MVK tries #1 Gordon Ramsays Beef Wellington Recipe

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In the 1st MVK tries Barry tries a Gordon ramsay beef wellington recipe. How easy is it? Did it blow his mind with flavour? Or did it even work? Find out! Subscribe for regular videos & press the bell button so you are notified of all new videos

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126 Replies to “MVK tries #1 Gordon Ramsays Beef Wellington Recipe”

  1. My Virgin Kitchen

    Well that’s shallot folks….
    Write up in my own words
    Recipe originates from

    1. Thomas Brooks

      Great video. But the reason why the sauce was so strong was because you didn’t allow all of the wine to reduce down completely before adding the stock. This allows all the alcohol to evaporate and the wine takes on a nice sweeter flavor 🙂
      Final product look great thou to be fair 🙂

    2. Radwan Mossalam

      Get a tan then you’ll be ainsley

    3. Luke

      IMy Virgin Kitchen I

    4. shaggy5777

      It all depends if you have the thyme

  2. Laura

    Barry you need the bacofoil cling film dispenser.. it improves life beyond all measures

  3. Austin Kent

    a collaboration with binging with babish would be awesome

  4. Austin Kent

    a link for the Homer Simpson stand up! I want one!

  5. jbatt365

    Great video. One new sub good sir!!!

  6. Flame The Happy Wolf

    The next thing you should try to make is chilly frito pie, it’s pretty popular where I’m from here’s the recipe of you wanna make it

    Heat oven to 375°F. Spray 13×9-inch (3-quart) glass baking dish with cooking spray.
    In 12-inch nonstick skillet, cook beef over medium-high heat 5 to 7 minutes, stirring frequently, until no longer pink; drain. Reduce heat to medium; stir in taco seasoning mix, diced tomatoes and chili beans. Cook 2 to 3 minutes or until heated through; stir in 1 1/2 cups of the cheese. Remove from heat.
    Unroll crescent dough; press in bottom and 1/2 inch up sides of baking dish. Spread beef mixture on top of crescent dough. Bake 20 minutes; top with remaining 1/2 cup cheese and the corn chips. Bake 5 to 7 minutes or until dough is deep golden brown and cheese is melted.
    Serve with remaining ingredients.

  7. LifeofCraftyAmino


  8. Sam Oliver

    Good video Barry, but the next time you spend 50 pounds on ingredients maybe wait a day and do the extra steps.

  9. Andrew Piquette

    This guy looks like jamie oliver

  10. Uly ___

    Oh. My. God! Looking for an interesting Beef Wellington video and now I’m “sorry I asked.” I feel like I need a nap. What an exhausting man. On a positive note, it’s nice to know that even people with Tourette’s can have cooking channels. It’s the Gilbert Gottfried of cooking.

  11. Dahlia Legacy

    I love your cheesy jokes, they make you much more nacho! ^__~ <3

  12. Ashley Sayers

    “It’s much easier doing Nutella recipes”

    Yes, that it is. Tastier too.

  13. mugenjin205

    Dude, your not using enough cling wrap thats why it isn’t working and what happened to the mustard didn’t Gordon use mustard

  14. Tiny GT

    Grdon will say on that wellighton its to cooked

  15. Ashley Sayers

    I, for one, enjoy the banter. It’s why I enjoy the vlogs. I feel like I know you even though you’re an ocean away.

  16. pikadagod 11

    So he’s a virgin in a kitchen

  17. Dom

    Calls prosciutto “parmaham”.

  18. Sam lang

    this guy talks to much

  19. david

    totally wrong

  20. Bagelstorm

    I really thought you would undercook it, but dude that is cooked perfect!!

  21. Daemonlord444

    there is a Gordon Ramsay beef wellington recipe on YouTube.

  22. Gabriella

    Where did you get that chopping gadget from Barry??

  23. Dennis Henriksson

    next up is a korean recipe. i mean u probably have all the ingrediants. and a dog. so 1+1 makes 3

  24. iMamiSoFly x

    Love all things British and loved the shepherds pie video can’t wait to make it hope you do more Brit recipes

  25. ohnevergoingtoquit

    Thats not really a sear lol. It needs way more color.

  26. Evan

    “finely chopped mushrooms” lmao

  27. Sandra Viktoria

    Love your channel! 👍☺️

  28. Katrina Campbell

    Loved the video. Laughed out loud when you started talking about the wine. Last time I cooked with wine it flopped bad. Not a wine drinker and used the wrong kind. Ah well. Keep up with the great vids. Love watching them.

  29. Rosel

    Hi Barry! What microwave do you have? Do you recommend it for everyday use?

  30. Maugre

    watched that ad just for you

  31. Hannah Campbell

    I randomly found your channel like a year ago and have been following silently for a while, I recently showed my boyfriend some videos and now it’s a ritual whenever a video comes out to watch it on the big screen! I made the mistake of talking one day in the middle of the video and in the most loving a jokingly way ever he said WOMAN BARRY IS TALKING, we love you so much

  32. george crespo

    turned add block off. no ads soz mate tried to help

  33. MegaRazorback

    32 GBP?! damn…that’s an expensive bit of beef barry!

  34. Danie Weaver

    Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake

  35. Chef Karla González

    OMG i suffer watching you acomplish this! is amazing you made it and looks so good for a first try! i always was scared to try this kind of recipes, but now you inspirede me to do it as well!

  36. Kaela Jochec

    I love at the wine opening spot you are DONE but are like… ok we have to finish… dang it!

  37. Legend Goodwin

    Homers not a virgin

  38. Nadine van den Heever

    Well done Gordon the second 😹

  39. Peter M

    Pug fart discussion while cooking… yeah no.

  40. Kate Fishwick

    Hi Barry! Loved this! I’d love to see you make a good mac and cheese, maybe with a twist? I like making it with bacon, chilli and too much nutmeg 😂❤️

  41. Susana Wall

    I’m now craving this. Going to have to go shopping to help my craving.

  42. Danny The Trans Guy Thiessen

    You’ve forgotten the mustard!!

  43. decent

    Imma help a guy out
    I restarted the video and watched the ad

  44. E-man Happel

    Did you guys see when Barry made that Welly yo?

  45. yao jie woo

    Thanks for showing what not to do, cheers

  46. Sean Langley

    YOU CALL THAT A SEAR?! My grandmother seared things harder than that, and she’s dead! 😉

  47. Christina Holzschuh

    Love your video…always wanted to know how it was made…I need to know…you say it’s a beef filet…..I cannot tell if it is Round Beef or filet mignon…it looks so delicious! We don’t buy meat here that’s labeled Beef Filet. Help!

  48. Helen Rae

    Ah smells like Narnia – 😂

  49. IrmaU94

    Its not really fair to say that it is too strong when you added the stock before the wine is evaporated.

  50. Mohamed HAMMOUD

    You talk a perfect amount for me😁

  51. Fisk Adored

    You pour cold olive oil on th emushrooms even before making the panner piping hot? Well, Gordon would bite your head off for that one. You even read “Fry them in a hot pan”, and not notice. Your food will be much too greasy because of that. Sorry, didnt watch after that.

  52. Mister Meeseeks

    YOU: sorry Gordon!

  53. Jonathan Wilfred Michelin

    But I noticed that you had a vein still in the filet but overall it looks good and I think it kind of reduced the sauce a little a little too much

  54. Mister Meeseeks


  55. mosa chocha

    I thought this was a vegan channel antil i readed the name corecctly

  56. Oscar Kidman

    He’s a bit difficult to his wife…

  57. podster12


  58. kineticpsi

    I really enjoyed watching this. I think you should pick a Julia Child recipe for the next one.

  59. ShintogaDeathAngel

    “This guy talks too much” – do you want all youtubers to dress as mimes and make silent videos instead? :/

  60. Destiny 7894

    At the beginning I thought he was Gordon Ramsey

  61. Tuna Fish games

    It’s TIME to get some real puns eh eh no okay

  62. HTakara82

    most ghetto wellington I’ve ever seen lol

  63. Nick Cahn

    Try country fried chicken

  64. Devin Alston

    He has a video on this

  65. S Marouchoc

    What i hope is a constructive criticism – I just watched you “brown” the meat, and it LOOKS like you made the mistake i used to make . Instead of Browning it, you just turned it grey. I’d suggest using cast iron instead of a nonstick pan, and use a timer. Put it in, set the timer for one minute and don’t touch it! After a minute, gently wiggle it and if it releases, then. If not, go for another minute. Also, oil the meat, not the pan. Slather on you oil or choice, or even a thin layer of mayo before wearing. If it was all just like lighting and camera angkes, fine, but it sure looks grey and not crusty brown. Cheers, and keep up these fun videos!

  66. Diana ortiz

    This would have been so good with some gouda cheese stuffed inside or some gruyere stuffed inside and instead of a egg wash maybe a garlic butter would have been tasty

  67. X Diminishar X

    I honestly thought someone ran over your Wellington with a car when I see the thumbnail lol

  68. Emily Lindstrom

    We like your talking and it’s funny when Mrs. Barry cuts in, don’t change. =) I like this concept of trying hard pro recipes.

  69. Jeff 2736

    Where does it say your worth 15 million dollars ?

  70. Daemon Ember

    You might have had to pay 32$ (I’m Americanmy phone doesn’t have foreign currency symbols) for that tenderloin but I’m sure it tasted amazing. If you make this in the future tell your butcher the plan for it and they can usually get you a more uniform piece of meat

  71. Kenneth Maese

    That looked amazing. BTW he actually looks more like Jaime Oliver than Gordan Ramsey.

  72. drblacko

    Cling film, on. Ham, over. Wellington, oven, in. DONE.

  73. pronumeral1446

    When you brown it, try to really BROWN it. Like sear it.

  74. Rachael Harrison

    You should try the 8 in one pan thing from tasty!!

  75. That_Woodward_Kid

    As a student, there is nothing i miss more than a classic Sunday dinner from home, especially with melt in the mouth welsh lamb. any recipe to create a quick and tasty sunday dinner for a sentimental student sunday dinner recipe???

  76. ShadowLight Gaming

    When you score the pastry you are supposed to use the back of the knife…

  77. Theo Rew

    Barry can you make a healthy section like a healthy pizza many thanks Theo

  78. Heaven Gowen

    I love the dad jokes!!!!!!!!! Dad jokes are the best jokes!!

  79. Benedict Rogers

    There was shallot of puns in this…

  80. Erin Stangor

    I would LOVE to watch a reaction video from Gordon Ramsey on this video.

  81. Annie Hua

    trust me, you probrably ARE gordan ramsay, not just cause the resemblence XD

  82. K wertyty

    Yo that meat would’ve cost me like 90$ where I live -.-

  83. brynley jones

    Nice one Barry.

  84. FEAR vDemise

    I can’t describe how bad the attempt was lol

  85. Adrian Lin

    Zimjust realise your suppose to put English musturd

  86. zk22

    you nailed that!

  87. A Zesty Lemon

    Did he forget the mustard or am i dumb

  88. Loco Abyss

    You talk too much.

  89. Brujira

    Cheers I just stumbled upon your page here, absolutely brilliant. Have a sub!

  90. Tom Hughes

    Big fan of this MVK Tries, keep it up Barry!

  91. Tinko

    Try the best dish from the netherlands🙃

  92. TheAnti-Guru

    Smells like Narnia….LMAO😂😂

  93. Hugrold

    I’d like to see you do one of Reza Mahammad’s recipes. He’s all about that spice.

  94. ItsAllAboutAlli

    First time watching your videos, always avoided them because I don’t really watch shows like this but I love it!!!! Subbed and liked the video already.

  95. MyLittleJew

    That beef Wellington from the website looks like a ran over turkey

  96. Elke Coulam

    trimmings are like fatty off cuts

  97. GuYuan Yu

    Trying it out this weekend! 🙂

  98. Ovidiu Ciocan

    Hi, I don’t understand why prosciutto/Parma ham is so expensive. If you want a replacement you can get Black Forest Ham from Lidl. It comes more in a pack and is less expensive. It tastes about the same, maybe a bit more smoky.

  99. something to do about nothing

    Score with the back of the knife!!! Lol he murdered the pastry.

  100. Dishonored Gaming


  101. Yunerith

    Barry watching this made me hungry, even I am sick. I love watching what you make!

  102. Stormwatcher

    I’ve never seen one of these made but had always heard about them. I’m glad to watch this video.

  103. Kun Kodiik

    This is an abomination

  104. Mr.ButtCheeks

    i re watched the add like 6 times

  105. cjnogodula

    pretty sure there was a video of Gordon making this exact wellington, but I guess the point is its supposed to be from a recipe but still

  106. Tino Sak

    a few tips for next time:

    1. make sure your pan is hot before you put your mushrooms in. If you don’t, they wont fry and get the colour and flavour they need to, they will just release their juices at the start. Or, instead of frying them, you could just blend them and remove the moisture by putting them in a hot pan without oil.

    2. also make sure you pan is searing hot when sealing the meat, again, you want to get some colour (and therefore flavour) on it. Could consider also seasoning it before you put it in the pan or straight after it comes out.

    otherwise, LOVEEEE you videos man, keep them coming!!! 🙂

  107. Foodlover83

    Pls more videos like this!

  108. Matthew Osborne

    If you skip fast enough through this video it sounds like Gordon Ramsey describing how he makes his dishes on the F word. 😉 lol

  109. Gotcha The Spider

    Anyone else actually turn their adblock off and refresh?

  110. JustMe

    You need searing lessons lol

  111. Branson Stevens

    I never had a dad, but Barry is like the really cringey dad I always wanted. Dad jokes and all 🙂

  112. Paul Goodey

    You remind me of David Brent

  113. Lord of the Dings

    I actually refreshed your video until I got a ad so I could help a mate out!

  114. Remi Fjelldal

    you were suppose to brown the beef not “grey” it.. more heat!

  115. Slash Le Pew

    Did you steal pewdiepie’s pugs?

  116. Sam Rayner

    you are going to damage your back, make a kitchen set up lol

  117. Hannah O'Connor

    When I first seen this video I was like its so long will I ever watch it but duh of course its Barry!!

  118. Dengeki

    when i heard how he talks, i just subscribed ahaha very entertaining video mate 🙂 cheers

  119. Andy wall

    How is his kitchen virgin if he has 2 kids

  120. Austin Massey

    I have YouTube red…. How can I help a guy out lol…. I’ll share it :0

  121. Met3lAngel

    Did they move into a new house?

  122. Amy Lee

    Why hasn’t he been using the new studio?

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