Ham and Potato Soup Recipe – Ham and Potato Chowder

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Learn how to make a Ham and Potato Soup Recipe ! – Visit for the ingredients, more recipe information, and over 600 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Ham and Potato Soup Recipe !

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563 Replies to “Ham and Potato Soup Recipe – Ham and Potato Chowder”

  1. Bianca Ghiuruțan

    This has become my go-to soup. I’ve managed to impress not just my husband, but my mom and dad too!

  2. Patricia Burdick

    Hi I tried your recipe it came out great thank you can you make fish soup pls

  3. yandrsupreme

    It would be a good soup if you left out that fucking cayenne and replaced it with a bay leaf.

  4. Maira Rodriguez Hernandes

    yummy !

  5. Louise Movick

    Made this tonight, SO good! Will be one of my ‘go to’ meals! Thank you Chef John x

  6. Michael T

    Great recipe & I like the idea of soup or chowder.

  7. lexusis220d

    I assume it tastes a great as it looks. In this part of the world (Central Europe) we would usually add a bay leaf and some cummin powder as a seasoning and add sour cream rather than just cream. In any case some of these days I am going to cook one.

  8. Marielle Rubeor

    Planning to make this with Easter leftovers. The smallest ham I could find was a 8.9 pounder. Too much for 3 of us.

  9. poppykok5

    Chef John…I’ve always known you are a “Lovebug,” but I would never have guessed you’re also a student of “cubism”…(like me MANY years ago… : )

  10. Phyllis Ann

    I’m going to make this soup today! Thanks Chef John for sharing your expertise.

  11. Tash Jansson

    “…and just a little splash of cream” *STIRS IN HALF A CUP OF CREAM* <3

  12. Sani Bean

    Just made again today. Husband always loves.

  13. Sharon Tayebi

    Eat Soup always . Thank You .

  14. Doug Wright

    I need to make this.

  15. Natasha Narushev

    You got me at Good Fellas, now I will deff cook this recp.

  16. chronic Stitcher

    I like my taters non-smashed, so I throw in a couple tblspoons of instant potato flakes to thicken it up. Works like a charm.

  17. jaybeefun

    How about milk if you have no cream?

  18. Elijah Marshall

    is the ham already cooked beforehand?

  19. UTubeIsMuhKrakane Literally

    slicing potatoes: “now, i didn’t measure these cause i’m not, you know, insane”

  20. kevin melia

    Good fellows!

  21. guguigugu

    boi this looks good

  22. cattigereyes1

    Looks very delicious!

  23. Alejandro Sanchez

    “Sometimes we go goodfellas”great.

  24. Rosanne Coffman

    I have tried this recipe and it is DELICIOUS!!!!

  25. Rahael Degife

    I luv ur recipe, delicious

  26. Fourthgirl

    Chef John! I made this soup this evening. The cayenne did the trick. So delicious and with prep, just under an hour. My sons are going to live this.

  27. swcomer

    2:25 “Btw How do you get an art student off your doorstep? Pay for the pizza.”

  28. Don Hancock

    With a chunk of good French bread to mop up anything left.

  29. Carol Church

    no cayine ice acid and gall stone problems noo

  30. Carol Church

    Looks good ,I make loaded pototoa soup and minstronie,Brockli soup .I’m sure I could do this one no problame

  31. Mike J

    Had some ham left over from New Years Dinner and made this soup. Wow! easy to make and very good. Thanks…

  32. Nicholas Giordano

    WOW!!!!! you get a gold start excellent

  33. Mary Nelson

    I made a big pot of this soup yesterday because it is so very cold outside 9°F here in Massachusetts. This soup warmed me up today after some time outside in the cold. It is absolutely delicious thank you so much Chef John! I made it exactly as you said minus the cayenne pepper and it was so good!

  34. Patrice Cooper

    I agree! That is a gorgeous, gorgeous soup! And you have such a great an warm personality! Thank you! Your video was very nice!

  35. Joe Ries

    “Good Fellows” garlic is sliced with a razor blade.

  36. Diane Milligan

    Hey, Chef John …

    I made this chowder for supper tonight (Dec 27, 2017), and it is delicious! For extra seasoning and flavor, I added 1/2 tsp of Thyme; I did not have cayenne, so I substituted with red pepper flakes – two pinches or so. My husband ate two big bowls; it’s a hit! Thanks for sharing your recipe. 🙂

  37. T Jenkins

    I just made this for my family with our left over Xmas ham. It is amazing. My family loves​ it! Thank you.

  38. hilda ochoa

    Our go to soup !!your recipes 😋

  39. Dino Saur

    Mmm, the soup looks very tasty. I’m cooking it tonight. Thanks

  40. Patrice Cooper

    This is a great recipe! Could I ask what type of ham did you use, and what type of cream did you also use in this soup? Oh, and you seem to be a lot of fun! Thank you again for your great presentation!

  41. Kerry Chaney

    Ham soup

  42. Karolina Galla

    Chef John I just made it. And it’s literally amazing!!! Thank you for a good recepie !!!

  43. mitzeng pai

    can I use chicken stock

  44. Nakiler kawaii


  45. Denise View

    I love potato soup-chowdwr.

  46. Bertini

    6 years later, thi
    s guy is still my favorite chef <3

  47. Douglas Chew

    Love it Chef John!!! Love your humor!!! Your recipes looks so quick and easy. And mighty tasty I might add. Keep the awesome posts coming. 😁

  48. Fiona P

    Sounds delish 🐾

  49. Daphne Rodriguez


  50. Gregory Calzada

    that art major deal hurt

  51. Patricia Vincent


  52. CorvusOfMellori


  53. perduk1


  54. Lee Phan

    How many servings was this?

  55. _Vanntastic

    Pay for the pizza. 😂😂😂😂

  56. Cindy Fisher

    I can make this soup by heart now, but i still watch this video when i do because it’s so wonderful, and shall i say comforting, to watch. Love Chef John’s voice and personality!

  57. maserin1

    I maintain a “Recipes On Deck” YouTube playlist. The idea was to cull recipes from all over YouTube, but it is full of Chef John videos. This is not an accident. #bestInternetChefEver

  58. Mark

    If I could just get past the annoying voice

  59. Cider Press

    Thats a great recipe, beautifully cooked. Thank you, Chef!

  60. Rynagh McSweeney


  61. Janice Wise


  62. Mrssea Sea

    Gotta try this! Thank you😉

  63. CRE Love

    You had me at a chunk of butter

  64. Spin S

    I made this last week and it turned out really well. Some alterations I made. I didn’t use onions. I added peas to it. Instead of cream I used 4 oz of velveta. Instead of using cayenne I used smoked paprika. Turned out really well.

  65. Floresel Macasaet

    what kind of cream? milk or all purpose cream?

  66. bassbill2

    I would want some cheese in this also.

  67. immortaljatt05

    Going Good Fellas on that garlic lol

  68. Michael Phillips

    Can I skip rinsing the potatoes for a starchier, thicker soup?

  69. Travis Versace

    What are your favorite soups?
    Mines would have to be
    1. Lobster bisque
    2. Crab bisque
    3. Tomato cheddar
    4. Tomato and basil
    5. Curry shrimp and corn chowder
    Can’t forget about the ole….
    clam chowder!

  70. Bahay Kubo

    my mouth is watering

  71. Sheri D

    my mom makes something like this only she adds a block of cheese in it and, it makes it a cheesy potatoe ham soup lol Velveeta cheese

  72. Rachel Moreschi

    This was like my first ever cooking/food wishes recipe EVER. And all
    I’ll say is that I now recognize techniques that are common in cooking. 💯 love & respect!!!!

  73. BLANK

    hello chef, can i use milk instead of cream?

  74. Lindamorena

    can you remake you split peas and ham soup video?

  75. mcbig2

    Really good one. But you can make it way better if you use Smoked Ham 🙂

  76. Erik M Foss


  77. britta lane

    awww man chef john…..the art major joke hit a little close to home:( i still love you though <3

  78. Steel Castle

    Replace water with beer.  I think is makes it a little better.  By the way, my sister-in-law was an art major…can’t wait to use that joke on her!

  79. Adriano Andrade

    Interesting, I know a recipe just like that here in Brazil, but instead of chicken broth the recipe uses beer. It’s called Beer Soup.

  80. Heretic

    Seems like 85 potato hating art majors saw the video

    1. Steel Castle

      Don’t judge them!  People who have little time on their hands need pizza too!

  81. Vicivic1404

    Made it yesterday. Oh my , so good!!!!!

  82. Godz Comingsoon

    Made this for dinner just now and it was delicious! Thank for sharing and great job!👍

  83. Javier Chavez


  84. SirSly420

    great recipe thanks

    1. tanyanorth57

      Excellent recipe

  85. Eugene Knapik

    Made this last night. Substituted milk instead of cream. Beautiful soup.

  86. Lovely Shrew

    I just made it and it turned out great. I first cooked two pieces of bacon in the pot then strained fat from it, added butter and continued recipe as usual. I didnt have celery but it was fine, I doubled the cayenne, I used half and half instead of cream, and added a little dried basil for looks. The result was a kind of spicy, smoky, ham flavored soup. Delicious and so easy!

  87. tammy thompson

    does it have to be cream or can it be milk

    1. Zuri Robles

      tammy thompson it can be milk too but the consistency changes of the soup

  88. Paulina M.

    Gosh, this made me so hungry…

  89. Antoinette vanderpool

    Love a man who cooks, AND, does it so very well 🙂 but he has to clean up too .

    1. The Narrator

      i do all those things but……..what does the woman do?
      look pretty was what you used to do but now you’re a bunch of whales….
      so.. women offer what in todays world? they offer demands of what they want in a man. – > time to leave boys

    2. psycold

      That’s a shame because I do all those things but I like women who capitalize their last name.

    3. CR Wing

      Antoinette vanderpool anything else my Queen!? PFFFFTTTTT

  90. SunBunz

    Looks amazing! And what a funny uploader. xD

  91. rod of discipline

    Cooked this last night, dang, spot on.

  92. Diana Lopez


  93. IKIGAI

    Definitely trying this recipe!

  94. SaLote Manu

    Best Soup I ever made! Love your tutorial, it’s hilarious and simple to follow! Thanks for sharing!

  95. lymm 27

    thank you I made this today it’s soo delicious and smells amazing!

  96. daphne rodriguez

    Food Wishes: Ham potato soup!!!!!!! AMAZING 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈👏💜

  97. Brittany Napier

    this was great didn’t have ham but will try ham next time

  98. AimlessCrusader

    This is my go-to soup for grey days! I love it! I just add about 5 strips of crispy bacon at the end which my hubby says is non-negotiable. I know how to do this soup by heart pretty much, but I still watch this video every time because I just love Chef John’s voice with me in the kitchen! ❤️. Thanks, Chef, for a family favorite!

  99. Hashani Gunasekara

    thanks Foodwishes.com..for the delicious recipe..
    chef John u r amazing..

  100. jeenuhx

    I’d need to substitute the creme for something non-lactose. ideas?

    1. jeenuhx

      thank you! 😀

    2. Burnt Dog

      jeenuhx Wondra seems to work, mixes with water. I mix on side add it in ir lactose free milk etc..

  101. camelpuncher95

    I suggest you to sizzle the ham in the butter first, then remove it from the pot and add it in after the potatoes are cooked.

    The ham just loses all of it’s flavor otherwise and the pieces become bland

  102. Nanasstitches

    We’re going to nickname you Johnacayenne

  103. Ben Harger

    made this today and it turned to mush. do i just need to cook it less?

    1. Rene Mejias

      Ben Harger yes you most likely over cooked it. the potatoes should mash easily but still hold its shape a bit. try simmering the soup less time

    2. Ben Harger

      Anna Hutch but my carrots and stuff like that had absolutely no flavor when I bit into them. it was just weird.

    3. poop on you

      Ben Harger. its soup its suppose to be mush like

  104. Sal Sel

    i just made it its really good just didnt add ham i need to substitute still think which meat

    1. Suzanne Baruch

      Smoked turkey is a GREAT substitute for the ham. You can use smoked breast, a whole smoked leg (or perhaps a drumstick or two), or even smoked wings for this.

    2. Kirsten Bergstrom

      If you can’t eat ham, I’m assuming no pork? Try smoked turkey leg.

  105. Dan Webster

    Nice one I gonna try it.

  106. Andrew Taylor

    Did this with just carrots, the garlic and some cut up boneless skinless chicken tenderloins still tasted amazing.

  107. Wayne Sinclair

    Chef John said you can freeze this or make it ahead of time. Would the cream go bad in either of these situations? Or would it be ok?

  108. R3dp055um

    You will roux the day you said that.

  109. circuscase

    The Garlic is not thinly sliced enough for Goodfella’s.

  110. Whaynna Araujo

    iam  making today thank you gods

  111. Cory

    I made this and it came out great, but I had trouble with the roux. I was cooking on medium heat like suggested, but my flour browned and stuck to the pan almost instantly, leaving tiny brown flakes in the final product. Any suggestions?

    1. lambyiii

      cory, another issue might be the pot you were using. some pots have really thin bottoms to them and the heat from the stove will EASILY burn your food is you have the temp too high or aren’t constantly stirring it. so make sure you have a thick pot And one that has one of those stickfree coatings…your flour wont burn that way

    2. Enny Kraft

      +TheGrayBox Use more butter and maybe turn the heat down a bit.

  112. DR Dan

    Come on Chef.  Ditch the butter and go full on porkie and use bacon fat.  My thoughts are if you have to use a fat make it one with flavor, if the recipe allows.  And this one would.  What could be better?  How about some thinly sliced ciabatta baguette slathered with garlic butter and toasted served on the side for dipping?

  113. Vianney Soto Solis

    As I did not have broth I prepared just with water and was great, I can imagine with chicken broth must be marvelous, thanks for the recipe.

  114. ClamsAnonymous

    goodfellows? you mean goodfellas?

    1. Heywood Jablome

      +ClamsAnonymous You’re a fun tampon

  115. X0 alicia

    i have a question, i have been wanting to figure out how to make my dads soup becauae he passed couple years ago and i can never find it. all i rememeber is he put the ham on the bone in the soup itself and let it simmer for few hours? on this video and others ive seen you cut the ham up and cooked it a little first.. so im just wondering do you possibly know probably how my dad made it? please help ):

    1. Caro Jane

      +X0 alicia My mum made a ham bone soup, I make it too. Might not be the same as your Dads but here is how we make it- Dice carrot, onion, celery and cook in a little butter/oil on low-med heat until onion is clear. Add ham bone and enough water to cover. We add barley and lentils and any other finely diced veges we want about now (I love pumpkin in soups so I add that nearly always). Bring to simmer and cook for 2-3 hours on a low heat until everything is tender and taste is heavenly, I use the slow cooker and give it a good 6-8 hours. Check seasoning as you go- if the ham is really salty you wont need to add much salt but add pepper etc to taste. Just after you get it simmering, you will notice froth on the top, its good to skim this off. But sometimes you don’t have time, or you forget and its still ok. I often add herbs as well, fresh parsley towards the end is lovely.

  116. Anli Qi

    Art majors will never show up on your doorstep any more than science majors joke’s on you.

  117. Felix Eduard Abelgas

    can i use water instead of chicken broth in this recipe?

  118. Jenny Dombrowski

    Thanks Chef John! This soup turned out perfectly and I was able to use up leftover spiral cut ham!

  119. tvcharleytown

    No cheese?

    1. Rainsong T

      +tvcharleytown Cheese would make this far too rich. The ham along with the vegetables and broth gives a wonderful flavor to the soup. I had no cream on hand so I substituted sour cream. A dollop in the bowl was just perfection.

    2. Joe Munoz

      same thought here.

  120. estefany93col

    I just made this soup! it is so tasteful LOVE IT! I also used Bacon instead of ham, and just love it…. thanks for sharing!

  121. 40racquel

    Hi, really like your soup recipe but do have a question.
    On your site you have the ingredients listed but no the directions, why is that??

    1. lambyiii

      practice those cooking skills, racquel! it will get to the point where you won’t need measurements or step by step instructions to make stuff. the great thing about most cooking and most recipes is that you almost always have wiggle room to make modifications or alterations. cook the food how YOU (or your family) like it. i think its cute when beginner cooks ask questions like , “i dont eat beef..can i substitute chicken instead???” the answer usually is “of course!” 🙂 play around and have some fun when you cook.

    2. 40racquel

      Hi, ok, thanks for answering 🙂

    3. babycthuyx

      He said in a Q&A that FoodWishes is a video cooking tutorial site and not a recipe site so he doesn’t feel the need to list step by step when his main goal was to show you how to do it step by step lol if that makes any sense hahah he explained it in a 1000th video Q&A 🙂

  122. andrewt248

    Made it tonight. Top notch!

    Here’s my mods:
    • Subbed scallion “whites” for yellow onion
    • Subbed Olive oil for butter
    • Subbed crispy bacon for some of the ham

    1. Arthas Menethil

      I often swap olive oil for butter, but with milk or cream based foods butter seems to blend better. Sometimes I’ve seen the olive oil separate

    2. The Narrator

      cooking olive oil makes it not good for your health anymore. at a temp
      while butter contains fats that your body needs.
      just saying

    3. Suzanne Baruch

      Your comments are always so great, Andrew! Just thought I’d let you know your efforts are appreciated.

  123. Tom Kroll

    I was cold yesterday and I like potato soup, my son and daughter do not. But I did not care I wanted a warm soup. So I made it. Well the whole pot was gone the son had 4 bowls. IT was great and I will make your soup again. Thank you

  124. Tony Samson

    Looks good except did`nt trim the fat off the ham.

  125. Baghuul

    can you show us how to make boiled egg? i want to learn

  126. workaholicmusic2

    pay for the pizza, lol

  127. tonntonns

    that explains why nobody likes me… I’m a know it all lol

  128. Tonithenightowl

    I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from adding a bit of cheddar cheese. I would also use ham hocks not a slice of ham. This way you don’t need chicken stock. Ham hocks produce a nice broth bc it comes with a bone.:o)

  129. Red Woods

    To thicken, add real potato flakes.

  130. Luna810

    I hate carrots in potato soup. It’s potato soup.

    1. Jake Hoffman

      Carrots and mushrooms seem to be an issue with young pallets.

    2. Ben Harger

      Luna810 the base to soup is mirepoux which 50% onion 25% celery and 25% carrot. thats probably why he did it but it adds amazing flavor i suggest trying it.

    3. Jake Hoffman

      +Luna810 root soup starts with potato and carrot and is awesome with ham, Irish boiled ham. saurkraut and spam…

  131. liu wu

    Hi sir, is this safe for preg women?

    1. Tony Samson

      +liu wu Just feed it to them, they don`t like it, well let them starve.

    2. Joseph Charles

      +liu wu All-purpose flour. For a roux it’s always flour. Check the link beneath Chef John’s videos and it takes you to a blog post with all the ingredients and measurements.

    3. liu wu

      +Joseph Charles sorry for the double reply. The kind of flour you use, was all purpose flour or like kind that make it thicken? starch?

    4. liu wu

      +Joseph Charles thank you I think this is safe as long as it’s not a diet.

    5. Joseph Charles

      +liu wu I found this, too, from the Mayo Clinic, maybe it could be helpful:

  132. iamenmotion

    Chef John, I made this soup today and it was the bizness!  Creamy, buttery and hearty all in one pot.  Served with a side of peas and a spinach salad with some crusty bread.  It was comfort heaven.  Thanks for sharing.

  133. Cindy Le

    is it OK to replace the stock with broth

    1. Tony Samson

      +Cindy Le NO

    2. Tonithenightowl

      +Cindy Le I would be using ham broth. I always save some when I bake a ham. You can also use ham hocks instead. You need a bone – in piece of meat to make broth and ham hocks are perfect. Hope this helps. :o)

  134. ChloeClaire

    I blended up half of my potatoes into a puree & Used bacon instead of Ham
     This was so flavorful!! One of the best soup recipes i’ve had, Thanks!

    1. Miel Mani

      I puree about a cup and a half or so of the cooked soup to give it more body instead of using the potato masher.

    2. andrewt248

      +Joseph Charles +1 I’m totally about to go half and half.

    3. Joseph Charles

      +XxChantellXx1 I was thinking of using bacon, too, or maybe half and half.

  135. Janice Sayon

    kuya.. ibutang fud ang ingredients pag may time.. dli man sa gina.pressure ka namo pero “ishlang” kaau ka..nosebleed here..

  136. Richard II Ramos

    This is one of Chef John’s most comfortable and satisfying and funny to watch recipe videos :).
    I would love to have a bowl of that soup during a cold Christmas evening.

  137. PoDuck

    This recipe is what taught me that my mother didn’t know how to make potato soup.  It’s so fast and easy.  The hardest thing is chopping the veggies.

  138. Daniel Iteon

    you using so much double cream is discounting

  139. Steve Long

    looks real nice thanks for sharing

  140. brian kelly

    Only the pure in heart can make a good soup…

    1. Long duk dong

      I don’t know about that. I make delicious soup and am a complete dirtball.

    2. joe jitsu

      brian kelly Thank you for explaining that. I’ve always wondered why my soup was no good. Maybe I should stick moonshining. That seems like a good hobby for somebody who is impure of heart.

    3. super calculon

      brian kelly quote by Ludwig van Beethoven.

    4. Jake Hoffman

      +brian kelly and sauce..
      Layers are NEEDED

  141. Rebecca Brand

    Chef John, that’s beautiful.  I love the art major joke, I’m also an artist, but think that a cooking show on Youtube will be more lucrative, ha ha.  much love!

    1. Nasreen Taj


  142. PockASqueeno

    2:20 +7Risen7Phoenix7 
    Kyle: I didn’t know that!

    1. 7Risen7Phoenix7

      2:24 *badumtss*

  143. KidDirtbag

    A little cooking hack: Instead of mash the potatoes to make the soup thicker, just add in some corn starch

    1. Mike Pellerin

      Adding a little bit of dried potato flakes works great to help thicken the soup, in addition to mashing a few bits.

      There’s no one way to make Potato Soup. You make it the way you like it. That’s the beauty of a simple, classic, soup.

    2. dartanzalw

      But the potato starch is free from the potatoes. Just saying

  144. James Choi

    had no chicken broth, used alittle beef stock of what i had ,and used water,
    Incredible , Very nice, I thank you !.

  145. Donald Baird

    I would highly recommend finely chopping up some red sweet peppers and putting them in this. Great soup! Eating the leftovers now for lunch 😀

  146. AzurePrince

    I’ve magically become hungry.. Now I want some!!

  147. Augusto Sampaga

    +Food Wishes  How can i make a Chicken Broth? Im only 8 and im learning

  148. gothicsabbath1987

    I’ve just made this soup! It was simply delicious, easy to follow and easy to make. Husband loved it. Thank you! I am new to your channel, but I will definitely be doing more of your recipes. 

  149. Doc Malthus

    This is one of those cornerstone recipes….so simple, so good, and impossible to screw up!

  150. Jonas Ortiz


  151. Rory Jakobs

    That art major joke made me feel all the more confident about the Bachelor in Fine Arts im planning on doing the year after next, just wow xD 

    1. AutomHatter

      Ben Robbins That is awesome that you were able to see what avenue would make you the most happy in your life, and you have been living it! I’ll point out though, that some people’s dreams are to be working in the field of their passions, instead of as a hobby. Some hobbies can bring great financial gains, and some cannot. Just depends what is more important to you. I myself recently discovered that I am not fond of doing art commissions. I don’t enjoy painting for other people. However I do greatly enjoy putting my art into exhibits that allow it to be sold there. So I can make some money off of my art, but I am limited because of my distaste for commissions. If I were to force myself to paint for others to make the most money, I would not enjoy art or my “job” as much. So I have to chose which is more important to me, money, or artistic freedom.

    2. Ben Robbins

      Having traveled to France & Italy, I suspect it is easier to value art when you are literally surrounded by it. I will say there is still beauty to be appreciated in Amerca, but it is mostly of the natural variety.

      As far as giving up on dreams, if you love art, minor in it, don’t major in it.

      I love history. Did I major in history? No. I knew I would have an extremely difficult time making a living as a historian, and knew I wouldn’t be a good teacher, so I majored in something practical that I am good at, namely accounting. So, now I have no student loans, help people save money on their taxes, and still enjoy learning about history.

      I didn’t “give up on my dream,” I tempered my dream with reality.

    3. maryandchild

      americans don’t value art or humanities like other countries. i do have to say that being a high school art teacher in america is a pretty terrible ‘dream’ because our school system sucks and most schools budget almost nothing for art/music/humanities.

    4. AutomHatter

      I am going to guess all of the people putting Rory down have given up on their dreams.

    5. elnet1

      Pizza Hut and Dominos needs drivers!

  152. mikeyloma

    Are you a fan of dr Steven brule?

  153. RedRisotto

    This was many times better than I would have expected with mentioned leftovers. Didn’t have heavy cream so I adjusted the colour (I eyeballed a bit too much carrots) with a bit of milk. I did run it in the blender, so the kids would eat it too. Super-easy and impossible to screw up. Thanks!

  154. denisse Apple

    What if we don’t have chicken broth?

    1. califdad4

      yes, I said the veggie stock soup didn’t taste as good, I was being nice, it was more like Yuck! and with the chicken broth, I loved it

    2. Eric

      What everyone else said before me, and it’s dead cheap. You can either but it  as a liquid in a pot, or just simply buy some stock cubes and dump it in together with some water.

    3. califdad4

      go buy some, it makes a big difference in the taste
      My wife used to make a wonderful cabage vegetable soup, and used chicken broth, one day she was out of it,  and had vegetable broth and it didn’t taste as good,  made a huge difference

    4. Tyler L

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