Irish Shepherd’s Pie – Classic Shepherd Pie for St. Patrick’s Day

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Learn how to make an Irish Shepherd’s Pie! – Visit for the ingredients, more recipe information, and over 675 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Irish Shepherd’s Pie recipe!

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615 Replies to “Irish Shepherd’s Pie – Classic Shepherd Pie for St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. BMXGirl 420

    This voice is most definitely Seth Rogan actor

  2. Gayle Fadden-Keffer

    thnx so much Chef John…luv all your videos….so helpful & always tasty!!!

  3. DarrenBonJovi

    I’m Irish, and I approve!

  4. Rob C

    Oh man, one of my favorite takeout items from Marie Callender’s. That plus a piece of their awesome pie. Food coma.

  5. CFCninja

    Foly huck

  6. Arun Konanur

    A funny thing: wondering what you’d call a Shepherd’s Pie reminded me that the French (Canadian) name for the dish is “Pate Chinois” — and curiously in New England it’s also called “Chinese Pie”

  7. dbsill cockney

    Irish Shepards pie seems to be the same as the rest of the British isles, shepards pie 🙂

  8. Sweet Jones

    Go ahead and top *YOUR MEAT* 😀

  9. Beth Bartlett

    This Irish Girl is also American and it’s Chopped Beef for me – 86 the Ketchup – ick!

  10. Janikia Woods

    Im just here for the jokes… learning is a plus 🤣🤣😂

  11. Joey Sal

    The 1st cut that comes out perfect with you.. Wow

  12. BluesNBrews

    who say English don’t have good dishes?

  13. George B

    Looks yummo….but as an Irishman I have to say, olive oil! No! It’s just….wrong.

  14. istanjim

    Man-O-Man do I ever have to try and make this. Chef John makes it all look sooooo easy!

  15. Tommy Monroe

    Loved this dish! Could we substitute beef? Doesn’t have to be Irish Shepherd’s Pie. Excellent demonstration! Thank you!

  16. April Young

    Cooking the lamb and onion right now. Looking forward to tasting this dish when it’s all finished 🙂

  17. Keith Dawes

    Just for the record, Shepherds Pie and cottage Pie are both traditional ENGLISH dishes.

  18. irish1

    I’m Irish. I approve too. Job well done

  19. Leonard Szubinski

    Please, stop with the accentuating, by going a higher octave or lower, on the last word of every sentence! It gets a little aggravating after a while! Other than that, you’ve got a good show.

  20. Eva Alordiah

    *Is it just me or did his voice keep you watching?? Hahahhaa! Beautiful! ‘The sun was going down and i had to get my Money shot.’ LOL!*

  21. TheCynedd

    This recipe is great but the only thing I do not like about it is the boiling of the potatoes. Vegetables should be steamed, not boiled.

  22. Lee Kelly

    You made me hungry

  23. Gina Sellers

    Lamb tastes like sweat so I will make this with good old fashioned industrial farmed, hormone injected beef that is chocked full of antibiotics.

  24. Don Carbon

    stupid idiot
    cottage pie is with beef you moron
    Potatoes are from SOUTH america
    fucking moron

  25. Andrew Claymore

    Seems a conflict of interest for a shepherd to be eating lamb…

  26. austin4x

    Shepherds pie jokes are very unbecoming of ewe.

  27. Jimmy C

    Thank you for all you do and you cutting wit

  28. M Quigglez

    Question …. could u even take the potato crust mixture and roll it out with a pin and place it on top in 1 sheet ?? Or is it to soft and would fall apart ?? Maybe even brush the top with a melted butter mixture ??

  29. gina

    Please if I place my dish up to the screen, can I have a big piece? lol This looks wonderful.

  30. James Wells

    Potatoes are from Peru not America!

  31. AquaDeMimi

    Too Funny. Thank you.

  32. OceanBlue

    Shepherd’s Pie is from the UK!… It did not originate from Ireland!

  33. Roxana Tapia

    he has a special way to talk, show his videos, incredible!

  34. Elena Horowitz

    our second time using your recipe to make this delicious meal!!

  35. Cani Vertido

    Tried it. Deeeeeelicious!!! Thanks, John for sharing.

  36. marvin O'Neale

    When you cook this on a ranch it’s called dude pie

  37. nancy bennett

    your videos are my favorite

  38. Patty White

    I searched the internet to find a recipe that was pretty much authentic and came upon yours. I made this last night for my family and they LOVED it. THANK YOU!

  39. SvenTviking

    Irish shepherd’s pie? Seriously? English shepherd’s pie.

  40. Kerry Meade

    This was really good we had a little too much moisture but that was our fault very good we will make it again

  41. kray97

    Irish, I had more.

  42. Andrew Jett

    Awesome vid. Thanks

  43. Andrew Cuthbertson

    I’m making this on St Patrick’s Day. Wish me luck.

  44. Abe

    I think you meant sour cream, not cream cheese

  45. Konsul Darkstalker

    What I don’t use: Frozen peas.

    It turned out fine, I used spinach instead.

  46. Suzee Taylor

    Hahhaha…”…and when it’s gone I rish I had more.” :))) Very clever! Thank you for this great recipe, I will try it in the near future.

  47. Luke G



    “I hear people in Europe love ketchup” LOL. Other than that great video as always.

  49. James Parker

    looks good but I use GROUND BEEF 👍

  50. Michael T

    No…The Irish would not approve of ketchup in this recipe at all!!!!!!

  51. It's a Button

    It’s called s cottage pie because it’s cooked in a circular deep dish and the mashed potatoes on top form a peak on the top and then pressed with the back of a fork to resemble a thatched roof the like of which you find on many cottages that are a few hundred years old in England……that’s why it’s called a cottage pie and shepherds pie is traditionally made with lamb left over and chopped from a Sunday roast not minced lamb ( usually a leg ) however they all taste superb 🤝

  52. Edward Mahoney

    Irish I had more.

  53. Citizen Brain

    When this dish is made with ground beef, I call it “Wrangler Pie”. When I make this dish with ground Buffalo (which is amazing), I call it “Prairie Pie”…

  54. Ron Romano

    I made it last week. Used wondra instead of flour. Came out a little silky and never really set up very well but it was awesome. Maybe a little more wondra. Also never really got the fats to cook down that well in the begining but the flavor from that lamb came trough like a champ. Next time I may play with the spice profiles. Cumin, turmeric and cinnamon. I didn’t use the cheese because my step son thinks only pizza should have cheese. What does he know?

  55. Frank Chase

    I will trust you always, after following your recipe that turned a corned beef into pastrami.  Great job, food wishes.

  56. Randy VanBever

    Does anyone remember which episode “the old tappa tappa” comes from?

  57. The crazy man from Ireland.

    Looks yummy great video

  58. Jonathan Anthony

    The ol tapper tapper

  59. Maty Nezhoda

    We also have shepherds pie in England

  60. Jessica Kuehn

    Chef John, you are just my absolute favorite. Thank you for being you.

  61. Gruelty


  62. Mark GP Atherton

    Yes Yes Yes! Looks so delicious.

  63. anummasa

    made me laugh Irish shepherd was he in charge of cows

  64. paul1x1

    Yup my granny used lamb for her stew too it was delicious


    Lovely recipe!! 🙂 Congrats on the great channel!! Dan from Dad Grub X

  66. zciweslab

    Hi John- your vocal inflection is reminiscent of the DJ on Martini in the Morning. Is that a California thing? Your food sure is jazzy!

  67. Blixem

    add beer…

  68. Blixem

    venison works as well…I think they kinda taste the same.

  69. Parsing Elf

    What potatoes originated in Peru so we thank the people of Peru for this tuber 🙂

  70. Hey ReeBee

    This video is LOADED with “dad jokes” 😹

  71. Eclectica Eclectica

    Can someone explain to me the Irish potatoes story?
    I didn’t got it, English is not my first language.😊

  72. Eclectica Eclectica

    Are you been sarcastic?
    People in Europe, loving ketchup? LOL
    Loooooving your videos!

  73. Ted Ptasznik

    About time someone made it right…thanks

  74. Dillinger 25

    Chef John , would you ever try to make the classic Irish black pudding ?

  75. Steve Logan

    I am from rural kentucky, and although i know we are none for bbq, but the bbq that is most prevelent is made with mutton,smoked on hickory wood, so we have access to lamb, try it instead of beef, its, good, and yes, i am irish.

  76. colum bannon

    Why change the recipe, this then comes not an Irish Shepherd`s Pie

  77. danyelle house

    Whoever he marries , they will definitely be blessed.

  78. Chet B


  79. Red Dawg .357

    Lamb = Shepherd’s Pie. Beef = Cow Pie.

    wait, what?!

  80. Cat Momma

    Yep, it’s called a Cottage Pie. My GreatNan taught me how to make it. Getting Lamb back in the 1900’s was near impossible here in the U.S.

  81. Barbara Rey

    I made this an felt like I was at a great restaurant!! Thank you very much.

  82. Peggy Olson


  83. Michel TubeHD

    OK I though it’s beef

  84. Rose

    I love potata

  85. Mitchell 42

    You should put a ingredient list in your description it would be great

  86. gripplehound

    Cinnamon????? Garlic???? Ketchup???? Are you mad???

  87. John308 Small

    Looks good FW thanks for the video.

  88. LOLFlyingPotatoes

    There were no cowboys in England. Wtf?!

  89. Octopus Prime

    You got it half right, so Shepard pie is made with Lamb. But ever wonder why this looks like a casserole, well that’s cause it is. The real Shepard pie involves a good caraway seed pie crust.

  90. Michael D

    Thank you so much for enriching me with this recipe!

  91. Joe 04

    Is this Fucking Yank trying to be funny…Prick !

  92. Andrea Douglas

    I don’t like lamb but you get a like for your cheesy jokes LOL

  93. J.A.S.

    Looks great

  94. mathew fletcher

    That Irish police man joke was good

  95. SunShine Fine

    Money shots from food… Haha 😂😂😂

  96. Qi Ping Liu

    In going to try this out. But i dont have ground beef, so im going to use the leftovers of a rotisserie chicken i have in the fridge since Sunday. Im also leaving the egg out because I only have 1 egg left and i need it for breakfast tomorrow. I only have feta cheese and i dont think it will work for the browning of the potatoes. I guess I may have to go to the market?

  97. ruzzell907

    I forgot the green peas. I’m such a fucking idiot.

  98. Judith Morisset

    irish i had more lol cracked me up

  99. calvin richards

    yasssss if I was there with you id give you a high five

  100. Daniel Dandino

    In Quebec Province, French Canadians have a similar traditional recipe, however we use creamy corn (not mixed into meat, but above meat preparation) and, generally, beef. All the rest is the same. We call it: Paté Chinois. Very strange name for a recipe having nothing to do with Chineses……. The origin is certainly this Irish Sheperd’s Pie, all the more so Irish people were very important, historically, during colonization in Canada.

  101. Marie Drebitko

    I love watching these videos, he’s funny too.. 🙂

  102. Ivan Zamora

    I was wondering instead of peas could u add diced potatoes?

  103. ghost gaming

    I’m from Ireland and that’s not how you make shepherd’s pie

  104. I eat sausage for supper and dinner

    peas and carrots my only weakness……

  105. Jay Man

    Lol.. Awesome!!

  106. It's Okay to Eat Mayo

    Add your onions & some vinegar to your ground lamb & let it sit overnight to get rid of that gamey flavor. It’s gamey because you got an old sheep (mutton)

    When I was still eating meat, Whole Foods Icelandic lamb wasn’t gamey. Just before Whole Foods was bought out by Amazon, all the good staff left (in my location). God only knows the quality of the food right now 😉

  107. j Sullivan

    that cheese is food porn

  108. Joanne Bohan

    We approve !!!!lol

  109. Mary Fuentes

    Thank you so much! simple , easy and tasty, you are wonderful! Thanks again!

  110. The Headless Chef

    nice. I love this comfort food. I’ve made something similar – have a look but I used beef as it’s less fatty 😀

  111. Ramona R

    Am sorry but a lot of American Irish hate lamb. So I make mine with beef.. and my hubby loves it.. He wouldn’t eat lamb shepherds pie.. American Irish make cottage pie.. and it’s delicious.. call it what you will.. but to me it’s shepherds pie with a different type of meat being used..

  112. Kolby Benthin

    Beef Shepherd’s Pie is Rancher’s Pie

  113. Dimi K

    Good stuff. My only addition would be a thicker and creamier potato topping with paprika on top, and a layer of corn on top of the meat mixture. I’m hungry!

  114. Franklin Mena

    Can I replace the peas and carrots with tomatoes and onions?

  115. misshappynun

    Hey i’m from the UK and my mum made it like this without worcestershire ( sp ) sauce -(have tried 5 times to spell it! LOL ) where did that addition come from? anyone know?

  116. Thomas Bernecky

    Call it a cow pie if you use beef?

  117. John Claffey

    Chef John can I just say you have the most irritating voice I have ever listened too , you sound like Barney the Dinosaur on Helium FFS subtitles would suffice ..

  118. eva eva

    Oww WOW!! YESS!! I’m gonna make this pie! Yummyyyyyyy…😋😋😋😋

  119. Mitchell- Novak

    The link above does not have the instructions. How do I get a complete printable recipe ? Sure would like it for future use. THX

  120. Jonathan Ryder

    Chef John, you are the kind of chef I’ve been looking for. All of your videos are very informative with a lot of added humor, and you have really helped me with understanding a lot of my cooking conundrums. Keep cooking chef!

  121. Pete v

    Your voice is perfect in doing this video.

  122. Rylan Storm

    Dear Chef John

    You have restored my faith in humanity. So many American “chefs” making Shepherd’s Pie with Beef, who then have the audacity to say “It’s not English/Irish Shepherd’s Pie. It’s American Shepherd’s Pie and we can make it with what we want!”

    Thank you!

  123. Irene Chong

    Very simple and easy method . I love your video

  124. Jest Lockhearts

    I watched how chef Ramsy does it and he just speaks everything to life…You’re more detailed and helpful.

  125. Sam Hamilton

    I have made this over 10 times now. It is incredible.

  126. I am just a mom

    can I use sheep as in mutton instead? we dont eat baby animals in my home if we can help it.

  127. Avery Spottswood

    Thanks Ireland for the potatoes

  128. Mathieu Hanouz



    Lovely !!! Erin go braugh !!!

  130. elbacooks4u

    My ultimate comfort food. Great video chef John
    God Bless,

  131. Aaron Rogers

    I think a piping bag is the best way to go for the mash potatoes

  132. Precious Homes

    late to the party, but still gona try this with lamb

  133. Miguel anguiano

    Awesome video. Thank you

  134. Paul Metcalf

    Ranchers Pie

  135. Glen Childers

    Well a person who herded cows was called a cow-herd, so I guess you could call it a coward’s pie

  136. MissMary128

    I make this every year. this is my go-to! SO good

  137. RageYourSoul

    with beef it would be cowards pie, shepherd, sheep herd, cow herd, coward get it? Ok I’ll see myself out …

  138. Jim Hope

    Great job,looked delicious.

  139. IrishWolf

    I’m an Irish chef and I approve!!!

  140. bad banano

    Ugh! Fennel, not onion!

  141. Lys Rangell

    Brazillians watching this and thinking “okay is just a escondidinho”

    1. ponponvinsky

      Bom, eu nunca comi escondidinho de carneiro. E o cheddar que vc encontra por aqui é uma porcaria que mal dá pra ser chamado de queijo.

  142. Thomas Bernecky

    wheres the pie crust?

  143. imallearsru

    What would you call it if you used ground pork? Piggy pie, swine pie or oink pie?

  144. damian noel patrick Houlihan

    Im irish I live here in Dublin . That is disgusting . I would call that slop. I wouldnt feed that to a pig . Seriously you really want to get your facts right

  145. Kalvinism

    Tip from an Irishman: After the pie is finished in the oven, put it in the grill until the potato on top is crispy and golden brown! It tastes amazing.

  146. Tj Landry


  147. Johnny Pastrana

    Looks like another winner to me…and thanks Food Wishes!!!

  148. Nees Argon

    Ketchup is too sweet. I use tomato puree or paste.

  149. alexandria nguyen

    great show. Watch our videos: 1.Australian parakeets-rising stars 2. UTC- La Jolla Village Drive 3. Santa Ana …Enjoy

  150. Roger Sy

    What was the first ever video where chef john first taught us the ol tappa tappa? Hmmm

  151. Tony Stark

    @2:16 When he says “they come with..” the W sounds like a drip of water coming from a faucet

  152. KillerBebe

    I make mine look like a zen garden

  153. I'm-perfectly happy to be me Michelle

    I-rish I had cheddar cheese.
    I have to use hamburger and no cheese or lamb but I will try this. Thanks. I was wondering if this would work with scalloped potatoes. Ok totally changing the recipe. Lol Thanks anyway for all the ingredients.

    1. Last of Brunnen G

      thats a cottage pie fyi

  154. Pan Darius Kairos

    I rish I had some of this.

  155. salvador vargas

    I went crazy one thanksgiving and mixed ground bison, elk, wild boar, grass fed beef, and a bit of spicy italian sausage. To the potatoes i not only added Irish cheddar but smoked chopped bacon and i powdered some cheddar cheeze-it. I have a very large family and made 3 large pies. I must have had 2 slices. When i got up for a 3rd serving i noticed 2/3 of 1 pie was left and saved it. Everyone wanted to take some home and never told anyone what meats i used they thought it was fine beef n pork. Its been 5 years now and im always expected to make those meat pies

  156. John McDermott

    In lieu of water or broth, what about adding a Guinness??

  157. L Silk


  158. Anna Lupis

    All day I follow these videos . I’m going nuts . I’m making this recipe . This chef is convincing me .

  159. Potato Cacti

    This video made me so hungry

  160. R H

    Ever make German Shepard Pie?

  161. MaddySmilez

    I dont remember the last time i ate this but one of my favorite dishes! Love shepards pie

  162. Ace Bitw

    Thanks so much for ingredient’s it’s so much better then second guessing.

  163. Just Kyle


  164. James B

    well done.

  165. Freiza guy

    Where do I get lamb? There is no place around me that carries it.

  166. arriesone1

    May a little browner on top?

  167. TheWillog

    i always wonder on this when people say “i’m irish” are you actually Irish or just a yank who’s great great great nanny was irish

  168. Ciprian Grosu

    “people in europe loves it”… i LOLed so hard at that joke. Thanks for that chef, you are an amazing person. Cheers.

  169. breker19er

    Lol you just needed a excuse to play with your potatoes!!

  170. David G

    Chef john! Can you use one of those brownie inlays to make all the edges crispy and brown I think that would work great!

  171. mary dario

    I love your Shepherds pie it’s simple and look delicious. I love lamb before no but when I start traveling I learned if you use a fresh lamb meat you go early in the butcher ask them to ground lamb for you not ready made package in store
    And your recipe will be the best

  172. Tiko Sarota

    I honestly replay this video for the CHEESY food jokes/puns

  173. James Gober

    Super Great video. Kindest Regards James Gober

  174. Maija Whelan

    If it’s made with beef you can call it cowboy pie

    1. D.J. Veenma-Wilson

      It’s actually called a Cottage Pie if it’s made with beef.

  175. Stefan Nikola

    cowherd pie

  176. Mohamed ElKabbash

    made it yesterday, was absolutely magnificent

  177. psammiad

    Shepherd’s Pie is a BRITISH dish, even if you use Irish cheese! Cottage pie for beef and shepherd’s for lamb is a modern idea, it was called cottage pie in the 18th century regardless of meat used. It was a poor person’s food, and poor people lived in cottages. Incidentally it’s better to use mutton for something like a shepherd’s pie, though I think that’s not a popular meat in the US (what do you do with all those grown up sheep?!)

  178. Tawfiq H2

    I’m depressed but watching these videos make me feel a little bit better thxs 😃😃😃😃😃

  179. Bob Flavin

    Am Irish, I approve of this recipe. Maris Piper or Rooster potatoes are good.

  180. Ghostdemon

    THE OLE SLATHA SLATHA for when he leveled it make it a thing please senpai

  181. mark meehan

    great version but you need to make the potato peaks bigger. when i was growing up my mum would do what you did but fluff with a fork and at the end put under the grill/broiler. you got a lovely crispy top that was perfect with the gravy underneath.

  182. deniz elli

    These cooking shows are great… A new dimension in the history of humans.

  183. Alexander Pavitt

    what’s the fastest growing economy in Europe?

    Ireland. The capital is Dublin every day.

  184. The crazy man from Ireland.

    great video thank you

  185. Ben Coughlan

    This looks absolutely revolting. This guy cant cook!

  186. Hunnybean


  187. Darricka Dukes

    all these shepards pies with no cheese on top

  188. Oreste Sacco

    It is not good for me 😝

  189. Ben Lux

    I love these. All of these are beautiful

  190. Christopher Madrigal

    around the outside. around the outside around the outside

  191. Paul Cooney

    Being Irish and coming from Ireland and eating this as a kid , my mother would never ever but ketchup Or cinnamon in Shepard pie and it was also always 100% Made with beef. Funny how a American is telling people how Irish people cook, when he has no idea, plus we don’t use flour, we make graves with granules…

  192. G.S. Kim

    By “America” you mean specifically South America, specifically Peru?

  193. Kevin West

    best recipe…my opinion

  194. Charlie Melia

    We do approve Chef John….. We approve whole heartedly….. And the frozen veg…. We do that too……. Oh and thanks for the spuds 🙂

  195. Maria Callous

    shepherd is a contraction..she’pherd  sheep herd.  in the usa we make mashed potatoes with hamburger gravy on top

  196. Miriam Prell

    You show us how to make my fave dishes and in such an entertaining way, too… SO GRATEFUL! Have you made a video or written a blog post on your recommended gadgets, small appliances, cookware, knives, etc. I’ll be outfitting a newly remodeled kitchen soon, and your advice would be invaluable!

  197. Shin Da

    ba dum ts XD

  198. Jose Miguel de Grazia

    chef john! do this, but instead of the potatoes, add mashed corn cooked with some milk, sugar and a little bit of basil, you will love it!

    1. Jose Miguel de Grazia

      oh and instead of lamb, use beef, and instead of peas and carrot, add pepper =D

    2. Jose Miguel de Grazia

      it’s called corn pie (pastel de choclo) a traditional chilean food =D

  199. Rema Asley Schiffer Sony


  200. patricia really beautiful so cleaver gorodkin

    Wow I am so hungry watching this going to make this today, lovely

  201. Mel Christensen

    Didn’t use kerrs pink potatoes. for shame. 🙁

    (jk this recipe is perfect and you used dubliner cheese so all’s forgiven)

  202. Antifrost

    No tappa tappa? Disliked, reported, called the FBI.

  203. Derek Placeholder

    If you’re going to actually use lamb, why would you not use real instead of frozen peas and carrots (especially carrots)?

  204. Elizabeth R

    I questioned you on the cinnamon.. but i used it anyway; tasted great when I tested the filling. My shepherd’s pie is in the oven now. 🙂

  205. Lubna Azam

    I always like your recipes. I tried Lasagna and it was superb. I gonna try this today. Thanks for sharing your recipes with us. And I love your voice.

  206. Josiah Tank

    I made this last night and it was awesome! A new favorite!

  207. Filthy Weeb

    Irish you would stop with the puns

  208. Ankur Kashyap

    Dude.. You are funny.. The reason I enjoy watching your videos.. 🙂

  209. High 5

    Made this tonight! Hope it tastes as good as it looks! Hoping it helps that I am part Irish!! Lol

  210. Yummy Sounds

    I’ll use whatever i want.

  211. Art Stone

    When I was a boy scout, I once stepped in a cow pie, also called a meadow muffin

  212. Whatster87

    if you make a Shepard’s pie with ground beef instead it’s called a cottage pie.

  213. Chick Norton

    Yeah thank you PERU for sending us potatoes. Real life savers. Thanks PERU

  214. Ethel Patnaude

    great vid but I don’t understand why anyone would  destroy any dish with nasty frozen veggies.

  215. Amy Shen

    Sweet gay gay voice:)

  216. Gian Tolentino

    Irish i have more hahaha love it! xD

  217. Vinnie Sutra

    I really must try this and mark in my shopping list for Ground Lamb and Irish Cheese.

  218. Tokatt

    I love this dude

  219. ThunderGod671

    @foodwishes Chef why are you frying on olive oil?

  220. Juan Carlos

    you are my dream these are my videos haha keep amaing

  221. AlanTheBlank

    I would recommend a rooster potato for the topping. Dubliner cheese is amazing

  222. Frédéric Lehouillier

    A shepherd’s pie without corn? That sir, is heresy.

  223. Alleycat 27

    No… no… no… I am Irish and I do NOT approve of adding ketchup! You just destroyed and otherwise great recipe. To help remove the gaminess of lamb, lending itself to an American palate, use a beef gravy/brown sauce. Also, another Americanized Irish step, to a homemade Shepherd’s Pie, is the addition of a corn layer, between the meat and the potato. It also adds as a moisture lock and prevents the bottom of your potato layer from getting too soggy and soaking into the meat. Being a traditional Irish woman, my first thought of a corn layer being added was simply, “We don’t grow corn in Ireland! Well, not much anyway. But, what the hell … When in Rome, so to speak.” So, I gave it a shot and, I must admit, that touch of an American twist to a very traditional Irish dish was a great improvement.

    Still, I will draw the line at two things: Beef replacing the lamb and friggin’ ketchup! And, um … Europeans do not love ketchup. In fact, many European restaurants have banned the stuff.

    Oh, one more tiny thing … Well, it’s not so tiny, it’s quite massive … Corned Beef and Cabbage is NOT FRIGGIN’ IRISH!!! At best, it is broke-ass American Irish food, stolen from Jewish Americans. As the man pointed out, in the beginning of the video, in Ireland, they have shepherds, not cowboys. Into the wayback machine we go, to early America and the first Irish immigrants. The Irish, in America, were a very oppressed people and usually very impoverished. Signs that read, “Irish need not apply,” were prominent on the windows of many American businesses. Potatoes and cabbage were some of the cheapest veggies you could buy. At the time, corned beef was not only one of the cheapest meat products; but due to its curing processes, it was one of the longest lasting meats available. Corned beef and cabbage is about as Irish as hot dogs are German!

    You want traditional Irish for Paddy’s day? Shepherd’s Pie or Fish-n-Chips. ANYONE who claims to be Irish and celebrates the day with CB & C, is not only insulting Ireland they are proving they are not Irish. Sure, your ancestors may have been Irish, but you, definitely, are not.

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    1 tbsp butter
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    2 pounds lean ground lamb
    1/3 cup flour
    salt and pepper to taste
    1 tsp paprika
    1/8 tsp cinnamon
    2 tsp minced fresh rosemary
    3 cloves minced garlic
    1 tbsp ketchup
    2 1/2 cups water or broth (use more or less to adjust thickness as needed)
    12 oz bag frozen peas and carrots, thawed, drained well

    For the potato topping:
    2 1/2 pound Yukon gold potatoes
    1 tbsp butter
    salt and pepper to taste
    pinch of cayenne
    1/4 cup cream cheese
    1/4 pound Irish cheddar
    1 egg yolk beaten with 2 tbsp milk

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      Nice, when you make it with beef we (Irish) call it Cottage Pie and with Lamb its Shepards Pie

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