Odd Duck, Vanguard, & Goodkind – FULL EPISODE

Video 24:31 Odd Duck, Vanguard, & Goodkind – FULL EPISODE

S08 E13 – Odd Duck, Vanguard, and Goodkind

Odd Duck – http://www.oddduckrestaurant.com/
Vanguard – http://www.vanguardbar.com/
Goodkind – http://goodkindbayview.com/

In this episode of Wisconsin Foodie, hosts Kyle Cherek and Jessica Bell head to Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood to explore some of the hottest restaurants to pop up in the city. Bay View has always been thought of as a working class neighborhood with mom and pop restaurants, ethnic eatery’s, deli’s and butcher shops littered throughout the tree dotted streets. Over the last couple of years there has been a group of young chefs and restaurateurs that want not only to preserve that tradition but elevated it to a whole other level, making Bay View one of the hottest culinary destinations in Wisconsin. In this episode we feature a small sample of restaurants leading the charge, Odd Duck, The Vanguard and Goodkind.

Episode airs: 4/14/16
Station: Wisconsin Public Television, Milwaukee Public Television
Radio Tower Productions

Director/Producer: Arthur Ircink
Host: Kyle Cherek and Jessica Bell
Camera: Arthur Ircink, Erik Ljung
Edit: Nelson Schneider, Arthur Ircink


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