Pita Bread – How to Make Pita Bread at Home – Grilled Flatbread

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Learn how to make Pita Bread! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Pita Bread recipe!

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  1. Flying Nimbus

    Nothing like a white guy showing How to make pita bread

  2. Mo Rob

    LOL! “Pita, Paul & Mary’s”… I would eat sandwiches at
    this food truck!

  3. Steve Bagby

    I like baking & have made quite a lot of bread, can’t wait to try the PITA bread that was backed rather then grilled & never developed the pocket which was very disappointing as you might image. Have watched several of the bread videos & think that you should say that backers should be using DISTILLED WATER with yeast as most water is chlorinated & will kill the yeast as will PROLONGED direct contact with SALT

  4. J J

    Much faster to put them in the oven, full balloons every time.

  5. James Carr

    Shit! now this uptalker’s voice is stuck in my head

  6. Rob C

    The internet and youtube community is trash, how can you be active for so many years pumping out awesome content and yet only has 2.3M subs? Doesn’t make any sense.

  7. megadezzie Hernandez

    OMG they look so good, what if you don’t have that mixer?

  8. Yousef Abulilish

    He is telling a bedtime story

  9. Pat Dawkins

    Bread is tasty NOT SEXY

  10. Ka Ye

    You are beautiful bread.

    Can you give ingredient percentage or cup ?

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  12. Nome RUR

    It is “BAZLAMA”. Search as bazlama and watch the real taste

  13. Linda

    I can’t wait to try this! Thanks so much for all of your wonderful tutorials.

  14. Busted Fender

    I don’t know which is best, partial puffage or full inflation. Both sound pretty good though. Thanks.

  15. David Boulton

    I just love this,! 😀😀😀😀👏🏻👏🏻🇬🇧🇬🇧

  16. Rita Umegbolu

    Nice and easy to make

  17. Pris Bello

    I choked on my chicken
    Never knew dough can look “sexy” oh man interesting

  18. Ruth Noel

    Keep it up 🙂

  19. Sarge Scum


  20. Rudy Klobas

    Do you have to keep applying olive oil to the pan when grilling them? My oil started to burn after a few minutes and I found it was just easier to not use oil at all when grilling

  21. James DeRuvo

    naan bread please!

  22. nedj10

    interesting to watch this come to together Chef John, I do wonder if you made the same dough with whole wheat how hard it would be to make Indian Chapatti seeing as it is cooked in the same “until it puffs” method.

  23. marcanthony thompson

    like for partial puff-age or full inflation

  24. Si idra Ali

    Want the ingredients card in the description box pls. So much easier when you know what to do saves time !!

  25. Meredith Mynrose Universal Healer

    Yum yum yum yum yum!

  26. My Blues Playlist

    This guy’s voice scares me.

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  28. Roving Punster

    CHEF JOHN: I’ve been teaching myself breadmaking lately, and after experimenting with your recipe, I have some comments and tips to share for anyone attempting this recipe to consider. Before I start though, I’d just like to say, as an American, that I only just recently discovered how VASTLY BETTER mediterranean style pitas (also known variously as ‘pocketless pitas’, ‘gyro bread’, or ‘schwarma bread’) are than the unpleasantly tough & tasteless commercial “pita pockets” I grew up with.

    Recipe Tweaks I recommend:

    1) After a fair amount of testing, both with and without, I’ve found that the flavor of the result is dramatically improved by replacing ALL 240gr water with an equal weight of the tangy liquid whey drained from a container of plain unwhisked yogurt (aside: whey freezes perfectly, so always save it – never dump it). The subtle and faintly dairy tang in the finished bread is slightly reminiscent of the tang of Thomas’s English Muffins, with a hint of unsweetened donut. It also seems to improve the texture – the resulting breads are a little softer, more tender, and stay pliable longer.

    2) Try adding 1 tbsp sugar to the yeast when making your sponge. This small addition intruduces a myriad of very subtle changes – it seems to help the yeast activate faster and more fully, helps improve browning during the very short cook time, and even though the amount is too small to taste directly, it’s absence (if omitted) is felt in the finished bread. It works for me.

    3) The second most important change behind switching the water with whey is to increase the rise times – let the dough TRIPLE in bulk, rather than double, in the first two risings (roughly 90 & 45 mins respectively, rather than 60 & 30). Also, a tip: for the second rise I use standard 8” pizza dough rising pans (oiled), and simply stack them, and place a glass lid on the top pan, instead of wasting cling wrap. After rolling out, spray the tops lightly with oil, and increase the final rising time (3rd rise) from 5-10 to 10-15mins. The resulting texture is softer, more tender, and (to me) tastes better.

    4) Cooking: The plancha/griddle method works fine, but I find it MUCH faster to simply bake the breads on a pizza stone, 4 per pass. I place a 16×16” ceramic pizza stone in the bottom of the upper third of my oven, preheat to 450F during the 45 min second rise, and after rolling out the 8 doughs I’ll do the final 10-15 min rise directly on a pair of large sheets of parchment (figure 4 doughs per 14×14” square), and then bake off the entire batch right on the parchment in 2 passes, atop the stone. For each batch, use a large aluminum pizza peel to place a parchment of 4 breads atop the stone, bake 2:30 on the first side, briefly remove the breads to flip them over, then bake 2:30 longer on the second side, or until golden highlights begin to appear. Cool fully on a wire rack or pizza screen.

    5) Baking recipes are more accurate, and foolproof, when written by weight rather than volume. Here is my version: For the sponge: 240 gr of water or liquid yogurt whey, 2 tsp active dry baker’s yeast, 3 tsp sugar, 150 gr all purpose flour or maida. After proofed/bubbly, add: 21 gr oil, 7 gr salt, whisk, then add 250 gr flour (plus or minus 5-10 grams, depending on local humidity, brand of flour used, and how you store it). For stand mixer use, I knead on low for 2-3 mins until a wet shaggy mass forms, let rest 5 mins, then knead 1-2 (sometimes 3) mins more on low.

    6: Last, usage. I store these in my bread drawer in the fridge in a 1 gal freezer bag, where they keep fine for upto a week (food science wonks can triple that with a little calcium proprionate). Even more than gyro wraps, I love to lightly warm these and cut them in triangles for greek salad or use with hummus. They also make a good dunking bread for olive oil, or even a decent stand-in for naan. They’re also great split in half for paninis, tortas and breakfast sandwiches (eggs, cheese & sausage). Heck, they’re even good treated like bagels – split, toast, par cool, then smear with cream cheese and either lox or jelly. I used to make flour tortillas semi regularly, but these have completely replaced them as our default household alternative bread choice.

    Hope all that helps some of my fellow self-taught bread aficianados out there. Cheers.

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  31. Rami Althubaiti

    if you bake it in an oven it would be baked properly and perfectly with a full golden buff

  32. lavidavi86

    This looks raw n uncooked esp on the sides…. No thanks.

  33. LazyTitan

    I like cooking but im to broke

  34. Starweb

    Im a very lousy cook, but today I managed to make this bread with your recipe. 🙂

  35. Nicolas Isnard

    It’s inapropiate. I signal now. Good day.L Thierry

  36. MrDiederikDuck

    Anyone who dissolves yeast in water doesn’t know what he is talking about. Just a waste of time.

  37. jerek houten

    Fantastic, The best ever.

  38. some guy

    I don’t know if it’s a common thing where he lives, but for me too much intonation in the voice for no reason sounds fake and irritating.

  39. Acheel A.Hamoud

    it’s not Pita Bread! you need to add milk to the dough.

    1. Roving Punster

      Actually, that is not consistently true, because flat bread styles like this vary slightly from region to region and household to household, so it really depends on where and what you grew up with on that. I’d speculate that people who have one or more milk producing animals tend to replace call outs for water in all their baked goods with whey (not milk, but rather whey … a byproduct from making butter and yogurt), and people who dont use water. Whey is definitely preferable if you have it, but in today’s supermarket-driven world, not only do people tend not to own milking animals, most people dont even how how to make their own butter or yogurt (very sad), so it’s become somewhat rare for home cooks in (sub)urban settings to use whey, and most don’t even know what it is. The same dichotomy is true for Naan.

  40. ahoif

    It feels sexy.

  41. y n

    Making a bread kinda takes time and steps.
    Lazy to do those things for me…

  42. Mari Malina

    This video makes me want to seriously upgrade my kitchen!

  43. 2406 Parent

    His voice is so nice


    Pita bread is arabic bread. I don’t know where Pita comes from.

  45. sourav sekhar Nayak

    Lies pithaa is lentil and rice batter.

  46. sdm rbk

    he is annoying

  47. Joseph Giustiniani

    Is it necessary to proof the yeast with the flour in this particular recipe?

  48. Kimm Irving

    HOW MANY times have I said, I LOVE THIS GUY!!!??? Once again, every recipe, his voice, jokes, ahhh mazing

  49. Yaron Carmel

    sounds like jeff gerling

  50. Hatlou Hotmess Jackson

    Full inflation!

  51. Clinton M

    Just found you channel. Absolutely amazing and entertaining. Love the Jerry Seinfeld spin on your narration. Amazing food. Thank you.

  52. Damini's Kitchen

    nice video
    check my recipes at home

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    music sound

  54. Rumela Lahiri

    Does his voice remind anyone of SNL’s Penelope (character) done by Kirsten Wiig? Effective recipe btw.

  55. Josea Orcullo

    Can I substitute olive oil with vegetable oil? I found a few recipes that called for veg oil.

  56. Omnipotent Dwarf

    I really like food.

  57. Cool Cakes and Crafts with Amalia

    I just tried these with whole wheat flour. Not bad! I will do this again, for sure. Pretty simple.

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  59. AryaPutraSRJ

    Pita Pedo bread

  60. Winter Kennedy

    Besides your great recipes to m the sound of your voice is so happy and uplifting! 😊🍞🍕🍳🍜

  61. Lorraine B

    That was a cute joke at the end and a great idea for Pita, Paul and Mary’s food truck!

  62. Lorraine B

    Can I make this low sodium for my husband’s Kidney Disease Diet? I make his bread and pizza dough with 1/4 tsp salt, 3/4 to 1 tsp yeast and 3 TB Olive Oil and 1 TB sugar for each cup of water.

  63. Lona Bremer

    My pita was puffy!! Ecstatic!

  64. KennySavage

    Binging with babish

  65. حاتم الحربي

    Wa called this type of bread Arabic bread .

  66. Vash The Stampede

    I love listening to this guy.

  67. Romanus Persad Maharaj

    That is sada roti. Not pita bread . This sada roti is made by East Indian people , from India for thousands of years now. Nice video.

  68. Funn Chip

    Seen Indians put dough on burner,and flip,no pan

  69. me heretoday

    I make mine using self raising flour, milk powder and water on my crepe maker…. cheaper, easier and lot less hassle, but each to their own

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    5 kg Salmon fish cutting by me for more video like and subscribe to my channel

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    Sexy dough lol

  72. Vivian Ani

    Incredible voice!

  73. hollies clubhouse

    will it work if you dont have a cast iron pan?

  74. missaed

    I love your recipe, chef. What makes your video different is you allow “eyeballing” ingredients and timeframes. Other videos sound like exact science that it scares you away. Anyway, this morning I followed your recipe and it was the best pita bread I’ve ever tasted. Thank you!

  75. AdyN0

    This are Placinte not Pita. This you can fill with smash potatoes before you cook them.

  76. Gypsy SnickerDoodle

    I really hope Pita, Paul & Mary happens

  77. Johan Söderberg

    Please use internationally accepted units of measure. Yes, that means metric for those of you who live in the three countries of the world that still use imperial units.

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    That’s a fat tortilla. 👍🏼

  80. Jasmeet Masoun

    Thanx for sharing easy recipe of pita bread

  81. jay71512

    Grill? Grills cook from top thats pan frying.

  82. Mohammed Tariq

    Very Nice voice, have a nice day Sir

  83. Von Milash

    Chef john, I thought yeast needed sugar to activate, but in this case you used no sugar. Also, a general question, but why when making, say, pizza dough, do you want it to rise even though you just push and roll it flat again? What’s the whole point of the rise? Thanks

  84. Grace Badger

    Love this recipe!!!!

  85. Natia Nebunishvili

    your singing is boring..

  86. Michel Oliveira

    What’s the olive oil for?

  87. lisamanoly1

    can I freeze some of the dough pieces for later if I don’t need them all at once?

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    U are soo good.👍

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    the voice, the voice, is hypnotic! 🙂

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    this sideeeeeee(Xd) oil oil (XD) DOVE (XD)
    nice song

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    Pita: language??? Greek maybe?

  93. Gurjinder Singh

    good love u

  94. ggeraaceves Silva

    It’s going to take you 1/2 of day to do one Pita bread, went you can go to the store an in 5 minutes you will have it…

  95. So what

    Your dough will grow better if you cover it with a wet cloth instead of foil.

  96. thug life

    Thank you sir

  97. Ezequiel Alvarez

    Best pitas ever….i added some milk powder to them……they came out amazing….hard to find pitas like this in Mexico….

  98. luigimafia10201

    Does anyone know if one makes this dough can you freeze it or at least refrigerate it to keep it for a special occasion? And how long willit keep for?

  99. Sadia Sobia

    Can we use pita dough in naan ,breads,n in pizza.

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    Which country you live

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    This is souvlaki bread. Pita by definition doesn’t have yeast.

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    You sir, are a pip.

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    Love your videos, your voice is the best!

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    Could you use a tortilla press to roll these or would that be too thin?

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    This is a great video, amazing job!

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  108. K Mac's Kitchen

    one of my favorite easy dinners or lunches is a pita pocket sandwich that I kind of discovered by accident because I had leftover tika masala and no leftover rice. was too hung over to feel like making more rice, and didn’t want to just eat the masala alone, so I cut a pita in half and shoveled that tika masala inside each one, brushed the outside with some olive oil and kosher salt and sriracha, then popped them in the toaster oven somewhere between 350 and 400 for about 6 or 7 minutes. 10/10. now one of my girlfriends favorite dishes.

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    How does dough feel sexy???

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    I ❤️home made bread! 😍❤️😍

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    i couldn’t get mine to puff 🙁 but still tasted great as flat bread

    1. Rivkah

      ohhhh i cant remember if i did or not now. I’ve never been able to get that part to happen. not sure what I am doing wrong. it could be too thick too thin, or not enough wait time. so many factors go into it!

    2. Fior Gonzalez

      Rivkah me too did u wait 5 minutes before pitting it on the grill

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    how much is that yeast?

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    Fuck me that dough looks amazing

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    O my goodness
    Feed me please
    That’s a great idea for Paul and Mary 😊
    Spinach tomatoes portobello mushroom that are grilled and cream cheese stuff in this bread for a sandwich 🙂

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    When he goes down with his voice on the end of a sentence, it makes me angry. I have to stop listen. Sorry.

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    We call this “shiyar “ in Morroco 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    almost looks like frybread😊

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    Its better if you Use GHEE oil (Hindia) or Minyak Samin (indonesia) than olive oil coz it is not italian but its middle East dough.
    Anyway I Love food wishes 😍

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    I use the oven, but I like the cast iron idea… THANKS!

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    Just made these not even ten minutes ago, I found that if you put your olive oil in the pan and then put the dough so that the oil is directly in the center, you get that “perfect”ly round puff that he was talking about. Great for filling with hummus and veggies, thanks John!

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