make all these dishes and bcoz of ur commentary
    Funny and witty and sharp.

  14. weldinflowers

    very good version

  15. Raquel D

    Is it safe to eat left overs the next day?
    I’m eating it right now 🤔

  16. romance698

    Looking  for this recipe this is the original carbonara recipe.  The other people make this are garbage.

  17. Vince Kenneth Torres

    My mom and I usually add this with cream because why not, but even without it. It’s still a good dish to make.

  18. Jon Larsen

    no garlic?

  19. john foy

    Should i put black pepper in this?

  20. James Mack

    Had to look up food wishes video on this dish, I keep scrabbling my eggs I think. I’ll try cooking the pork first then letting it cool as the pasta cooks vs doing both at once, this has to be the key.

  21. Dave Svoboda

    Thank you, thank you. THIS is carbonara. It makes me crazy that people put cream and peas on the thing.

    As for bacon or Guanciale, I’ve had this in Rome, and perhaps the place I ate didn’t do it right, but I didn’t care for the hard little nuggets of pork. Maybe I’m just used to the American version. I like the smoke.

  22. Eden Chang

    I have OCD and i’m triggered

  23. GrandpaDaBassist

    I just made this today but with bowtie pasta. It was perfect! Added a smidge of cayenne too.

  24. stiffy XD

    I just made this recipe and all I have to say is omg it’s amazing! The smell is mouth watering, and then you get a taste and just…omg 😍😍😍

  25. Sherry Osinga

    So sorry , but I haft a use a splashey splashey of cream (and brandy/nutmeg/fresh garlic to the eggs) …great basic recipe chef!

  26. bburkie55

    I use bacon and Romano cheese. I like the smokiness of the bacon. You can also toss in some green peas. This helps your pasta look like the Italian flag.

  27. DFB Altintop

    I skip the egg whites, or maybe 1 whole egg + 3 egg yokes for 2 people.
    I also add a touch of garlic and a lot parsley, really fragrant taste 😀

    As usual, amazing Chef John !

  28. 22martinez1

    This seems good I’ll respect John’s use of bacon in case nobody can find pancetta or guanciale or if you like either bacon is still good I never ate guanciale before because I don’t know where I can find guanciale in the Phoenix area and I live in Phoenix I did use pancetta to make carbonara which is easy to find at your local supermarket and thankfully no cream in this video I know people use cream to make carbonara but you don’t have to use cream to make carbonara what makes it creamy is the egg mixture combined with Parmesan or pecorino Romano and some pasta water it prevents it from overcooking the eggs and it is very delicious without the cream.

  29. Elizabeth Shaw

    there are no onions mushrooms or garlic in this either. hog jowl is guanciale here.

  30. Steven LeBlanc

    Just came across this video this morning and made it for super tonight. 2 outa 3 people at the table loved it! The 1 that didn’t doesn’t like spaghetti any way so we don’t count her!

  31. MrFritzthecatfish

    No white of the egg !!!

    1. angelorso969

      This rule is uncertain, that is a preference, one and one, two yolk ean one entire, someone sai only entire, that is the only choice you can do for a real carbonara

  32. YK

    thats too little bacon and it wasn’t cooking long enough in the pan.


    In northern Illinois we have access to a company called DAVIDSONS Eggs. They are pasteurized along with every other good thing (free range, no antibiotics, etc), so you can eat the eggs raw, should you wish. If I may be so bold, seems like that kind of product might be good for something like this? Nes pas?…or not pas.

    1. Thomas Rottiers

      Nes pas= n’est ce pas?

  34. dave

    Add mushrooms to this it’s essential

  35. Shant Aghadjanian

    Where do you get your eggs from

  36. 46619TAB

    It looks really good but will it work with turkey bacon?

    1. angelorso969

      Yea, but call it turkonara

  37. face punch

    it will not taste authentic but I want to try and replace the bacon with sausage

  38. miniman gaming

    raw egg? can’t that give you salmonella

  39. caaaaaaaaaz

    You should put only the yolks not the white of those eggs.

  40. MarkNiceyard

    Old vids had not as artificial speach as today. I like this more.

  41. Ernesto Mariscal

    no cayenne?

  42. gabriele Allidi

    OOOOH!!! Finally some Spaghetti alla Carbonara makes in the right way!!! Complimenti, davvero. Tra l’altro fatti come li faceva mia zia di Roma che mescolava le uova con il Pecorino Romano e con il Parmigiano Reggiano.

  43. ccxlolz

    Finally someone who knows how to do this properly.

  44. kiwifruitkl

    All I see is pasta, meat, egg, and cheese.

    It would be nice to add some dark leafy greens and some fruits on the side. 🙂

  45. Wi Wi

    when I stirred in the egg/cheese mixture it clumped together 🙁
    what did I do wrong?? I had to toss it
    maybe the measurements where wrong… I am not sure how to convert cups of cheese into metric. It is not the same as liquid cups into ml or cups of herbs into gramm…. or the pan was too hot ?

    1. Bo Zo

      Too hot.

  46. mario vallée

    Bravo !

  47. Truth Monster

    Superbly done, this is my favorite pasta, some Italians put peas in it… I have never had it that way but there is nothing wrong with peas. Peas are good. Remember, you are the Dom DeLuise of your peas.

  48. Ronan Smyth

    I watch a bunch of your videos, but this one i’m actually going to make 🙂

  49. SuperElite27000000

    no egg whites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Shit head

    u american?????????????????

  51. CJ Davis

    so the eggs cook enough just off of the pasta, so It doesnt make anyone sick?

  52. Daniel Aaron

    crazy good

  53. See it or Flick it.

    I rewatch this video just to see the eggs hit the pasta. Oh yeah, that shot is so sexy.

  54. goodgollyjosh

    I didn’t know that about the carbon and black pepper. Cool story Chef John!

  55. Joe Pasquarello

    Of course no cream.

  56. Cyn McCollum

    I make my bacon crispy, remove it, then brown minced onion in the bacon fat. Proceed how Chef does, but add the crumbled crispy bacon last and toss it in. Yum.

  57. tranquil Nice

    there is no pasta in hell

  58. dcore147

    I made this the other day and it was so easy and delicious, however, I was a little concerned with the egg mixture not cooking thoroughly. The fact that the sauce didn’t coagulate made me speculate that the eggs were still raw and therefore was a salmonella risk. Someone reply if they have a correct answer to put my mind at ease.

    1. what

      1 in 20k eggs has salmonella, typically only on the shell.

  59. daUser666

    This looks nice. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. daUser666

      Didn’t work out perfectly, I felt my bacon didn’t cook fast enough, so I raised the heat, and then when the time was to put in the egg-cheese mixture, well.. I had tiny bits of scrambled eggs in my spaghetti carbonara. Oh well, better luck next time. I liked the taste, the cheeses with the bacon.. But it could have been better.

  60. Fadli Ramadhan

    I thought carbonara got it’s name because it’s contain carbohydrate. lol

  61. xIzzKun

    Can you substitute the bacon for beef bacon or sausage?

    1. Ade-ventures

      technically that would make it tastes slightly different, but it’s doable with beef bacon or even turkey bacon. 🙂

  62. Red Pill

    Perfect Carbonara

  63. Jarrod Brouillette

    Video quality look like it’s on Apple Iphone Night Time Mode.

  64. kiwhito90

    Italian approved

  65. Hacienda Homestead

    You need to update your red clam
    Video it’s 9 years old

  66. vivian sanders

    This was a fantastic and completely simple recipe. Thank you for sharing it and allowing me to enjoy this meal. I will be making this again.

  67. Ashley

    Chef John, LOVE YOur VOice! No sarcasm at all, I turn on your videos when I want to relax while drinking my coffee, I learn so much, thank you for the time you put into all of these. It is beyond me why there are so many haters regarding the inflection of your voice.

  68. Chew Chew Train

    Chef John, I do NOT eat anything with carbs anymore. But, you’re such a good guy, I couldn’t resist watching your show.

    This video is 6 years old. I noticed that predates your now, popular signature voice overs.

  69. slyplaymike1

    OK….so that’s carbonara…. looks better than the crap I thought it was.
    TX chef for your education

  70. Andromeda

    Looks wonderful! So many recipes I’ve found or watched the finished product has a unappealing grainy look.

  71. Megumi Yamashita

    woah.. that’s good.. 🙂 simple, nice and fast..

  72. Robert Miller


    1. phoenixfirex


  73. Maria I Noriega

    l love this guy

  74. E D

    Oh easy peasy. I’d add the frozen peas and carrots and maybe even mushrooms too because really, mushrooms are good with anything.

  75. goolashh

    Thank You, Chef John 🙂

  76. robertk2007

    i never use the whites

  77. McShine

    6 oz of pasta for 2 people? Are you trying to put me on a diet here, chef? I made 9 oz just for myself.

    1. Joshua Jin

      6 oz raw, so it’ll be much more pasta later on… unless you eat 9 oz of raw pasta’s worth of pasta….

    2. Bophrey Humgart

      “German” is hardly a race. It’a a nationality.

    3. He Le

      Carbs to absorb carbs 😀 We love our beer though

    4. Nelsonwmj

      +McShine Hahaha only made in good humour! I probably drink enough sherry and beer to make myself a dual-citizen of Spain and Germany anyway!

    5. McShine

      +Nelsonwmj That’s racial stereotyping! Although not inaccurate I guess… 😀

  78. Javaman92

    The recipe was a bit difficult to find, so I thought I would share the direct link. On the newer episodes John’s links go directly to the recipe, a feature I really like.

    This is one of the very best food channels, keep up the good work John!

    1. Rice Waster Aleks

      the real mvp

    2. huge chrome peach

      bless you

  79. Violet Martinez

    I made this for dinner and my family lost their minds! There were no words at the table just the sounds of forks scraping the plate

    1. Richard Turpin

      Violet Martinez
      Spoons may make things easier.

    2. Aj Kennedy

      Alpha Beth it’s actually quite flavourful for its simplicity.

    3. InfinitySwitch

      If you don’t think that this dish is flavorful, then you probably did something wrong.
      If you use a good pork, butter and parm, you will have a VERY intense
      flavor. It doesn’t have to have a shit load of ingredients or spices to
      have “flavor”. Sometimes less is more and this is a great example of
      that. Carbonara is insane if it’s made right with quality ingredients.

    4. Violet Martinez

      NightPanda I may be the case with a lot of people but not with me. I am ridiculously sensitive when it comes to my palate. Never it’s never hearing of there because the taste is subjective. I’m glad my dish turned out well I wish the same to you

    5. Slash Le Pew

      Some people are just used to shitty foods (No offence) And when they get decent food they flip out 😛

  80. Deplorable Snowcloud

    This is exactly how my mother always makes it. I can’t believe anyone puts cream in this recipe.

    1. Vince Kenneth Torres

      I add cream in mine because why not.

    2. Funkiebutch

      catmp3 because it hard to just use the eggs. You can easily get scrambled egg than creamy sauce.

    3. catmp3

      Deplorable Snowcloud cuz it tastes good?

  81. yonaz333

    Props for making PROPER carbonara without cream!

  82. Sarah Yassin

    How can I prevent the eggs from scrambling when I add them to the hot pasta? Will they have cooked enough or will I get that heavy egg taste?

    1. Ilznidiotic

      I find it helps to warm the egg mixture before adding it to the pasta. The shock of going from cold to hot seems to accelerate the scrambling process.

    2. Deplorable Snowcloud

      It won’t have a heavy egg taste at all. Make sure you use a good Romano cheese. It’s a fantastic dish.

    3. yonaz333

      And for the love of god keep stiring!

    4. First Last

      Take the pan off the heat and add some pasta water before adding the eggs

  83. Meg Grotte

    well I’d love to make that but in Taiwan we only have Barilla pasta but it’s not whole wheat but I think you would probably still be good

  84. leafster

    Pretty close to authentic

  85. Vaz Zav

    whats a good pasta dish for lesbians?

    1. Jay C

      2 grills bacon 1 cup

    2. the8ctagon

      Vaz Zav Spaghetti are fine. Just take each spaghetto in your hand before boiling it, and crush it.

    3. Richard Lumpkin

      Licca di klitti would most likely be acceptable.

    4. Danilo Riffo

      exactly… it is too phallic. Pasta represents the patriarcal opression women has suffered for centuries, because… yeah… that.

    5. Phillip P

      i didnt think lesbians ate pasta???

  86. Uyen Chang

    lol he’s kind of funny though, not annoying with side bar topics because he only touch it a little bit and move back on the food.

  87. Leslie Elaine

    No onions?

    1. Leslie Elaine

      Maura Leusder according to The Gumba’s Guide it’s all the same ingredients, but with onions, and he claimed that meant all your food groups were covered. Haha

    2. Maura Leusder

      Leslie Elaine never! egg, pancetta, cheese, pasta and cooking water…that’s it.

    3. Deplorable Snowcloud


  88. Joel Tavares

    Should I avoid the spoon of water into the pan? Ive done this twice and I always end up with a very watery sauce

    1. Anonymous

      Father, bless? Lol! Is that man you

    2. Douglas Martin

      I always dip a coffee mug into the starchy pasta water just before draining the spaghetti and set it to the side. From there, it’s super easy to add a bit at a time to your sauce until it’s just the way you want it. It’s amazing how just a bit of starchy pasta water can tighten up a sauce and give it that rich, clinging texture. Cheers!

    3. Pieter-Jan

      You want to add the water to the pan as soon as the pasta is off to a rolling boil. At this point, most excess starch on the pasta will have dissolved in the water. By the time the pasta is cooked through, the liquid in your pan will have reduced down so it shouldn’t be so much as to water down the sauce. The point of the pasta water is to get some extra starch in there, so your egg/cheese mixture will stick to the pasta better.

  89. swish007

    huh no garlic.. i thought that was a typical part of carbonara

    1. giovanni9107

      No garlic in actual carbonara. First non-Italian on Youtube who gets it spot on.

    2. Maura Leusder

      swish007 traditionally there is no garlic in it.

    3. Hong Tse

      you can infuse the olive oil with garlic and get the garlic out of it when it’s done.

    4. gazeroth

      +swish007 try without, it’s really good if you have a good salad to it.

  90. Giampaolo Miraglia

    that’s not ‘your version’ this is how we made here in Italy. ..

  91. Layla Franklin

    Thank you so much for this recipe , My carbonara turned out prefect

  92. Jiří Sejkora

    Rinse or not to rinse?

    1. Tony Stark

      Never rinse

  93. Stefano Passiglia

    Great execution. Well done!

  94. not your damn business

    6 ounces of pasta??
    what get the second person to eat?

  95. Cristiano Grimaldi

    So… does the name carbonara come from the carbon colour of the black pepper? Seriously? Ahahahahahahahahahah! 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅Omg no way this was hilarious!!!

    1. Popular MMOs

      +Filip Bh cos it is

    2. Filip Bh

      +Cristiano Grimaldi why is that funny

  96. Farley Hill

    Next, alla puttanesca, try explaining that one.

    1. 9292O98

      Knowing a bit of French, I don’t even need to Google before guessing the root of the name

    2. Ray Valentine

      +Farley Hill Puttanesca… I’m guessing that there’s a bitch joke in there somewhere? Sorry, I have Filipino friends…

  97. TyTy

    I am in complete awe over how simple this recipe is. I will definitely make this tomorrow

    1. TyTy

      It’s delicious guys. I actually used regular bacon instead and it was still really good. Other than that, I followed the recipe as is

    2. bompf

      OP pls respond.

    3. Mohammed Noor

      Seriously, how was it?

    4. ellyfant16

      How was it?

  98. Riccardo1982

    ah, I liked when you said cream was a later invention… for most of italians, if not all, cream in pasta has not arrived yet. I just started to watch the video but I know you will know why. Starch paople, STARC! WHAT´S THIS THING OF PUTTIN A DOLLOP OF CREAM EVERYWHERE?

  99. twoislands

    i hold you responsible that my mouth is burning right now! i might overdid it a bit with the pepper! great recipe thanks!

  100. Tonithenightowl

    I think I saw where someone boiled the bacon for a few minutes to get rid of the smokey taste. Don’t forget to pat it dry before frying. I have never done this so…. bear that in mind. :o)

    1. Tonithenightowl

      Good. I didn’t lead anyone astray lol :o)

    2. Ana Romero

      Yes blanching the bacon first gets rid of much of the smoky flavor.

  101. Kayla Kuch

    this is good

  102. Morgan Meader

    Hi Chef! This is the first time I’ve seen this dish made in the manner my mom taught me. *She’s not Italian* :p

    It’s only a little different really. I sometimes omit the whites and increase the yolks. I cook the egg on buttery pasta before adding the bacon, freshly cracked black pepper 😉 and the cheese; which is whatever I have on hand to go on spaghetti. And my wife insists on adding peas. Whatever 😉

    I’m going to try it your way next time. Who knows. Your pistachio topped sweet potatoes are a huge hit in the house. I’m sure this dish will go over well too.

    Thanks for a magnificent channel! I watch your videos every day since I found you.

    1. Morgan Meader

      +Adam Wo some battles aren’t worth the fight 😉

    2. Awesome A

      +Morgan Meader Pea? EW!


    is the egg cooked?

    1. william mcduff

      +Rockmaster2112 ,

      Yep….Generally you should take the pan off the heat when adding the eggs and continue stirring and the residual heat from the pasta will cook the eggs and still stay creamy.

      Regards + HH


    2. Rockmaster2112

      +SHADOSTRYKR Yes, the heat in the pasta and water cooks the egg and turns it into almost a cream. It is very important that it’s not too hot because it will cook the egg too much and turn it into scrambled egg.

  104. im1dermike

    The liquidity of the egg in this video is a bit much for me. Is it possible to cook the egg mixture more and still have a “sauce”?

    1. im1dermike

      +Morgan Meader thanks!

    2. Morgan Meader

      +im1dermike In my experience, the egg fully cooks on the hot noodles but you have to keep stirring for a little while.

  105. Vicky Gauthier

    This failed for me because the egg was cooking and I had pieces of egg in my pasta dish, was not happy.

    1. Morgan Meader

      +Vicky Gauthier I usually add the egg after transferring the noodles to a big mixing bowl.

    2. Selina L

      +Vicky Gauthier Happened to me the first time I made it too. The second time, I moved the pan off the stove and waited 30 secs before adding the egg mixture and it came out beautifully.

    3. InYourBoatRace

      +Vicky Gauthier What he should have said in the video is that you should turn the heat off a minute or so before you pour in the sauce. The heat left in the pasta is enough to cook the sauce, but it won’t make bits of scrambled egg.

  106. DragonRoman

    @FoodWishes your first step itself was wrong


    Finally made this dish because I was so lazy to go out for the ingredients for the past few months or either forgot about this. So fucking good. Better than most other restaurants out there using cream and stuff. Too bad I don’t have bacon/ guanciale/ pancetta so I used random minced pork I had. Still, better than my local restaurants. Thank you for teaching me “no cream” for carbonara

  108. Thuy Pham

    Making this for dinner tonight. I’m salivating at the thought of it… It’s like bacon and eggs for dinner.

  109. Chiara Itaborahy

    Jesus Christ.. No Cream ?

    1. matilda gianangeli

      Chiara Itaborahy Don’t worry, it’s normal that a non-Italian people doesn’t know the original italian recipe. Carbonara for me is not so overrated, but the fact is that sometimes italians get angry with those pages (like Buzzfeed, Tasty..) that spread some dishes (that are not italian, such as pesto pasta with chicken and spinach…blea) as Italian dishes. And so we try to spread as possible the originality of the recipes

    2. Chiara Itaborahy

      In the past year, I have come to the realization that I was completely and utterly mistaken. I apologize for spewing my ignorance around this channel. That being said, Carbonara is one of the most overrated pasta dishes known to humanity.

    3. matilda gianangeli

      Chiara Itaborahy never!!

    4. Robin Betts

      If you’re making it with cream.. Just call it something else! It’s pretty close to alla crema, with cream…


      +Chiara Itaborahy ew italians never use cream for this

  110. Julie Mac

    New hero… many thanks..

  111. sakisgrig

    How much eggs for a pack of spaghetti (about 500 gr) ?


      +sakisgrig one per person you are cooking for. easy 😀

    2. Thuy Pham

      +sakisgrig About 4 big or 5 medium ones, I’d guess

  112. Mattias Persson

    It is a superb dish. Glad no cream.

  113. HardcoreHamster33

    I just buy a jar of ready made Carbonara sauce. XD  lol

    1. Ashley Nicholson

      +Rustedblade In the long run, it makes more if you make it from scratch, so it’s cheaper per portion. Plus it tastes 10000x better.

    2. Rustedblade

      +Smashley506 A Jar of Carbonara would cost me $3 and $2 for Pasta. The fresh Parmassen alone will cost me more than that!

    3. HardcoreHamster33

      +Smashley506 I don’t care about the price. I’m just too lazy. :'( Plus, I burn everything! :c XD 

    4. Ashley Nicholson

      This is literally cheaper than buying it already made….lol.

    5. HardcoreHamster33

      +Angela Trenerry Oh well. lol 

  114. Felt Anime Piano

    im soooo hungryyyyyyyyyyy

  115. peppermill22

    How does the egg cook?? Seems to be pasta rolled in egg and served? Wont that make ppl sick?

    1. frantahouska

      +peppermill22 ask your mom dumb ass!

    2. peppermill22

      +frantahouska save the comment for my mother? What is that even supposed to mean? Listen you pompous little piece of knob cheese. How about I ask your fat mamma when i’m fuckin her in the ass later tonight? Myes that sounds like something I will do…. 

    3. wallace lathers

      +peppermill22 Despite the long held fear of raw food in the USA, many cultures utilize raw meats, eggs, fish, and dairy in their diets regularly with no ill effect. It is becoming more common in the USA too with the food revolution. So don’t be afraid, give it a try! You will discover flavors and textures far superior to anything cooked. Start with beef carpaccio.

    4. frantahouska

      +peppermill22 please save your comment for your mother. Of course the egg is cooked into the cream. Little did you know that there are MANY dishes prepared from raw egg and raw meat. Steak tartare, tiramisu etc.

  116. Μηνας Μαλλιαράκης

    Carbonara comes from the Italian cousin of the poor and the name become from the Italian carbon -miners 

  117. Neil Stribblehill

    Argh. When I put my egg mixture it, it just scrambled. 
    Still served it and it wasn’t awful. But I think I can understand why some folk would rather use cream. 

    1. bburkie55

      Try this. Instead of putting the eggs in the hot pot with the pasta and bacon put the eggs in a big bowl away from heat and toss the pasta/bacon mixture a little at a time. It works for me. I never get scrambled eggs and spaghetti using this method.

    2. YK

      add in some the pasta water to bring down the temperature of the pan.

    3. frantahouska

      +Neil Stribblehill turn off the stove and move the pot. The Egg supposed to be cooked slightly just by the hot pasta. Thats the trick.

    4. Marco Vernizzi

      +Neil Stribblehill Just turn off the heat before pouring the egg. I usually add some white dry wine to the guanciale till it evaporates, then turn the heat off, let the temperature go down a little and finally add the egg, or put the pasta in a bowl with the egg sauce to avoid tre scrambling issue.

    5. junichi ozawa

      did you lowered the heat on your pan? if you did then just cool your pasta on a cold water to stop the pasta cooking process, then drain it before you add it to the pan, keep the heat low and keep stirring the pasta after you pour the egg mixture, that should do it 

  118. Minkyo

    Ahhh I tried making carbonara a few weeks ago but I think I accidentally scrambled the egg in the pan LOL. It tasted horribleeee after. 🙁

    1. Alex VI

      I normally don’t risk it. I turn off the heat, drain the pasta and don’t rinse. Pour the pasta over the egg sauce. It’s the pasta that will cook the sauce and make it creamy. Keep some of the water if you need more moist texture.

    2. bburkie55

      Try this. Instead of adding eggs to the pasta reverse the procedure and add the pasta to the eggs a bit at a time and be sure to toss thoroughly as you do so. Be sure that the eggs are away from any heat the pasta will temper them and you won’t wind up with scrambled eggs and spaghetti.

    3. Cindy N

      I usually turn off the heat and wait for 15-20 secs before I pour in the egg mixture. You can test how hot the pan is by adding a drop of the mixture and scrape it.

  119. Mads Andreasen

    I always use like.. At least twice the amount of bacon everybody else does. Why hold back on the good stuff, right? 

    1. Azuos

      one word my friend: keto 🙂

    2. face punch

      its true that the processed food is what causes it the most but that deosnt mean that fatty non-processesed foods aren’t contributing to it

    3. Azuos

      People still think dietary fat causes heart attacks…? #facepalm
      Dietary fat is good, children. It’s the processed shit like pasta that fucks you up.

    4. Morgan Meader

      +Mads Andreasen My recipe at home is, a full package of each ingredient except pepper 😉

    5. Mads Andreasen

      +idontlikegoats Hardly something I need to worry about

  120. Doc74

    finally a “non-Italian” that does not use cream! ( or other strange ingredients )  respects! 🙂

  121. Lori Hensley

    Wow, looks good.

  122. Crunchy_Pants

    still one of the very best recipes of all times. so simple, so delicious.

  123. Alexander Davidson Bryan

    No garlic?

    1. Doc74

      no ( not in original recipe ) 

  124. Amy Liu

    Can you use any type of eggs or should I get pasteurized?

  125. leostar18

    Gonna give this whirl

  126. Madeline Torres

    Should’ve followed this recipe D: My eggs scrambled. I didn’t love it.

  127. spicy james

    what can i replace the bacon or the other parts of pork?

    1. MrOrtloff

      +atariq23 Plain turkey breast won’t work for this dish. You need something cured and fatty.

    2. spicy james

      thank you!

    3. atariq23

      Go to a halal butcher or market ask for Turkey rashers or Turkey bacon or beef bacon if not get some turkey breast pound it and cut it in to small thin strips 🙂

  128. Alexander Ulv

    dont raw eggs have salmonella?

    1. Doc74

      you can use pasteurized eggs , otherwise the risk is minimal 

    2. OhNo

      the pasta cooks the egg

    3. pctennisgirl

      Eggs only need to be cooked to ~150 degrees F to be considered up to food safety standards.  The pasta just came out of boiling water, and you’re pouring into a hot pan.  I think you’re all set.

  129. nayyab zafar

    can this be tried with any meat other than bacon? like chicken? would you have to add raw chicken pcs first and cook them with black pepper like you did with bacon and then follow the rest of the recipe?

    1. Alex VI

      Chicken? It’s tasteless. The pancetta is supposed to infuse the whole dish.

      Are you Muslim by any chance?

      There is an alternative way that I’ve made in the past: seafood carbonara. Just swap bacon for seafood (prawns and squid) that you’ve fried in butter. Then swap the pasta for * spaghetti nero di sepia *.

      Not authentic, but delicious.

      Having said all that, pancetta is delicious… 😋

    2. matilda gianangeli

      nayyab zafar no chicken, please. From whole Italy

    3. Caresse Garcia

      If you do this I’d add a whole lot of additional salt. Part of the flavor of the sauce lies within the bacon fat so if you sub it out be sure to season well!

  130. Kevin Franger

    Tried it as someone who is not experienced in cooking at all. Worked really well. Next time i will not use as much black pepper ad i did today. Thank you chef john

    1. Taernsietr

      +T Gent Not if you end up disliking the result. No point in that, then.

    2. T Verga

      You have to use enough black pepper that you kind of whish you had used less. That’s just how it is.

  131. romance698

    When cooking the bacon or pancheta add water to the skillet and lower the temperature, let the water evaporate on its own accord and when it does let the bacon or pancheta brown very little. That is enough remove skillet from heat.  Proceed with the recipe as shown. Bacon or pancheta should not be crispy at all, just a little brown. Well, I am also a garlic freak, so I add 2 or 3 garlic cloves with my garlic press to the bacon or pancetta when cooking it.

  132. Jo C

    Hmmm…how about the use of garlic before adding bacon?

    1. Doc74

      If you like , but is not  on  ” original recipe ”
      For my taste onion and garlic cover too much the original flavor 

    2. Jo C

      +T Gent
      I’ve tried chopping some cloves of garlic and slicing some cloves of garlic. In short, it’s a lot of garlic haha…but I kind of like the taste. I sliced the garlic too because I love it munch on garlic.

    3. T Verga

      Some Italians use garlic or chopped onion. If using either, I’d put a whole garlic clove in with the guanciale or pancetta, or some onions in when the meat has had a nice head start. I have made carbonara with burnt onion before, and I learned from my mistake.

  133. MsSpark111

    I am making this now! Thanks!

  134. Claudio Venturelli

    Why would people worry about undercooked eggs ? do you live in some 3rd world country ?
    raw eggs are perfectly safe in all europe and i guess USA too.

    1. MrOrtloff

      +Claudio Venturelli People who are immunocompromised have to worry about uncooked eggs.

    2. Taernsietr

      As a matter of fact, some of us do live in some 3rd world countries – that’s a pretty bad way of speaking. While I myself am not so afraid of eating lesser cooked food, there’s no reason why one shouldn’t be *careful* of doing so.

    3. nayyab zafar


  135. correzzana1992

    NO CREAM in it, yesss!!!!!! ;)))) This is almost as the original one. Greetings from Italy

  136. Robin Smith Benitez

    I love the fact we do the same thing with spaghetti alla carbonara. I even have to boil the bacon in water for a bit just to remove the smoky taste since I can’t find pancetta. 🙂

  137. Juan David Gonzalez

    The original without any cream, thanks chef John 🙂

    1. Doc74

      finally !

  138. tampabolt

    That’s the way to do. Great work. No cream. Perfect.

  139. AkosiBananaMan

    can i use tuna flakes?

  140. LionsTheKingOfCojons

    I’m Roman and you’re right about the name, but to be more precise:
    Carbon in italian is “carbone”. Then, a person that work with carbon, IN ROMAN LANGUAGE, is called “carbonarO”(male version) or “carbonarA”(female version).
    That is like in english “carboner” (does that word even exist in english? no?) but in italian almost every word has a “gender”.
    Pasta is “female” so it’s carbonarA, not carbonarO. Imaging, you englishman, to refer to pasta as a “she” and not a “it”.
    Anyway, this traditional dish made by poor people in the past was used to served to the CHIMNEY CLEANERS… and chimney cleaner as i said before, in ROMAN use to be called “carbonaro” and that’s where the name cames from.

    Hugs from Rome, italy 😉

    PS: Just one thing: Bacon is not a possible choice. Guanciale is the way and MAYBE, and i say MAYBE, you could put pancetta instead of it… but if you put bacon in that you gonna destroy the original taste covering everything with that smoked flavour.

    1. rneustel

      +Chef Rafi’s Awesome World Here’s an article from ‘Baltimore Brew’ where the author talks about Di Pasquale’s having guanciale. This article is from 2011, so they may not carry it now, but they did at one time.

    2. Alex VI

      Bacon is a decent enough substitute when one doesn’t have the option. Or, why not revolutionise it making a seafood carbonara? You are after all the Che Guevara of your own carbonara!


    3. Jon Doe

      That’s too bad. NYC restaurants (eg. Maialino) use guianciale in making carbonara and other dishes. Not sure though, if they buy it locally or order from Italy.

    4. Chef Rafi's Awesome World

      Jon Doe sadly the “Italian” markets in Baltimore didn’t know what guanciale is.

    5. Jon Doe

      I get guanciale and pancetta in Bratislava easily. All the Italian shops have them. I’m sure you can find those in the US.

  141. CologneCarter

    +Tamara Laird That egg isn’t uncooked. It cooks because it is very thinly distributed thoughout the whole very hot pasta. Anyway eggs don’t need to be overcooked to be safe. That would be like beating an intruder  to death instead of rendering him unconccious and therefore harmless.

    I’m not going into the point of the egg goods inside the shell being perfectly safe from salmonella as long as precautions are taken before cracking, as I feel tired of the subject already. I could give the lecture 100 times a day and there would be people still panicking because they are to lazy to check out facts.

    1. Nargis Tariq


    2. Doc74

      for carbonara eggs should not exceed 65 – 70  degrees Celsius ( otherwise it becomes an omelette ) however are enough to minimize the risk of salmonella ( but a minimum of risk remains , yes  )  
      BTW for no risks there are pasteurized eggs

    3. beeble2003

      Sorry, but no. From a food safety point of view, the eggs in this dish are essentially raw: they’re not heated hot enough or for long enough to kill any bacteria that might be in them. If you’re confident that your eggs are bacteria-free, this is fine. But the dish is safe or not depending on the quality of the ingredients you use, not because of the cooking. It’s also delicious. I’m eating it right now.

      Also, your comment implies that salmonella is only an issue on the shell of the egg. This is not true. The whole reason that salmonella in eggs is a problem is that a strain of the bacterium developed that can get *inside* the egg during its development, before the shell forms. So, yes, egg cleanliness is helpful as it stops anything that might be on the shell getting into your food. But it doesn’t prevent salmonella infection on its own.

    4. nayyab zafar

      you had me laughing..

    5. T Verga

      More importantly, raw eggs are usually fine! Especially European ones, I have to say. I have read American laws means producers have to do nasty things to their eggs under the name of ‘cleaning’. I sometimes make this by mixing the pasta and eggs directly in the bowl that I serve it in. The eggs are sligthly raw, and the pasta is delicious. Even though in terms of flavour, this method works better if you only use yolks.

  142. Cameron Immesoete

    Do the eggs get thoroughly cooked in this recipe or do they turn out more or less raw?

    1. Simon Wilder

      They’re cooked through (similar to a custard).

  143. Diane Milligan's Favorites

    I have always wanted to try pancetta, but it is *very* expensive due to the fact that it is imported. Italian Connections USA charges at least $14.99 for 2 lbs. I cannot afford that. I’ll stick with the bacon.

  144. Crystal Snow

    I am worried about the taste of the egg…i think it is a mental thing.  Does is taste slimy?

    1. Robin Betts

      No it’s not slimy. That’s the test for me of when it’s done. I just turn the mixture in the hot pan until it goes creamy, not slimy, silky, not glossy. It’s a good idea to use a cast iron pot like the one in the video if you’ve got one, to retain the heat without being on the fire. Then you can take your time, and not panic!

    2. ruphuloid

      If you want it less slimy, after adding the egg put a lid on the pot and leave it there for a couple minutes, the heat from the hot pot is enough to get the egg as cooked as scrambled eggs. I prefer it nice and silky but it’s just a matter of taste really..

    3. idontlikegoats

      It is not slimy at all, it gets very glossy and silky, kind of creamy and delicious 🙂 The egg cooks in the heat of the pasta, so you get nearly custard like texture. 

    4. TRamp94

      Not at all… if you are really scared of “semi-raw” eggs, you can always turn on the heat and cook everything for a few seconds (but still not too much)… it will loose the creamy texture, though

  145. Maciej Tomica

    Watched it 4 times now. Still no cayenne…

    1. J. Danny

      I’ve never heard of cayenne in carbonara. I’m sure a real Italian would curse you.

    2. Rice Waster Aleks

      don’t let chef jon control you. Be your own man and put cayenne in there

    3. MaZEEZaM

      Cayenne is NOT black pepper lol.

    4. goodgollyjosh


    5. mesoarece

      he put it in the 5 times 😀

  146. Chase Beil

    i love your quips Chef Jon. 

    The little quip about confusing french and italian made the video for me. please dont stop being utterly amazing

  147. Jas Zho

    Take the pan off the heat. The residual heat of the pasta and the pan should cook the egg without scrambling

  148. mushnoodle

    you could just use a different type like beef bacon or turkey ham/bacon (you might need to add more olive oil if its very lean). still decent but it wont be as authentic.

  149. Jay

    take it off the heat. When adding the spaghetti wait a bit until that aggressive hissing noise is gone. Then add the egg mixture and keep on stiring

  150. Koreen Blancia

    I think you can just turn off that heat from the stove ’cause the hotness of the pasta can just eventually cook the egg mixture making it far from being raw so it will not hardened nor scrambled the eggs.

  151. Etania Lie

    Usually I turn off the heat when adding the egg mixture. The heat from the freshly boiled pasta will turn the egg mixture into the delicious sauce, granted it may take a bit more time.

  152. sambat pande

    when u add the egg mixture, turn off the heat and mix the egg mixture and pasta, the hot pasta will cook the egg making it not scrambley texture..hope this helps

  153. CorrosionX4

    Hahahaahahahaha… . no.

  154. CorrosionX4

    The cheese is not supposed to be stringy it’s supposed to be grainy, so use pecorino romano, grana padano or parmigianno reggiano. I always use 50% pecorino romano and 50% of one or the other two.

  155. CorrosionX4

    I do this ALL THE TIME now.

  156. DV8EDD

    keep that heat low! that’s the key. You can also do the final mixing in a bowl separate from the pan as long as the pasta is hot. It doesn’t take much heat to thicken the egg mixture. good luck.

  157. lewdi333

    and never stop moving it or else it will cook

  158. lewdi333

    the heat is too high it already should be low when youre adding it, try just switching it off as everything else should be cooked and theres probably enough heat in the pan

  159. Liza Solleza

    Love your recipes. It is possible to use a mix of cheese ?? Just about making it and as always using parmesan cheese. But thinking of mxing it together with English. matured cheddar cheese . Pls advice. Thanks.

  160. chewyourfood187

    Chef you should teach us how to make fresh pasta

  161. Zelnyair

    The residual heat will cook it, or if you want to be extra-safe, just use pasteurised eggs.

  162. Silver Fern

    I’m worried about the raw egg…

  163. Guilty Bystander

    Turn off the heat before you add them, thats how I always do it. Never add them while the pasta is super hot.

  164. Guilty Bystander

    Love this guy for not adding cream. 🙂

  165. TheTommyKay

    Actualy the name comes from the coal miners of Italy.I dont quite remember the story in detail but those are its roots.

  166. Dan Coe

    Other recipes I’ve seen call for you to take the spaghetti off the heat before adding the eggs. The residual heat should still cook the egg without scrambling it.

  167. RatBag

    Chef John, I’m having trouble when adding the egg mixture. I can never seem to stop the egg from actually hardening and turning into my meal into scrambled eggs & pasta. What can I do?

  168. StevenAFC

    Love you Chef John! Just made this!

  169. Greyswindir

    Some do and some don’t.

  170. Greyswindir

    It doesn’t cook per say but it becomes warm and homogenous. There is no “raw” taste at all. This is one of the most beautiful and simple Italian pasta dishes around by far. It’s excellent.

  171. Greyswindir

    I saute some onion with the bacon and it makes for a really nice variation.

  172. Greyswindir


  173. Elizabeth Garcia

    Can I use mozzarella cheese instead??

  174. S Maj

    It cooks in the hot pasta.

  175. romance698

    This is a delicious recipe chef, but since I am a garlic freak, to the bacon I added some chopped garlic, also I added salt to taste to the eggs and cheese mixture. To me, it was the touches that it needed. Plenty of cheese also. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE CHEF, why? I made your stuffed peppers to some friends and they just rave, they wanted to go out of the house and start screaming with delight.

  176. Callowm


  177. Callowm


  178. Camilo Ordoñez

    John I made this recipe for my boyfriend, I used panceta, Sardo (Argentine version of Pecorino) and Reggianito (Argentine version of Parmegiano Reggiano) cheeses and fresh pasta, needless to say he loved it, and me too such a great dish, thahks man!

  179. Aka Hernandez

    i have just made !!! so great n easy to make!!!so bad that i didnt pour enough cheese ….

  180. MissHutli

    Haha so am I 😉

  181. Khanh Kha Minh

    But pork is the meat from an animal known as a ‘pig’. Pork itself is not an animal D:. Sorry guys. Want to hide my grammar Nazi self but just can’t bear to look at it.

  182. rkmugen

    Timing is crucial if you’re doing this for the first time. The goal is to have the pork sufficiently rendered (but not burned) about 2 minutes before the pasta becomes “al dente” in the boiling water. So, you can actually take your time rendering the pork if you have to… AND THEN boil the pasta; you can always bring the rendered pork back up to the ideal temperature once your pasta approaches “al dente”. If the pasta is over-boiled, it might break on you when you try to fold-in the sauce.

  183. gevelegian

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  188. woosa42

    cooks after adding the egg mixture

  189. deluxeh0

    is the egg still raw when mixed it in the pasta? Or did it just cook while mixing in the pasta?

  190. Tepolak Seth

    This is a beautiful recipe and my spaghetti carbonara turn out great! Thanks!!

  191. joy

    NOOOO, Ofcourse you can NOT. If you use chicken your liver is going to explode, and you will die!!!!

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    Can i use chicken than bacon?

  194. Mikei Lilo

    Why do I keep watching food channels while I’m hungry

  195. momkatmax

    Spot on Chef John! Never did understand why folks wanted to add cream to it, it is so nice and rich without it.

  196. Ummu Khalisah

    thanks ! and yeah that’s how you spell it 🙂

  197. ureatowel15

    eggs start cooking at about 40 C so they will just be cooked if you toss them in with the hot pasta. The pasta has enough residual (is that how you spell it) heat left.

  198. Gustavo Caballero

    so fucking gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

  199. Ummu Khalisah

    won’t the eggs taste raw? the heat from the spaghetti is enough?

  200. acularp

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    It gets somewhat cooked from the residual heat in the spaghetti and meat…

  205. Seaton1518

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  206. Joshua Teakles

    but being a native speaker makes it a lot easier. calm your caps rage

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  212. Flyygirl891

    Wouldn’t the egg sauce be considered raw if its still creamy like that?

  213. mitch lola

    This originated, i have heard, as a quick meal served to clients by Italian prostitutes, post-coitus. A little value added.:)))

  214. TheNevan60

    Never make assumptions – you know the saying… and that pancetta doesn’t exactly look like its fat free.

  215. purebreedbiker

    you have obviously only ever eaten american bacon then

  216. Joseph Micheli

    Tried a vegetarian version with onions instead of bacon, I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot of flavor but I am not disappointed with the results at all.

  217. seabass


  218. IamRegulator

    We’d gotten used to “Spaghetti Omelets” our name for curdled eggs in Carbonara, after numerous failed attempts at a smooth creamy sauce. I’d gotten close, but there were always eggy bits in the pasta. The solution, no direct heat on the eggs. I put the bacon and pasta still hot, in a bowl and pour the eggs over while stirring. No lumps, chunks, or unwanted curdling ever again. I’d tell you what happened to bring about this revelation but, that’s another show….

  219. Chenoa H.

    I tried making cabonara and the idiot who made the recipe told me to add in hot. I thought it was going to curdle because of the egg. They stated it needed to be hot to get the right texture. Eff them because it did. I am going to make yours 😀 Because your food it awesome.

  220. TheNevan60

    Why would you add oil to cook bacon – it’s like 80% fat aleady?

  221. knight00angel

    just some regional diff, but even then it isn’t drenched in cream

  222. Seme Chan

    i’m damn HUNGREEHHH

  223. Debbie Manantan

    What’s the difference between the carbonara ‘with’ cream and carbonara ‘without’ cream?

  224. LoveFromSami

    thanks lol

  225. MiezePard

    either the temperatur was too hot, so the egg got too hot too fast and scrambeld – or you didn’t mix it quickly enough, so some parts of the egg hit it hot and could cook while others didn’t. you should mix the egg and cheese first very well and add it last to the bacon and spaghetti and then stir really good for for some time and on low to no temperatur (depending on how hot spaghetti are) but stir and mix right from the start and give it some time to get thick. only tip I can think of 🙂

  226. Diego Motorno

    great ! for me one of the very few good carbonara recipes on youtube . well done and very well commented as usual …

  227. jmitrovi

    Did you forget to turn off the heat before adding the eggs? That may be it. Or maybe you didn’t stir while adding the eggs or stir fast enough after the eggs were added?

  228. poop z

    What did I do wrong? When I tried this my egg sauce became scrambled. And some of my egg sauce was still raw .

  229. MsLilylove333

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    Yep, all of 16 and dumb-as-shit. Only yanks use words like “cunt” in an attempt to afflict maximum damage. Bounces off me, mate. You may be pleased to know that I made a carbonara recently. It was so good, I think it was what the mayans were talking about. You go on trolling though, if it makes you feel like a man. I see everyone here acknowledges what a little girl you are hahahaha……BTW, grammar is not a set of rules, its a philosophy! I can spell, punctuate however I want! hahahaha Loser!

  232. TiberiusFTW

    “Smooth rich cream base, but not creamy”
    It’s like the same but different. lol

  233. eyeYQ2

    Panchetta is better because it does not have the nitrates in it, and a few other reasons : )

  234. eyeYQ2

    Look at those eggs! You have chickens in your back yard Chef?

  235. 3636Clarence

    The concept of not using cream is very appealing.

  236. Annyon Yang

    Oh haha well he was basically just making fun of that person by saying only pork could be eaten when obviously it’s not.

  237. MR DON

    I’m not america so sometimes I do not understand

  238. Annyon Yang

    You must have missed the sarcasm in his remark. x)

  239. MR DON

    some religion dont eat pork 🙂

  240. sibionic

    ‘A world of refinement’ you contribute to with every post!

  241. sibionic

    Yeh CNY music is obnoxious. And despite his encyclopedic knowledge of cooking not all his observations on food are that astute. He doesn’t know how to season a dish without the aid of a stock cube for instance.

  242. DN9DRFC

    The egg’s not uncooked. The hot pasta cooks it.

  243. bubbasmama2123

    Chef John, are you able to delete some of the comments posted here? Especially CNYmusic. I love your videos and learn a lot from the comments as well but some are so offensive and seem to be quite unnecessary. Thank you.

  244. gijs

    This is how it’s done! Needs a looooot of black pepper. Really really delicious, chef John 🙂

  245. Tamara Laird

    I am nervous of that egg uncooked. i felt give it another 5 mins on high then serve.

  246. BeardedDanishViking

    I actually like both this way as well as the one with cream.,.

  247. womendelssohn

    Hi Chef! I like this a lot! However, I cannot melt the cheese in the eggs and the product is not smooth at all… do you use a specific kind of cheese?
    Thank you!

  248. JezaLoki

    I dont commit all my time to youtube, but it seems 16 years olds have not much else to do. Yeah I understood, better than you know. You’ve hopped yourself up on this impractical, misguided, ill-conceived notion that a philosophy trumps a recipe. Apply for work at the local italian restaurant, and try telling the head chef “cooking is not a recipe, its a philosophy” and see how far that gets you. I dont see it mate, your 15-16, dumb as shit, pretending on the internet to be something you are not.

  249. Raymond Mock

    u can use any thin slice meat, u can use smoked ham, salami, deli meat but of course it wont taste the same. You are the boss of your kitchen!

  250. raizumichin

    Man, what is it about Ialian recipes (carbonara in particular) that makes youtube commenters act like idiots?

  251. lazios

    Ohhhhhhh….finally a foreigner who does a carbonara almost entirely how it should be done (almost because should be used only egg yolk).
    However.. bravo.
    Not only for respect original recipe, but also because can also “see” from the video that is good.

  252. yokohamalion

    i made this with with gnocchi and maple bacon. yum

  253. JezaLoki

    Thanks again! Im glad you see that most people who use youtube for recipes are fairly new to the hobby. It’s great there is such a wealth of information out there, at our fingertips for pretty much any dish you wish to create. Thanks to people like you, and no thanks to the trolls!
    Though im new, ive been astonishing guests with meals ive only just learnt! And yes in future I will experiment more and more. Happy Cooking!

  254. JezaLoki

    “hey I made carbonara everyone! Dig in!”
    “This isnt carbonara! this is egg shell drenched in soy sauce, roasted!”
    “Cooking is a philosophy! I can use whatever I want!!!!! boo hoo hoo!!!! Youve made me cry !”
    “Why didnt you follow the recipe for carbonara! There are plenty online!”
    “Its just a guideline!!!! boo hoo hoo!!!!”
    “Certain ingredients, and certain methods will achieve …wait for it… certain results!!!! Dont you realise that?”
    “Its a philosophy! Boo Hoo Hoo! A philosophy!!!!!!”

  255. JezaLoki

    Thank you for your intelligent response 🙂 Cynmusic’s faux-philosophy does nothing to help. I happened to have most of the ingredients for this carbonara, except I had chorizo. As a beginner, I wanted to know if there was any reason this was not advisable to use. Ive chef friends, they are quite flexible yet particular in what should be used to achieve a certain result. What aforementioned moron did not understand is that you cannot put octopus and gatorade in a pot and call it carbonara.

  256. Radjehuty

    Continued from my previous comment…Traditionally Guanciale is used as the meat of choice, but here in the US, it’s much more common to find cured and smoked bacon which in my opinion works amazingly. Chef John did an excellent job with this dish but he prefers a bacon that isn’t smoked. Personally, I do. That’s the beauty of cooking. I think if you’re willing to experiment, absolutely try the Chorizo. Chorizo is delicious and powerful as a flavor. Give it a shot and let us know how it went!

  257. Radjehuty

    I’ll try to answer your question in a different…light lol. Yes recipes exist for a reason, but cooking isn’t like baking. Baking is more of a science. Cooking is a continuous evolution brought on by experimentation and creativity. All cooking requires those two elements. Just understand the concept of this recipe which is an egg-based “cream” sauce. Cream creates a heaviness to the sauce that carries out the flavor of your main flavoring ingredient: cheese and meat.

  258. Radjehuty

    Plus, the heat of the pasta cooks the eggs, but the heat isn’t so high that it scrambles the eggs. The key is to “Temper” the eggs by slowly introducing the eggs to the hot mixture. Just keep it MOVING and it won’t scramble. They’re not actually raw if you keep them moving and keep the mixture hot long enough. Just because the eggs aren’t scrambled and congealed, doesn’t mean they’re raw.

  259. ploy c

    i can’t quite catch the complicated ingredient names.Can someone tell me the names of the ingredient please?


  260. Erectoralporicy

    Salmonella is a lot like E. Coli in the sense of how you get it – good eggs vs. bad eggs. Good cut meat vs. Bad cut meat.

    Raw egg is a gamble, but salmonella from raw egg is pretty rare – same with getting E. Coli from a steak that was well cut. Even then, Salmonella isn’t really a big deal. You get a bit of diarrhea, maybe a fever – no biggie. Death from Salmonella is incredibly rare – same with actually getting it. Washing the eggshell before using the egg would also help.

  261. Michael L.

    What about all the talk of salmonella?

  262. Minastir1

    not really, and raw eggs are perfectly healthy food regardless.

  263. Erectoralporicy

    I think the heat from the pan, spaghetti, and the cup of boiling cooks the eggs a bit, but I’d imagine the egg is a bit runny. No worries though, egg is more-or-less safe when it’s uncooked – especially when it comes to all the salt from the bacon and the spaghetti water. The rule of thumb tends to be pretty basic – fresher is safer.

  264. Moshe Rozenberg

    Love yore recipes shef moesh

  265. Michael L.

    Aren’t the eggs basically raw?

  266. Speakingofyou

    Parmezzjjàhhn 😀