Jelly / Jello Topped Mixed Berry Cheesecake ( Quick and Easy Recipe )

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Hi Everyone,
Today We Have A Jelly / Jello Topped Mixed Berry Cheesecake Recipe. Using A Boxed Cheesecake Mix.

What You Need :
• 1 Box of Cheesecake Mix
• 135g of Strawberry / Raspberry Jelly / Jello
• 100ml of Hot Water
• 1 Teaspoon of Rose Water ( Optional )

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  1. BaltimoreAndOhioRR

    Thumbs up & subbed!😋
    Sub back please? Thx 😁

  2. Spain on a Fork

    very creative idea, and it looks so beautiful, I love using fresh berries

    1. The Cooking Pot

      Thank you! 🙂

  3. The Gourmet Gambit

    This cake is really eye-catching, with the light acidity of the berries it must be delicious!

    1. The Cooking Pot

      Thank you! It was delicious. Didn’t last very long though. 🙂



  5. Tryharder Life

    Great dessert recipe!! looks delicious, new sub!!! 😉

  6. CastIronSkillet

    This is so beautiful thanks for sharing!

  7. Ellen's Homemade Delights

    Yummy Cheesecake, my Favorite!!!

  8. Polish Mama Cooks

    Very nice dessert.

    1. The Cooking Pot

      Thank you!

  9. Gracious Treatz

    What a lovely cheesecake recipe 👍 😍 😍

    1. The Cooking Pot

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  10. Zoom Of Life

    Yummmy cake joined ur channel stay connected

  11. Jesni's Foodie Days

    Nice channel and videos… thank you for your from us.. stay connected
    Have a great day

  12. Sapper Gardener

    Looks tasty! My boys will love this.

  13. Old Fat Guy Cooking


  14. The_Not_So_Amazing_Ray-Man

    This looks so good! Cheese cake is my brothers favourite, I’m definitely going to have to try this for his birthday!

  15. di's foodie vlogs

    This a nice dessert for spring very colorful and it looks delicious

  16. Annor'a Rocky

    Wowww this look so yummmy

  17. The Kool Bros

    Your 2nd like is from us👍😉

    1. The Cooking Pot

      Thanks again. Really appreciate your support. 🙂

  18. The Kool Bros

    I still don’t get how com you have just 130 subscribers. Your delicious looking recipes should get you a looooooooooot more than that. Once again, an amazing recipe and an amazing decoration

  19. Sues' Place

    I would love this. It looks delicious! 😋

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