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Your friends at Food Social Site take your privacy and security seriously. Food Social Site provides SSL secured and Encrypted connections. We employ many different top secret security methods and applications to help weed out malicious users, posts and hackers before they can even join.


Food Social Site is a Social Network for Foodies & Food Bloggers to connect, post and engage with their fans. Every member has full control of their own notification, email, friends, visibility, and privacy settings.

We Love Food but We Hate Spam

We have a zero tolerance policy for posts that are not related to food in some way. It is OK to promote your food business or restaurant to your fans, but remember to be an ambassador of food for your location and share 9 out of 10 posts about someone else’s food that you respect and enjoy.

Pop Ups Are Sooo Annoying

We avoid the use of pop ups altogether, when possible. Our Facebook registration button does pop up a window so that you can approve your Facebook connection, so you would have to allow a pop up on at least the Facebook registration page. That’s just Facebook’s way of confirming that you are granting permission to log into Food Social Site with your Facebook account.

Data Collection

  • We do not buy or sell any member names or contact information.
  • We do not spam your email.
  • We won’t bombard you with ads or popups.
  • You control all of your own privacy and sharing settings.
  • Modern websites use cookies to operate, but we don’t use cookies to gather any personal information, browsing habits or any other big data tricks.
  • Google and other third parties that provide content & functionality to Food Social Site and their policies are their own and also use no personally identifiable information. Google’s Data Policy.


Food Social Site is YOURS

We want to make it a great place for foodies and bloggers to post about their favorite food, restaurants, connect with friends and fans while making this into a community that you want to return to daily. If you have suggestions for ways that we can make this a better community, please join and Add an Idea through your profile. Members can vote on Ideas and the best Ideas will be implemented on Food Social Site.


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