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I travel the world on my stomach…and LaLaLand has some of the best offerings of any city in the states. So come with me as I show you 15 of my personal favorite places in LA to feed your face-place.

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Casual / Cheap Eats

1) Guerrilla Tacos
Location Changes Daily

2) El Chato Taco Truck
Corner of Olympic & La Brea
(Miracle Mile)

3) Guelaguetza
3014 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006

4) Grand Central Market
317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

5) Langer’s Deli
704 S Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90057
(MacArthur Park)

6) Porto’s Bakery & Cafe
315 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203

7) Natas Pastries
13317 Ventura Blvd #D, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(Sherman Oaks)

8) Farmers Market
6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036
(The Grove)

9) Night + Market (Song)
3322 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026
(Silver Lake)
2nd location:
9043 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
(West Hollywood)

Mid-Range (Hipster Attire Recommended but not Required)

10) Soot Bull Jeep
3136 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005

11) Jitlada
5233 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(Thai Town)

12) Sugarfish
Multiple Locations

13) Animal
435 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Fancypants

14) Petit Trois
718 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

15) Bestia
2121 E 7th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Special Thanks to:
Chris Laxamana (Co-host/producer)
Adam Katzner (camera work/DP)
David Katzner (Producer)
Bryan Steele (Producer)
(Aerial footage by Chris Laxamana)

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246 Replies to “LA Food Guide – 15 Must Hit Places to Eat in Los Angeles”

  1. thepolarbearfromlost

    great video, by far the most underloved and underrecongised channels on yt. will be a happy man when I can say I was here from the beginning when your hitting the big sub counts. keep it up my dude

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      thepolarbearfromlost Thanks so much for the kind words! New vids coming soon!

  2. Ehmmm Jay

    Dude I love your videos, you need to post more frequently! Every time I see a new video from you, I think to myself “Who the fuck is Matt’s Travel Tips??”

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Ehmmm Jay Haha. Glad you like the vids. More videos coming soon:)

  3. Luiz Botton

    Your travel videos are the best!

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Luiz Botton Thank you!!!

  4. Liam Mullen

    Incredibly high quality, super informative videos dude! Better than some channels with over a million subs! Underrated to the next level, Keep at it man

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Liam Mullen Thanks so much! More vids coming soon!

    2. dannybflat

      I agree, first visit on this channel and the videography is pretty impressive.. Almost too good?

    3. Matt's Travel Tips

      dannybflat Haha. Not really sure if I can step down the quality of videography 😉

    4. dannybflat

      Agree, maybe some bacon fat on the lens occasionally? I think directors did that in the 40’s..

    5. Matt's Travel Tips

      dannybflat Haha. Done:)

  5. Depeche Beckas

    I just don’t know what to say other than, “ I love you”.

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Depeche Beckas Ha…well thank you:)

  6. Ashley V

    You deserve your own show on the food network!

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Ashley V Thank you! From your lips…:)

  7. Ashley Foster

    Stellar content, now subscribing!

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Ashley Foster Thanks!

  8. Ian Cunningham

    You had me at Langer’s, and now all I want to do is get on Interstate Five and drive the two hours to get there.

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Ian Cunningham The best right??

  9. shuchinsk

    If I hadn’t already been a subscriber, you would have had me at Porto’s. I dream about those potato balls to the point I’m afraid I may sleepwalk to O’Hare and jump on the next flight to LA.

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      shuchinsk Haha. They are magical things.

  10. Jack Meyn

    Unreal videos dude, should come to Australia and browse our shelves
    Keep the vids up you’re killing it

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Jack Meyn Thanks so much man. Love Australia. Need to make a vid for Melbourne or Sydney soon.

  11. Carl Katims

    What about the teriyaki beef burrito at Oki Dogs on N Fairfax?

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Carl Katims Never heard of them! Come visit and you can show me!

  12. Annie

    I really love your videos, make more !

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Annie Thanks! More coming soon:)

  13. Luz Selene Valenzuela Aguilera

    Matt! Thank you for ur advice, I traveled to nyc on december and I stoped by absolute bagels, xi’an famous foods, and difara’s … it was really very good!! Good job and keep on posting more videos! #love

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Luz Selene Valenzuela Aguilera Thanks so much! Glad the NYC vid was helpful! But now all I want is Di Fara:)

  14. Aleksandar Stojsic

    Awesome videos man, keep them coming!

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Aleksandar Stojsic Thanks!

  15. Kayos501

    So happy you are back! Missed the awesome videos! Looking forward to seeing more stuff, hopefully some international destinations too! 🙂

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Kayos501 Good to be back! More vids coming soon. And yes…international will be next. Glad you like ‘em!!!

  16. Catch52 - London Food & Travel Vlog

    Oo thank you so much for the video I may be visiting later this year! 🙂 subscribed can’t wait to see more

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Catch52 – London Food & Travel Vlog So glad you liked the vid! Hope it helps! And more vids coming soon:)

    2. Matt's Travel Tips

      Catch52 – London Food & Travel Vlog Nice vids btw!

  17. sneak A toad

    Just tell us the places dnt critique the food plz

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      sneak A toad That’s kinda the whole point of the video:) If you want just the list, it’s in the description below

  18. Andrew Macias

    Just tell us the places dnt critique the food plz

  19. Obi

    Great guide! Thanks!

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Obi Thanks! Hope it was helpful:)

    2. Obi

      Very much! I’m now checking out your guide for NYC, will be there in a couple of months! Cheers

    3. Matt's Travel Tips

      Obi Great! Happy eating:)

  20. Jay

    Awww c’mon we know he like his good without seasoning…

  21. Steve Wood

    Awesome video! We’ve missed you . Welcome back!!! Please make more videos. You are funny and very informative!

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Steve Wood Thanks! More videos coming soon!

  22. Theo Larry

    Dude is funny

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Theo Larry Thanks!

  23. Y&S FOOD!

    Fabulous online video! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to run across these types of content. We make Travel & Food movies as well, around the the world, so we are constantly aiming for inspirations and also concepts. Thank You.

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Y&S FOOD! Thanks! Glad you liked the vid!

  24. Joshua Duffey

    How do you not have your own show on cable! I have never subscribed to any channel, Im subscribing here. Get Patreon or something, we need more advice like this!!!!

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Joshua Duffey Thanks so much for the kinda words. Really appreciate it. Workin’ on the show thing:) Haven’t looked into patreon. But glad you dig the channel. More vids coming soon.

    2. Joshua Duffey

      My pleasure my friend! I have a career in hospitality staffing/management in Miami and have been able to work with a lot of F&B outlets, if you see opportunity in hotels and such, I’d be glad to help. My email is, email I use just in case of spam, but feel free to reach out! Your like Bourdain 2.0!

    3. Matt's Travel Tips

      Joshua Duffey Will do! Thanks again!

  25. Suzanne Dotson

    I wished you uploaded more

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Suzanne Dotson More vids coming soon:)

  26. Carme R

    San Francisco plz!

    1. Carme R

      30 min as well

    2. Truth Reigns Forever

      Carme R < <<<< Move out of California now!!!

    3. Carme R

      what? why?


      San Fran has some of the best food.

  27. happyjolly77able

    I’m going to LA in Sept, I’ll def keep these recommendations in mind. Thanks!

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      happyjolly77able Hopefully it’s helpful! Happy eating!

    2. Trini b

      Yes LA IS gorgeous

  28. Rapheal Francis

    81. BUS. LINE. NORTH. 2006

  29. jwang076

    Why no Chinese food, this is bull shit. Greater LA area probably has the largest Chinese population outside of the continent of Asia, and probably some of the best Chinese food outside of China.

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      jwang076 Yeah, I would have loved to include some amazing Chinese places, but most are outside the main toruisty/central areas where most people watching these vids will stay when visiting. So I couldn’t include everything. Perhaps I can do a part-two for LA:) What are some of your favorite places?

    2. Michele Marie

      Yang Chow in Chinatown! Also, visit Little Tokyo for sushi.

    3. hitokiriheero

      you were literally just in west la. maybe go to other places in la

    4. Tim L

      All you have to do is visit Valley Blvd in San Gabriel and there are literally HUNDREDS of authentic Chinese restaurants representing all regional flavors of China. Beijing Tasty House and Spicy City are two of my favorites.

    5. Bin Zeng

      Relax Jackie Chan. This is City of LA specific it seems so no need to get all outraged over nothing, there are not good Chinese places in West LA so its pretty accurate.

  30. jmazzitelli

    Dude, Guerrilla Tacos, not Geurrilla !!

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      jmazzitelli Whoops! Sadly too late to fix now :/

    2. Grecia Martinez

      literally was going to say that lol

    3. Matt's Travel Tips

      Grecia Martinez Yeah…stupid typo that sadly can’t be fixed now :/

  31. sebastian

    If you can make it to all these places without getting your car stolen or a parking fine, I commend you

    1. S Almanza

      Don’t leave your keys in the car and read the signs 🙂

    2. Jose Ron

      You definitely don’t live in LA to say such an arrogant comment.

  32. 1BIG tuna

    Matt!!! Awesome channel. I’m a first time viewer and loved your content. Los Angeles is my birth place and I now live in The suburbs of Philadelphia. But I must back up about three years because I used to live in Atlanta and there’s lots of food to explore there as well. But let’s move forward to Los Angeles. When I used to live in LA there was a place in Alhambra called “The Hat”. I remember their massive pastrami sandwiches. Then there was El Tepayac serving these awesome burritos. One was massive called the Manuel Special. And lastly Tommy’s ! It was my top bucket list stops. I hadn’t had that in 10 years. Chili burgers by Tommy’s. Fantastic. And the next one on my bucket list was In-n-Out

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      1BIG tuna Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment and suggestions! Cheers!

  33. Elsa Bonjour

    U think that’s bad traffic?! You haven’t seen anything yet! Go to the Philippines! 🙂

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Elsa Bonjour Haha. I’ve been. It’s nuts there. But I do love the Philippines.

  34. 10 10


    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      10 10 Haven’t tried either spot…but now I have something to do this week haha

    2. Timbo M

      This list is exactly the same as every other LA list on earth.

    3. Matt's Travel Tips

      Timbo M Show me a list with Natas Pastries;)

    4. pokerworld

      Man, sugarfish is overrated. Definitely skip it. Go to Hama, Gen, Zo

    5. Matt's Travel Tips

      pokerworld Haven’t tried it. I’ll have to check it out

    6. Truth Reigns Forever

      10 10 < <<<<< From LA, sorry 😐 to hear.

  35. Artin Boghouzian


  36. Peter421

    I can’t wait for Portos!

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Peter421 It’s so good

  37. Dream331

    Dude! You don’t make enough videos but they’re always the best!! I lost count on how many times I’ve watched all your other videos. Lately I have the one on Amsterdam on repeat because I’ll be traveling there soon. Would love to see you do one on Barcelona. Keep it coming more often! 😂😂✌🏽

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Dream331 Thanks so much man! Much appreciated. More vids coming soon. I think Singapore is next. After that, we’ll have to see. Barcelona is definitely a strong possibility. Thanks for watching!

  38. Peder sundström

    You deserve A lot more subscriber !!! Well u got my sub any who;-) Keep up the awesome job mate !
    Big bless from Sweden mate!

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Peder sundström Thanks so much! Appreciate it! And thanks for the sub:)

  39. David Marquez

    Damn I was all ready to hate on the list cause so many people who do these videos in LA go to the boring trendy and tired spots but, this list is pretty damn good! Nice job

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      David Marquez Haha. Thanks for the compliment! Glad to not be boring:) All the best – M

  40. el ponciaw

    No disrespect but your asian freind is ignorany af. Better than taco bell.

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      el ponciaw He was joking;)

    2. O K

      Matt’s Travel Tips it’s better than dog meat. Think he will find that funny?

    3. Jessica Hipolito

      His Asian friend was being sarcastic. He wasn’t serious. Lol

  41. Chuy Ram

    Fat sals! Perfect food if you’re stoned lol

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      ChuyFilms Haha. Thanks for the rec;)

    2. Chuy Ram

      Matt’s Travel Tips gotta try it man! So many things in a single sandwich lol

  42. Emilio Martinez

    L.A native here- this list is right on the money, any travelers coming soon should definitely check these places.

  43. karina zee

    Porto’s, Bestia, and anything in the farmers market is honestly great!! Jon and Vinny’s as well

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      karina zee Agreed!

  44. kalanix51

    That first truck has $5 a taco? Psh….

  45. Le spaniel

    Coleslaw? Someone is a idiot. This guy I mean this guy is douche incarnate.

  46. whhusa

    Soot Bull Jeep!!! You know your Korean food man. Haven’t been there for at least 20 years but still remember the smell. It’s REAL Korean BBQ.

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      whhusa Yep. The BEST. Most people don’t know about it. But I love it. Thanks for the comment:)

  47. Kim Gyu

    10:07 even that lady would not be stopped from getting her jitlada lol

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Kim Gyu Haha. Didn’t even notice. Yep…Jitlada is always worth it:)

  48. Alexis Sanchez

    Never stop uploading! Your videos are incredible, entertaining, and so informative. You have a really amazing way of doing these travel guides and I feel like your videos summarize what I have to otherwise watch 3-4 other videos to get!

    1. Alexis Sanchez

      P.S. Would love to see a guide for Paris!

    2. Matt's Travel Tips

      Alexis Sanchez Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment. So glad you like the vids. They take a while to film, so I can’t post as often as I’d like…but I promise more are coming soon:) Cheers – M

    3. Alexis Sanchez

      Quality over quanity! We’ll wait patiently!

    4. Matt's Travel Tips

      Alexis Sanchez Thanks. And Paris will happen this spring at some point I hope:)

  49. QuietHero

    I still havent been to jitlada

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      QuietHero No time like the present;)

  50. Austin Adams

    Good list man!

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Austin Adams Thanks man! Glad ya liked it:)

  51. MoGainz787

    Dat traffic. LA needs to die.

  52. Nick Andrikidis

    why do you only have 16k subs? i enjoyed this so much more than most big channels. I appreciate you making it about the food and not yourself lol. Can’t stand the popular clickbait, attention whore hosted food channels putting out shite for views. You have a nice way of talking to the audience in an unpatronizing way while providing good info which you clearly put a lot of time into for such a put together, quality video. Good vibes

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Nick Andrikidis Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment! Working on getting more subs now haha. More vids coming soon. All the best – M

  53. Crenshawgrinder

    List is okay but not the best stuff at all.

  54. Crenshawgrinder

    This is an outsider version of L.A food not realizing the best food are those places hidden that have been in business for generations.

    1. Makaila Myers

      Crenshawgrinder can you inform the public then?

    2. Crenshawgrinder

      Makaila Myers I will do better than that. Please refer to refuse media hood eats. I would start at the best tamales in L.A. on 111th and San Pedro they have been at that spot for 60 years.

    3. Makaila Myers

      Crenshawgrinder what do you mean by hood eats ?

    4. Crenshawgrinder

      One of many youtubers who visits eateries in L.A. just search those terms on youtube and the channel will come right up.

    5. Debra Lawrence

      You should keep them hidden, then. In NY, Clinton St. Baking Co. is NOW known for having the best pancakes in America. And guess what? You now get to wait up to THREE hours for “Neil’s Famous Pancakes”. I just know there’s a hidden NY eatery that makes pancakes just as good. I just can’t find it! They’re keeping it a secret!

    6. bcrivas2

      I’m looking for the best food in LA tomorrow. Throw me a bone

    7. Crenshawgrinder

      bcrivas2 Seafood – San Pedro Seafood Market, Chinese- New Moon – Mexican – Guelaguetza, El Cholo, both on Western and Olympic – Burgers- Chabalitas, Astro Tams, Vegetarian- Simply Wholesome on Overhill

  55. BBB

    Forehead Lines!

  56. BBB

    But for real… this channel is underrated.

  57. Sheila An

    Fathers Office hands down the best burger in LA

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Sheila An Fathers Office is really fantastic. I can’t deny it:) Just a matter of personal preference;) Could only include so many places😬

  58. Cedric Deweerdt

    Wow dude! Amazing videos !!! Keep it up!

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Cedric Deweerdt Thanks so much!

  59. Jose Esparza

    Leo’s Tacos!


    Fucking hate LA, everything overpriced, traffic is worst in the world, no amount of great food will I ever go back to that shithole filled with homeless in every corner

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      MAXIMUS But please…tell me how you really feel. No need to be vague. Let it all out. I’m here to listen.

  61. James Paul

    Wish this was out when I was there at the beginning of Feb… smh

  62. Bryan McCauley

    Come to New Orleans! I’ll show you around.

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Bryan McCauley It’s very high on my list. Easily one of my top 5 favorite food cities in the country.

  63. Czr S

    That’s my godmother’s place the pupusas.

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Czr S LOVE IT.

    2. Czr S

      Matt’s Travel Tips I live in Arizona and I can’t find a pupusaria as good.

    3. Matt's Travel Tips

      Czr S I bet. They’re some of the best pupusas I’ve had (including El Salvador and Honduras)

  64. Noseefood

    fuck! can you imagine the parking at these places?

  65. MrMiguellitoh

    How did you miss Persian food? I would skip Groves Farmers makers (over priced and not a big deal) and have Persian food. 🙂

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      MrMiguellitoh Give me some recommendations please! My best friend’s family is from Iran, so most of the Persian food I eat is home-cooked:) But I’m always game to try new places!

    2. MrMiguellitoh

      Matt’s Travel Tips Farsi Cafe in Westwood, Raffi’s Place in Glendale. Shamahiri in Westwood.

    3. MrMiguellitoh

      Matt’s Travel Tips Farsi Cafe in Westwood, Raffi’s Place in Glendale. Shamshiri in Westwood.

    4. Matt's Travel Tips

      MrMiguellitoh Awesome! I’ll check them out ASAP. Thanks for the recommendations!

  66. WhenItsHalfPastFive

    7:28 who dat

  67. jack jewell

    Hugh grant does food truck reviews now? Cool!🍴🍖🍡🍄🍆

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      jack jewell Hahahaha

  68. Tim L

    I’ve lived here for 25 years and have never been to any of them. I guess we all have different tastes.

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Tim L Gotta try ‘em out! Also, let me know your favorite spots:)

    2. Tim L

      Genwa KBBQ (best meat quality and most banchans), Magal (similar to Kang Ho Dong), Beijing Tasty House (favorite Chinese restaurant), Spicy City (2nd favorite Chinese restaurant), and ChongQuing Special Noodles (favorite noodle house). I guess you can tell I favor Asian foods.

    3. Matt's Travel Tips

      Tim L Love it! Thanks! I love Asian food too. Look forward to checking these out! Cheers – M

  69. Neil Ash

    I moved from LA over 30 yrs back and will not go back food r not !!

  70. Everthingmasonic

    Sushi is the rice, hence sushi rice. Anything that goes on top of sushi rice,becomes sushi. 🙏

  71. PS3isKing123

    Amazing list! Please please please add or try Howlin’ Ray’s in Chinatown

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      PS3isKing123 I can’t add anything to the vid once it’s posted, but I will definitely check it out! 3 “pleases” gets me to try a place for sure:) Cheers -Matt

    2. PS3isKing123

      Matt’s Travel Tips let me know when you go. Plan ahead. They are closed on Monday’s. They are opened Tuesday-Friday 11-7, and Saturday and Sunday 10-7. Lines can get long (sometimes up to 2 hours). Enjoy and #StayHowlin 🙂

  72. Marzan Worldwide

    At 6:00 ….Its Called a Relleno de papa

  73. Kimberly Kimble

    Great review. Very entertaining. I would love for you to review some places in the South Bay area. 🙂

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Kimberly Kimble So glad you liked it:) Sadly, I don’t know the South Bay all that well. Know San Francisco really well, but not much outside the city.

    2. Kimberly Kimble

      Matt’s Travel Tips
      Hi Matt. Thanks for responding.

      The South Bay area of Los Angeles is actually minutes away from mid-town Los Angeles so the cities of Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach Torrance, Palos Verdes, El Segundo, etc. I am actually in that area quite frequently and would love to know some places to go. These areas are a bit more “suburb-ey” but still get lots of tourists. I imagine that will grow when the Rams Stadium is complete.

    3. Matt's Travel Tips

      Kimberly Kimble Oh haha. Totally misunderstood. Well that would be much easier…we shall see:) A few other videos coming first.

    4. Kimberly Kimble

      Matt’s Travel Tips
      Looking forward to all your video! 👍

    5. Matt's Travel Tips

      Kimberly Kimble Thanks! Singapore is next:)

  74. Ivanka2024 for POTUS

    updated list please

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Ivanka2024 for POTUS This list is new. Only posted it a couple of months ago

  75. Louis Turner

    The only things that need hit la are nuclear bombs. Fuck the food, all the people, the animals are cool…

  76. Bradley Steven

    This guy looks like a badly aged 90s sitcom star who never got the memo that the hair style is no longer desirable. He tries waaaaay to hard to be cool, and looks totally inauthentic and lame.

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Bradley Steven Welp…I’d like to congratulate you on the most specific insult I’ve ever gotten on here:) Congrats my man. As a reward, you will receive a gift certificate to my hair stylist😜

    2. Bradley Steven

      Matt’s Travel Tips make the Supercuts gift certificate made out to Bradley Stevens 🙂

    3. Matt's Travel Tips

      Bradley Steven You got it 😉

    4. beyonce fuii

      Bradley Steven
      Lol, you probably look as bad as your attitude. If sitting behind a screen and insulting this guy makes you feel better then I pity you 🙂

  77. Crystal Wynn

    I so love your list. I live right outside of LA. I’m gonna hit your list to the max. I subscribed!

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Crystal Wynn So glad you liked it! Thanks for the sub! Cheers, -M

  78. Joseph F

    I love being born and raised in L.A. Best city in the world, the list is very accurate.

  79. Ak tony ES

    Hey mat i own local business website i wan to k ow if i can share my video on my blog i like how professional the video is done thanks in advance

  80. DeliaWears

    thank you for this!

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      DeliaWears You’re welcome!

  81. Refavoriteeats

    I heard about those Portuguese desserts, apparently it’s a national dessert. Those looked delicious. ✨✨✨✨✨

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Refavoriteeats They’re so gooood:)

  82. Art Hermansen

    I was particularly impressed with the lady in the breather trying to vidbomb forcing you to make a GENIUS CUT to a CLOSE UP.

    The LC

  83. Truth Reigns Forever

    No thanks, will not support California’s economy in any way, shape, or form. Would you do a clip of New York?

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Truth Reigns Forever Already did

  84. Pedro g.

    Pho87 in Chinatown. Eastside Market in Elysian Park. Cinco puntos in East L.A. Tommy’s in the Rampart District. Howlin Rays in Chinatown. Moms bbq on Imperial past South Central. In-N-Out Burger (chain, can get it anywhere in L.A like Tommy’s) . Pinks Hotdogs around La Brea and Melrose. Rodded Restaurant in East Hollywood for the best Thai duck noodle soup . Coles in downtown L.A for a solid French dip. The Pantry in DTLA for late night breakfast. Mario’s in Glendale. The lady under the little colorful umbrella selling THE BEST tacos in Echo Park at the lake on the entrance of the park of Logan and Park dr on the weekends. Daiko kuya in Little Tokyo. .. Best Fish Tacos in Ensanida around Los Feliz. Giamelas in Atwater Village. .. The List can go on foreverrrrrrr… Soo many good places in L.A

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Pedro g. WOW. Thanks so much for all the suggestions! A lot of these I know, but some are new to me. Look forward to checking them out!! Cheers, -M

  85. Element Creator

    Another dweeb letting us know what he thinks is best. Goes to grand central market doesn’t talk about the tacos there. Best tacos for your buck. You get full with one taco, stuff if you eat two. Tired of fakes dudes that are stupid enough to pay 20$ for a burger smothered in sauce like a dorta mojada…

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Element Creator Element Creator Honestly…ate the tacos at the Grand Central Market. They’re good, but not my favorite in he city, and I could only feature so many places. And as I say at the end of the vid…these are just a smattering of the amazing options in LA. But I will freely admit that I am a dweeb:)

    2. Element Creator

      Matt’s Travel Tips The Grand Central tacos is basically a butcher shop serving tacos. Better quality then any lonchera truck, but you will never understand that you can hook up a taco anyway yourself. So some spots say here comes this pinche gringo let’s hook up the taco for him so he will come back… And molé is best serve with whole thigh and leg bone in. But restaurant serve it with chicken breast because they don’t want to get sued by the pinche gringo that can choke himself…

  86. Mark Reid

    If you live in LA, as I do, this list is absorb. Bestia and Langer Deli are great but best Italian in nation? Whoa!

  87. James Frame

    Yo dick, shut the fuck up. You are literally blowing all of the best spots!!

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    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      allenm7 Will do! Though I still love Guelaguetza:)

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      Ker Come on back! 🙂

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    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      Ski Sand Glad you liked the vid! I predominately use a Panasonic GH5 for all of my shooting, but a few of the shots in this particular vid were taken with the Sony A7sii. Cheers, – M

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    Your other video about NY spots helped me a lot last time I’ve been there. Thanks

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      Genaro Vaz Glad it helped! Have a great time in LaLaLand! Happy eating! Cheers – M


    Fuck LA…best foods in San Fran, NYC…Austin, TX. And yes, im from LA unfortunately.

    1. Matt's Travel Tips

      DILLIGAF All those other cities have great food. But I do love LaLaLand:) To each their own. I may actually do an Austin Tips next.

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      lady4real75 AMEN!

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    go get ’em,. advising
    meatball -no cheese
    Italian beef, peppers -no cheese
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      Dom Thanks! I’ll check it out!

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    BBQ in San Gabriel is worth a look.

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      Tristan Ngo Awesome! Thanks for the tips! Look forward to checking them out! Cheers-M

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      Ryan Wilkinson Awww…I’m sorry dude. Sometimes men have difficulty lasting more than a few minutes. Don’t feel too bad for yourself. It happens to everyone at some point or another. Lemme know if you needs some tips on that. I know everything about that too.

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      Alex Rodgers But I’m soooo glad you did:) Can’t wait to try it out!
      Cheers- M

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      J Smith I’ve actually never been to Philippe’s, but in my opinion…yes…Pink’s is a bit of a tourist trap. Is it bad? No not at all. But is it worth the wait? I don’t really think so. Thanks for the comment.

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      Ephraim S Thanks for the suggestions! And glad you dug the vid!
      All the best,

    2. Ephraim S

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    3. Matt's Travel Tips

      Ephraim S For sure man!

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