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Easy recipe and baking tutorial on how to bake a peach cobbler

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Hey there, I’m Rosie – Welcome to my YouTube Cooking Channel. I love cooking, baking, and sharing my recipes. I’m a firm believer that cooking shouldn’t be a chore, IT SHOULD BE FUN!!! Therefore, I’m here to share my fun, and easy recipes for everything including soul food favorites, old fashioned southern cuisine, restaurant copy cat recipes, and your favorite comfort foods. Feel free to browse through my recipe collection and also come visit at to print out the recipes for FREE!

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279 Replies to “Rosie’s Peach Cobbler – I Heart Recipes”

  1. Rose Mota

    I love all your recipes

  2. Victoria Boyd

    Margarine is VERY bad. Use only butter.

  3. Deborah Johnson

    I like this one the best

    1. Barry Hulley

      Deborah Johnson gyyxartg😐😀😗😆😐😮😚🤔😎🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄😣😣😀😙😙

  4. Brenda Prime

    I understand you have a new one but I like this one…its EASY and taste so good to me

  5. Kray Kay

    i love this recipe Rosie. You have found my grandmothers recipe! So delicious. Thank you

  6. Albert Phaneuf

    God bless you and your family

  7. Mandie319

    is this recipe still on your website, I can’t seem to find it and it’s my family favorite.

  8. Shemeka Polk

    can I make a apple pie like this rosie? but use canned apples??

  9. ashley Henson

    can you do this with apple pie

  10. Khaotic blaze

    Do you have a famous homemade cheesecake recipe

  11. Miss Christy

    looks like a great recipe, but hardly NO white sugar would be still fine. do not need all that sugar!!! Trust me. try it with hardly any sugar and you will see. its like fudge. Recipes say 1-2 cups and then everyone thinks its so sweet cause it is too sweet. They already have sugar if using peanut butter or marshmallows and such. try that with hardly any sugar too and you will find you cant stop eating them cauee they are perfectly mixed then. anyway, great video. thumbs up !

  12. Ki Ki

    Just put in the oven… 35 minutes never seemed so far away!

  13. ELAINE

    I made this recipe tonight………everyone LOVED it!

  14. Rose Blake

    I like this cobbler better than the Grandmothers Cobbler.  YUM

  15. Karmice Young

    hey Rosie is it ok to add Brown sugar to!

  16. Earl Rodgers

    I like the dumpings to be crusted and brown, should i bake them first before putting them in the filling?

  17. LaJulie Hines

    No crust?? Well don’t that make this a peach pie? I’m trying to find out how to make the dough

    1. Vicky Boo

      +LaJulie Hines She used store bought pie crusts

  18. denisethepainter

    This looks very delicious Rosie. Enjoy your cooking channel^^

  19. Crissy Jan1

    I found it thanks again Rosie

    1. Crissy Jan1

      +I Heart Recipes ok i will

    2. I Heart Recipes

      +Crissy B This is my old one. I have a revised recipe. Look under “grandma’s southern Peach Cobbler” 😀

  20. Mrs. Wheeler


  21. Mrs. Wheeler

    I made this yesterday and OMG! Quick and delicious! Thanks to my husband and his sweet tooth that we only have 1 slice yesterday. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  22. B Ross

    I can’t wait to try this. Very few people add the dumplings and my grandmother always did! That’s the best part! Thank you for sharing!

  23. Jess beauty 🌸

    Thank u…i can’t wait to try it…that looks delicious…🍴🍴🍴

  24. LaRuth Anderson

    Hello I was watching your video and you mention vanilla flavor but on your website the recipe doesn’t say vanilla flavor. I added it mine. Thanks for for the recipe I had forgotten how to make a peach cobbler and your video help me remember. Thanks

  25. Doe harris-upshaw

    I definitely am making this for Christmas!!!  What is the serving size on this recipe?

  26. xBelleNoire

    Thanks for sharing! I’m going to try this recipe tomorrow night.

  27. Cape Chick

    Oh my, that does look good!  Love the dumpling thing ya got going on there too.  Can’t wait to try this.  TY for sharing.

  28. Brenda McKitric

    Chess pie! Can you make them… OMG! I love chess pie

  29. Joseph Crayton

    I like your cooking style very nice 

  30. D Alexander

    I am going to make this tomorrow. Thanks hun = )

  31. Keyarnna F. Scott-Hale

    Very nice. I will try this

  32. carmice white

    It took me a long time to find you but I did your great I love your peach cobbler quick and fast great

  33. sonya walker

    Okay I just made this, this is good. Thanks Rosie. I also made the fried cabbage it was a success too. Thank you…..

  34. Casey Fayton

    Can I get a recipe for homemade peach cobbler crust


    Hey Rosie. I made this today and my family loved it. Tomorrow I’m making your slow cooked beans and smoked ham hocks. Can’t wait to see more recipes from you

  36. Linda Weaver

    I just pulled mine out of the oven. Yummmmie!!! Thank-you.

  37. Doretha Hinton

    This is the truth!

  38. Falanna Campbell

    Just made mine…and it is gooooodddd

    1. sophia foust

      Falanna Campbell ihhnnmm9

  39. Exquisite Creations by Angie Sanders

    Will b trying this

  40. Philip Morgan

    That looks so delicious! I’m definitely going to subscribe and watch all your videos!

  41. roxanne mestas

    i made this, and it turned out amazing! thanks

  42. Fashionluva003

    I made my peach cobbler using this exact method (minus the nutmeg- my son is allergic to any nuts) and my entire family went CRAZY!! I have tried several other peach cobbler recipes from other YouTubers and this by far was the best ever! So glad I found this channel and if anybody want to know how it turned out- it was AMAZING!!!!

    1. I Heart Recipes

      Thanks for your review luv!!

  43. Cherokee M

    Omg You R Just Too CUTE!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOUR AWESOME RECIPES!!!!!!!!!! Thanx Sweetie!!!!!! Good Luck with Everything!!!!!!! ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

  44. Zak Scott

    You are very cool .(like the bozums)

  45. Platinum Rose

    I just saw a peach pie but THIS is what I was searching for! Counting down 2 1/2 weeks!

  46. debmart59

    Delicious Peach Cobble…

  47. Debra Whitchurch

    Hi,glad I found you,can’t wait to try this,looks so yummy!

  48. Andrea

    This recipe was AMAZING! my family loved it! it is now my go to recipe! THANK YOU. Great job!

  49. diedra woolridge

    Hi Rosie I love ur recipe. Made it many times but i dont like the taste of the  store bought pie crust. Do you have a homemade pie crust recipe

  50. 1wonderfulmom

    Thanks. I will be making this real soon .thanks again.

  51. LORI Morton

    Very good!

  52. AHCH Yasiah

    Have a great day.” Yashaya is coming!

  53. Jeane Stewart

    I made this on a Sunday afternoon while watching you for the FIRST time.  It turned out awesome. Did everything like you said, plus added a bottom crust.  Subscribing.  Thank you.

    1. I Heart Recipes

      I’m glad that you liked the recipe! Thanks for watching!

  54. Alex

    Can anyone tell me what kind of taste do the ginger give to the cobbler?

  55. Alex

    Do the ginger make the cobbler little hot….?  That is new to me to add ginger to a cobbler

  56. Sir Izzon

    This recipe looks so easy !! Thanks again for another easy recipe !

  57. rickyt11

    I most say, that I bake this peach cobbler yesterday for Christmas, All I can say is I wish I can give this two thumbs up, way up for the taste texture and smell, the dumpling taste and the crust of the pie give this peach cobbler the wow factor. A most try recipe.

    1. Alex

      +I Heart Recipes Ok…Thank You…I know ginger has a  hot taste flavor.  I was checking out your website for a sweet potato cobbler.  I have a cousin who makes a sweet juicy sweet potato cobbler but she want give out the recipe.  I do know that she use bisquick for the crust.  Do you have a good delicious recipe for sweet potato cobbler?  if so can you email it to me at  Thanks


    2. I Heart Recipes

      +kenneth lockhart No the ginger doesn’t make it hot. It simply spices it up.

    3. Alex

      +I Heart Recipes  How does the ginger make the cobbler taste?  I have never used ginger in a pie or cobbler before…..Does it give it a hot taste flavor? 

    4. Alex

      How did the Ginger taste in the cobbler?  I have never used ginger in a cobbler before or heard of anyone using ginger.  Please advise

    5. I Heart Recipes

      Thanks for trying it out and leaving a review! XOXO

  58. Kelly Williamson

    Thanks for Posting this !! Great Job!

  59. lindab1955lb

    Omg, this looks really good. I’m not a baker but I would love to try making this. Thanks

  60. Sheryl777

    Really love your peach cobbler recipe! Thanks for posting it…so many of them just use a biscuit mix type topping and altho that is good, it’s nowhere near as good as the one that you baked!

  61. Cassie p

    Hi Rosie just wanted to give the big thumbs up on the peach cobbler. I made it and it was so good omg. My dad loved it.  

  62. Emilia Davis

    I loved the procedure of this recipe! I’m gonna try it out!

  63. Marnie Causey

    So glad I found it channel!!!!!!! Marnie

  64. Cassie p

    Thank you for sharing. I came across your channel while looking for a peach cobbler recipe for thanksgiving . It’s gonna be my first Thanksgiving with my dad as an adult and he requested peach cobbler. I am going to make this and I will let you know how it turns out. oh and I totally subscribed:-)

  65. xAbercrombieFitchx


  66. Mary Valverde

    I love your recipes! Some of them I haven’t had for years. You make them so easy and not complicated like the seemed when grandma made them when I was a kid. Thanks so much! Definitely trying this Cobbler recipe!

  67. Lynn S.

    look exactly like my mama use to make. this is the only recipe i have viewed that looks like mama’s.  i hope it tastes like hers also, i have been searching for quite a while.  thank you so much for sharing.

  68. Edna Love

    I bet your a good cook….trying to learn how to cook since I’m getting married..Thank you for all your inputs

  69. Addycted_2lipz

    Looks soooooo good peach cobbler is my favorite dessert I’ve been seeking the best recipe and can’t wait to try this one thanks for sharing MUAH!

  70. marian rene

    make cobblers all the and learned sooooooooooo much fm u – subbie4life thx so much

  71. I Heart Recipes

    Right. I bake when my son is asleep as well. LOL. I’m waiting for him to go to bed so I can make some cupcakes tonight. LOL…. Thanks for watching! XOXO

  72. Thai Spice

    I love it I LOVE to bake at 2am really the kids are sleep and the house is peaceful plus as you said its also cooler …love this recipe!!!

  73. I Heart Recipes

    SO glad you like it honey!

  74. teefah kelly

    you remind when i was young watching my grandmother (rip) as she make her peach cobber!!!!!!!!! great video about go make some !!!

  75. Karen Lundy

    Definitely going to make this…It looks delish.

  76. Marilyn horton

    I like the recipe, but i don”t see where you have the amount of what you need like how much sugar, how much nutmeg, and the other ingredients,am I on the right page I”m on the web sit but its the same vedio

  77. Perfectly〈3Imperfect

    damn that look sooo good. i like mine with crust in it too!

  78. Kathy Crawford

    looks soooo good!! You are a great cook!! I am going to make it this weekend

  79. I Heart Recipes

    You’ll learn in no time! XOXO

  80. ThatFashGirl

    thanks so much for making this vid. I don’t knowhow to cook so im trying to learn a lil something something lol

  81. Tenshar1

    That looks plum delicious….So trying it for my family cookout tomorrow. thanks for sharing. 🙂

  82. Bernet Magsino

    that look so good!

  83. A Johnson

    That looks like my late big mama’s now i have to make it! Good job on getting it thick.

  84. ken douglas

    I really like the idea of the crumbled up crust mixed in…Gotta try that…..

  85. Malish Maly

    we dont get to buy pie crusts from stores here 🙁
    but i have a really good feeling about your filling.. 🙂

  86. Tameka Jackson

    This is the best cobbler recipe I’ve used with canned peaches. Thank you so much for sharing.

  87. dee l.

    MMMM! Girl you did yourself proud! I’m sure gonna make this tomorrow! Thank you SO much for sharing all this goodness with us! Now i gotta watch more of you to get more ideas! Thanks sweetie!

  88. Tasha Shields

    I understand about cooking in the heat or doing baked goods at night in summer love your channel 🙂

  89. Mary Greene

    Just put the cobbler in the oven, if it taste like it smells it will be awesome.
    just added a little brown sugar.

  90. I Heart Recipes

    You’re welcome babe. Thank you for watching my video!

  91. D M

    im not really a baker…i can throw down with everything else, but i did exactly what u did with your peach cobbler, just added a lil more cinnamon and some brown sugar. It was amazing… thank you for inspiring me to start baking stuff…

  92. NancyJavier Amor

    Mmm that looks sooo delicious I will try your recipe soon!!! Thank you!! 🙂

  93. misscrazyinaugusta

    Looks Amazing!!

  94. Jean Botts

    This is amazing…never had it prepared like this, or made it like this ,but this is my next cobbler…thank you,.

  95. SharVegas

    Hi Rosie, I am planning to make this recipe tomorrow night but I purchased boxed puff pastry because my neighborhood grocer does not carry pie crust. Will this ruin the recipe?

  96. seanviv2

    Well Girl…I made the recipe and it was delicious…I ate it all by myself over a few days even had a bit at breakfast…I don’t feel guilty at all…No one in my family likes peach cobbler like I do…You and Pamela Holmes have by far the best peach cobbler recipes on youtube…

  97. iriefuse024

    Can I come over for dinner? looks amazing!

  98. Angel Corterrina

    That looks so good; ) new subbie

  99. I Heart Recipes

    Welcome to my channel sweetie!

  100. monica stribling

    New subby here.

  101. Sonia1913

    Rosie, Where do I get the pie crust in the box that you use. I have looked a couple of places and I am not sure if I am looking in the correct places. I have found some pepridge farm pastry shells, in the frozen pie shell section. HELP!!! Thanks

  102. tkatlyn1995

    I made this a couple of years ago and I’ve been comparing every other peach cobbler I have ever had to it and this was definitely, hands down the best.

  103. I Heart Recipes

    🙂 …..

  104. I Heart Recipes

    I’m so glad you liked it!

  105. I Heart Recipes

    I appreciate you watching!

  106. I Heart Recipes

    You’re hubby knows what’s up! LOL….. Glad you both liked the cobbler!

  107. I Heart Recipes

    So do I!

  108. I Heart Recipes

    That’s actually false.. cooking can be from the “heart and soul” is done right. Also, I’m not a southerner so what am I cooking? … Food for thought honey!

  109. I Heart Recipes

    YAY! so glad you found me!

  110. I Heart Recipes

    Thank you for watching Aieshia!

    1. Willie Snell


  111. Aieshia Clay

    You are a great cook Rosie… may God keep blessing your hands and thanks so much for sharing your skills with us… always appreciated!!! Thanks again

  112. Shelamar Mcmorris

    I’m so happy I came across your channel. I’m back in the kitchen cooking everyday. Thank you

  113. Erin Carter

    Perfect! I’m so glad you did this recipe. I was always trying to figure out the ones that have a lot of crust throughout the filling and this is just what I needed. It looked so good!! I wish I could reach through and take a bite! Lol TFS!!

  114. mrlafayette1964

    blacks think just because they like something that makes it “soul food”.It’s who it COMES from,thats who can claim it as theirs.A fruit cobbler goes back to England.It’s a traditional white southern food….good day!

  115. mrlafayette1964

    no such thing as soul food….only Southern food

  116. Evening Light

    Love it!

  117. MrPotman2009


  118. sweetpassionsy2k

    Thanks so much for this. I’m always looking for good homemade recipes made quick and simple. This was my first peach cobbler and its delicious. My hubby said if I was selling he would surely buy it!!

  119. Leroy Turtles

    U crazy

  120. Gerald B

    delicious sister keep it up i took your recipe and made it myself

  121. catibree1

    this is/was totally awesome…we ate the whole thing at one meal…what a treat…the dumpling effect….the best…..thank you…

  122. redmahmaa

    Must try this recipe!! You make it look so easy. I love cobbler w/ the dumpling taste too;makes it have that old family recipe taste!!!

  123. kathy jo tourtois

    been searching 4 a recipe like this 4 almost 25 plus years. my godmother made hers like this with the dumplings. i’m making this for made one of my dreams come true and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. god bless you n your family. ty ty ty you made my bad vacation great, hugs n xxxxx rated up n subbed

  124. seanviv2

    Dang Girl I am so trying to diet and this will make me fall off the wagon…lol. I am so gonna make this Yummmm

  125. Alexys DePew

    That looks really good now i want peach cobbler!

  126. I Heart Recipes


  127. I Heart Recipes

    I grew up on both, and love both. I don’t think either is better than the other.

  128. Belly Dancing With Tara

    Fab! You cant beat a bit of soul food 🙂 x

  129. I Heart Recipes

    Thank you for watching my videos! I also want to thank you for subscribing to my channel! XOXO

  130. MYSONGZZ1


  131. MsJenniJen22

    i made this a couple of months ago and it was soo good…i love it ive had cobbler like this before and i didnt know how to make it like this so thank you for sharing this recipe i love it and its so simple and easy to make

  132. MrJamest1956

    Man the peach cobbler was off the hook!!!! . WE all loved it, the city of Houston Tx has a new peach cobbler…….and it’s came by way of ROSIE!!!
    Thank You.

  133. Wanda Echoes

    I love peach cobbler

  134. DeJ SoUnique

    loved your recipe did the exact thing you did my family loved it very much and im only 16 and everybody was all like keep cooking like that and u will always have a man lol but ya girl u can cook and im glad i found u on youtube i defintely will be looking at more of your cooking recipes 🙂

  135. Trudy465

    I make my cobbler with homemade crust and it is so time consuming but always worth it, but I absolutely loved the way you prepared this cobbler and I will be making this for my church function. I hope to get a taste of it but I do not like dough at all, but I am sure those folks will love it and I can see that it will not take long to do at all. THanks for the post. I’ll let you know how it went. I’ll be making two LARGE pans since there will be over 300 people there. I get the peaches from sams

  136. Erena Thompson

    You are the bomb!! I made this for my hubby who misses his American Soul food, so having this treat in a country so far away from american culture as New Zealand was a great treat for him, thanks to you!! thank you for making everything so easy for me to make this.

  137. Regenia Compton

    What a brave girl to make something so yummy when you can’t taste it, I am in awe of you!

  138. Phyllis Stokes

    This cobbler looks fantastic. I will definitely try it. Never thought of using vanilla flavoring in the filling. Great idea. Thanks for sharing this video.

  139. linda phillips


  140. Anna Wixom

    Yum! That looks amazing. Thank you!

  141. Sean Carter

    are you married?

  142. seanviv2

    This is the best recipe ever…I am not kidding… I have to make it this way I always wondered how they got the crust was so ooey gooey inside like that… Yum is all I can say….

  143. Jaz O'k

    good w/o the pork only, so just add veggies or chicken or turkey

  144. Raven Ford

    Another Hit!!!!!!!

  145. Christie Burnett

    I made this, and its a winner. THX

  146. Ms3106273

    This looks real good. Gonna try it out on my family next weekend and thanks for the “busy mommy” version…made my day! Wish me luck that it comes out as good as yous looks.

  147. wisconsheepgirl1971

    Thank you Miss Rosie for this recipe!! I made it tonight and my family thinks I float on a cloud it was so fantastic! I truly appreciate your time in making these videos, thank you again.

  148. I Heart Recipes

    Thank you love!

  149. tasha hall

    u the bomb.

  150. Miley

    I just made this recipe. Thank you so much Rosie. This was just the way I like it, all the way down to the dumpling like doe. I will be making this often. My family loved this as well. You are a genius! Happy Holidays 😛

  151. I Heart Recipes

    I’m glad you found my channel as well!

  152. Ms. Jackson

    Excellent!!!! Love your recipe and keep it real cooking style…….I know that you know your stuff!!! Just subscribed today………..SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU!!!

  153. I Heart Recipes

    Thanks for watching honey!

  154. nicole monrue

    just like my momma used to make it=)

  155. Rockpear7

    Can’t wait to try this!!!

  156. Vllah

    This looks so simple, and I do love peach cobbler. I think I will whip one up over the Holidays. Thanks for sharing.

    I am taking a week off from MF… As I am having a hard time staying OP this week. The plan is so expensive, if you’re not gonna do it right, don’t waste $.

  157. Elsa Padilla

    I love your recipes! You explain them properly and with a lot of charisma. Thank you for taking your time and posting these delicious recipes!

  158. reggie02062

    That looks yummy all i need now is some whipped cream are ice cream

  159. I Heart Recipes

    I’m sure your cobbler will come out great! Keep me posted 🙂

  160. TRUWOO

    I want to thank you so much for making Peach Cobbler seem so easy to make. I was so nervous about making it. Your method has certainly calm all my fears i shall try it tomorrow. I will let you know how I did. Thanks again.

  161. janet davis

    Ive used this recipe that my daughter had gotten from Rosie’s youtube page and once my daughter had finished making this delicious recipe OMG it was so good. Thanks Rosie for making this a little easier. We loved it!!!!!!

  162. justdreadest

    GIRRRRLLLL………This is looking so yummy, i’m gonna have to try it, I aint waiting for no ‘occasion’

  163. I Heart Recipes

    I’m glad you liked the recipe! 🙂

  164. Dynamite_Qpon

    OMG I used this recipe on thanksgiving and I want to first say thank you for sharing this video and this was the first time making peach cobbler and it was the! I also made your 7 up cake it turned out great too. Thank you so much!

  165. 4evertashie

    No I didn’t… I was thinking maybe it was too much cinnamon but I added 1 1/2 tsp like u said and 2 tablespoons of vanilla right?? lol maybe ill try and be more accurate next time 🙂

  166. I Heart Recipes

    Did you add anything extra? It should have come out similar to mine.

  167. 4evertashie

    Made this along with the enchiladas lol didnt match the dinner i made but i just couldnt wait to make it, it was delicious but my mixture was a little darker than yours, i would like it to be much lighter any suggestions? thanks Rosie!

  168. Pampered Health TV

    I tried this recipe yesterday and it is AMAZING!!!! Thanks so much for sharing

  169. 4evertashie

    omg i cannot wait to use this recipe! i can just tell its gona be so good. i love how you did the dumpling effect thats how i like peach cobblers =) i will let u know how it came out im so excited! this is my fav desert, well this and banana pudding =)

  170. erica farley

    OMG..THis peach cobbler is soo good made it for thanksgiving and i made another one today THANX FOR THIS RECIPE:))

  171. Punam Kaur

    BEST thing ever!! reminded me of the peach cobbler i used to have when i was little form a dinner in Dallas. Thank you so much for this !! <3

  172. dbwilliams09

    thank you!!! this was a Thanksgiving hit at our dinner! ppl think I can bake 🙂 love your site

  173. sammie thomas

    I should make this today for thanksgiving

  174. 1phatboy83

    making mine right now…enjoy

  175. Rexie Rump

    I made this today specifically for thanksgiving, BUT I’m actually eating some right now. I couldn’t wait, and it’s amazing! I’m justifying it by telling myself that its ok because there’s gonna be plenty of other food and pies tomorrow.. and I only had a little bit.. yadayadaya.. lol Thank you for the wonderful recipe. (:

  176. Anddi

    Really..aww, thats the best part of it to us….otherwise it seems like its just a pie.

  177. midnitethaklown

    ima try it … looks soo bomb

  178. Tracie C

    I am going to make this for Thanksgiving. Yummy

  179. aquafina2u

    I can’t wait to try this recipe. I’ve eaten cobbler with the dough pieces mixed in the cobbler. I always wondered how they got in there…LOL! Your recipe is easy to follow. Thank you.

  180. fwms1986

    I made this for a Memorial Day cookout and it was good but most of my guests didn’t like the dough in the cobbler. I will make this again but I’ll leave the dough out or maybe bake the dough pieces slightly and then mix them into the cobbler.

  181. roe mccoy

    this looks really good…

  182. Dee0064

    Hey Lady Rosie, i saw another video for a peach cobbler and liked what she did, then i saw yours and said yea maybe i’l try this one also, although i love the crust of the cobbler, i said i wouldn’t put the dough on the inside, but when i saw the finished product i was like, OMG that looks soooooo goooooddd, yes i will try this one too. So i will let you know how it turns out. Thanks

  183. niki allen

    always at less one idiot!!!!

  184. yolanda sanders

    This look tooo good!

  185. I Heart Recipes

    woohoo! Check you out!

  186. jmoakajuicy

    Typo i guess its that good lol. (Cobblers)

  187. jmoakajuicy

    I have made 4 peach clobbers since i watched this

  188. monaquinney

    i made this peach cobbler and loved it but next time i will add a little more sugar. this is the first time i ever made a peach cobbler that people actually liked and ate all of it. once i made a cobbler and nobody ate one drop i had to throw it away smh it was aweful. rosie thx for making me a peach cobbler queen lol now my family is wondering when i’m going to make another one. cant wait to make one for thanksgiving.

  189. joe f

    looks delicious,just found your channel and subscribed. love soul food.can you make us a caramel cake?

  190. I Heart Recipes

    I would suggest sticking to the pie crust.

  191. alicay beaty

    looks so good, have to try it, I know how to make tortillas from flour, can I use the dough from it to do the covering part and the putting pieces in it, instead off buying the pie dough?

  192. Dejah king

    How long did you put it in the oven, when you finished the crust?

  193. Synchronizeswimr

    Great video I am making some for my family on friday..I also make videos feel free to watch as I teach our youth how to become successful men starting with our appearance first…God bless and please continue making videos…I really enjoyed this one Take care God bless

  194. I Heart Recipes

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