Make Your Own Beef Jerky! How to Make Beef Jerky in the Oven

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Learn how to make your own Beef Jerky! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Beef Jerky in the Oven Recipe!

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  1. Dave McCallister

    My dad would prefer a tie

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  3. David Steele

    Love it mate. I’m sold

  4. Ridha Radhitya

    my oven don’t go lower than 260 deg F. what should i do? please help me

    1. Jan Svatek

      buy a new one:)

  5. pl capeli

    thank you for the best food channel on the web ….. humor and intelligence and for some reason i trust you would not recommend a recipe that failed

  6. Zeron'

    Shiny 50 shade’s leather. Lol

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    The way you talk is pissing me off

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    So interesting to watch!

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    I’m not a father but I love beef jerky

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    he talks weird

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    No crust sound effect?

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    Wow. Lol looks gorgeous

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    I love your delivery of content !

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    Hey Chef John, this recipe was a blast. Thank you so much.

  16. Rose Quartz

    I enjoyed this video and the enthusiasm in your voice, just thought you should know

  17. u3962521

    I am heading to the supermkt Tomo and going to try this… Can’t wait… Dogs will love this too

  18. Borneo Agathis

    Hi..How long could we keep the jerky in The airtight container?

  19. hank spooner

    Looks great. Don’t have an oven though. Am currently trying fan dried which I saw similar marinade.crack

  20. lol lol

    Much rather wet than dry .
    After marinading trow garlic in a pan and lay them down for 6 minutes and Thats better
    Yummmmm .

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  22. unapologetic truth

    You sound like an idiot

  23. Memer dude 420691738

    I like this

  24. Mannyiac58 Airsoft

    Yeah let your meat air out

  25. Lawrence Conn

    instead of the cayenne you should have added chipotle and that would add spice and smokeyness

  26. ElectricPulse100

    You sound like you could be related to Seth Rogan.

  27. Extreme Food Reviews

    Perfect. We were looking for a good jerky marinade base to make some spicier jerky. I think you nailed it for us. Thank you kindly, good sir.

  28. Comrade Commissar

    Soy is not healthy

  29. the astronaut’s friend.

    He sounds like Seth Rogan just a bit

  30. Christoph Az

    You’re commentary had me laughing.

  31. michael stevenson jr

    0:33 lol

  32. mark preman

    I tried a 6 day marinate and it was very noticeable…

  33. Fred Fable

    C’mon!!! SOY SAUCE…And Worcestershire sauce to make jerky.
    Shoot yourself…

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    Every last last word he says is high pitch

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    That 50 shades comment made me laugh out loud. Awesome video!

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    Kermit the frog lol

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    Omg that looks delicious.

  38. Joelus Maximus

    Jokes on you all hipsters are vegans… Well untill it becomes popular

  39. Windy Milers mate

    It’s pronounced – Wust stir shire – … if it helps or you wanna look posh my friend .
    I just bought a dehumidifier …
    In answer to your question — a humongous jar .
    I know I’m English but I love the stuff

  40. Vobe S

    my butcher couldn’t cut it thin so i’m going to try this all the same but in pieces like thai beef jerky is we’ll see

    1. Vobe S

      it turned out really good most of them are done and cooling after 8 hours in the oven i have some thicker strips that need another hour but they taste so good i was eating them out of the oven for the last two hours even though they weren’t the right texture lol

  41. RacerDrago

    what if i told you a was watching this show while watching good eats with Alton Brown

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    big jar of that…mmmmmmm

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    Im making this today! Going for ten pounds!

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    the voice…. kills me!

  45. luckyjinxer

    Sub dales for the soy sauce and thank me later

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    i never comment on anything but, narration could not have been more perfect

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    Does anyone become irritated and anxious by this guy’s voice?

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    So gunna try this

  49. Alexandre Dupont

    remember, you never have enough pepper

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  51. Vashti

    I’m in the uk and I used bavette, and to make it low carb I used stevia drops and Diet Coke in the marinade instead of honey…. It turned out THE BEST. I cooked it for three hours at the lowest setting on my oven, 50. Any higher, it turns to charcoal. Thank you for this recipe! You’re awesome at dunking your beef 😀

  52. Caleb Morse

    Just threw my first batch in the oven, hoping it turns out great!

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  54. Super Luigi 305

    Wow so easy

  55. Orbital DickBeacon

    All the pauses in between you talking is really annoying good recipes though won’t be watching anymore can’t stand the way you talk

  56. Adventum Spirit

    How long will it then keep for in an air tight jar?

  57. KING GC

    Great tutorial, going to try this today. And also I would prefer a new gun over a tie or jerky any day. Just saying

  58. derek Hartline

    I’m not even a dad and I’d want the beef jerky

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    I don’t like hipsters

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    So good!! Thank you very much!!

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    Wait, wtf?
    This isn’t Red Letter Media…

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    The voice… Starts normal, gets high pitched then back to normal at the end of the sentence… Annoying.

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  64. Tessar

    I’d be happy with this and only this every Father’s Day D:

  65. Nathan Warshawsky

    I made it and turned out good

  66. Scott Page USMC

    I worked for Lockheed and Rolls-Royce at Stennis Space Center, and we used to make beef jerky at our turbofan test facility on nightshift. We took a 1.5’×1.5’×3′ card board space blanket (satellites) box, with a metal coffee can on two bricks. Cut the top and bottom of the box off and place it over the coffee can. The can is set on top of the bricks. Cut a small door at the bottom of the box to provide access to the coffee can. Push 316 steel welding rods through the meat and across the box top. Light charcoal in the coffee can and use whatever soaked wood chips you want. In about 4-8 hours you’ll have the best nightshift snack you can think of. You can use any cardboard box, but the thicker the better for insulation. We had space blanket boxes, so that’s what we used. Very industrial. Cheers!

    Edit: Forgot to mention to cap the top of the box, if you want extra smoky jerky.

  67. CrystalCritter

    First off, this video is excellent and very personable and friendly. I am going to try this recipe but not for a dude, for ME. I’m female and even though you mentioned men, my hubby isn’t really into beef jerky. I find it is a great go to low carb snack (obviously depending on the recipe). Nice idea on the Mason jar as well. I have nothing against hipsters. Jerky in the store costs like 6, 7 or 8+ dollars for a few ounces which is nuts. This method looks pretty spiffy. Thanks for sharing and for an excellent quality video.

  68. Joanna Herrick

    Your voice is everything, reminds me so much of Seth Rogan!! 😂

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    Thank you so much brother

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    I LUV beef or venison jerky

  71. Boom King

    It won’t be around long enough to worry about shelf life. 🙂

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    I’m having a hard time not hating how you carry your voice. I’m sorry.

  73. T C

    Hi Michelle

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    Ur voice is so fucking annoying

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    Brilliant video can’t wait to do my own thanks so much!! Could the same recipe be done for ostrich?

  76. LinearElasticity

    Great information but your vocal bouncing is painful to listen to :/

  77. Kathy K

    Going to give this a try

  78. WinterTRM

    Not even telling you the amounts dick

  79. jrea424

    Im not sure if you mentioned but go for the leanest meat you can get because the fat goes rancid..

  80. HamTheBacon

    your voice bothers me

  81. RogueAssassin X3

    Big jar of beef jerky I don’t wear ties. Lol

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    you didnt nail it….. its pronounced as “wooster” 😉

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    Do a video in autotune so we could see how you sound, lol!

  84. Desync

    you sound like a fucking serial killer

  85. Jeremy

    I watched this the first time the other day. My very first batch of jerky is marinating right now and I’m super pumped. I thank you.

  86. T M

    Shiny, fifty-shades leather! Lol!

  87. Homefront

    I do the same thing but stick a butter knife in the oven door for venting

  88. Robert Vanhorn

    He likes his beef dry

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    Lol, what wushushshir sauce!? 😉
    Great recipe btw!

  90. thersten

    where did you learn to speak English? Moscow? Oslo?

  91. Jer0tube

    Made some tonight, absolutely love the beef jerky, got some ideas for my next batch as we speak!!!

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    I wanna swim in beef jerky

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    Like the convenience store???? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! It’s considerably better, FINE JOB!

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    Big jar of that please.

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    i fucking hate your voice

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    Skip the tie, give me the jerky.

  97. Dave Cronton

    Going to try yum


    Drugs; or gotta poop?
    I can’t tell by “voice” .

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    Why do you speak like that?

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    K, i like his vids but I hate his voice… just gonna mute

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  102. Bryan Bui

    Why does his voice keep getting jogger

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    You sound so weird


    THANK you for the healthier RECAPY !! 👍🍺🎆

  105. TRU MAN

    I love beef jerky . I could live on it.

  106. Gavin Romero

    Noice bro, but isn’t jerky cooked through sterilization by air?

  107. Jeffrey Cordova

    I substituted the soy sauce for teriyaki sauce, and the beef jerky came out amazing. I LOVE it. Typing this out while enjoying a big-ol’ hunk of spicy teriyaki jerky.

  108. Voot Eimer

    Thank You.

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    I like this guy’s tone

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    Kinda wish you can control the tone of your voice maybe a little more consistently

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    Is sugar required?

  112. TheValueKing

    500 Views And 20 Comments and we’ll give this product away to a random person in the comment section!

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    I thought this would be the same as biltong which is a dried beef or buck meat
    Sounds gross but soo nice

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  115. Ricksta96

    seth rogen is teaching me how to make beef jerky lmao

  116. Derek Gardin

    Actually if you look at the ingredients on the soy and the Worcestershire sauce plus the plethora of spices you used you probably have all those ingredients and more.

  117. Serjo777

    2:00 Why are parts of the beef brown while the rest is nice and red?

  118. Vicki Oney

    Chef john your halarious I use all your recipes especially the prime rib…. you have never failed me always a hit

  119. townsville69

    I like my comedy how i like my jerky. Slaughtered.

  120. Doubachoo

    I love how positive this guy is

  121. Johan Berlin

    A workmate tried to make beef jerky at home.the whole staircase filled up with smoke and someone called the firedepartment.

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    Frank walker from national tiiiiiiles…

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  125. Fixing workshop

    What kinda meat is he using ???)

    1. Ebrithil1

      Fixing workshop He literally said it in the video; it’s top round.

  126. Okto Bonny

    My favorite Chef ever

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    You have a strange intonation..

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    William Shatner 2.0

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  131. W G

    you are the water murky of your beef jerky

  132. ChinnyChinChin

    does he make up his own analogies? Because he makes a lot of them and and really good at them.

    1. W G

      no, he uses mine

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    that accent kills my ears.

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    Very kool

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    The best recipe!

  136. THat guy Overthere

    is this the same guy as the jelli belli gummy review channel?

  137. Chuck Wye

    This was a really well done video with lots of open mindedness…. I smoke a lot of pork usually & my family really goes nuts for it …. I’m gonna try cold smoking the beef for about 2 hrs & to see how that turns out

  138. luiscalcocer

    That voice tho

  139. Elliot Guthrie

    iS tHis gUy thE reAL lIfE sPoNgE bOb cHickEN ? christ, fix your speak

  140. Slappyballs

    Have you still never met Alton Brown?

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    Hey chef John, could I use an air fryer to make jerky?

  142. Gabi Trandafir

    Is it possible to use pork meat too? Or just cow meat works for this?

  143. Tardis 412

    Why does every sentence sound like a question? Any family guy fans see the episode where Stewie makes fun of someone for this? It’s all I could think about while watching this

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    Why does he talk like that during the whole thing fast but slow fast but slow

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    I’m gonna try this.👏

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    Jerky looks good, I don’t doubt your method. However your voice and humour is annoying.

  147. Splaticus Blah

    Another recipe said do not use a metal bowl

  148. vjpearce

    I tried this the other day to snack on when I start dieting and as I had some in the fridge, I added some hoisin sauce to it too and it was so delicious.

  149. DragoChronicSmoker42

    what about a tie made of beef jerky……….

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    Alton Brown is my favorite chef. Sorry John.

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    0:32 It’s not “Wushushur” it’s WOR CES TER SHIRE

  152. Ewen David Hendry McGregor

    Every sentence sounds like a question. Loved it xD

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    Mine rips like paper when I’m done I only put it in for 230 hours on 175

  154. Nate Trimper

    Omfg his voice 🐓

  155. T. J.

    OMG 🙂 That is wonderful! I have tried this, and it works! If you don’t want to take the time to make your own, I found a super cheap place to buy whole slabs of Jerky. Only 4 bucks. I order from them when I am feeling lazy.

  156. Fat Yankee Jerky

    I like to Marinade mine for 48 hours give it much more flavour nice video.

  157. Bob Bobete

    I love being taught by Seth rogen

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  159. Calvin Torgerson

    “Your the boss on how quirky to make your jerky”
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    So gonna make some jerky cheap to make toooooo expensive to buy from local shops

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    i love your voice by the way

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    Is it just me or does buddy sound like he ends almost every sentence with a question?

  165. Geoff Bernard

    I fortunately did get to meet you friend – Mr. Alton Brown – in my local grocery stores of all places. Turns out we live in the same area 😉

    You Chef John & Mr Brown have changed my cooking life!

  166. al capone

    What was the first sauce he said?

  167. Strangleyourfriend

    Here I am feeling like an idiot. I currently have my second batch of beef jerky drying, but only now realized they can be big pieces before drying. 2 separate times I have been cutting thin, tiny pieces of the meat, taking dozens of minutes, then pre-drying them with paper towels, agan laying them down piece by piece taking what feels like forever.
    Then placing the small pieces in the food dryer, taking another eternity.

    OMG how much time I could’ve saved if I wasn’t such a retard. Well, learn by doing I guess.

  168. Albino Wolf

    If this is this simple to make why do they sell jerky so high priced? It’s honestly ridiculous sometimes how little they give you for the price you pay for it. I usually go to costco to get my jerky. They at least give me 2 bags for a big price.

    1. Steve Miller

      because it is sold by weight. It starts out wet, and a large % goes away via evaporation.

  169. T Dogg

    I believe you are missing the “cure” ie: sodium nitrite? Cure #1

  170. TheMastergabe

    I like all recipes but I hate this homos voice. God damn why do people online talk like theyre trying out for west side stories?

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  173. Kurt Swanson

    Question: Whats the difference between garlic salt vs garlic powder?

    1. Steve Miller


  174. Aranak777

    im making the recipe right now =D for a canadian touch i put some maple syrop at the place of honey

  175. Mark Thompson

    Thx for the recipe and awesome tips! Mine is just out of the oven and it’s even better than I’d hoped it’d be. Instead of laying it flat, I hung the strips on the rack and kept the cookie sheet (lined with paper) in the bottom to catch the drippings. I cooked mine for 4 hrs. & 45 minutes and BAM!

  176. High Desert Living

    could you use this marinade when making salmon jerky ?

  177. terrahawk2003

    What’s the best way/product for grinding black pepper?

    1. Steve Miller

      coffee grinder

  178. quint0nJ

    This is almost the same exact recipe I use but I also add like 1 cup of Coke it doesn’t add much flavor but the coke healps break down the fattyness and it isn’t so tough when trying to eat it

  179. Randy Polansky

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  180. Randy Polansky

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    1. Candi Soda

      Ah nice, wasn’t there before.

    2. Steve Miller

      right below the title of this video

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    Could I just beat my meat to make jerky?

    Ha, ha, very funny. But srsly has anyone ever beaten the shit out of a steak and then tried marinading and dehydrating????

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    how much time can you keep it on shelf? do you need something to make it more durable once all done and bottled? iwant to make some for my mother’s birthday but i need to know if i have to do it 1day earlier or 2week

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    I’m waiting for my jerky to get done in the oven it looks really good Thank You.

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    My grandma always makes beef jerky around the holidays which struck me as odd most of my life. I just now realized that it makes total sense (seeing as she grew up on a farm in rural South Dakota) why that would be something you want around for those old northern winters.

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    What do you do to mold proof it? Mine gets white mold in 2-3 weeks and I keep a very tidy home, with O2 absorbers in each zip lock bag? Do I need to get a foodsaver? Or keep it colder than room temp? Help!

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    1. Jelle Smith

      yeah, i picked a kinda lean one

    2. Beansoup231

      SheepHead99 sooo regular steak will work just fine ?

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  259. SakoresDark

    Does anyone know if this method will yield as much protein as the name brands?? I’m not all that familiar with food chemistry, so is it high in protein because of the meat they use? or does something in the process do it?

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