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Learn how to make a Scottish Oatcakes recipe! Can’t decide whether to have pancakes or oatmeal? Now you can have both! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this delicious and easy Scottish Oatcakes recipe!

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363 Replies to “Scottish Oatcakes (Oatmeal Pancakes) – Food Wishes”

  1. Ouxucike.

    Haaaa 1st

  2. Austin Pierce


  3. Violet Moon

    Ohhh nice! My sister loves this kind of cooking

  4. Devious Gaming

    Good man

  5. Mathias Crenshaw


  6. Stephanie Farrah

    Yay you uploaded 🙂 Always makes my day!

  7. Cum

    I wanna eat chef johns cake if you know what I mean

    1. Leslyn Premdas

      Cum I hear that!

    2. PleaseEnterAName

      I can’t believe I had to see this with my own two eyes

    3. Leah Laushway

      Nope, I don’t know what you mean. Would you mind explaining? 😅

  8. Jimmy Tam

    Looks good!!

  9. Bryce Ostrander


  10. M D

    Made it early!!!! I heart you, Chef John.

  11. Neo

    Looks really good

  12. adam mac

    Ohhh I thought it said Scottish Outtakes. Oatcakes makes WAYYY more sense.

    1. CrankyPants

      adam mac Your first thought would be awesome. Imagine the out takes of him trying to do the recipe with a heavy Scottish accent before he did it with his regular accent.

    2. adam mac

      CrankyPants 😂😂 That would be hilarious!! And maybe with some bagpipes softly playing in the background.

  13. Dr QXX

    MISO HONEY though…

  14. Nuhan Hidayat

    It’s 6:30am here, and chef John uploaded new video ah…. What a perfect Saturday morning

    In case you wondering why am i wake up at 6:30 on Saturday? I haven’t sleep yet 😶

    1. Audrey M

      Awwww, I can’t make these until tomorrow. It’s 7:30pm here, Friday night. Hope you get some sleep soon. 😀

    2. Nuhan Hidayat

      Audrey M im going to sleep now and I’ll probably gonna make that for lunch, since my lunch is technically my breakfast 😅

    3. sam Deuda


  15. Shawn Barbour

    its all about the scottish eggs or scottish anus

  16. Melissa Behringer

    Looks wonderful. Good alternative to bannocks.

  17. Vaylon Kenadell

    “Samuel Johnson referred, disparagingly, to this in his dictionary definition for oats: ‘A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.’ His biographer, James Boswell, noted that Lord Elibank was said by Sir Walter Scott to have retorted, ‘Yes, and where else will you see such horses and such men?'”

    1. Steve G

      Vaylon Kenadell Greeks and Romans regarded oats as animal feed as well.After an inconclusive battle against Hannibal, Roman consul Marcellus fed certain troops oats for their supposed cowardice, those same soldiers begged their commander that they be in the forefront when they met again and posted a rare victory against the Carthaginians

    2. Jeanette Waverly

      Wow. History stuff. I love it!

  18. RMHersey23

    I see your reflection while adding the lemon zest and salt. Glad you’re wearing pants.

  19. adam mac

    *HEY EVERYONE..* I seriously don’t normally do this, but since most of us are all foodies here.. please feel free to check out my Instagram. It’s all pics of food I’ve either made or found in my local area. (@adam.e.mac) Thanks.

  20. Feta Cheezz

    This recipe is GR-RR-GRRREAT

    After all, you are the Kellog’s Frosted Flake of your Scottish Oatcake.
    You are also the Justin Timberlake of your Scottish Oatcake.

    1. Diss Ah

      Feta Cheezz And the Drake of your Scottish Oatcake.

  21. Joe Price

    That looks pretty good and i make oatmeal pancakes all the time but i sometimes add coconut, raisins, dates or figs……..just sayin…..

  22. Jules Gainey


  23. Cee Cee

    What’s so Scotty about these cakes? 🤔

    1. ChrisC


    2. Grape TomatoGirl

      Cee Cee,
      His accent

    3. simpleminded1uk


  24. fatmonk1

    Disappointed by lack of Cayenne

  25. divineenergy

    *You are after all the Norman Bates of your Scottish Oatcakes.😹*

    1. divineenergy

      or *You are after all Jake the Snake of your Scottish Oatcakes.🤣*

    2. divineenergy

      or *You are after all the Drake of your Scottish Oatcakes.😂*

    3. Chris Moore

      This is perfect!

    4. Madison Sauer

      Y E S

  26. Willy Jimmy

    Dang you guys are fast.

  27. Shawn Barbour

    “i want the inside to be moist and oatmeal like”
    me to chef john me to

  28. ChocolateCake



    1. rideswithscissors

      Put the oatcake batter in a waffle maker.

    2. SvobodovaEva

      Kris R maybe he doesn’t want one? It takes up space and you don’t use it that often

    3. Rebecca Zachary

      Someone get this man a gofundme for a good belgium waffle maker.

    4. ohbuddyiliketowatch

      It has to be a machine that does more than one thing i cant see him taking up space in his kitchen for waffles. Jmo. <3

    5. A T

      Kris R that’s assuming there’s a problem with not having a waffle maker

  29. h34p

    Hey i love your videos and follow you since a really long time.
    Could you do me a favour and make a few non-carbohydrate Meals? (no, i´m not a keto freak, i suffer from intolerance to sugars)
    That would really be perfect 😉
    Thx in advance!

  30. Judith Carlone Levi

    Could you do a video showing us how to make spice crabapple rings?

  31. Andy M

    I’m from Scotland and never seen these before.

    1. BoLoYu

      Spain doesn’t have a national dish, food is very regional, Andalusian food is nothing like Galician food for example.

    2. Hank X

      Paella. It’s paella.

    3. The Aura Tree

      I wasn’t born in Scotland, but I have lived in Scotland a fair time, never seen them fried. However, frying in butter seems like a marvelous American twist that doubtlessly brings out the nutty flavor of both oats and butter.

    4. Ailie A

      I’m from Scotland too (since apparently we need to announce that now) and he does say that the proper oatcakes are more popular and that this is a twist on oatcakes? I’ve come across people that have never heard of cranachan, were not all going to come across the same food just because we live in Scotland 😂

    5. Lynn Price

      My husband from Ayr, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 isn’t familiar with these either. He thought perhaps they’re more popular in the north? No worries though. These look excellent.

  32. karenamanda1958

    I’d garnish with some toasted chopped pecans. 😋

    1. Gianna Reeve

      karenamanda1958 Good idea! Chopped nuts or berries make every breakfast better 😊

    2. [ The sugar daddy!! ]

      Candied pecans would be great!

    3. Grape TomatoGirl

      I’m going to garnish them with the saliva in my mouth!

    4. Grape TomatoGirl

      Gianna Reeve,
      Truth be told, I’m plant-based, but, I will make these for my family, and, I will attempt a veganized version of it for myself. I said ‘attempt’. No promises

  33. Chance Whistler

    Irish butter?

  34. adam mac

    🎵And as alwayyys, enjoyyyy.

  35. Sophie HM

    Instead of large egg can I use scrambled?

    1. Daniel C

      Yes but only because I’d like to see how that would turn out

    2. MuseOfHeart

      No lol u need the binding effect of the raw egg

    3. Sophie HM

      MuseOfHeart it was a joke*

  36. John Smith

    You should make Staffordshire Oatcakes next

    1. Robin Betts

      @Kabloomybuzz.. what… cheese *in* the batter?

    2. Kabloomybuzz

      No! cheese as the filling!

    3. Pete Dabbs

      Sausage or bacon?

    4. John Smith

      Bacon, cheese, tomato and a bit of black pepper

    5. Juniper Jane

      sausage, egg and cheese with brown sauce, mmmm. Sunday tomorrow, Newcastle oatcake shop for breakfast methinks

  37. Liztopher

    On behalf of Canada, You’re welcome, John 🙂

  38. Thunderwear

    Could you also use steel cut oats? It’s all I’ve got in my cupboards :p

  39. Justin Earle

    Another subversive political statement by Chef John. #neverthelesshepersisted

  40. Gabriel Davidson

    Hey Chef, would steel-cut oats work the same way? I’m a bigger fan of them than rolled…

  41. tanketom

    English Muffins, Scottish Oatcakes, so next breakfast items up are Welsh Cakes and Irish Soda Bread?

  42. Grymn

    Been watching Food Wishes videos for the last hour trying to decide what new recipe to try, when this gets uploaded. I think this will be the one, since I’ve been on a pancake kick lately.

  43. BrickFilmsCinema

    Can I use steelcut oatmeal?

  44. 7ampint

    Im Scottish and never seen these before but Im a big fan of the channel so I’ll let it slide

    1. Maevna

      7ampint French fries aren’t French

    2. Doctron Four

      Maevna ? Frites aren’t French? Pretty sure it is.

    3. Cee Cee

      Doctron Four Belgium……Belgium army was french, hence the non de plume.

    4. BoLoYu

      Doctron Four
      They aren’t, they originated in Brabant which is a region of Belgium and the Netherlands. The french in french fries refers to the way they are cut and not the people.

  45. Feronanthus

    Chef John’s subtle reminder that Mother’s Day is coming.

  46. TTrevolverheldTT

    Got to love the weird white stuff on yolks!

  47. MrLePetitChef

    First of all this recipe looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it out, I love oats and pancakes. I loved that you referenced the dry cracker oatcakes that we have in Scotland, they are amazing with cheese, or even just some salted butter. However, and you don’t know how much this pains me to say this, I think what you’ve made are Staffordshire oatcakes, from England… between a pancake and a Scottish oatcake. OMG I’ve become one of those horrible “authentic” people… like anyone who’s ever posted an Italian recipe online will know all too well. Anyway for the sake of a few miles, this looks amazing!

    1. dermeistefan

      This is the recipe the people on the other mountain use.

    2. MrLePetitChef

      That’s great! What recipe do they use on your mountain?

  48. guguigugu

    can i make lots of the “batter” in advance and just use a little bit every morning? how long will it keep?

    1. Broshmosh

      You probably wouldn’t want to hold this in the fridge for longer than a day or two. The longer the oats sit in the milk, the more they’ll break down until it’s less oat and more mushcake. I haven’t tried it myself so you could give it a try and see for yourself but don’t go longer than two days just in case the dairy has gone bad.

  49. M K

    I was raised on an old hippie vegetarian recipe my Mom called ‘Cottage Cheese Patties’. Somewhat similar to this, basically it’s just cottage cheese, an egg, oatmeal flakes, some flour salt and leavening. Fried in oil and served with your choice of gravy. Sounds gross but it’s comfort food to me.
    Thanks for the upload, Chef John!


    Mmm…I want some! Thanks.

  51. John Amidon

    Where’s the recipe? The link takes me to semifreddo, & a search turns up nada. :/

  52. Angela G. Jordan

    Can you make gyros? (: Or a spanikopita?

    1. EM B

      He did gyros:

    2. Angela G. Jordan

      EM B thank you!

    3. Grape TomatoGirl

      EM B,
      Thank you for the link
      How did I miss his post for Gyro?!
      !!! He posted it just 12 days before I switched over to eating only plant-based foods !!!
      Well, I can live vicariously through my family.

      yay. 🙄

      I’ll probably make his recipe next week for them. This will give me time to hunt down a plant-based recipe for myself.
      Thanks, again, for the link

  53. Sysaphys

    I wonder if I can throw in some dried cranberries and some golden raisins?

  54. Chuncle Uuck

    You’re welcome from Canada!

  55. ashmara Brader

    Nice and all but, What can you make with 60gr oatmeal, cinnamon, sweetner, 4-5 egg whites, nuts and pamspray what isn’t dry like my pancakes?

  56. Daemon Ember

    Thinks makes me think you need to make potato pancakes

  57. Shawn Barbour

    Mmmm seasonal bacon……..

  58. Treyon Daren

    um… rolled what in the pan?? pls tell me what are those

  59. Adriennne Muese

    I’m not a fan of flour can almond flour be used instead? Or grind up more oats into a flour consistency?

    1. Food Wishes


  60. mike81399


  61. Jessica Velazquez

    I NEED a vegan version of this!! 🤤🤤

    1. Chelsea Henderson

      There is definitely vegan egg, butter, and cream! This would be easy.

    2. It's Okay to Eat Mayo

      Home made Pecan or walnut milk and flax egg sounds like a tasty replacement 😬

    3. Jessica Velazquez

      It’s Okay to Eat Mayo I haven’t seen flax egg where I live and I just started with the vegan lifestyle recently so I don’t know much about it but I was also talking about changing the heavy cream, I wouldn’t know how to do that

  62. Adam Churvis

    Good on you for the William Wallace references. Now how about dividing the mixture in two, coloring one half with blue food coloring, and then making bi-color oatcakes?

  63. Tom's Realm

    I like drinking alone and watching Chef John.

  64. nikki dee

    You had me at Heavy Cream…. This is great for left over Oatmeal..

  65. R. McBride

    Fried oatmeal cookies! Haha! Had to watch this twice because I laughed and snorted my coffee on the white egg goo remark and choked and coughed through the first go. Your fault, John….

  66. Steve G

    A voice in my head says ‘ You need this ‘

  67. Maria Torres

    Thank you – having promised my doctor to have oatmeal every day, and not liking the texture of oatmeal, I’ve thrown together a little repertoire of oat-based pancakes, tortillas, muffins, etc. Most of them use oat flour and oats together (and whole-wheat flour instead of all-purpose) – I’m definitely adding this to my little collection!

    1. Maria Torres

      Done and liked it. I made a couple of adjustments: Kefir instead of cream (rounded with about ,25 cup water rinsing out kefir from sides of the measuring cup), with baking soda stirred in and left for a few minutes, to encourage activity, while prepping dry ingredients: Added .25 cup of oat flour to .25 cup of whole wheat flour with baking powder here; also some cinnamon, ginger and black pepper. Whipped the egg before adding it. Gentle, thorough mix. Small amount of olive oil to hot nonstick skillet instead of generous butter. Quarter cup measure to cook, no waiting before going to the stove. Got 8 servings, 7 of which are now refrigerated for the week. Thank you!

  68. Eve Black

    Can I please just come live with you for a while???

  69. Donna Rhoads

    This seems like an upgraded version of something my dad would make me and my brother that his mom made him when he was little. You take day old oatmeal that has been chilling in the fridge overnight, then you cut it into slices and fry them up in butter and then serve them with some real maple syrup. It was always so tasty. This looks excellent too! Probably nice and fluffy. I will have to give this a try soon.

    1. It's Okay to Eat Mayo

      Donna Rhoads Did they call it fried mush?

    2. Donna Rhoads

      I think they just called it fried oatmeal, but I will ask!

  70. lvdovicvs

    Would cooking these in leftover ghee I have from making blintzes make any difference?

  71. Chris VanOsdol

    Could we use gluten free flour with some baking powder added? Or almond flour even?

  72. Grastermane Forte

    A few may ask “what is Seasonal bacon?” and I am from Texas so I know it is about 8 strips per serving.

  73. Knot Da Momma

    I bet these would taste great with fruit inside, like apples or banana. 😍😋

  74. BlueButtonFly

    I’ve been baking a lot more lately so I’m getting a better sense of judging volumes. That was not a teaspoon of honey lol.

  75. Rain Juice

    I often find myself in this scenario and now I have a great recipe.

  76. Maple Flagg

    Keeping this one in my breakfast repertoire. Thanks! 👍

  77. Linda Hayhurst

    I love seasonal bacon😍🐷🥓

  78. Scott Worthington

    Beautiful, Chef John. You have created a sublime mashup of my two favorite breakfasts, oatmeal and pancakes. Mine will be enjoyed with a side of thick cut bacon. Mmmm … My tongue is so excited it’s beatin’ my brains out.

  79. Ben786

    Drizzle seductively —> dripping awkwardly
    Story of my life 😂😂

  80. Sam Tope

    Seriously though
    What is an “equal amount” when comparing oats and cream

  81. dbok

    pan fried oatmeal cookie? Add cinnamon, other spices and dried fruit?

  82. Food Wishes

    Yes! Any GF flour will work for these!

    1. Cee Cee

      Food Wishes Chef…tsk, tsk. The “you people” have to live their best life. Food Wishes is an inclusive food community 🙃

    2. Me Here

      Food Wishes I’ll be using oat flour!

    3. scarface 82

      Food Wishes that white thing on the yolk was eggstraordinary

    4. Christopher

      What about boyfriend flour?

    5. midorialexandros

      What about a splash of vanilla?

  83. Alexander Mulholland

    These look delicious. I’m Scottish and I grew up eating stuff like this, even tattie scones made with oats instead of flour. It’s a shame some Scottish people don’t recognise this pancake kind of oatcake anymore, our ancestors originally made all our pancakes out of pure oatmeal or barley because we didn’t have enough wheat flour.

    1. Me Here

      Alexander Mulholland Or any at all; wheat was only sporadically grown in the Highlands until the late 18th century. During the worst parts of the Little Ice Age – roughly from the 1310s to the 1440s – many farms in the Lowlands changed to oats instead of wheat as well.

      Unfortunately spring wheat tolerant of shorter growing seasons had to wait until the Canadians got ahold of it in the 20th century.

  84. PricklyBiscuitBuns

    Ok who else feels like a knob of butter set over medium-low heat when he says enjoy?😍😍😍

  85. EddyGurge

    Mmmm, seasonal bacon.

  86. Roxyiswild


  87. VEX

    Looks good

  88. Al Weber

    Crustification…chef John🤔 Did you airbrush those strawberries their stunning.

  89. Lucky Jester

    “… or seasonal bacon.” … hehe funny bastard.

  90. Kat

    It’s 2:37am and I just made 4 different kind of pancakes…
    And this pops up…
    Is it faith saying I can continue being a fat ass?

  91. Dave England

    Never heard of these growing up in Scotland but looks alright. The hard dry oatcakes served with cheese etc are the only variety I’ve seen in Scotland. Interesting recipe though!

  92. Althea baranov

    I wonder if these could be made with cold leftover breakfast oatmeal.

  93. mdotschrody

    Seasonal bacon ftw!

  94. Zuzu

    Burnt butter….yum.

  95. Ben Otten

    @chef john, could you do this mixture in a waffle iron too maybe?

    1. Grape TomatoGirl

      Ben Otten,
      No, he can’t. He said he doesn’t have one.
      Seriously, though, that’s an interesting idea!

  96. An Tran

    If I’m out of flour, can i just pulse some oats in a blender to make oat flour?

  97. Libby Cain

    Do I have to use heavy cream? I can’t really eat dairy.

  98. Grape TomatoGirl

    Chef John,
    Those are some tasty looking oatcakes!
    I watched and heard all the ingredients you used, but, after the flip of the first oatcake, to the end of video, I’m telling you, my brain is having a hard time accepting the fact that these are indeed oatcakes and not homemade breakfast sausage patties.
    Either way- these look delicious!

    1. Vanessa Chavez

      Sausage patties would accompany these beautifully! Yumm

  99. Content Aware Phil

    Butter milk would be way tastier and healthier than cream

  100. joerogrz

    Thought that said “Scottish outtakes.” Thought this was going in a different direction…

  101. no2party

    Can you do beef vindaloo next?

  102. Slam

    Never trust a skinny chef 👨‍🍳

  103. Kaye Hatsuimono

    Oh my goodness. You had me at Scottish!! I’m gonna try these. They looks so good.

  104. Curlyfat / Matt

    Where’s the link to the blog post?! Am I missing something?

  105. BigWater59

    More or less oatmeal cookies…um um

  106. MichaelRayJr

    I would add some dry cranberries

  107. Gunga Galunga

    This is your worst recipe

  108. Evil Monkey

    Now I’m hungry.

  109. Mandy

    I bet these would be amazing with chopped up apple and a little cinnamon mixed in!

  110. kryty

    I dare you to make real Scottish oatcakes

  111. PNW Granny

    Gonna try these in the morning. Looks delicious and my husband loves both pancakes and oatmeal, best of both worlds. Thanks.

  112. Yoshimura K

    I too am from Scotland and very much like our traditional food, but this I have never heard of. Looks delicious but seems very Americanised imo to be called Scottish.

  113. Dwayne Wladyka

    I’ve never heard of this before. Interesting.

  114. hotcomodity21

    Hey Chef John!!!!! Can you please settle this stupid Facebook debate once and for all and tell these gross people TOO WASH THEIR MEAT i.e chicken and pork before cooking!

    1. Food Wishes

      you don’t need to.

    2. hotcomodity21

      Food Wishes sooo when you take your chicken out the pack you don’t rise it off… You just start seasoning it? 😐😐

  115. Annie&Iggy

    Can i make this with canned full fat coocnut milk instead. I cant eat dairy

    1. Broshmosh

      yes that should work, it will change the taste somewhat and impart a coconut vibe to what’s otherwise a rather plain taste but you can make the recipe with it

    2. It's Okay to Eat Mayo

      Blend some pecans with water & call it pecan milk 🥛😉. It will compliment the maple syrup.

    3. Stephanie Baker

      I was going to try with oat cream. It would seem to up the oatiness.

    4. David Teunissen

      Annie&Iggy in the time writing this comment my children fixed it.. Yes you can and use some coconut oil to fry

  116. Farewell.Atmentod

    Looks divine Chef John!

  117. cristian rivera

    These look great definitely going to try making them tomorrow 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  118. JuztMeMe

    Dang! 👅

  119. bdpa kaknox

    These look so good.

  120. andrewt248

    Ok, so these will be a regular thing in my morning henceforth.

  121. Murray Aronson

    Chef John, have you ever eaten, even made matzah meal pancakes/latkes? I think they’re very tasty. Some observant Jews eat them for breakfast during Passover. Please try matzah meal pancakes.

  122. Stacey Rashkin

    I thought all new videos would have captioning.

    1. Food Wishes

      they do! takes a few hours to kick in.

  123. tootz1950

    My family came from Scotland and I’m sorry but there is no such thing as a tasty Scottish dish.

    1. It's Okay to Eat Mayo

      tootz1950 My grandmother was Scottish, I concur.

  124. Brent Hooton

    Bacon is always in season.

  125. Jeanette Waverly

    Surp. It’s what Canadians milk from trees.

  126. 1adam101

    Chef John, I’m not a troll. I’m a fan. Your food and YouTube channel is great. But your voice drives me crazy. I know I’m being rude, but I have to be honest. It’s the way your tone/pitch accentuates on every other word. Do you really talk like that in person or am I just missing something? It’s so distracting from your cooking that I rather just watch TASTY or Gordon Ramsey or one of the million other food channels. I honestly think you would have more subscribers if you changed the voice or didn’t speak at all.

  127. ex-PFC Wintergreen.

    Ugh, we Canadians use that D-grade robust maple syrup primarily as an animal feed and budget adhesive in a pinch… it’s all grade-A extra fancy here

  128. kd1s

    Hmm only oats we have are steel cut. I wonder if they’d work.

    1. Nerdy Dragon

      You’ll have to cook them longer.

  129. Josue Arnold

    I’d be willing to bet that those are very close to twice 3/8 of an inch. Thicknesses are very deceptive. Measure your thumb at the first joint. I’m quite average sized, my thumb is exactly an inch wide. These are clearly more than half a thumb wide.

    I wear size 12, so very conveniently my feet are a foot long. Arm span two yards, more or less, equal to height with boots on, a la Leonardo. Apparently in the middle ages before standard measures, one individual might be used to calibrate a whole castle. I’m a dodgy builder but an OK tape measure…

  130. jtyt

    Can I use half and half or just whole milk if I don’t have heavy cream

  131. Manuel G

    6:12 that is one *sexy* shot.

  132. Bill Smiley

    How about French salad dressing more specifically the one from spires restaurant in California because I have not been able to find a recipe even close to what there’s taste like so please this is my food wish

  133. KAL B.


  134. Pal Dali

    I’m Canadian… you’re welcome.
    Plus, you really didn’t want that type of maple syrup, it’s subpar. What you Do want is find some Canadian amish folk and get some of their maple syrup… Chef John, you will never taste anything so amazing!

  135. Orelafter

    Yeah! Use leftover cream from clotted cream and serve them together

  136. BackAndStillBgMsDangerus Dangerus

    And there’s nothing worse than an awkward drip.

  137. Spice Master II

    What???? No cayenne?

  138. The Jesus

    You can also mix leftover oatmeal into regular pancake batter, yet another version

  139. Alan Mac

    Best twist on a Scottish staple ever but should be served with square sausage, bacon and egg. I will make these.

    1. Grape TomatoGirl

      Alan Mac,
      I KNEW this recipe had something to do with sausages!
      And after watching this video for the 7th time (at the least), I’m still not fully convinced that Chef John didn’t do a mind-flip on us and “POOF”- with the flip of his spatula, he turned his oatcakes into sausage patties!

  140. Lauren O

    Can you make a savory oatmeal?

  141. Kenneth Hicks

    Gonna make for sure! May add some nuts ; )

  142. marielos williams

    These look too gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  143. Steve Williams

    The earlier in the morning you make them the fluffier they need to be. By noon they become a fried Scottish oatmeal cookie. At brunch they are medium density If I am following your logic on this.

  144. luvveyduvvey

    Wow.. imagine with orange marmalade everybody

  145. Brandon

    Can you use steel-cut oats?

  146. rideswithscissors

    Mommy put it in the fridge overnight. But I don’t have her recipe. Oldest brother’s umpteenth wife took all of the recipes after Mom died and then divorced my brother. The b!#ch! So I guess this will do., thanks.

    1. It's Okay to Eat Mayo

      rideswithscissors I’m sorry 😢.

    2. rideswithscissors

      It’s ok, I do have a few of her recipes, like for imam bayildi and shrimp Duglare. And the memories, like her hilarious impression of Julia Child.

  147. TheHamadanners

    The weird whitething in the egg is what i call egg rifling it keeps the yolk in the center of the egg white. Like an egg rope.

    1. Nerdy Dragon

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    1. ThatGuy

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    2. Stephanie Morgan

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