Perfect Prime Rib – Easiest Prime Rib Recipe Ever! – Holiday Prime Rib of Beef

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Learn how to make Perfect Prime Rib Recipe! Visit to get more info, and watch over 500 free video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Perfect Prime Rib Recipe, a great holiday entertaining idea!

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592 Replies to “Perfect Prime Rib – Easiest Prime Rib Recipe Ever! – Holiday Prime Rib of Beef”

  1. iquelalala

    Been cooking my prime rib via this method for years (well as long as this video has been on YouTube). Perfect every time. Chef John’s a genius!

  2. Dr Martha E Hall DAOM

    I tried this method for a dinner party of eight at my house and it was absolutely full proof and fabulous. I was leery because it was the first time I made it but everyone was so impressed of the taste and how beautiful it turned out. We also use chef John’s Au Jus recipe and it was a hit. We also had horseradish for those who also desired that. My mom had three Mexican restaurants and was a fabulous cook but she never once made prime rib so this was all new to me. First time I had prime rib was in my 30s and I have to say this homemade recipe is better than any restaurant I have eaten in. This is my husbands favorite meat so of course I wanted to impress him, which I did thanks to this recipe. If you’re debating whether to use this or not I would try it because if it is still too raw you could always go back and cook it at 3:25 for maybe 20 minutes or so but if your oven works right you won’t have that problem. I have a “GE profile convection oven” and I use the convection setting for it. My favorite part of this prime rib is believe it or not the second day it even taste better, so it is a win-win for all. Well, that is if there’s any left over. Bon Appétit.

  3. James Desomma

    What changes in the recipe can be made for the meat to be “medium” when served?

  4. Gerard Di Cairano

    Maybe this is just the legalities of the restaurant biz, but I thought you weren’t supposed to leave any meat in the danger zone (40-140 degrees F) for more than 4 hours? I mean, I’ve definitely done it before, but I’d like to know what the official word is on this.

  5. Melissa Muro

    will this work for other types of beef roast??

  6. james martin

    What are the numbers in metric

  7. Ben W

    I have only one objection to this prime rib. OK, two. One, I have a loose tooth. I can’t eat anything remotely chunky, only soft foods, until the dang tooth comes out and heals up. Two; however, I still object that I don’t have any prime rib here. I want some, even though I can’t have it. — Actually, I froze a nice steak I’d fixed just before the tooth became loose. It’s in the freezer waiting for me. — I will be trying out a new blender.

  8. Art C


  9. jawtek82

    “Left out at room temperature for AT LEAST SIX HOURS!” Hello, clostridium perfringens. This is not a recipe for prime rib. It is a recipe for food poisoning.

  10. Erin

    Dude… I hate the inflection! Who in the hell taught you to talk!??? No way I would ever watch your videos! You suck!

  11. Chad Johnson

    Ur the devil

  12. Christian V.

    ***I think its important to note that this method does not work with larger roasts over 6lbs!!***

    For instance, an 8 lb roast (3 bone) means 40 minutes at 500’f by the math used in this video. That long at that high temp will burn the outside of the roast and the cooling oven will not have enough heat to bring the center of a roast that size to a minimum temperature of rare. What you will have is the first inch or two of the roast will be rare-medium rare with a burnt exterior and a raw, cold center, especially near the bone. Yuck.

    So, here’s an easy fix.

    Put the roast in the 500’f oven until the exterior is crisped up and browned. 20-30 minutes. No more. Turn the oven down to 200’f and let the roast go until the center is between 130’f and 135’f, no more. Do not open the door. Do not baste it. Do nothing, just like Chef John said. When the roast reaches 130-135’f on the meat thermometer, remove from the oven and let rest for 45 minutes to an hour. That is a must.

    Make the au jus just as CHef John described. Its insanely good.


  13. Luna Piropa

    Prime Rib was the last meat I had before I became vegetarian lol

  14. Whats the frequency Kenneth

    “Don’t even look at it.” 😆

  15. Kenny Hale

    I did it…no thermometer needed.
    Came out EXCELLENTLY!
    Will never buy prime rib out again!
    No need to buy it overpriced when it comes out so much better like this.

  16. Jess Smits

    what do you do if your standing rib roast leftover in the pan in the oven?

  17. garethrees100


  18. NYcontractAR

    Help. Would this method work with a rib roast that was 20lbs.

  19. Yolanda Baker

    My favorite video on cooking prime rib… Comes out perfect and my family loves it… Every holiday I’m the prime rib chef…

  20. Lloyd Bonafide

    Holding raw beef at “room temp” for hours BREEDS bacteria!

  21. Jim Smith

    I am cooking a 10lb bone in Prime Rib. Will the calculations and 500 degree’s still work on the larger roast? I am just afraid it might burn the outside of the roast. Does anyone have experience with this?

  22. stateniland

    will this method work for a Roast Beef? No bone of course 🙂

  23. Linda Andrews

    This was put up on a forum and I liked the sound of this. What is great is that I loved the taste even more.
    So easy many thanks.

  24. Darth Belal

    I’ll take those ribs over the rest of the meat any day of the week. THAT is the best part…..

  25. Buskieboy

    Your link to is not private and Google and other browsers aren’t letting it link.
    Something about a wrong code. This is what comes up NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID.
    Can”t get in to the blog. 🙁

  26. Mark Drinkard

    i could eat the whole thing!

  27. Gail Elsligar

    Way too rare for me!

  28. Dave Schozer

    Pre-heat oven 500 degrees.. Cook 10min per/lb.. Turn off oven & Walk Away ! DO NOT Touch Oven for 1 Hr… 👍👍

  29. Joey Vargas

    Hey chef just wondering is there math for this on a boneless roast? Like how long per kilogram boneless?

  30. Michael Rustebakke

    What if, theoretically, someone’s parents raise beef and they had the butcher remove the bones from the rib roast. What would the timing be in a situation like that?

  31. Sandy Telfer

    just cooked a 4lb prime rib and followed your directions…..absolutely awesome. This will be our recipe for now on…

  32. Von Milash

    Looks amazing

  33. bg147

    When my cousin was a poor college kid going to Loyola (Chicago), I would take him to Lawry’s and drop a bundle. It was so good, but now I am the poor one and he is the big shot.

  34. kray97

    This was my first Food Wish video….and I followed this recipe to the letter. It worked very well. I didn’t do as nice of a job of cutting up the roast though.

  35. Mike Darroch

    Prepared an C$84 prime rib roast for my father-in-law’s birthday party so no room for error. I made the mistake of not taking the roast out of packaging to get to room temp so it never did get up to room temp, only 55F at centre. The in-laws like medium so added 5 min to the math. Monitored the meat temp with a probe during the oven off phase. I thought I would need to crank the heat on again but trusted Chef John and sure enough, slowly but surely it came up to temp. I pulled it out at 145F with 30 min to spare. I suggest using a probe, otherwise it would have been well done if left the full 2 hours. I suspect oven type makes a big difference – insulation, etc. Mine was with a Wolf gas unit. After scrambling to finish up the sides, etc the end product was spectacular. Did the Au Jus recipe as well. What a hit!! btw I am no Francophone but please pronounce it “oh joo”. Did roasted potatoes with red pepper per CJ as well. No matter how you say it, I owe a big thanks to Chef John for a successful meal. Next will try this on the Big Green Egg.

    Chef John, I’d like to see more BGE cooks from you!! Thanks again!!

  36. Anthony Baclaan

    Ok seriously tho, this was perfect! Juicy and delicious, perfectly cooked.

  37. Korova Milk Bar

    This Is Spinal Tap ..
    [discussing Nigel’s Guitar collection]
    Nigel Tufnel: Look… still has the old tag on, never even played it.
    Marty DiBergi: [points his finger] You’ve never played…?
    Nigel Tufnel: Don’t touch it!
    Marty DiBergi: We’ll I wasn’t going to touch it, I was just pointing at it.
    Nigel Tufnel: Well… don’t point! It can’t be played.
    Marty DiBergi: Don’t point, okay. Can I look at it?
    Nigel Tufnel: No. no. That’s it, you’ve seen enough of that one.

  38. P272

    Next PR is getting this method, thx.

  39. P272

    Don’t even look at the oven….. just walk away…..keep walking.

    1. Korova Milk Bar

      [discussing Nigel’s Guitar collection]
      Nigel Tufnel: Look… still has the old tag on, never even played it
      Marty DiBergi: [points his finger] You’ve never played…?
      Nigel Tufnel: Don’t touch it!
      Marty DiBergi: We’ll I wasn’t going to touch it, I was just pointing at it.
      Nigel Tufnel: Well… don’t point! It can’t be played.
      Marty DiBergi: Don’t point, okay. Can I look at it?
      Nigel Tufnel: No. no. That’s it, you’ve seen enough of that one.

  40. P272

    Magical sweet spot.

  41. Guy Croteau

    Can you use this recipe for a sirloin tip roast?

  42. Jeff Rose

    That is way overcooked. No juice.

  43. Selale Z

    Making this today. Best and easiest recipe I have seen and so delicious.

  44. Charmaine Castro

    I’ve tried this, everyone was so happy with it. It smoked the house a little bit but it turned out oh so good!!! It turned out perfect, medium rare was juicy and tasted just right!!!

  45. Tony Seaward

    Tried it twice already,the math really does work.So impressed with my own cooking lol

  46. TicTalk Toe

    Did this method to cook a 7lb prime rib. I loaded some of our cast iron pans in the oven before pre heating to add thermal mass to the oven. Result was as described in the video. Very impressive. This is the new method of choice. The Herbs de Provence were great and I was surprised the outside of the roast was not black. It was crusty but flavorful and not burnt. Wow. A leap of faith considering the cost of the roast but one I was glad I had taken.

  47. iquelalala

    I’ve cooked my last few prime ribs in this method and without fail…. it’s the best.

  48. Seth Eheart


  49. Urssy's place

    The best prime rib I’ve ever cooked…making my second one with this recipe for tonight’s dinner…first one I made was a month ago…and it turned out fantastic…I bought 2 on sale…and froze one…so I’ve defrosted this one in the sink overnight..and let stand out all day…so it is WELL at a good temp for the recipe…thank you again for this easy prime rib recipe cooked to perfection.

  50. Prepper Todd

    ok this is rare, how would you make this to mediam rare?

  51. CJ B

    will it work if i cook it at 450 degrees and multiply the weight by 5.5 minutes instead? I figure 500 = 5 so 450 must cook for a bit longer initially… idk physics though.. my oven is no good 🙁

  52. kingsdun

    Au jus is pronounced ‘ oh’. Not ‘awe’.
    Oh jus. Not awe jus.
    It’s a small thing, but it pisses me off.

  53. Kelly Connell

    I’ve done this twice and it smoked like no other both times, have a fan ready to get rid of the smoke bomb ! Haha

  54. Collin Yan

    Why i can’t apply butter to the meat?

  55. dnm511

    my 5 lb rib is spiced and buttered and salted .oven heating up.

  56. Huong Lee

    Just tried this method and it came out beautifully. Thank you!

  57. Greg Parker

    The easiest and by far the best tasting, incredible and I have an old electric stove and it worked great thanks A+++++

  58. Becky Garcia

    Ok, I had to show my son, who is a exc. Chef..and my husband. It worked perfect…..they did not believe me…

  59. betlee11

    What do you do if you have 2 pieces of meat. Say one of them is 7 lbs and the other is about the same.


    everyone’s oven is different I suggest inserting a probe for your temperature

  61. senorkaboom

    My mom did rib roasts and they were all delicious. She seasoned them with salt and pepper, roasted them in a 325 oven to medium, delicious. Served with mashed taters and gravy, a vegie, salad, yum!!

  62. Byron Stanga

    Not done yet 🙂 throw on grill for one minute to blacken season, next time order your prime rib blackened…RICH!

  63. Darshak solanki

    , chef John I’m a big fan . Please tell me what do you think about my page

  64. Sooner boy

    Yes, this makes sence. The most beautiful prime rib ever.

  65. AV Kelly

    I used this recipe about a year ago it was amazing ! I am so happy I saved the video I am making it for tonight! Thank you my good sir for this recipe! aaaand I can barely count formulas is easy!

  66. Nikki Merideth

    Hi! Just wanted to say this was one of the easiest most wonderful recipes I have ever done.. I followed the instructions perfectly and my prime rib came out perfectly rare to medium rare. Thank you so much!

  67. matt

    Masturbating feels so good! Nigger

  68. Marco Garcia

    Great video, I made this recipe and followed your instructions it came out perfect.
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

  69. David S

    Still watching in 2018

  70. mrthenewguy87

    I’ve heard there was butter being spread, I am here to witness.

  71. DjKidChameleon

    Does this all still apply to a nearly 12 pound cut of bone in prime rib?

  72. Jazzman

    Followed your directions and ‘Culinary Orgasms’ – Absolutely delicious..! Impressed my friends and family..! Thank you …!

  73. The Urban Off-roader

    Wow That looks really yummy!!!

  74. Res Art

    Chef john can describe perfectly my wedding night
    “First you give it a good old shaka-shaka than some poka-poka aaand your done”

  75. John Di Francisco

    I tried this for our New Year dinner and it was a SCARY process! I had a 7 lb roast so 35 minutes at 500 degrees seemed like 3 hours. I did not leave the kitchen and had the hood full blast and the door open for the (ABUNDANCE of) smoke. I kept peeking through the oven window window (even though he said not to) looking for flames! Turned it off, waited the 2 hours and couldn’t really see through the window so when I opened the oven I expected to see a shrunken piece of coal. It looked BEAUTIFUL! I put a thermometer in it and it said 139 degrees but when I cut it it was perfect. It must have hit the correct temperature during the 2 hours and dropped down a little. Was VERY skeptical of this recipe but from now on it will be the way I do a rib roast. I think I might try it on a fresh ham too. Thanks Chef John and Happy 2018 to all!

  76. William Chow

    This method works GREAT. I aged my prime rib and goofed on the weight. DUH!!

  77. A. Barnard

    THIS type of video is just nothing but TRICKS!

    Really, if THIS was about “Mountain Climbing” this would try and tell YOU, how to leap from the base to the summit of a mountain.

    No fucking good!

  78. Ashley V.

    I tried this method for my Christmas prime rib and it turned out perfect! Highly recommend!

  79. Balloons By Design

    I just did this my 1st ever Prime Rib & it came out perfect. Didn’t take as long to cook as I thgt it would. I started with 3.6 lbs of meat, mine Wasn’t bone in & I cooked it 20 mins at the 500 degrees, then shut off oven & was timing the 2 hours rest time, I had a meat thermometer inserted into the center of the meat & I just left it in oven until it said 150 degrees. I think it was done when there was still 40 mins or so left on the that orig 2 hour rest time. Tasted Amazing, Thks for the video post on how to do a prime rib correctly.

  80. Lea Marie Blume

    I made this recipe (My first time ever making prime rib) and it was soooo easy!! It was absolutely delicious

  81. Al Tagle

    can you cook it the same way without the bone?

  82. Vandergrift01

    Just did this yesterday, and it was 100% perfect. All of the guests were impressed 😉

  83. Axle Gallardo

    Wouldn’t it be easy to just use a precision cooker and souve it? And just sear it in the end?

  84. menckencynic

    John? I am using this recipe tomorrow for my family, cooking in a manly way. Will report back, you stinking genius you!

    Chef John, you magnificent bastard *I watched your recipe*

  85. va3nh

    I found out how important it is to make sure that the temperature of the meat is at room temperature.  He is not kidding when he talks about the temperature of the meat.  Great recipe if you follow it though, simple, easy and very tasty!  Thanks Chef John!!

  86. Blanca Irra

    Everything was great. But you needed it to mention again the temperature needed to be reduced after the 500 degree temperature… When you turned it off to add the 2 hours. I was completely following this method… But found out I forgot an important detail since it was not mentioned again to reduce the temperature. I realize it an hour later. Yes I have a burn prime rib for my new years party

  87. Myra Juarez

    Trying this today… open up the new year for the first time. ….just put it in the oven

  88. Lorenzo Maximo

    Just a little too raw for me I want a lighter pink that one looks blood red Raw. Definitely bad for the old colon.

  89. woohunter1

    I tried this method, everything worked out good other than the meat wasn’t very warm when we took it out and cut it

  90. Mark Quitiquit

    Go on a try this today, happy new year and peace to all

  91. mrbigman006

    is it supose to look raw

  92. Mystic Handworks

    Great recipe. To be honest, this is your best “voice over” voice, and I wish you would return to it.

  93. Meng Wen

    how should i calculate the time if it is not a bone in rib joint?

  94. Silvia Rosich

    How much butter?

  95. Val P

    Can I use this method to cook beef spare ribs?

  96. Casey Ryback

    you sound just like captain crash. are you? great content by the way

  97. Roger Rathbun

    We are making this today and the oven is smoking like crazy is this normal ? or do we need to invest in a better oven for the future .

  98. Dave Meyers

    This is the second time I used this recipe, this first was a 6 pound roast which turned out great. This years was a 20 pound lip on rib eye roast. A 20 pound roast would mean 500F for 1 hour and 39 minutes. I turned the oven off 18 minutes shy of the 100 minute target, let it rest in the oven for 2 hours and got well done ends (more than I hoped for) and a medium center. (not medium rare) Not what I was shooting for but it was still delicious.
    So I pose the question: The variables here are mass, time and temperature. Could shape be a variable too? The more cube like the roast the more evenly it will cook I think? What would happen if I cut the roast in half? Am I cooking two 10 pound roasts or a 20 pound roast in two pieces? The goal is to achieve a consistent medium rare roast. :0)

  99. Suzanne Finney

    I used your recipe this year, and I followed it to a “t”! The most delicious prime rib I have ever made. Thank you! Happy New Year!!!

  100. Lydia Roselli

    That’s not perfect, it’s bleeding. It’s like biting the meat right off the cow. Disgusting.

  101. AdrianJayeOnline

    how do I get it a bit further cooked along, that is more a mid to mid rare ? rather than mid rare to rare

  102. josiewyn

    Hello and happy holidays. I used this on a ribeye roast for Christmas dinner and it was sooo good.

  103. Charmaine Castro

    Hank you Chef John! I made this for dinner for my family! WOW everyone loved it!!

  104. A. Barnard

    @ 2:15 It’s easier just to get rid of ANYTHING past the decimal point FIRST!

  105. Joyce Sigurani

    That steak looks delicious but I like my steaks done when the pink is just gone. How do I do that?

  106. Jim D

    I did this Christmas day 2017 and I just have to say it was fantastic! The roast came out absolutely perfect, just like the video! If you havent tried it yet, do yourself and your family a favor and try this recipe! Thank you so much to Food wishes!

  107. Alvin Ee

    LOVE this recipe! It worked perfectly – thank you chef!

  108. David Maksimowski


  109. jaqua2 _99

    Disappointed mine cames out well done, chewy and dry!!! 🙁

  110. ramrod210

    Not to nit pick, and with all due respect, Chef… It would seem that it was a little hard to slice through. How tender was that?

  111. Jeremy Creager

    I used this recipe and it made Christmas special this year! Thumbs up to you sir and thank you for creating this video!

    1. Jeremy Creager

      Also everyone is asking for the recipe LOL!

  112. Kevin Noonan

    Chef if it’s a larger cut do you increase the 2hr oven rest time?

  113. jaqua2 _99

    I have just cooked my 4.4lb cut for 26mins on 250c (max temp) for my oven. It should be 22mins but my oven only goes to 250c instead of the 260c recommended in this method.
    Now it’s resting in the oven for 2 hours. Can’t wait to see the end result 😀

  114. Cpt Snake

    This is the dumbest way to cook an expense piece of beef! Too many variables to be certain of the outcome. I cost me one prime rib roast. This time I am inserting a meat thermometer into the roast, and take it out of the oven at 125 degrees.

  115. tonkaslim

    Made this Xmas day. Was perfect, however recommend a meat thermometer as it came up to temperature in about 90 minutes. We keep a large pizza stone in our oven and I presume the stored heat kept things hotter than otherwise. In any case, the best prime rib ever. Since it was done sooner than expected it rested covered for about 20 mins. Awesome. Thanks, Chef.

  116. Derrick Williamson

    look at these nasty ass white people . you know that they are a seed of the devil because they actually think that eating raw meet is the best way to eat meat . sick ass people for real

  117. Kevan Smith

    Made it yesterday and turned out perfect. Very delicious. Served it with Chef John’s roasted garlic and green beans almondine AND his Mac and Cheese. Everyone was more than pleased. Thanks, Chef John!

  118. wontondestructxn

    I followed the instructions exactly. I was very skeptical of the results, but I ended up with the most perfectly cooked prime rib. Just shy of medium, the same as in the video. Heated plates would be a nice touch, but if you have hot gravy and warm sides, that will work too.

  119. Kostas Kotsiopoulos

    My wife and I loved it, as did our 2 year old, can’t thank you enough Chef John!

    1. Mico Berta

      Kostas Kotsiopoulos say hi to the youning! 🙂

  120. paul dow

    Tryed it.
    Best by me.
    Thanks for sharing.

  121. Jerry Blanda

    Hi Chef John
    I have done this recipe a few times and it has turned out wonderfully, but I do have a question. I am going to be having a larger group over and I have two separate prime ribs, each weighing about 6.25 pounds. They will be in the oven together. Anything I should do differently? Since they are the same size I am assuming that it is 5 minutes times the 6.25 and that I don’t need to add the weight together nor do I need to add additional time because they are both in the oven. If you or anyone else out there could confirm I am on the right track I would appreciate it.

  122. Chris Mezzolesta

    Looked forward to cooking this for quite a while, picked up a ‘Prime 1’ three rib roast from HEB, made sure to let it rest to room temp (65 internal, we’ll take it!), and took it from there…SPECTACULAR. Chef John is ON THE MOOLAH here. If all instructions and conditions are met & followed, THIS WILL WORK, and it will be NUMMALICIOUS. Crusted exterior, pink interior, tender melty meat, it was Beyond, maaaan. Don’t forget to make the Au Jus using these drippings! And his Fondant Potatoes for that extra punch in the culinary head! I saw others mention swooning – that about covers it! We’re talking foodgasm here. Fantastic is all I can say. Kudos & thanks Chef John!

  123. Steve Upisleeve

    Awesome. Thx! Here we go……

  124. minisinpa

    We had a 5.25 lb. rib roast did exactly what Chef John said. It came out absolutely perfect, followed his instructions exactly.
    Thank you so much Chef John…:)

  125. PJW

    chef john, i tried this and it came out great! thanks!

  126. Ken Cundari

    This recipe doesn’t work for larger cuts. Had a 16LB Prime Rib and I followed the instructions and got a well done prime rib. I should have known better.

  127. cellofellow

    Just did it yesterday for Christmas dinner, and it was brilliant! Thank you, and keep up the awesome videos! Cheers from Canada!

  128. chris price

    I was skeptical, but this recipe made the best prime rib…even better than Ruth chris!!!! Thank you

  129. kathie wester

    Tried the prime rib it turned out perfect just like you said thank you !

  130. samarezii1

    What did I do wrong? It smoked really bad like the butter was burning?

  131. James Cook

    Followed the directions, over cooked my prime rib. Don’t use this technique.

  132. marty poulsen

    4.98 lbs standing roast out of the fridge with fully 6 hours to room temperature. Result?
    Disaster. Under cooked, even as others say overcooked. Why? Because the equation is incomplete, and does not account for the volume of the over and the amount of heat it retains after turn-off nor the amount of heat leakage. Cook your roast to 110 F, and dont believe in magic. Magic will work for some, but not for others, based on the factors I have listed.

  133. Maynard Malilay

    Trying this for the first time today. I can’t wait!

  134. Jason Schwartz

    Just used your method. Came out absolutely PERFECT!

  135. Cynthia Lopresti

    DEAR Cheif, I made this first time ever. Just a tad over 5 pounds. I did what you said but cooked it exactly 39 min due to my oven and then warm for 30 and let it set. My hubby hated steak. This came out med rare inside others med. It d’s a BEAUTIFUL thing. By everyone are every last bite. Thank you so much for a FAB meal. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all

  136. Maria Callous

    way too rare…

  137. Adventures with Frodo

    If you do not cook your rib roast this way then do NOT even bother cooking the rib roast, you might as well just throw it in the trash and go to McDonald’s. DO IT THIS WAY OR NOT AT ALL..

  138. Michael Nichols

    this is the 3rd year I’ve done a Prime Rib using this recipe. It is PERFECT and so simple. Just follow Chef John’s instructions explicitly.

  139. crazy4cards321

    This was the first time I ever made a rib roast. I went through many Pinterest and Utube videos. It was so confusing.
    There are so many recipes -plus I’m not the most confident cook. I went with your method for my 6 pound roast
    Perfect . It was just perfect- will not be afraid to cook any size prime rib ever again, Thank you

  140. Pillow Talk

    Ill admit, I was terrified to cook prim rib, mainly because of the price it cost i didn’t want to screw it up! I bought a 3.91 lb and followed your directions, It turned out PERFECT! Although everyone went to look at it cooking, I threatened if anyone opened the oven I would take their hand off! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  141. Bradda D Over

    thanks for you video. I did everything except for the time. I kept mines for 8 minutes per pound and it came out awesome. I adjusted cause I wanted a more med. It was delicious-

  142. Daniel Sanchez

    How are you supposed to bake the potatoes if you can’t even look at the oven??

  143. Craig Stephen

    Is there a size range/limit where this recipe will work/not work?

  144. Flippin Genius

    aww my oven only goes to 480. now what?

  145. MrsBrownGnome

    Perfection as always Chef! One question for you. I LOVE my prime rib exactly how you have cooked it here. However, my husband is not quite so fond of the pink. He prefers it more on the medium+ side. Is there a way to get both from the same roast?

  146. Rubel Melendez

    I’m about to try this…. in the oven as I type this. I hope it comes out as planned.

  147. Duke Of Hesse

    This is a great recipe. I’ve been doing this for three years and am about to cook another one. To those who think this is too rare – it is not. It is a perfect pink but definitely cooked through. If you want a baked potato to go with it, just use the microwave. You can’t tell the difference except the skin will not get crispy which can be solved by tossing it under the broiler for a few seconds.

  148. James Stalker

    Just wanted to say I’ve used this method several times in the past 3 years with a 100% success rate, including today on a Prime Rib that was 14.16lbs, 71 minutes at 500^f then turned off and left in for 2 hours. Came out perfect, if I could post pictures I would. Merry Christmas everyone!

  149. R. McBride

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    1. Todd Packer


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    1. Bill Parsons

      I have used this cooking method for the last 3 or more years with 12 – 13 pound roasts and it’s always worked for me.

  196. Patmia PereZ

    Hope u can answer what about of some doesnt like it that medium rare…. how long u recommend to make it more cooked… not well done but some in between where anyone can enjoy a good ribeye steak!!! Thanks… btw ive done this before and its delish…..

    1. eyeYQ2

      Put the meat on the plate with the au jus, then flip the meat over, and it will APPEAR to me cooked more. They will LOVE it, and never know the difference. IMO meat should  never be cooked over med rare, to taste great, that is!! ; )

    2. Patmia PereZ

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    3. Patmia PereZ

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    4. Bill Parsons

      Cook as described, put au jus in a frying pan and within 30 – 40 seconds on medium heat you’ll have a perfect medium slice. The color changes almost immediately in the pan. The logic here is, you can always cook it more but you cant “un-do” an overcooked piece of meat. This is how the restaurants turn a perfectly good slice of prime rib into medium-well done leather.

    5. Chris Lang

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      Just leave it in there longer and check the temperature until it’s the temp of a medium well. Google the temp of a medium well Prime.

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    1. Pat Whalin

      Often confused, a “prime” rib is not really “prime cut”. It’s just a name of the meat itself. 90% of these cuts are actually “choice” (which is pretty darn good, but not “prime”.). Occasionally, you can find in certain butchers and even retail establishments a truly “Prime” prime rib roast. The price of a truly “prime” cut of roast, if you can find it, will be 50% higher than “choice”.

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    1. David Golembeski

      What kind of dinosaur are you cooking? I just bought a whole standing rib roast at my butcher and it was a little over 17 lbs. The butcher said they come with a maximum of 7 ribs…how many ribs were on that 28 pounder? Some of the other comments here say not to worry, the math works no matter the size, as I was searching for the same question you were since I’m concerned with burning the exterior, but cutting yours in half and treating it like two 14 lb roasts might be an option. FYI…I am not a professional chef so follow my advice at your peril.

    2. Bill Parsons

      Good question. I’v done 12 -13 lbs with success. This hurts my brain because if you cut the 28 pounder in half… Maybe monitor with a digital thermometer?? Medium rare prime rib‚ that is, meat that is mostly pink with a deeper, nearly red center, is cooked to about 130-135°F. At 120-125°F the meat is rare, and at 140-145°F, it is well done. Gets scary when you worry about wasting a $200 + hunk of meat!

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  244. MrRoach1981

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  245. gnarlucci

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  252. ProfFrank

    It doesn’t affect the taste of the prime rib, of course, but “au jus” is French for “with the juice.” “Au” is basically a contraction of “a le,” meaning “with the,” which the French don’t say. They say “au.” So when you say, “Serve the prime rib with au jus,” you’re saying to serve it with with the juice. It’s sort of like saying, “I’m going to the ATM machine.” “M” already means machine.

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    1. isodoublet

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  264. gary24752

    So how do you do bake potatoes if you only have one oven? Is the two hours the same irregardless of the weight of the meat?

    1. Janus

      Bake potatoes in advance. Take out of oven and cover so as not to lose moisture. Return potatoes to oven after you take out meat to warm it back up.
      Problem solved!

      2 hours seems like a good rule for most people, but some people seem to get varying results.
      I suspect some people are messing things up by broiling or using convection when they should just be using regular bake setting.
      Some people apparently have very dirty, greasy ovens (way too much buildup will affect your cooking).
      Also, people seem to have varying ovens with varying degrees of heat retention.

      I tested my oven by setting it to 500 degrees for 30 min. My oven thermometer read 495 so temperature was fairly accurate.
      Then I turned my oven off for 2 hours. 2 hours later, I checked the temperature and it was still over 200 degrees inside the oven
      even though heat was turned off 2 hrs ago, so that’s good. That’s with an empty oven.
      I expect the oven to retain even more heat with the meat inside because the meat itself will hold some of that heat.

      In any case, I recommend a meat thermometer. This Xmas, I will be cooking $350-$400 worth of prime rib.
      With that much money spent, I’m not gonna mess around. The meat will be set for 131 degrees (low end of mid-rare) regardless of all other factors.
      The single most important factor here is the internal temperature of the meat.

      And also, “irregardless” is not a word. I think the word you want is “regardless” or maybe “irrespective.” (You can fact check me on this)

      I am a culinary school graduate and former chef. With that in mind, I hope your roast turns out amazing! Good luck!

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    1. whytedaises

      i think it applies to one whole meat. Maybe take the average of the 3 chunks instead? The meat probably has to be around the same size.

  275. T Anderson

    I followed your cooking method to cook the meat on Thanksgiving day, I bought a 3.45 lbs certified Angus rib roast , I preheated the oven for 500 degree for 18 minutes, then turned off the oven for 2 hours. The meat came out as not good that I expected. The outside was tender, but the center was still raw and chewy. The Temp read 125. The only different was I placed the meat on the lower rack instead of upper middle rack like your video. Is that why the meat is still raw in center.

  276. Jeff Rose

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  277. richard aparicio

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  278. Jenny Malott

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    1. Janus

      Your meat’s internal temperature should literally be room temperature before cooking.
      This process is known in the culinary world as “tempering” meat.
      I encourage you to google it if you want to learn more about it.
      Whether you roast, grill or saute meat, it really does make a difference.

  279. Jack Hamdallah

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    Thanks a million 👍🏼

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  281. John Rudolph

    The type of meat doesn’t matter when it comes to the two-hour rule. If it’s raw, it’s no longer safe to eat once it sits out at room temperature for two hours. Once you’ve reached the two-hour time limit, bacteria that is naturally found on raw meat begins to grow to levels that are unsafe for consumption. Do not refrigerate or cook meat that sits out for more than two hours; throw it away.

  282. John Rudolph

    Is it really safe to leave the rib roast out for SIX HOURS? Or, are you saying out of the fridge FROZEN and let it sit six hours?

  283. malcolm reed

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  289. M. M. SCOTT

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    1. whytedaises

      I think it is important to have bone-in if using this method to calculate cooking time. I did it without bone in and instead of 2 hrs, I tried 1.5 instead. The meat turned out dry and tough.

  290. Sour Feet

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  291. 霍健伟

    Thanks for the video!
    How did u keep the temp in the oven for 2 hours? Wouldn’t it be cooling the steak down already?
    Do u use a specialized oven? Or it’s just more insulated?

    1. Janus

      I tested my oven. With empty oven, I set at 500 for 30 minutes, then shut off.
      2 hours later, my oven still over 200 degrees. Medium rare meat starts at around 130 degrees.
      You should test your oven.

    2. whytedaises

      That is why you preheat at 500 and cook for ‘x” amount of mins so that after you turn off the oven, BUT don’t open the door, the heat should still remain but will slowly drop.

  292. Patrick Asta-Ferrero

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  293. Kh May

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    1. Kh May

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    2. whytedaises

      black pepper and herb de provence

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    I have only one issue with you, two people per bone? You’d get a fork in your hand at my dinner table… lol
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  301. 5050hawaiian

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  302. WhiteOakRidge

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    It’s worth it if you can find it, get in good with a restaurant owner and you can get it for $10 a pound.

  303. Andrew Cuthbertson

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