Macaroni and Cheese Recipe – Tom Jefferson’s Mac and Cheese

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722 Replies to “Macaroni and Cheese Recipe – Tom Jefferson’s Mac and Cheese”

  1. Adam Ochsner

    Really good mac and cheese. Been making this recipe for a few years and it’s always a hit.

  2. Teresa Mosero


  3. Anival Garcia

    too complicated lol im looking for a simple mac n cheese

  4. Patrick Patino


  5. Ray Merrill

    This is easy. I make good baked mac n cheese too. I add sour cream in the homemade sauce.

  6. Novaximus

    Mac N Cheese. Quite possibly the best food on the entire earth. I could eat this 4 times a week.

  7. MarkS

    This is a BEAUTIFUL recipe, but I would caution everyone here to be cautious with the Thyme. I accidentally threw in too much and it overpowered the mac and cheese. The next time I made it I put in half the amount chef john puts in and it was perfect.

    Great work! Love all your videos.

  8. Precious Hudlin

    Can you blend up ur own breadcrumbs?

  9. Kay Jay

    Not to brag but I am renown for my mac&cheese in my family, but I gotta say…thanks to you, it’s on a whole ‘nother level now! I am late to this party by more than several years but I am SO glad I came across this video in 2018! 😉

  10. Alfred Quijada

    I hate when the pasta is masked and not incorporated.
    So many American Restaurants abuse thier sauce proportions… Specifically with Macs and Ravioli


    I love this guy

  12. Jeffrey Scott

    Made this the other day. Thanks, it was a huge hit!

  13. shekeeps1iclosed

    Was Thomas Jefferson Yankee Doodle?

  14. joe smith

    Other famous chefs on youtube and t.v. say to use HOT milk in a roux otherwise if you use COLD milk there will be clumps? Which is it?

  15. Jim Fortune

    And he “called it macaroni”

  16. camille jules

    Awesome recipe!

  17. Pisces X

    I loved this! It was awesome. 🙂

  18. cj ryan

    Nicely done!!

  19. Tobleh

    but i’m canadian

  20. MissQwertyPie


  21. CAT astrophic

    Um, no.

  22. midnightpredator18

    Made this today, had to cut back on the cayenne due to picky eaters 😢. Buuut it was delicious still! First recipe of many that I’ve made from you, after watching a ton of your videos the past few months! Thank you!

  23. dtwiggy1

    😉 this is exactly the way I like mine. U can keep that thick cheesey gooey stuff. This is perfect with a nice bite. I have to admit, I cheated and added a few pads of butter. 💕💕

  24. Dutch landishRDM

    Never had M&C, i allways thought it was crap that’s made with American ‘cheese’ but this actually looks delish.. I think it could use cubes of ham though

  25. James Masters

    Thomas Jefferson, nice name drop.

  26. Karl Delavigne

    Macaroni cheese is a recipe dating back to the Middle Ages; it was not invented by Thomas Jefferson.

  27. candy girlll

    self rising or all purpose flour?

  28. Karynna Hill

    Cool, I hate runny and saucy mac and cheese. They mistake that for being “cheesy”, but thats more like, “saucy”.

  29. 1234yase

    Finally a recipe with gruyère 🙂

  30. Pan Darius Kairos

    Get yourself a fresh nut

  31. evie parada

    Yummmmyyy :0

  32. Bob Sacamano

    Just made this. Best Mac n Cheese ever. Added twice the cayenne. Definitely use fresh nutmeg.

  33. Eclectica Eclectica

    Julia Child+ hot milk= not lumps.

  34. Dewanto R.

    Hot roux + cold milk = no lumps.
    This mantra is stuck in my head. Thank you Chef John.
    Any other mantras that could be useful?

  35. shirtshine73blitz

    I’m planning to make this but put a layer of browned ground beef and sausage, drained of fat of course, on the bottom. Sort of a Cottage Pie but I’m going to call it Mac and Meat pie.

  36. Brad Massilon

    Help me! I consider myself pretty proficient in the kitchen, but when I make Mac and cheese, it sucks. It’s not the ingredients… It’s the technique in some way. When I finally add the cheese in batches into the hot mixture, it seems to break. Curds seem to form do I have the mixture too hot?

  37. Carolyn Chin

    Hi John thanks for all your recipes! Love your videos. Can this be prepped ahead and baked following day or make the sauce ahead. As well can you do some entertaining videos with prep ahead videos? Thanks again!

  38. ZOLTAR

    This looks grand! YUM!😍 Loving your channel.

  39. perduk1

    Thomas Jefferson hated Cayenne Pepper.

  40. Jilly bean

    Whos thomas jefferson?

  41. Antonio Scarpelli

    Your channel is my go-to for any recipe i might want to make for my Lady and I! Keep up the good work.

  42. Talset

    This is similar to my recipe. I multiply it by 4 and make it for work every year for the holiday party, it’s ALWAYS the first thing to go. It’s the same measurements for everything, but I do a couple things differently. For the sauce I do 1/2 sharp cheddar, 1/4 montery jack and 1/4 colby jack. I also add basil instead of thyme, and paprika and garlic powder to the sauce. Lastly, for the crust, I actually crush up garlic and butter (or cheese and butter, or something similar) croutons and sprinkle them over the top and shred some parmigiano-reggiano on top along with part of the three cheese blend earlier, but the parm and crumbs always goes on top. The croutons are the real secret and everyone’s always complimenting the crust.

  43. Lola Bae

    You mean Thomas Jefferson’s slaves’ Mac n cheese?? Love it tho will be trying it!

  44. Shane Halverson

    This is amazing Mac & Cheese! Everyone who eats it loves it!

  45. Colin Brown

    He probably stole mac n cheese from slaves 🙄

  46. R13

    I am not a smart man. My sauce was a little too thick after adding the cheese, but after baking it it really dried it out. It was still good but make sure your sauce isn’t too thick.

  47. Rob Z

    4:48 In your face, England! my reply is Up Your Arse, America.

  48. Apple Candy

    Thomas Jefferson invented macaroni and cheese? Yeah right, only a fool would believe that! More like, he stole the recipe and claimed it!

  49. Kelly Fredrickson

    Made this. So Good. I’ve tried a lot of Mac n Cheese  recipes and this is by far my husband’s favorite and mine too. Thx chef John!

  50. Keith Watling

    chef john. hope you dont mind me sharing this on my blog. its amazing. i add crispy bacon and diced ham to mine. your not only a great chef but very entertaining as well. you made me look like a hero in front of my family. thank you sir and a very merry christmas to you. cheers. from canada.

  51. Bulldog Mom

    The link is for butternut squash soup….

  52. trash vampire

    Jefferson: *dashing towards the kitchen*
    Jefferson: *comes back with mac and cheese*
    Whole Constitutional Convention: Thomas nO
    Jefferson: Thomas YES

  53. Davince Abarado

    I’ve been having this problem where when I add the flour to the butter to make the roux, it ends up crumbling and drying out. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, maybe my stove is too hot, or maybe I’m adding in not enough butter or too much flour. Help???

  54. Sharon Tayebi

    Oh child , things are going to get easier . Such A wonderful dish. You can take a walk everyday . It calms me down too .

  55. JJ cika

    This is the best video ive ever seen

  56. JoJo Mama

    I understand good ol’ Tom was the inventor of boning Sally Hemming in the unspeakable places…

  57. Jaded Mermaid

    I made this for my Thanksgiving and it came out really well, the cheese sauce was great. Everyone loved it.

  58. desti official

    My favorite food every Sunday here in Brazil.

  59. PersephoneFleur

    You’re the best cook/narrator that has ever lived.

  60. Jonathan Aresse

    I love how he says don’t argue

  61. Jaime Luviano

    can I make this ahead of time?

  62. Mike Candela

    Not sure if I’ll get an answer being that this video is old, but I was planning on making this today as a side for Thanksgiving tomorrow. What would be the best way to Reheat tomorrow?

  63. Mary 117

    I made this today ahead of time for Thanksgiving but I don’t think it is going to last that long (LOL).

  64. Leticia Chavolla

    Making this tomorrow

  65. Veans

    I can’t find the recipe is someone could help

  66. Scarlett Washington

    Thomas Jefferson – what a G

  67. Kelly Fredrickson

    Made this and it is my husband’s favorite mac and cheese of all time. Loved it! Thank you.

  68. Amy Hietala

    I don’t know what I did wrong or how to fix. Texture was grainy. And when I poured the sauce on the pan it was funny not creamy. Flavor was decent

  69. Silvia Luna

    Lmao.chef jon dont give a fuck in this video

  70. Andrew Murtha

    4:49 Hahaha, lol! X-D

  71. Davi75h

    Chef John, do I need to alter coming time if I don’t use bread crumbs? I don’t care for them.

  72. penyou

    My mouth just squirted

  73. penyou

    “American Cuisine is none existent”

  74. penyou

    I recommend using Swiss cheese only 👌🏽

  75. penyou

    Some Kanye

  76. Kenny H

    You forgot to add the tomatoes with concord grape wine sauce over the top! Forget the Japanese bread crumbs and use crushed pretzels instead.

  77. jordan blay

    The first written recipe [for macaroni and cheese] seems to be from The Experienced English Housekeeper, by a Mrs. Elizabeth Raffald. Published in 1769

  78. Flounder3000

    I’ve tried several of your recipes. Didn’t really like this one.

  79. Jeff Stanley

    Great presentation but I am having a problem with TJ finding panko at ye olde grocery store. However, if you want to know more about this then go here:

  80. Writer6608

    “In your face, England!”

  81. Tayylor Fierce

    That cheese is sad. More cheese please!

  82. Paleface316

    Dont use breadcrrumps…. Use your leftover cheese… And use a muffin tin.. Makes individual amounts.. And gets you a complete crisp cheese (side of the pan…) bite.. to the whole thing….

  83. Atsumachi

    I tried making this recently and I had a strange thing happen. After taking the mac and cheese out of the oven and letting it cool, the cheese sauce was dry and kinda crumbly, kinda like wet flour, instead of being creamy. I don’t know if it was a mistake from a step I did in making the bechamel or not. It was just right before I had put it into the oven so I don’t know what I possibly did wrong.

    Regardless, it was pretty dang tasty!

  84. Dale C

    Great recipes, and great narration.

  85. Jesus Garcia

    Stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni.

  86. loo soo

    guys, I’m kinda lost: So in that other video (on how to make lump free sauce) he said to make the roux, let the butter sing until all the water evaporates and then add the milk, but here it’s different, why?

  87. Zara Kendall

    Wheres my Hamilton fam?

  88. Left Shark

    I thought you couldn’t use metal on metal

  89. Boggy Bunny

    Thomas Jefferson’s coming hooommmeee~ WHAT’D I MISS!… When you know more about American history because of a musical than your own country XD

  90. Amanda Kurtzman

    I make this almost every week. It’s my favorite recipe.

  91. maserin1

    I made this about a week ago, Chef. Had to run all over Buenos Aires to find Panko breadcrumbs, but I found them in a specialty shop. Americans really take for granted the ingredients that are easy to get up there! Like tomato paste… no tomato paste down here. I have to make it from scratch. No bueno. Anyway, the mac and cheese turned out presidential. Thanks!

  92. Alexis Lopez

    Chef John messed up. Sharp cheddar is a hard cheese. Hard cheeses will make your macaroni sauce gritty, a very unpleasant texture. You should mainly use soft cheeses: havarti, feta, cream cheese, mozarella, muenster, etc. You can make a good mac and cheese sauce with hard cheese as long as you don’t use too much hard cheese.

  93. Kapten Yuz

    This recipe turned out wonderful 🙂
    I didn’t use breadcrumbs btw

  94. Jessica Ray

    are you married? and if not would you like a much younger, always hungry and slightly overweight gf to test your recipes?

  95. Fumble Bunny

    Thank you, Chef John, for the easiest and BEST mac n’ cheese. I have made this for the past two Thanksgivings and there is hardly any left. Everyone wanted the recipe the first year. I now love to make it for a “meatless” meal. You can add chopped ham or crumbled bacon if you’d like a meaty version. Love your videos…you make everything seem easy and your love of cooking comes through!

  96. Super Puffball


  97. kght222

    3:40 chuckle, these days panko is usually available next to bread crumbs on the shelf in any grocery store near the seasonings (meatloaf, gravy, crap like that). by freak chance the store i work at has the seasonings isle on the same isle as international, but in general the panko will be with the other bread crumbs.

  98. Mary Delgado

    tomorrows dinner thank you

  99. thehumburger

    Mac N Cheese is one of the best recipes to play around with. So many variations. I recently did one with bay scallops and spinach (a slight variation of the traditional tuna and peas). Amazing.

  100. millerjoan

    Finally, someone makes mac and cheese like my folks. I love, love, love my mac and cheese this way, a little dryer then most recipes. It’s sooooooooooo good! Thanks Chef John!

  101. mike patrick

    I halved the recipe, used 12 oz macaroni. Added diced, smoked center cut bacon. Baked it in an 8×8. Quite good. Like the professor says, cheesy, but not dripping. And the bacon!

  102. NinaMarieNPianoKeys

    This kinda looks like momma cherrie’s recipe for macaroni and cheese

  103. K T

    I used about 9oz of macaroni and the texture and creaminess was perfect. The thyme flavor was a little too strong for me so next time I will skip the thyme. I really liked the crunchy Panko bread crumbs but next time I will only put bread crumbs on half of the top because I didn’t like it the next day when I heated up the leftovers in the microwave and the bread crumbs were not crisp. Hope this helps anyone curious about trying this recipe.

  104. Angie Gomez

    I fucking love you Chef John, your commentary never ceases to bore me

  105. Sharon Mynes

    You are eating mac and cheese. Why worry about the fat??

  106. Adam Fulghum

    thanks John I appreciate it so very much. my son and I love making the food you make.

  107. Jae Play

    3:28 Yes! They’re in the store. YES. Don’t Argue. Yes. They’re in… the asian section of your grocery store. I love your commentary John.

  108. tetrulz jam

    I have never tried mac and cheese

  109. poingpoing11

    What the hell you can talk normally.

  110. Jon G

    You sound like a youtuber i know, taoflaudermaus or something like that

  111. e1tt5y

    Thank you

  112. Dixie Normous

    I thought this recipe was ok, but my partner didn’t like the flavor and my 5 Y. O. spit her bite back on the plate and wouldn’t try anymore. Sorry, just giving my honest review.

  113. pat mac

    I love experimenting with Macaroni and cheese. GREAT vid and history lesson!

  114. yana212

    Thomas stole this recipe from his slave

  115. Anthony Starks

    i made this again for the upcoming holiday because it was so popular the last time i made it. Thjis time i smoked some bacon and added it in with the macaroni….

  116. Matthew Smith

    English Mustard!

  117. Critically Speaking

    I made this today, and putting it in the oven wrecked it for me :/ It was super cheesy before I baked, and then it was almost dry after. I had it in the oven for 10 minutes.

  118. 50hellkat2

    I put breadcrumbs in frying pan with melted butter and brown them up. I sprinkle these on top after i have baked the mac and cheese so they do not suck up all the sauce out of the macaroni. I saw a chef do this on youtube and it is the way to go.

  119. Spider

    This was surprisingly light. I was hoping for a richer mac and cheese. Instead of milk, could you use something like half and half or heavy cream?

  120. Kevin Wright

    it’s delicious….but lethal….. this will positively kill you….. nobody who eats like this will live beyond 65

  121. yoo toob

    Glad I watched this: I make great M&C, but your hint about adding some spices to the cream sauce is a great hint. Here’s mine: I spread my M&C in a rimmed cookie sheet and use crushed Tortilla Chips for the crumb topping. Everybody likes the crunchy top, so this way there’s MORE TOP!

  122. Thomas Grant

    why not do a low broil to brown the top?

  123. Farideh vargha

    Do you guys need this

  124. John Benton

    Macaroni & cheese looks far too complicated for us poor Brits. Thank God the Yanks can do it!

    1. Alexander

      I’m British and i make it every Friday lol, super easy

  125. Tilda Ward

    your clips is like church to me they just keep feeding my soul . I’m in heaven, that macaroni and cheese Look So Divine. Yum

  126. jonni

    Could i use 4 cups of milk and 4 cups of cheese and not change the roux

  127. I Like Sciences and Maths

    “Jefferson FOUGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS…!” Yup a owner and seller of hundreds of African slaves fought for our rights! Murica.

  128. Kuro Wanwan

    mac and cheese without a roux ain’t shit, TJ knew what was up.

    1. Kuro Wanwan

      BTW I like to use a whole bag of sharp cheddar plus about a cup of Mexican four cheese blend for my sauce, it tones down the cheddar just enough that you don’t get that sharp cheese fatigue so you can eat an ungodly amount of it no matter what 👌 I’m a poor student so I don’t use fresh cheeses but it works well enough. (that’s on a full box of pasta)

  129. Mike Wyatt

    Made this last night for dinner came out great thanks.

  130. DoubleDubs

    His voice is WAAAAAY too normal… I DON’T LIKE THIS!

    SMASHES THE DISLIKE BUTTON…..then immediately smashes the like button…

  131. Rouge Ninja

    Instead of bread crumbs I used crushed hot Cheetos cheese puffs…..worked excellent 👍🏻👌🏻🍻

  132. Krinis

    Thanks, Chef John! This brings back the childhood memories.

  133. Monster commenter

    I love your voice! I could listen to you read the dictionary😍

  134. •elizabeth cash•


  135. UniquelyMade

    Awesome, I was looking for a non runny version and a more drier version and found it :))

  136. Red Phoenix

    @1:59 Those Muricans butcher any name, even that of Gouda. 😀 The cheese itself is delicious. The ‘ou’ of Gouda is pronounced like the “ow” of bowden.

  137. David Welsh

    I am proud to honor the memory of Thomas Jefferson by putting as much macaroni or cheese in my mac and cheese as I please. Thank you, Chef John, for reminding all of us what this nation is founded on! Freedom!!

  138. sanison

    Im wachting thise when im eating mac and cheese

  139. Alex Glau

    Tbh, i dont care about the origin. Im just hungry.

  140. Jackyliu009 Xbox Gamer

    Nicely done!

  141. Leo Lam

    2 drips of what????

  142. flaresia

    Still my fav chanel after 8 yrs <3

  143. Daniel

    I boil all my fish before storing them underground for the season. They taste rich and delicious when you dig them up

    1. Arthas Menethil

      How do you store them? Pickled, dried, salted?

  144. Devin Thomas

    you’re the man chef john!

  145. Cash vDaddy


  146. Ya Whatever

    This looks sooo good 😛

  147. Vanessa Shantae

    white people mac and cheese

  148. TheCoGuards256 ASC TPOTC

    4:18 shined!

  149. Johannes Robertson

    A good mustard plus the fresh nutmeg makes the cheese sauce absolutely fricken killer.

  150. T DOG

    I think I could live on Mac and cheese. Only deal I would weigh 300lbs.

  151. Michael Tucker

    Pasta and cheese casseroles have been recorded as early as the 14th century in the Italian cookbook, Liber de Coquina, one of the oldest medieval cookbooks, which featured a dish of parmesan and pasta. A cheese and pasta casserole known as makerouns was recorded in the famous medieval English cookbook, the Forme of Cury (cook of Richard 2) , which was also written in the 14th century.[7] It was made with fresh, hand-cut pasta which was sandwiched between a mixture of melted butter and cheese. The recipe given (in Middle English) was “Take and make a thynne foyle of dowh. and kerve it on peces, and cast hem on boillyng water & seeþ it wele. take chese and grate it and butter cast bynethen and above as losyns. and serue forth.”

  152. anofi berry

    Just made it, added 1/4 tsp of smked pprka, red pepr flks, & used shp wt chddr, guda, and velvetta & italian br crms. I am re naming this the “panty dropper’…
    Thanks Chef John You are Das Beste !!!

  153. Dr. Phil's lily white ass

    His voice was (relatively) normal then. What the fuck happened?

  154. Gatorade

    That looks so good and not so cheesy…

  155. Amber Redd

    This is how my momma makes it!! Thaaaank you! Been looking for this recipe for the longest. Every one else just makes a cold mix of cheese and milk. NO! Not how you do it. Yak

  156. finalbossd

    “Tom Jefferson, for the Presidency, who, to make the best of him, was nothing but a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father, as was well known in the neighborhood where he was raised, wholly on hoe-cake (made of course-ground Southern corn), bacon, and hominy, with an occasional change of fricasseed bullfrog, for which abominable reptiles he had acquired a taste during his residence among the French in Paris, to whom there could be no question he would sell his country at the first offer made to him cash down, should he be elected to fill the Presidential chair” (John Adams 1800).

  157. alltime pissedoff

    Thomas Jeffersons coming home…

  158. Andy Gosh

    Watch out everybody, Chef John is done with salt to taste. His foot is down on this one.

  159. BaraBrandurHenriksen

    matinae situatsjun idividjul

  160. MrGogis75


  161. MrGogis75

    I made this tonight for dinner, my daughter say it was ok but she prefers the one from the blue box , my son hated it, he said it makes him feel sick he wanted me to make immediately the one from the blue box 😫😫😫

  162. Jasminemm

    Noooooooooooo!! Not enough sauce!!

  163. Leah Jay

    This dude is a joke

  164. Fey Merritt

    Well, I know it’s time to make some homemade mac and cheese again..

  165. Uriel Caiado

    i’m so hungry right now ><

  166. Kirthi H

    Thanks chef john 🙂

  167. LENEY oro


  168. YesYou123333

    Is this sauce good to pour over Cauliflower?

    1. BullaTeairraThe Queen of Rap Briefs

      Tanu Man Uncle Phil moment

    2. Tanay M.

      Yes, and broccoli too!

  169. L. Scott Music

    A tip as to why you turn off the heat when you add the cheese.  Because if the heat is on or you turn on the heat the cheese will become stringy instead of creamy.  This tip also applies if you like to add cheese to scrambled eggs.  Add the cheese at the end after turning of the heat, letting them finish and the cheese melt on their own.

  170. jno858

    I made this and it taste like eggnog. These spices don’t belong in simple mac and cheese. I would advise trying something a recipe a little more down to earth. Nutmeg and thyme do not belong in this group.

  171. Dinner with Tiffani


  172. #1-Bama gurl


  173. スパイシーな男の子

    Lol, I love these older videos.

  174. BullaTeairraThe Queen of Rap Briefs

    Way better than the packaged brand like I always say make yo shit from scratch quit buying pre packaged Mac and cheese it’s not food

  175. Elizabeth S

    I looked through the link in his description and can’t find the ingredients!! Please help!

    1. jbm

      I think this is the one.

  176. Danny Campbell

    Whew! For a second I was worried that our families mac n cheese wasn’t ‘historical’ like Thoms, but I worried needlessly. Thanks for the video!

  177. Eric Berk

    “In your face England” … That was funny! I love your cooking vids, and this one looks great as usual.

  178. Food Flipped

    Awesome video thanks chef john!

  179. browsingfloor62

    It was a hit at thanksgiving

  180. Scott B.

    New fan and I enjoy Your shows so far

  181. coldwynn

    This is cheddar than most recipes.

    1. Friendly Gnome

      get out

  182. Jessica Denisse

    “Yes their in the store yes don’t argue with me their in the store”

  183. Maximus P

    I would use 4 ounces of pasta for this

  184. Claudia Jimenez

    yummy …..

  185. Khaira Wilson

    As for the basic overall recipe, love it! However, next time I would leave out or significantly cut down on the nutmeg (by the way, I didn’t use fresh as he suggested. that might be the difference.) Also, I was not a big fan of the panko crust. But his makes an excellent cheese sauce. I used a combination of cheddar cheeses.

    1. Khaira Wilson

      Lord K OK, good to know! Thx u!

    2. Lord K

      Yeah, classic mistake, it’s the same for all herbs and spices: dried stuff is much stronger than fresh

  186. stvsueoka1

    LOVE IT!

  187. Noah Nguyen

    Can I use regular bread crumbs?

    1. swishyfeather


    2. UnknownUser


    3. souris


    4. Monstufpud


    5. Hiram Gunther

      Noah Nguyen yes

  188. Zack Allen

    16oz dry or cooked?

    1. Paola Espinoza

      Zack Allen

    2. Sagisli


  189. R3dp055um

    Very similar to my grandmother’s recipe, but she adamantly maintained that it was best to use LARGE elbow macaroni, so there was more room for the cheese to get inside the pasta. Also, she made the roux without cheese, and built the casserole in layers of pasta/cheese/pasta/cheese, then poured the roux over the top. Your way may be better, TBH.

  190. dontbelikethat

    ingredients here for the lazy

    1. Elizabeth S

      dontbelikethat you’ve saved me

  191. AtarahDerek

    Strictly speaking, he didn’t invent mac ‘n cheese. He created his own recipe. Which was apparently an acquired tasted for America.

  192. Jetmorrison

    spent half a day looking at Mac and cheese recipes before i came across this CLASSIC food wishes version. I dontknow why i didnt come take a look for this right off the bat. No need to do my own research when chef john has already done that research for me!

    You sound so different in this video, chef john! (not only mic quality but the way you speak as well)

    1. Maria Constas


  193. Fred Stiening

    Would Jefferson support a right to eat trans Fats?

  194. ReveCodi69

    Would mozzarella cheese work and cheddar?

    1. Lord K

      Mozzarella usually adds texture, but not flavor, so eh

  195. ReveCodi69

    I don’t like mustard, so my question is the Dijon mustard overpowering? Like you can definitely taste it

    1. Franz Ferdinand

      It’s there as an emulsifier to keep the oils in the cheese from separating. You shouldn’t be able to taste it.

  196. Rick Maisto

    Nice recipe and the Jefferson comment was on the mark. Thanks for the video

  197. Haley Boston

    the Asian section of our grocery store? wow. lol

  198. seapr6

    Most people HAVE forgotten and/or don’t CARE about the principles this country was founded on. Jefferson is rolling in his grave. At this point, screw it – using the 8 ounce version. Don’t care about getting fat.

  199. IconicCutz

    I highly doubt a man who had a bunch of slaves cooked anything

    1. Jean Waldrup

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    1. Robert Marshall

      Not Italy, Marco Polo told me just the other day he brought the pasta concept with him when he came back from China. The Italians just made it their own with the flours they had on hand. I applaud the Italians for doing such a great job.

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      I eat loads of stuff like this, but I am considered something in between underweight and normal weight. How come? Well I make it all myself: Mac and Cheese, Tiramisu, Raffaello Cakes, Profiteroles and what not… I eat dessert at least once a day with my lunch. Just good old home made cooking. If you eat in moderation and don’t forget to include vegetables and fruits every now and then it is even better for you than Mc Donald’s Caesar Salad or what not 🙂

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  287. Dan R.

    pro tip:
    It’s best to steep oil soluble spices in cream. The milk fat will do the trick but you won’t risk breaking down those wonderful essential oils. You basically want to render the oils out of the spices, warming them, melting them and locking them in a tasty emulsion.
    If you try to extract these flours in hot fat, you’ll burn and destroy those wonderful oils.

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    So I made my “Mac and Cheese” with nothing more then Cheddar, Emmentaler (?. Not sure if it has a proper translation) and feta cheese, throw them into a pot with a little bit of milk and cream, cook those not directly on the stove but in a hot water bath while preparing the pasta, seasoning it with a bit of pepper, paprika and garlicpowder, wait for it to become just the right amount of sticky and then putting everything together in a single pot, mixing it. That’s a theme of mine, I like to put things in the same pot and just mix it.
    Well, that’s my recipe, it is veeeery very improvised but thats just how I love to cook, I dont really measure things but hey, at least I can say that my meals taste different each time I prepare them (which can be for the better or worse ;))

    … wow, did I just type down a small paragraph on how I prepare my own Mac N Cheese? Cooking, man… cooking and Chef John, I swear.

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  300. EH CBunny

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      +Teddi P My mom that is dietitian would disagree with you. The way I look at it. It not what you eat that makes you fat. It what you do.

    2. EH CBunny

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      What about the “cholesterol” in the cheese?  LOL, (GAWD I hate trolls)

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    4. EH CBunny

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      The only difference I see is that after baking his mac and cheese aren’t tightly held together and my family’s can be sliced or scooped.

  301. Nruiz8479

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      +Blue Spirit You’re welcome 🙂

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      +MsMas99 Thank you soo much 🙂 🙂

    3. MsMas99

      +Blue Spirit I pretty much made it the same way as this video, but as far as cheeses, I used a cup of gruyer, a cup of cheddar, and a cup of pepperjack cheese. My family enjoys the added flavor from the pepperjack cheese. Gruyer is a bit on the pricey side but so worth it. I didn’t add Worcestshire sauce though. I’m not a huge fan of the flavor. And of course, added lots of pepper and salt to taste. I didn’t have bread crumbs so i just added extra cheese on the top before I baked it. I made it for Thanksgiving last week. My brother and his girlfriend really enjoyed it. I prepared it the night before, poured it into a 13 x 9 Pyrex dish, refrigerated it until about an hour before serving. Baked it for about 40 minutes covered and then uncovered for an additional 10 minutes.

    4. Blue Spirit

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