Lobster Mac and Cheese Recipe – How to Make Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

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Learn how to make a Lobster Mac and Cheese Recipe! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy Lobster Mac and Cheese recipe!

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  1. Meagan McCue

    Im going to make this but at the store they had no lobster tails so im nust gonna use imitation lobster. I know its sacrilege but i habe no other choice 😆

  2. Nic B

    First time I’ve ever liked a video before I watched it.

  3. GodKingVivec

    just made this an hour after watching this, used it as a guide. turned out fucking great.

  4. Sal Mammana

    You killed this man.

  5. Hank W

    Seafood and cheese should never meet. With the possible exception of a bagel with lox and cream cheese.

  6. Roe Jogan

    Shout out to all the lonely people.

  7. April Gardner

    OMG I’m hungry now 🦂

  8. Natalia Rosas

    Looks yummilicious chef john

  9. ThePigvincent

    Try a handful of prewns in the mac just before it goes in the gratin dishes….

  10. Olm Cali-Girl

    I made this recipe it was amazing!! Thank you Chef John!

  11. Steven Zinn

    King crab is infinitely better than Lobster. As an Alaskan I know the flavor of KCrab. Don’t ever buy anything but locally purchased. It makes this meal 1000x better

  12. Cihan Depe

    The valentines day tongue joke…… Chef John you sly dog you.

  13. Sydney Moose

    I know this is an old video so I’m not expecting an answer I guess but just in case. If you don’t have two dishes available and need to cook it all in the same dish, what alterations do you need to make?

  14. Alan Koffman

    Would this work with crawfish tails also?

  15. Northern Mystic

    Ok, you won me over, I’m making lobster mac and cheese. Looks so delish!

  16. Reaper Main


  17. SpaceGypsy

    1:57 Oh I didn’t know RuPaul guest starred in this video

  18. Hussain Q

    7:44 noice

  19. Claudia Trammell

    Great recipes again. Thanks

  20. Laura C

    LOL i thought I was subscribed I love your recipes. I saw some other tutorials but they jacked up the music so I found you!

  21. Russ Whitsitt

    I would pay like $30 for this at a restaurant.

  22. Anam Asif

    I love your Voice

  23. Jesus Mendoza

    Dear god what video did I just find

  24. Justin Son

    what’s the name of the piano piece in the beginning?

  25. Anne Verderame

    Fox News live now

  26. David Brailsford

    “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” this doesn’t apply if what you are fixing is Lobster Macaroni and Cheese



  28. dponzi56

    Hi Chef John, I just wanted to tell you that my wife and I made this for new years dinner. We also made a rib roast using your “X” method and your steakhouse creamed spinach, although the creamed spinach was from another recipe I already had, but was more or less the same one. The mac and cheese was incredible. Since we were using it as a side dish instead of the main dish, we made it in one larger dish. Other than that, we followed the recipe to the letter. It was great. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes.


    Wsshershher sauce

  30. Perfumaphilia

    “This is so good, you better make sure you have a few things around for breakfast, too.”

    Heh. Hint hint.

  31. Chris Lang

    He saved the rest of the lobster for himself. Lobster mobster.

  32. Jorge Saenz

    My mouth is salivating, I want this now. Will actually be making this for my family’s Christmas Dinner because why not?

  33. Max Cardamon

    What kind of pans do you use?

  34. J B

    thank you for sharing?

  35. GamingProductions

    I just now got the joke ” in fact this is so good you better hope you have something for breakfast too.” Sir you truly are a manipulator of words

  36. verochka bohne

    I just want to kidnap you and jail you in my kitchen😘😘😘

  37. MsCrimzen

    I wish I wasnt allergic to shellfish! I would totally make this!!

  38. Teal'c

    Yes good not dry like some others here on youtube

  39. Patrick Schaefer

    This guy sounds like Neil DeGrasse Tyson but maybe after a good joint or something lol

  40. poppykok5

    PRE -INSTRUCTIONS for making “LOBSTER Mac & Cheese:

    1.    Rob a Bank using a “S Q U I R T G U N’ (to make sure no one is hurt) Assure employees      that if they fully cooperate, they’ll be rewarded with a VERY DECADENT CULINARY TREAT at some point the following day…
    2.    Go to your fishmonger  & pay “cash” for fresh Lobster.
    3.   Head home…Go to backyard & empty squirt gun &…Leave by pool where you found it…
    4.   Time to put your Culinary skills to work…Carefully follow Chef John’s excellent instructions ………..
           BON APPE’TIT

  41. MegadethsGirl

    I may be the only one who doesn’t care for a gratin on top of my mac. I just don’t think it adds anything.

  42. MegadethsGirl

    This. Looks. AWESOME!!

  43. S. Dennis

    Does anone know the name of the dish he is serving in?

  44. desertrose88

    did you know that if you consume enough nutmeg, you might get high 😀

  45. elle b.

    Omg every food video makes my mouth salivate .. I adore everything u cook. Thank u for making me a better cook..

  46. bmoraski

    You are a forking Genius.

  47. Jeff Stanley

    The worlds most expensive mac and cheese recipe and it looks “darn well worth it”. Great job chef.

  48. Jerimiah Lorenzo

    I hate your fucking voice

  49. stillfoxyforever

    Hey Chef, Great recipe. I laughed so hard at the end when you said have something to eat for breakfast. My kids said “Mom why are laughing!?!” LoL, You are hilarious.


    Your cooking blows my mind !!!

  51. Gus Look

    The first lobster tail appears to have a proper V notch clipped fin. It was a lobster caught a Maine fisherman but released because it had eggs.

    Learn what a V notch is, an don’t buy any that show the marking. If a retailer claims that a V notched lobster is from Maine, contact fishery an wildlife cops.

  52. 두 니 야Dounia

    A kid made this on masterchef junior hehe

  53. Nancy Struthers

    Thank you Chef John. You’re amazing!!!

  54. Phil Venti

    You’re a good man chef John

  55. Kyla LuvsCats

    Oh great my cravings are coming on XD

  56. Aislyn Richert

    Can you make branzino?

  57. Kylethefish

    I am so glad I don’t watch this while high

  58. Brenda Trump

    Will you please marry me; I don’t like to have sex but I’d make a great wife cause I love to cook and I love to eat.

  59. cheeseburger 510

    I’m making that for Thanksgiving.

  60. Maurice-Mores

    Can you please show us how to make pistachio ice cream?

  61. xl Blue Aspect lx

    Even better, Shave truffle on the top of the mac and cheese and serve with caviar

  62. Scott Caldwell

    Have never mad this before in my life but will attempt very soon for a special somone

  63. Genesis Joseph

    doesn’t this look good

  64. Payton Flores

    Crustacean related karma is my favorite type of karma

  65. skdkoc

    made this! awesome. rob

  66. Matthew Edwards

    Lol “make sure you have a few things around for breakfast too”

  67. Tyler Huch

    I don’t like bread crumbs can I just cook it without the bread crumbs on top

  68. Matte Edström

    I love the cooking on this channel. But it really needs a new narrator or a computer voice!

  69. Britney McG

    Waiting for this to get out of the oven as we speak

  70. Technicolor

    That quick bit about the morning breakfast to come. Haha, ah Chef John you get me.

  71. MommyMatters

    I can smell this through the screen

  72. chronic Stitcher

    Digestive track, so that’s what oozed out of the only lobster I ever cut into. To this day I will not eat it. The Mac an cheese looks great though

  73. Tony Soprano

    why do other video’s say the opposite. hot rue and hot milk, no lumps?

  74. Pan Darius Kairos

    You forgot the bacon 😀

  75. Pan Darius Kairos

    God this looks good.

  76. ricktssf

    I’ve done l
    This using lagostino “Lobster bites”

  77. Monroville

    7:43 “This is so good, you better make sure you have a few things around for breakfast”

    Why.. John.. what are you implying? Are you saying that your significant other may require your company so as to play scrabble past midnight?

  78. Tammy Z

    Okay, I think I drooled a little!

  79. Nicolas Tesl

    why he put cayenne in everything lol

  80. Assblast USA

    oh my fucking god if you make this for me i will literally do whatever you want

    even if it’s paint the fucking house or re-carpet the livingroom

  81. luvbug24910

    Just made this tonight, it was delicious! My boyfriend and I absolutely loved it

  82. basketball gamer

    This looks GREAT! I’m so trying!

  83. Rosely Pagan

    You are so charming!

  84. *Hannah M*

    This is probably the third or fourth time I’ve watched this video….
    I have a problem.

  85. OrwellianOrator

    oh yeah chef john, fork my breadcrumbs…

  86. Jaymar Johnson

    i wish to see his face

  87. goodies707

    lol I like to give it a lil forking lol

  88. Dave McBroom

    Food network says “hot roux, hot milk” I’m a big believer of hot roux, doesn’t matter.

  89. CoCo Hanson

    Is it weird that I really like his videos not because of what he makes…but his voice?! 👀

  90. Where You Going

    Can you please do an ox tail recipe

  91. Jude Abijah

    If a rollercoaster had a voice it would sound like this

  92. Carol Johnson

    Chef John, I love your recipes. I will be making this one, love lobster.

  93. Brian Braynen

    is that half n half milk or whole milk

  94. Str8UpSavage762

    Actually some people eat the lobster poop so I don’t believe that removing the vein is a necessity

  95. Frank Ortolano

    really good

  96. Emily Burnett

    I have been searching for this account for so long and i finally found it!!! I’ve tried every name but this one but im so happy i found it again

  97. A ZH

    Another amazing recipe!!! Super delicious!! I love this channel!!

  98. Lawrence

    o m g i want this

    lobster a little hard to come by, i might try this with crab meat instead!

  99. Cheri Miller

    I wish I could taste that over the internet! Maybe someday!!

  100. tHeUnStOpAbLe16

    Love this recipe it comes out perfecr everytime and really does tasre great

  101. Klondike Blame

    tried this last night just for fun. completely worth it.

  102. Maura Donahue

    You could give me a little forking chef john

  103. Cosmos Spaceboy


  104. Livin' the Keys Life

    love your videos. have tried many of your recipes. We have a new channel if you get time it would be an honor to have you watch and maybe even subscribe.

  105. Summer Myst

    That last joke tho wink wink

  106. Alejandra Soto

    Chef john. You’re lucky I like you, I just watched a 30 second commercial JUST FOR YOU

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  108. miniwheats

    Making this recipe for the second time today! My family and I LOVE it

  109. Mico Liu

    Chef I’ve been watching for awhile you are so awesome. When you’re doing the cheese why didn’t you use heaving cream but instead roux with milk. What is the difference?
    As always your videos always Great thank you

  110. DragonflyArtz1

    Not fair! I was all set to give you crap about “wasting lobster on Mac-N-Cheese” until I watched the video! I was going to say something snipity like “That’s like pairing Filet Mignon with Cheetos” but no, you had to make a delicious mouth watering dish! I hate you, I’m never watching another one of your videos again, until the next one. And I hope it is as equally delicious! So there!

  111. dlepi40

    I hate this mans voice, the way he enunciates the wrong parts of words, and the up and down fluctuation in every sentence – but fuck, his videos are delicious.

  112. Marisela Garcia

    chef john…my favorite!

  113. Jason Mcphee

    great awesome looks Delicious have to try that

  114. Ross #1

    Can you make some Caribbean dishes?

  115. John Pronk

    I hate the way that this guy talksssss…..

  116. Anfooey Fooey

    OMG…. Looks so good!!

  117. Proxy

    Chef John, you sly dog. You rogue. I saw that sneaky comment about breakfast.

  118. Coda

    I think I saw Gordon Ramsay threw away lobster shells or something similar that acted as garnish and wasn’t arable on Hell’s Kitchen and called a guy moron for doing that

  119. Jest Lockhearts

    Why can’t we buy a pack of lobster tail? Will it taste the same? 🙁

  120. Dave Canoy


  121. Jacob Huff

    Who says the intro with john? xD

  122. joshua hand

    Say it with me. Inflection. Say it with me. Awful.

  123. GFXち卄工尺口れモK口

    Why does chef john always say “thats right!” after introducing the food

  124. Jaeger

    Gonna make this for my mom on Mother’s Day! She loves lobster.

  125. Rozelia Fayard

    Keep the starchy water until you are done because it can be added to the macaroni if it is not eaten immediately. (The noodles suck up sauce) And, the starches wont make it too runny.

  126. Toeko's TV

    The breakfast was on point😂

  127. Chase Chester

    “you better have some things around for breakfast” ‘CAUSE BABY YOU GONNA GET LAAAAAID TONIGHT!

  128. Sarp-D

    “Crustacean related karma.”
    – Chef John

  129. Rose

    I thought the worcestershire was vanilla extract at first I was like man wtf you just ruined it

  130. Yharnam

    You talk like the Japanese version of Peguses from Yu Go Oh.

    Subbed. Going to cook.

  131. John Hall

    its poop! lol good vid!

  132. degen83

    That looks good and now I’m hungry 🙁

  133. dewhicular

    “In fact, this is so good you might wanna have some stuff around for breakfast. Ok?” Thanks Chef John, I see you.

  134. Sarah Nhan

    ‘and by the same amount , your Valentine gets a little bit more than you” LOL love your sense of humor and quick, clear step by step instructions. subscribed!

  135. WILLzee pArKoUr

    you sound like seth rogan

  136. ohnevergoingtoquit

    adding cold milk to a hot pan can cause a boil over. Just a fair warning.

  137. Daniel Edmondson

    We need to boycott any company that places adds on U-tub. We then need to contact the company and U-tub and inform them we will be boycotting them until U-tub change its policies that censors free speech!

  138. crippling depression

    if I made this, I would clean out lobster tails, and just pour easy mac, that’s already been cooked

  139. Savanah Smith

    You should make zuppa toscana it’s a sausage and kale soup it’s delicious!!

  140. Beautiful Oddity

    I bet being married to him is awesome lmao

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    Chef John, stop forking your mac & cheese!

  142. Brody Thomas

    4:18 was that a fallout 3 reference?

  143. XxStonedKillerxX

    This guys sounds exactly like the guy from TheWolfePit

  144. Evergreen

    got to be honest, I’m gonna feel kinda duped when lifting up the lobster shell and see no meat inside, lol

  145. Christopher Castle

    I made myself a bowl of this to treat myself after a hard day at work. And afterwords I got lucky… let me tell you

  146. Michelle Xie

    oh my goddddd

  147. mj4lyfe404

    could i do the same for big shrimp?

  148. MJorgy5

    I’ve never eaten lobster, but this looks good enough that I’m now starving.

  149. Bunny Winslow

    Thank you for another wonderful video. Easy to follow and very delicious result. My cooking skills have greatly improved. Thank you!

  150. Instinctual777

    for fuck’s sake i need lobster rn dammit
    looks 10/10, hopefully i’ll eventually be able to get my hands on good lobster so i can cook this beauty.

  151. happyyyoung

    oh my gawd did John just help me get laid?!! lol

  152. Batifish reyes

    Can I used shrimp instead of lobster . Does it taste different ?

  153. Billodnh

    What did that lobster ever do to you?
    Leave it alone.
    Or maybe dunk it in some melted butter.
    But smothering sweet, delicate, expensive lobster in macaroni and cheese is a crime against shellfish.
    Throw some ham of bacon in the mac and cheese and savor your lobster.

  154. mrlasso2

    i dont like the way you talk. it sucks

  155. MerkinMuffly

    This is a favorite of George Costanza on Yom Kippur

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  157. we all

    can i substitute the fresh lobster with fake crab meat:^)

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    Hey Chef! I’m from the UK and we call Worcestershire Sauce “Worcester”, pronounced “Wuss-ter”. Thanks for the great videos!

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    I just made this and it came out GREAT! Thanks Chef!

  160. M cameraman

    Wish i could see your face i bet your a ginger Chinese alien queen.

  161. fooficst

    Dunno, dairy and seafood: strange bed-fellows. not to my taste, but then, I’m not American.

  162. Kyle Zager

    @4:17 Five drops of Worcestershire sauce is right out!

  163. Becky

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  164. Հովսեփ Խաշունի

    Crustacean relation, the greatest term ever coined in the history of mankind.

  165. Fank Daggot

    This dude’s voice is sooo annoying. Really a shame since the food on this channel looks delicious af.

    1. Clorox Bleach

      Fank Daggot Then mute the video. You’ll learn to love his voice, if you don’t mute it. His voice was unique to me, and went well with all of his sneaky humor, so I had no problem with it.

    2. Brody Thomas

      Fank Daggot I thought so to at first, but it grows on you.

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    His voice jesus

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    Oh John.. you should’ve backed this up with the ‘morning after’ brunch =)

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    When you’re an adult but you’re still a kid at heart

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    hot lump
    no roux

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    Chef John… I absolutely love your videos! How can I get a hold of you for an on air interview on my radio show in Sonoma? I would place my email here, but I’m wanting to avoid jerks from pretending to be you, and spamming me…

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    Oooh I’ve had this at a fancy seafood place before. The simple deliciousness of Mac n cheese with the luxury of lobster. Talk about Heaven in your mouth <3

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    This meal gets you laid 9/10 times.

  186. sky

    oh my god…. you make everything look soooooooooo good…..

  187. Von Kittenshausz

    I’d say cook all that lobster shell into the roux mixture so none of the flavor gets lost in the pasta water.

  188. GiantsWS2014

    Not nearly enough lobster up in that dish, but other than that – amazing!

  189. lae u

    great video just wished the lobster was fried just a tad bit longer….

  190. AboveEmAllProduction


    1. Clorox Bleach

      AboveEmAllProduction I do have a crazy idea. Mute the fucking video, or to watch something else.

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    Is lobster cheap in the us? because this dish would cost around £50($65) maybe more in the uk so it confuses me when i see you guys chucking around lobster like its going out of fashion.

  195. Andrew Moffat

    finally a recipe I will use for lobster, thanks for your guide

  196. TZKL120

    he sounds like seth rogen😂😂😂😂 but good recipe^_^

  197. RidgeTheH2OBuffalo

    when I make lobster mac and cheese we boil multiple live lobsters, and take out all the meat, then cook the pasta in the broth

  198. Brenda Lopez

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    That part killed me

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  207. Louis Codron

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  208. Erin Vittoria

    The special occasion would be me eating it 🙂

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    Boiling the shells with the pasta is smart but you should never put inedible garnishes on the plate

  211. Luke Parker

    I would prefer to cook it less. Much rather want that gooey cheese right when he added the cooked pasta to the cheese. Anyone else agree??

  212. Sbreezy Brown

    The way you talk just makes me cringe

  213. ragnaice

    Is there a big difference between lobster and langostine tastewise? Never seen lobster like that around here but I have plenty of langoustine so I could use that as a substitute right?

  214. Kashmir

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  215. Liz Solorzano

    I made this for my family on Valentine’s Day and they loved it. Thanks for sharing your recipes

  216. shit stuff

    you kinda sound like Seth Rogen

  217. Geoff Pike

    Made a large batch of Mac and cheese using the techniques in this recipe as a guideline. Instead of using Lobster, I used rotisserie chicken, and I also added sautéed onion, garlic, broccoli, and mushrooms. Oh and bacon.

    I started by cooking the bacon in a large skillet. Then removed the bacon when it was crispy, removed most of the grease, tossed in the broccoli, onion, seasoned it lightly with salt, and cooked it on medium heat until the broccoli was just approaching soft. At that point I added the garlic and cooked for a few more minutes.

    I removed the veg from the pan, turned up the heat, added some olive oil, and cooked mushrooms in the same pan on high heat until they started to brown.

    One brown I removed the mushrooms from the pan, took the pan off the heat, added butter, melted it, and then made the roux, and added some anchovy paste. At this point I followed the guidelines in the recipe and brought it to a simmer. When it reached a simmer I added the cheese as Chef John did and followed the rest of his instructions.

    When the pasta was done my cheese sauce was too thick so I did add some pasta water to the sauce until it was smooth and creamy but just a tad on the runny side. If there isn’t enough moisture the cheese sauce will dry out when baked in the oven.

    I mixed the chicken, some of the bacon, and all of the veg with the noodles and the cheese sauce.

    From there it went into a buttered casserole dish, topped it with the buttered panko, and the remaining chopped bacon. Then baked it at 400 for about 18 minutes.

    This is my first time making a Mac and Cheese dish, I usually don’t like Mac and Cheese, and boy this was good!

    Thanks Chef John for the technique instruction and the inspiration!

  218. rscard119

    making this tonight..vday dinner lol..looking to get.. llllllots of compliments lol

  219. Donna Jacksin

    Chef John, you are my go to chef, whenever I an recipe, I look for your page…two thumbs up

  220. toxin689

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  221. Bbfishman

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  222. tranquil Nice

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    just give us the food porn and ill jerk off to porn porn

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    whys he talking like that

  226. Dylan Gaty-Birnbaum

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  227. Neb88

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    1. Jeffrey Z

      relafen66 if she’s vegan dump her. For future reference any Living/Breathing creature including lobster, is not for vegans. Vegans also do not eat animal products, so cheese, milk, and eggs are out of the question too.

  228. Anton Builds

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  233. Kristi B

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