Jim Meehan” “The PDT Cocktail Book” | Talks At Google

Jim Meehan” “The PDT Cocktail Book” | Talks At Google Video 48:56 Viewed 11888

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Jim Meehan, PDT’s innovative operator and mixmaster, is revolutionizing bar books, offering all 304 cocktail recipes available at PDT plus behind-the-scenes secrets. From his bar design, tools, and equipment to his techniques, food, and spirits, it’s all here, stunningly illustrated graphic novel style by Chris Gall.

Jim Meehan talks to Googlers about his path to PDT, answers their questions and demos a fancy mixology technique or two.

PDT is a unique NYC bar that recalls the era of hidden Prohibition speakeasies. To gain access, you walk into a raucous hot dog stand, step into a phone booth, and get permission to enter the serene cocktail lounge.

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9 Replies to “Jim Meehan” “The PDT Cocktail Book” | Talks At Google”

  1. Sonicstrapawn


  2. Matteo Carrera

    Why i don’t found the ebook speakeasy cocktails in the app store or at openaairpub??

  3. Sherri Thorne

    @Chris Ce: Nope.

  4. Sam Horne

    4:07- Wikipedia?

  5. blackaristo

    I met Jim Meehan through the parties hosted at Barbour Soho. He is truly a great mixologist and very nice man. I never drank any hard liquor until I had his drinks. I finally ordered this book today. Perhaps the next time he is in New York, he can sign it for me.

  6. SoCal Gal

    I’m seeing this on 5/52014~ funny that he mentions Cinco De Mayo! Is there any way to contact Mr Meehan to ask a few questions about his knowledge? I’m on Facebook, but after much searching the internet in general for Mr Meehan I went to the PDT web site all it  showed me was a beautiful  bar with a deer head on the wall. Since I thought it was a Seakeasy I  thought there was a “secret passage” to enter. Didn’t find it! Can you please get me in touch with Mr Meehan?

    1. Jason schott

      He is on Twitter

  7. Matt Jardine

    Love this book. Easily the best cocktail book I’ve come across, although if I had one complaint, it’s the index… far too incomplete.

  8. James Bolger

    I will buy his book 🙂

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