Kansas City, Missouri is One of America’s Best Barbecue Towns. Here’s Why. – Zagat Docs., Ep. 27

Kansas City, Missouri is One of America’s Best Barbecue Towns. Here’s Why. – Zagat Docs., Ep. 27 Video 05:51 Viewed 148262

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Kansas City is the epicenter of American barbecue culture. Zagat spoke with two of Kansas City’s beloved barbecue joints – as well as a member of the esteemed Kansas City Barbecue Society – to find out what made this midwestern city so famous for its smoked meats. For more videos, subscribe to Zagat’s Youtube channel here:

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147 Replies to “Kansas City, Missouri is One of America’s Best Barbecue Towns. Here’s Why. – Zagat Docs., Ep. 27”

  1. Jeff Session

    ah man, I’m on a high carb diet

  2. Raven Blakk




  4. pardyhardly

    I prefer Carolina barbecue personally, but Kansas City is very good. If someone from another country who had never had American barbecue asked me to show it to them, I would give them Kansas City cue because of the variety and the nice flavors.

  5. (((Tricky)))

    Arthur Bryant’s is my favorite bbq sauce. I’ve lived in kc my whole life and we have a lot of bbq restaurants and they’re all delicious.

  6. Mark Brockman

    As a Texan, I feel obligated to make fun of Ketchup City BBQ sauce, but I gotta respect the burnt ends.

    1. pardyhardly

      KC Masterpiece is manufactured by the Clorox company. Nuff said.

    2. RECOIL7777

      KC Masterpiece isn’t even Kansas City-style sauce. That stuff is for fried chicken strips at Denny’s. Real KC BBQ sauces are usually tangy with a touch of heat, as opposed to sweet and pasty.

      As a Kansas-Citian, I am ashamed to admit I have never had real Texas brisket. *:(*

  7. Private Private

    Greatest insult to millennials I have ever seen lol. The last thing a BBQ joint should be worried about is vegans.

  8. Mike

    I am planning a road trip to Colorado soon! Looking forward to stopping in K.C. Kansas City BBQ Here i come YUUUMMM!

    1. RECOIL7777

      GO to Jack Stack BBQ. Best BBQ in town in my opinion.

  9. idm4christ

    Kc is cool but texas bbq is tip top!

    1. RECOIL7777


    2. Sir Zamora

      idm4christ that’s cute

    3. bird Zamora

      idm4christ that’s cute

    4. Michael Mitchell

      idm4christ you tripping….im in Texas from KC
      I STILL haven’t found any good BBQ in 4yrs down here

  10. maurice roberson

    Black people bought bbq to KC Arthur Bryant’s and GEORGE Gate’s

  11. R Willis

    OK Joe’s would have never allowed the vegan sandwich…

  12. guttercops

    KCBQ, so so

  13. Zae Calderon

    Kansas City Kansas 913 had the best bbq not MO #JoesKansasCity

  14. David Padilla

    looks like st Louis bbq to me

  15. Darren Smith

    Love how they interviewed these white establishments as though they started BBQ in KC when everyone knows it was started by Henry Perry, aka, The Godfather of BBQ where Arthur Bryant’s and Gates come out of. White people always trying to rewrite history, smh.

    1. pardyhardly

      Trust me, they all know and revere Henry Perry.

    2. Patrick Lawrence

      Everyone knows OG Gates did it originally and the Bryants on Brooklyn. It is the way it is now. Still good either way.

    3. Patrick Lawrence

      Darren Smith why does it even gotta be about all that?

    4. Marty Overfelt

      You’re right. It was the black owned and operated joints like Gates and Bryants that put KC BBQ on the map. Now, though, you go to either one of those places and they’re both wildly inconsistent. The service is typically bad too, and a lot of times, many of the workers there act like they couldn’t care less if you have a valid issue. I don’t know about you, but I ain’t tryin to spend my hard earned money for inconsistent quality and poor service. Having said that, I LOVE Gates hot variety of their BBQ sauce. Probably my all time favorite sauce – that or the hot one at LC’s. When I go to Gates and it’s at a 9 or 10 out of 10 status, I love it and it’s maybe my favorite KC BBQ. Too many times I go, though, and it’s like a 6 or a 7, best. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 😜

  16. Austin Baciocco

    I’ve been there

  17. mike veethy

    i thought he said weed fire smoke

  18. CJ Colvin

    Is it better than the Barbecue in Memphis Tennessee.

  19. Arnie Calang

    The music is too loud.

  20. First of all your not a good fighter

    Zagat has a hardon for Joes. Shame that AB, Jack Stack, or Gates aren’t mentioned


    the word vegan should NEVER be associated with BBQ. just throw a head of lettuce at their face if they show up at a BBQ spot .

  22. Palantir

    Meat Fire Smoke… words to live by 8>)

  23. SMiller5488

    good burnt ends, brisket, and ribs, smoke sausage sucks, onion rings are a must.

  24. Tracy Wesley

    It’s always Gates BBQ for me.

  25. ttomato182

    Are you kidding me? Why in the world would you go to a BBQ PLACE IF YOU ARE VEGAN!!!???

    1. pardyhardly

      So that they can get their “us against the world” fix.

  26. Sazumaru

    ive always wondered why does fat chicks work at places like restaurants

    1. pardyhardly

      So that they can pay their rent.

  27. Sam Plumb

    great video more please

  28. Leilei Robert

    why not get a bigger store if its doing so well? why gas station?

    1. Nick C

      Leilei Robert they have 3 locations the original is in a gas station but trust me they get busy

  29. PlayStationPlayz

    burnt ends at blind tiger brewery in topeka kansas are so fucking good guys

  30. LEXE71

    BBQ came from west African slaves not Indians

    1. pardyhardly

      Thank you for that.

    2. War Monger

      I invented BBQ.

    3. VlRGlL


    4. turboboy1983

      Trenton Reid exactly. People tend to randomly attribute things to African slaves. I’d say within 30-40years schoolbooks will tell the tale of Shaka Zulu perfecting the assembly line by introducing the world to his Model T…
      Right before he was captured by slave traders.

    5. Trenton Reid

      LEXE71 actually it was founded in the Caribbean by the Spanish where natives would dig giant pits and roast whole pigs and cover it with big palm leaves or banana leaves. this became very popular with the Spanish settlers

  31. jrcu19

    I have had KC bbq and I was not impressed. Personally, TX bbq is WAY better.

  32. Whovian Kid

    I used to live a few minutes away from the OK Joes at the Gas station. Everytime we drove by, there was always a line out the door

    1. Sir Zamora

      Whovian Kid ewwww, your picture scares me….

    2. bird Zamora

      Whovian Kid ewwww, your picture scares me….

  33. derek hennings

    how does the title of the video say Kansas city Missouri but the video takes place in Kansas city Kansas? maybe that’s why no mention of gates?

    1. Ashley Jarvis

      derek hennings well, its close to Kansas and Missouri.

  34. Carnival-of-Souls

    well that sure sucked – no mention of Better Kansas BBQ places like the revamped Haywards pit BBQ relocated in Lenexa KS -(voted best burnt ends). The two Icons of KC BBQ on Brooklyn: Aurthur Bryants and Gates BBQ. very subjective and nothing we haven’t heard a 1000 times.

  35. Oscar Wright

    “Workers” and “Barabque”. Whatever help you sleep pal.

  36. Sean Newhouse

    The potato salad looks SO GOOD as well!

  37. hawk blade

    Now imagine the same situation in an alternate universe where animals eat humans…

  38. Kelly Sharp

    Kansas City BBQ is the best BBQ!

  39. Larry Jackson

    The title above says Kansas City, Missouri, and there are a lot of good BBQ places there, but the best and best known places are in Kansas City, Kansas (the Missouri River divides the city).

    1. Evan H.

      LC’s has the best ends tho

    2. RECOIL7777

      If I had to pick the two WORST BBQ joints in town, Arthur Bryant’s and Gates would be it. They are so overrated… particularly Gates, the McDonald’s of BBQ. Jack Stack, Joe’s, and Smokehouse are all better, hands down.

    3. casualsuede

      Trenton Reid Arthur Bryant’s good but Gates is old school mediocre, in the same vein as Winslow’s in the river market. Meh.

    4. Trenton Reid

      Larry Jackson Missouri has the best Arthur Bryant’s and Gates prove it.

  40. Evil Empire Media

    Joe’s Kansas City is in Kansas City Kansas…

    1. elijah

      but no one likes Kansas City Kansas and besides Kansas city in Missouri was first

  41. MTM RD

    I love the United States of America, I love it’s people, I love it’s history, I love what they do to make the world a better place to live and I definitely love it’s food, in my opinion the best food in the world. If I have to choose one I definitely choose it’s BBQ, just awesome. Can’t wait to taste KC BBQ.

    God Bless America land that I love…

  42. jjsjeffjjsjeff

    Go to Joe’s and order the Z-Man, but tell them to add two orders of brisket on it. Brisket and mushroom sandwich…mmmmm.

  43. The Joker

    👏👏👏 truly beautiful

  44. KingDennisJensen

    omg drooool.

  45. Graciela Jauregui


  46. Graciela Jauregui


  47. Sitizen Kane

    I thought the word barbecue comes from the Barbacoa?

  48. Stephen Kim

    God, thank you for BBQ

  49. William Lopez

    I love the vinegar and tomato paste sauce, sweet with a kick in the end,u can’t get that in l.a ,

  50. Marlene Roscher


  51. Anthony Delamont

    I would think the beef was awesome, but for pork, you have to go to Memphis.

    1. casualsuede

      As a Kansas Citian, I was real impressed with Central and Paynes, except for in Payne’s, there was a guy who kept staring at me like he wanted to rob me. Memphis hospitality I guess…

    2. SMiller5488

      ultimate super savage never been to Texas huh…

    3. jrcu19

      Anthony Delamont really? i heard great things of Carolina style and when it comes to beef, I think TX is way better.

  52. Bryan su

    Texas BBQ is still bett

    1. Bryan su

      +ultimate super savage its just not.

  53. Bill Parson

    KC BBQ and no mention of Arthur Bryant’s or Gates? smh

    1. Patrick Lawrence

      I’m still a Gates fan myself. I’ll go to any of them though.

    2. cruz h


    3. Tom Yazel

      byrants not that big anymore…but Gates.  you are right…cant forget Gates.  I had a wreck at 47th and Paseo because of Gates and the smoke stack.

    4. casualsuede

      Garrett Higbee actually, Kansas Citians answer voted Q39 as the new kings of bbq.

    5. Chiefs Talk and More.

      both are good but all of kc knows that joes is the best

    6. Choose A New Name

      That’s because Bryants is tourist BBQ, and Gates is greasy, overpriced, slop.

  54. David Hitchman

    Brb, I gotta connect to my RUTS!

  55. Larry Arace

    Stealing stock footage from Pond5? Come on now!

  56. soldierofwar666

    Went there on a drive across the US. Some of the best BBQ I have had. The Z man sandwich and pork lover sandwiches where amazing.

  57. MikeVonDoom

    It’s 11 o’clock in the morning and I’m already starving!!!

    1. Blanca Velasquez

      MikeVonDoom it’s 2:30 am for me and I’m starving

  58. Thunder Ridge Homestead

    Being local the restaurants that I personally consider the best were not even mentioned. Gates, Arthur Bryant’s, LC’s, Smokehouse and Jack Stack… just to name a few.

  59. Janet Northam

    why cant zagat get what state you are in.now im confused.does kansas city mo suck?

  60. Arch Dornan

    The U.S.A has the best BBQ in the world hands down, no other country can top it.

    1. William Sauer

      best food full stop

    2. Arch Dornan

      dave1233345 Did you really just compare natural meat to chemically enhanced cigarettes? Don’t be a retard. Smoking in moderation doesn’t exist but eating meat in moderation does.

      It’s called having a balanced diet.

    3. surfing hobo


    4. fmlAllthetime

      Dave… I rarely, if ever, say this, stop being a dumbass.

    5. surfing hobo

      +Pizza Party Ben yeah yeah i’ve heard that line from smokers. ‘im a social smoker’ next minute terminal lung cancer

  61. Daniel Deleon

    I from Kansas born and raised, my dad taught me how to BBQ and smoke meat on the grill and I agree that kansas is the best place for BBQ period and I cannot wait to teach my kids this tradition.

    1. pardyhardly

      I personally prefer Carolina, but Kansas City is very good and has more variety than Carolina.

    2. Ty Chaney

      Missouri you mean, kcmo

    3. Daniel Deleon

      ultimate super savage Oh no man I’ll tell you I’ve done competitions all over gotten 1st and it’s just all on opinion but KC will outshine all the time

  62. Shaun McGregor

    Finally a video without Molly. Can’t stand her

  63. Rhidlor

    That’s not barbecue, that’s smoking meat….? Am I not correct?

    1. Mindy H.

      +FourDollaRacing Barbecue is not any indirect heat, barbecue utilizes SMOKE.  No smoke, no Barbecue you’re just grilling. 

      Barbacoa where the word Barbecue comes from is MY CULTURE.  I’m Afro-Cuban and the entire process was invented by my ancestors.

      See, the name of the island Cuba, isn’t actually a Spanish word, it’s the Taino name.

    2. Mindy H.

      +FourDollaRacing you’re 6 months and a dollar short to this conversation.  The thread jacker, and johnny come lately is you troll.

    3. FourDollaRacing

      More importantly, too much smoke can make barbecued meats bitter! This is, again, to answer the OP’s question! And, not the thread jackers’ from the peanut gallery….(@Mindy H.)

    4. FourDollaRacing

      Moot point considering the YouTube video is filmed in Kansas, USA! In the 21st century! And, the barbeque appliance used in the video, is indoors! But, thanks for your minority report from your third-world culture! Especially after the Spanish conquistadors destroyed your ancestry, and made your culture even more irrelevant!

  64. Jetta Driver

    When Cabela’s opened up on the westside of Kansas City, just west of Interstate 435, the NASCAR track followed.

    And then, shortly after that a Famous Dave’s opened shop across the street from Cabela’s!

    Now get this(!!)…

    The Famous Dave’s, across from Cabela’s – near the track, does at least TWICE the business of any other rib joint in Kansas City!?!?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Dave’s, Dave’s is Great (in Omaha, in Sioux City & wherever)!!
    Even though they’re getting too expensive!!

    BUT, people are 15 minutes away from REAL Kansas City BBQ!!!

    And yet they’d rather just waddle across the street and eat Dave’s?!?



    1. Jetta Driver

      +Jabarten My brother moved to Olathe a few years ago. I’ve only eaten at a couple of holes-in-the-wall joints around Olathe, they were pretty good. I’ve never been to a Jack Stack’s, but I did buy three of their jarred seasonings at Price Chopper.

    2. Jabarten

      It’s like that everywhere it seems. Here in the Tampa Bay area, I still cannot get over how some places get packed, but serve awful seafood. Oh and BTW for the record (as I have spent most of life @KC), Love Oklahoma Joe’s, Gates, and Arthur Bryant’s. Fiorellla’s Jack Stack has been noticeably declining. Still go up to KCMO/KCK every now and then, to visit relatives….

    3. Kurt Roundstone

      I liked Famous Dave’s when I was 10. Now, I realize how gentrified it is when you can go to Gates, Joes KC, Brobeck’s, Arthur Bryant’s, etc.

    4. Tosh T

      The closest restaurant to the main entrance of the Convention Center in Orlando, FL is Red Lobster. Same as Dave’s, it’s packed. I know RL is based in Orlando but still…

  65. sam chen

    who picked the music for this?

  66. LampShadx

    more health conscious lol. Fried onion ring between two buns with some cheese hahaha

  67. True Love

    ah man, I’m on a high carb diet

  68. Chamil

    That old timer seems to have much wisdom in bbq

  69. Clayton Mann


  70. Duo

    That silly Oklahoma Joe’s in suburban Kansas is NOT Kansas City BBQ. It’s kansass midwest bull___.

    No self-respecting KC Missouri BBQ joint would put cheese on BBQ you idiots. They didn’t even go to the best places in Kansas City Missouri – Arthur Bryant’s, Gates, Danny Edwards and LC’s BBQ are the best places in KC.

    1. Duo

      +Kurt Roundstone
       you stupid asswipe, most people that live in KCMO have never even been to some suburban shithole in shawnee or where ever the F it is. And stupid kansass people think the gas station thing is cool – no moron it’s dumb as F. Stay in kansas and don’t come to the city.

    2. Duo

      No, you must be talking to suburbanites from kansass. KCMO locals in the city have a plethora of great places – Danny Edwards BBQ for example, Smokehouse in NKC, Q39 on W 39th and  many, many other places. OK joes or whatever they’ve changed the name to gets a ton of press – not sure why.

    3. Kurt Roundstone

      Oklahoma Joe’s isn’t from the suburbs, dumbass. It started in a gas station in KCK. The location in Lenexa is just an expansion because the line at the gas station is always way too long. Arthur Bryant’s has a location in the Legends that looks similar to the Joe’s expansion, yet you cite it as an example. Both are expansions from the city to the suburb.

  71. Lbolting005

    They only use “WHITE” wood, that’s racist!!! Why can’t they use the “BLACK” charcoal, or, the “YELLOW” wood that comes from China. Why everything gotta be “WHITE”!! Bunch of racist rednecks! I’m never going there. I’m also a gay (homosexual man on man activities only) Vegan.

  72. Kieth Zilfah Apiong

    Lechooon. The Pig that was rotated😂

  73. politimat

    What’s Pond5?

  74. Deep Puce

    “Connects you to your ruts”

    1. Azekiel


  75. You just got nae nae'd

    I thought you guys made a video that Tennessee had best barbecue

    1. Mr Wolfers

      is One of

  76. P Pha

    Joe’s Kansas City BBQ is sooooo good!

  77. Tiziano Depauw

    This was a pretty awesome video, i’m almost sad it isn’t any longer. 🙂

  78. Ahmed Albasha

    that is moving 😭

  79. Healthy Recipe Channel

    I have a Nice Bag of Hickory sitting in my Garage, may have to grab a nice bottle of Bourbon on the way home and get busy on some ribs. They will be ready by tomorrow for breakfast lol.

  80. Jesse Allen


  81. elizabeth barnes

    I have tried Joe’s, jackstack, gates, yuck…..Give me the South…..this taste nothing like I have tasted in the south…now I can tolerate gates better than the other 2…..my husband is not the greatest cook, but his barbeque puts is the best…That Alabama guy barbeque will make ur tongue slap ur brains out…

  82. Ace Ortiz

    This isn’t even in KC. Kansas City was first established in Missouri and Kansas hated to see something great so they tried to copy us deceive y’all. Sorry this is not accurate or acceptable. Shame on y’all and it won’t last. Q39 is the best BBQ I had yet, It’s a must Go.

  83. Lroy Johnson

    Those burnt ends looks dry

  84. D. Payne

    This video doesn’t represent real KC BBQ at all.


    Vegans and BBQ no dude gtfoooooooo



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