The rescue of a grocery store Lobster ( Lobby Joe)

The rescue of a grocery store Lobster ( Lobby Joe) Video 03:07 Viewed 167583

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Our brief but wonderful time with this beautiful being .
We saw a lobster in the grocery store surrounded by the animals that had already lost their lives but he was still alive and we had to do something.
We bought him for $20 and took him home and set up a tank.
Then we tried to figure out how to return him to his home. We researched lobsters and found that he was most likely from Nova Scotia .
Then we called various courier companies and found a location that could handle live animals .
We looked for a vegan in Halifax that would be willing to help and met our wonderful partner Beth Kent .
We drive from Red Lake Ontario 6 hours to Winnipeg , Manitoba.
We arrived at the UPS store and they had everything ready for us ahead of time paid and $225 for delivery .
He got driven to the airport and arrived the next day in Nova Scotia and was met by Beth Kent and driven 1 hour back to Bridgewater Nova Scotia and set free .
Thank you to UPS and Beth Kent and Gail Zwicker for releasing him and for all the support from my friends in Vegans United( Best vegan group in the world )
and to challenge 22 for helping set me on my vegan path.

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96 Replies to “The rescue of a grocery store Lobster ( Lobby Joe)”

  1. Matt Jenkins

    Probly right back into a trap..done been long crapped out by now lol

    1. Matt Jenkins

      Didnt even look at those links yo..thats how little i care lol FOOD IS FOOD dont be such a yuts ppl might like u more

    2. Canadian Girl

      Yeah it real tough and strong to hurt animals! Good job

    3. Canadian Girl

      So you’re equating kindness to animals as weakness ? Men hurting tiny animals is more masculine then ? How about drinking animal breastmilk? Is that manly too ?

    4. Matt Jenkins

      Upsetting sissies is joyous to me tho u are right on that one

  2. Papa Emeritus I

    I’m not a Vegan, wish I could be. But I appreciate you saving him.

    1. Papa Emeritus I

      Canadian Girl it’s mostly genetics and anemia, I once tried going vegan but I became so weak that I almost died. So my PCP said I had to eat meat or I would die basically. I try to at least eat a little meat per day or I get extremely weak.

    2. Canadian Girl

      Thank you 🙂
      Why can’t you be vegan ?
      Every vegan actually said “ I can’t be vegan “ before they went vegan lol

  3. StARKIA 262

    Thee creatures are expensive and don’t make the best pets, so uhhh yeah

  4. Caroline Rothschild

    I saw one in a Chinese grocery store today in Manchester, England but I wouldn’t be able to save him there no water for him to be put in etc I have no fish tank. I just cried and cried. This is why I’m here because if I know more about the species then next time I could save one. Heartbroken

    1. Canadian Girl

      I hope you get an opportunity to save one soon

  5. Kyla Skretting

    you lvie near letebrige whare i am

  6. La

    $20 is cheap for a pet- if you kept him as a pet.

    1. Canadian Girl

      I think all animals would be happier to be free .

    2. La

      Pet lobsters are quite happy as they are quite reclusive anyway and just like somewhere peaceful where they chill out on the bottom. But you would need to be skilled to make the aquarium, with an aquarium chiller to keep the water cool, and a 100 gallon fish tank, hiding places at the bottom on the tank, substrate that they can dig, and also you have to monitor the right level of salinity.

    3. Canadian Girl

      His life would not have been very enjoyable for him as a pet though

  7. Tom Yaz

    My Heros! Best video i have seen on youtube in a long time!

  8. Isaac Ezekiel The color blind guy


  9. Valeria Flowers

    Imagine he gets captured again

    1. La

      Why not keep him as a pet?

    2. Canadian Girl

      So the theory is to never save any animals because they may die ? Never rescue a human because they may die

  10. Kaizo David

    Who would thumb this down, your an amazing human being #lobbyjoe

  11. Ye Aung

    Wait did she released it in freshwater?

    1. Canadian Girl

      The ocean – salt water

  12. lobsterboy lawson

    that’s a waste of money they’re just going to catch him again and eat him like why

  13. Jacob Baldridge

    Lobsters are food, they’re caught to be eaten… fuckin vegans

  14. widdyhabb

    Thanks for saving him! One of the nicest videos I’ve seen on YouTube! Thanks again! We need more people like you!

  15. Android 21

    Thats nice 🙂

  16. Tat Tvam Asi


  17. Paul Davis

    Lobster Lives Matter!

  18. smol chara

    look i know the lobster and stuff doesn’t know she said that but is she a fuggin psycho or something lmao-

    1. smol chara

      ikr o-o

    2. Canadian Girl

      I thought it was very disturbing too

  19. Frankie Roberson

    So glad I stumbled across you channel because I am doing the same thing, and I was telling my son that I wasn’t too far fetched when I ran across your video; thank you for posting and rescuing one cool lobster; never eat anything with a face.

  20. Tropically Fit (

    I saw a lobster today at the grocery store just sitting there for hours SUFFERING leaving me feeling sick to my stomach. I live in South Florida. I REALLY want to recsue him and release him back into to wild. Can I simply put him into the ocean? I live 10 min drive from the ocean….

    1. Normal as a Rainbow

      DO NOT release him in an ocean where he is not native. It is not only bad for him and the local ecosystem but it is also illegal. Do a quick bit of research to find out what species he is and where he’s from and if you can’t take him there or care for him properly, and i hate to say this, you’ll have to leave him. Releasing him in an area where he is not native will do more harm than good. The water will be the wrong temperature, ph, and possibly the wrong salt content. And on the off chance that he survives in a foreign ecosystem he may mess up the balance of the animals native to that area. This is a bit old of a comment section but just for future readers and letting anyone here know.

    2. Karen S.

      It needs to be salt water though

    3. Karen S.

      Do it!

    4. boscoitalics

      do you have a big enough tank? he may get caught again. but it was nice they rescued him

  21. Peanuts&Corn

    That’s a lucky Lobster

  22. Kelvin Cerezo


  23. Twitchy witchy girl I think you are so nice

    I’m gonna buy all the lobsters every day and return them home I’m lobster Hermes Bitch

  24. Twitchy witchy girl I think you are so nice

    I swear to god I’m gonna do that some day

  25. Doppelganger IsaacWhiteman

    How much are for breeding pair’s alive , & what state are you in , in U.S.A , if your in USA , if s/o live’s in the south ?.

  26. Fat Cat

    big boy

  27. an 8th dimentional being

    I might actually buy a live lobster and keep it as a pet.

  28. Henry Nuggets

    i guess your mom never taught you to not waste good food

    1. Canadian Girl

      +Henry Nuggets I’m guessing you’ve killed your cats and dogs or any other pet you’ve had as to not waste good food .

  29. Vidya Games

    Kind of pointless. Over 200k lobsters were caught in 2010 alone, so unless you make this a regular thing it’s not having any impact on fishing, nor consumption. The grocery store still got paid for the lobster and will use that money to buy even more. Hell, this guy probably got caught again and sold off somewhere else, since it’s not like you’re keeping him in a safe place, but literally putting him back where he was caught from in the first place.

    1. Wretched

      So if you get caught, nobody should save you because you’ll die anyway and might get caught again?

    2. Vidya Games

      Running over a puppy isn’t the same as paying someone whose job is running over puppies to not run over a singular puppy. He’s just going to use that money to continue his business, that’s what I’m saying about the lobster here.

    3. Canadian Girl

      +Vidya Games that’s very defeatist. By that reasoning you might as well run over a puppy in the road because they’re going to die someday anyway . Murder happens to people too so I may as well kill people I don’t like because they might have gotten murdered eventually anyway .
      I’m responsible for my actions and choose not to kill animals , and will help them when I can because it might not save all the animals but to those individual animals it mattered to them . I didn’t save him to save all the lobsters I saved him to help him .

  30. Monica Martella

    Thank you.

  31. Animals Are Our Angels

    Hi, how did you know who to send this too? I want to do the same! How wonderful! <3 Susan 🇨🇦

    1. Animals Are Our Angels

      Canadian Girl HI. Thank you for your response. Yes, if I were to buy a few lobsters, how would I know who to send it to in Halifax, Nova Scotia? I live in Ontario. I have always wanted to do this. Thank you. Susan

    2. Canadian Girl

      +Animals Are Our Angels hi 👋🏻 who to send what to ?
      Who did I send lobby joe to ?

  32. Animals Are Our Angels

    Ahhh, just loved this and subscribed to your channel! Susan from 🇨🇦

  33. Sweet'n sour Gaming

    I used to eat lobster. Your video made me think twice

    1. Canadian Girl

      +Sweet’n sour Gaming really ? That’s wonderful!

  34. Skeletonpope

    Seems pretty pointless

    1. Canadian Girl

      +Skeletonpope if you google “Christine Loughead lobster “ you’ll see tons of news stories from the US , China , Japan , Sweden etc and I did about 10 radio interviews. That publicity would have cost a fortune but I got to save a life and had people questioning harming animals for the low price of about $200

    2. Skeletonpope

      Canadian Girl i suppose. But they’re just going to buy more lobsters. And buying lobsters confirms for them that customers want lobsters. It’s similar to pet stores

    3. Canadian Girl

      +Skeletonpope not to him it didn’t .

  35. Nomad -81-

    After watching this video I ate two lobsters. I don’t even like lobster, just saying.

    1. Canadian Girl

      +Nomad -81- so you didn’t get through that video I shared with you then ? It’s ok most non vegans can’t watch it , they’re too scared .

    2. Nomad -81-

      I’m part of the cycle of nature, I don’t let narcissism get in the way like you do. I will be hunting Moose soon. Lots of meat to eat for the winter 🙂

    3. Canadian Girl

      +Nomad -81- that’s ok 👌 it’s just your sense of guilt kicking in and due to years of conditioning you feel the need to defend your past by proving you’re right and not an unkind person . So you have to kill to reinforce that conditioning that animals don’t matter because if they do and you listen to that part you’d have to change and change is scary .
      It’s ok I understand your fear .

  36. Amir Soleymani

    God bless u

  37. nothing T

    hah lobby joe

  38. Ram

    You my friend are a hero

    1. Canadian Girl

      +Herobrine677 thank you 🙂

  39. R D

    Way too much time on your hands smh

  40. Laila Oke dan

    Very sweet❤😍

  41. Derpy Hooves

    I had a pet Cray fish and a lobster in the same tank, great friends

    1. Canadian Girl

      +Derpy Hooves how long did they live ?

  42. Starboy

    I’m proud of what you did, every time I see the lobsters at the super market I just want to buy them all and send them back to where there from, what people do to these animals is very cruel.

    1. Starboy

      Canadian Girl no problem buddy and exactly

    2. Canadian Girl

      +Starboy thank you 😊 I think it’s very sad when any animal dies . People kill them like they own them without realizing you can’t own a life .

  43. Sillyguydefender

    Eat that lobster you bitches!!!! It’s not animal cruelty a lobster is meant to be eaten!!!

    1. Canadian Girl

      +CoralFailure no beings are food they are beings .

    2. Sillyguydefender

      Canadian Girl a lobster is not an animal, it’s a food.

    3. Canadian Girl

      +CoralFailure why are you so angry ?

  44. Starkat03

    Save them don’t eat them

  45. robert sanchez

    This some dope shit

  46. Tijana Jakovljevic

    I get it, u love animals
    But for real there is nothing wrong with eating animals…

    1. Canadian Girl

      +Tijana Jakovljevic if there’s nothing wrong with it then this should be an easy video to watch

  47. Meezie Prime

    How would I set up a tank to keep the lobster in. Like wht do I need exactly?

    1. Canadian Girl

      +Meezie Prime to keep forever ?

  48. enchanted gaming

    Thumbs up

  49. Fish Man

    Wasn’t he bred in captivity tho? You released him without the necessary combat skills to survive in those cold cold streets.

    1. Canadian Girl

      +Fish Man no he was taken off the coast of Nova Scotia where most lobster in Canada comes from .

  50. Angel Carreño

    Awesome, I’m planning on do this on the future, good video guys!!!

    1. Angel Carreño

      hahaha yea, i hope so, bless you guys!

    2. Canadian Girl

      +Angel Carreño that’s great ! See if you can steal them though lol

  51. Sam Balsley

    That was so nice of you🦀🦐

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