Purple Patch is America’s Best Filipino Restaurant and Heaven For Foodies

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Purple Patch and its memorable Filipino dishes have built a reputation for themselves beyond Washington D.C. With merely a year of life, Purple Patch has already been recognized as one of the top Filipino restaurants in the U.S. by different publications and was recently featured in Tom Sietsma’s Fall Dining Guide as one of the top 37 restaurants to visit in D.C. The mastermind behind what feels like a cozy piece of art is Patrice Clearly, a Filipino-American woman with a passion for Filipino food. “Failure is not an option.” she told Myx TV in her featured episode of “My Motto.”
Not having earned a culinary degree, the ex-marine ventured to open a new restaurant alongside her husband in the hopes of building a secure future for her family while sharing the delicious food recipes that her mother taught her as a little girl in the kitchen. When crossing paths with this perfectionist — Cleary’s sweet, charming and incredibly captivating energy is sure to dazzle the room. It’s no wonder her beautiful restaurant is a success, it’s hard to imagine that anything she touches wouldn’t be. 
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Produced by Diana Vergara
Director of Photography Trent Watts
Edited by Corey Bridwell

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