Twice Baked Potatoes — How to Make Fancy Stuffed Potatoes

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Learn how to make Twice Baked Potatoes! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and over 780 more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Twice Baked Potatoes recipe!

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608 Replies to “Twice Baked Potatoes — How to Make Fancy Stuffed Potatoes”

  1. Patricia Hopey

    Thank you Chef I hadn’t thought about twice baked potatoes probably in 45 years mom used to make them thank you so much

  2. Joshua Murtz

    Hey I resemble that short comment. Lol this is wonderful.

  3. Ariyeh Levy

    I love you….

  4. perduk1

    I use sour cream instead of butter. I also put a generous helping of cooked salad shrimp and fresh crab to the mixture. A little shot of Old Bay, too.

  5. Jules Gainey

    Uber tuber =the dopest rhymes ever!

  6. Lyudmil Guenov

    Wow you make me love cooking more

  7. christschool

    Maybe a little panko on the top, before the melted butter?

  8. Michelle Sunshinestar

    LOL, I’m short, 5’1 Thank you, I’m making this tonight. I have different ingredients. Like I’m adding canned peas.

  9. Mike Gehre

    Yum….love those twice baked – “uber tubers!”

  10. Natalia Marcadella

    screw chef john

  11. drottercat

    Very nice. If I may be so bold – these things look extra special when you make a smooth mash and pipe it into shells with a star-shaped pastry pipe.

  12. Stan Lee

    save the lids and make potatoes skins out of them

  13. Edith Metz

    Short and fat is always better than long and skinny….😂🤣😂🤣
    Yeah 😎😎

  14. Robert Marshall

    I always wondered how they made the potatoes stack so high and now I know.

  15. shane smith


  16. deadpoil always sunny

    I tend to eat the top with some cheese and bacon. I also mix sour cream green onion and cheese put it back in the oven. Topped with more cheese and bacon and add extra green onion.

  17. freakyflow

    Make people look at you as a potato god….I Make twice baked and add on Grated potato skin deep fried with Bacon ontop and slap on fresh dill from outside

  18. jimii jimii

    My potatoes aren’t as fat. Could I just bake it for 40 minutes the first bake?

  19. Old Yeller

    Damn, I LOVE twice Baked Potatoes!!
    I had Stuffed Potatoes at a fancy restaurant in Toronto, my Boyfriend took me to dinner for my 18th Birthday,
    and the potatoes were baked, scooped out of the shell, mixed with something that I still don’t know what it was,
    and piped back into the potato shell, and baked just until slightly brown on the ridges of the piping.
    They MELTED in your mouth!! SO SO GOOD!!
    I would PAY Big Time if I only knew how they were made.
    It was like they were made of whipped cream they were SO light and fluffy!
    And if they weren’t that good, they wouldn’t be the only part of the meal I still remember after all these years.
    If anyone has any ideas I would LOVE to hear them!

  20. tiger tiger

    potato overload

  21. Thalia Lomeli

    Okay 👌 I’ll do them like this rn 😉

  22. sorry notsorry

    looks like Donald trump

  23. Y3K Adm

    just like selecting a chef, short and fat….lol

  24. William Fotiou

    Cheddar, scallions, bacon and horseradish! The best.

  25. Susie Jones

    Lol, dope new rhymes! Too funny!

  26. Susie Jones

    Had to go to the groceries because of your breakfast potatoes!!! And another yummy one!

  27. Beth Garsea

    Ha ha

  28. Darshini Bhuta

    I’m so glad I discovered this channel 🙂

  29. Christine Y

    I make them just like this but with sour cream instead of the cream and egg. People love them!

  30. Christopher Miller

    So is it MC chef Jon now?

  31. J L SOLIS

    I love your videos… Great Chef ideas, thanks!

  32. Aunt Duddie

    A dud spud?

  33. rick b

    Nice recipe, I’m going to adapt this to sit along my roast beef fillet with mushroom duxelle & bearnaise sauce 👍👍

  34. GenosPerformer

    Why don’t you use a full egg? Would it work?

  35. moodyjeep

    Man they look awesome, i’ll be trying this out, Thanks.
    Barry (uk)

  36. Tomasz Zaleski

    “tall ppl make more money then short ppl? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! love it!.

  37. Brownie

    I found this video last night and cooked this. It was delicious. I’m definitely making more!

  38. Brownie

    “your welcome rappers if your looking for dope new rhyme’s.” Haha hilarious

  39. Nina La Bella

    Short and fat is always better than long and skinny😂🍆

  40. He Le

    That is how I got hooked on Chef John. Watch out, people!

  41. David Setser

    this is great thank you

  42. Chris Adams

    I would like to see a potato recipe that is completely organic vegan using fresh vegetables I got an idea for a recipe using the twice baked method does not include vegan cheese there’s no such thing there’s top with a nice salad it would be really nice filling and healthy this will also help you immediately lose weight and gain muscle mass

  43. Seven Something

    Coat the outside. Coat the outside . . . coat the outside.

  44. Ryan Remers

    Is there a difference between baking a regular vs sweet potato

  45. Ashley alberto

    I love how your videos are very customisable. I’ve never quite experienced that watching other chefs.😊

  46. spygrip

    Those Look so Good !!

  47. Sheri Julien

    Looks absolutely divine!

  48. Leonela Baca

    I love baked potatoes and this recipe is amazing ! I have to give it a try

  49. Yeggster Shane

    3:00 .. don’t taste stuff withy raw eggs inn it!

  50. awwwyeaboyeeee

    I love this man.

  51. Teacake's Janie

    Thank you 💖


    i nuked em for 5 minutes in the microwave and that worked pretty good…i couldnt wait an hour, but i finished them on the oven. it worked out perfectly. thanx for the pointers chef john. your channel is my favorite one on youtube!

  53. Cris Coulter

    I make mine using prosciutto , smoked gouda, sharp cheddar cheese. And a bit of red chile powder. I’m from new Mexico, you have chile!

  54. Steven Rodriguez

    Chef John your videos make me feel the same kind of happiness that Christmas Eve does.

  55. THE Red Pill Addict.


  56. Will Todaro

    These don’t look so fancy but they could

  57. kirby waite

    These used to be called Potatoes Duchesse


    i used bacon and sour cream

  59. Charles Newham

    Can you please show us how too make sauceless fried hotwings

  60. Niklas Perry

    Your so funny and informative 🙂 liked and subscribed

  61. Rigoberto G.

    Taller people make more money than short people???😂 I swear that was so funny.. I subscribed before the video ended!! 👍please keeping videos!!

  62. Pascal Delisse

    Learning while having fun.
    Thank you much!

  63. Jeff Stanley

    I just cut the potatoes in half and add enough extra ingredients to the innards to make two stuffed halves. You only get one twice baked per potato and I get two. Great video presentation though.

  64. Ganesh Mantri

    Downvoters are short people

  65. Paul Metcalf

    Short fat money making potato recipe.

  66. Robert Dunn

    FUN! Thanks, very well done.

  67. Babs Reynolds

    Do you think I could make these and then freeze them?

  68. sudha madhuri

    That is a dish oh my god am dying to eat thanks for sharing.

  69. New Negritude

    Your voice is very pleasant to listen to

  70. Chezza Outta Nowhere

    Why do I feel so happy every time you say words and make dad jokes?

  71. Barbie Selena

    This is KUMPIR… A Turkish food but this is worst version of kumpir. So Sorry

  72. Frenk Vortice

    oh hell no the jokes are bringing me down on my knees. you are awesome.

  73. kesejunira w

    I got the joke at :30 sec. Or is it just my mind that is naughty? Nice recipe, thank you

  74. citrine dragon

    Yum… thanks for the ideas

  75. Stuart Price

    Fab narration

  76. Mira Scott

    My family loves Chef John! Now whenever I tell my daughter that I’m making twice baked potatoes, she screams and does a dance of joy.

  77. username

    Side-dish, you humour me. In my circle of friends you could just make 2-4 pounds of these per person as the main dish and you’d have nothing left after 1 hr.

  78. KaL

    This….this is artistry.

  79. Karen Rudyk

    THE most awesome baked potato I have ever had.

  80. blondizsmilz

    Can’t wait to try this recipe! Thanks Chef John! and thanks for being so awesome and love your great personality!

  81. Technicolor


  82. Alex Peña

    can you eat the potato skin?

  83. TheHamadanners

    Never trust a skiny chef😉

  84. Idomake

    I just started a diet. The FIRST one I’ve ever done. It has promise. You can eat anything you want as long as it’s a potato. Slice them, dice them, shred them, mash them, fry them, bake them, season them any way you wish. You can even have a tiny bit of butter or sour cream, as long as 95% of what is there, is potato!. This looks great!

  85. Marjorie Primo

    John I really wanted the guacamole recipe I am going to try making it thank you ever so much. Marjorie

  86. Ro G

    Find a wiki-bear clip from the Conan O’Brien show and tell me that his chef isn’t wiki-bear. I dare you!

  87. AzraelThanatos

    A nice alternate use of this type of thing is to prepare the initial part as he did, just put a little bit of shredded cheese in the main body of it before pushing the top down into it to boost the height. Then put in a bit of your favorite chili before you top it with the mashed potato part, great way for a chili potato…just make sure people know that chili is sealed inside so as not to leave a massive mess or cause burns.

  88. Dave McBroom

    the egg yolk is a nice touch.

  89. Yeggster Shane

    “Dope new rhymes”! 🙂 … as always enjoy!!!!!

  90. Kadderin

    As someone with cats… it freaks me out when people use dish towels to work with food. THERE’S CAT HAIR ON THAT! T_T

  91. Pascal David

    You are easily the best chef on YouTube…great stuff

  92. Sky Rain Mitzel

    “Why ? Human nature .”

  93. TasTube

    Tried and survived 😉
    Mixed in caramelized diced onion and bacon.
    Thank you

  94. Buddy Lee

    Chef John has the perfect voice for these videos.

  95. judsonkr

    Thank you chef for not wrapping those potatoes in foil to bake them.

    I cannot seem to convice people I know that the worst thing they can to to a potatoe that they wish to bake is to wrap foil around it.

    I am not certain where that culinary sin originated, I am guessing the restaraunt industry, but it is a crime. If you want a good baked potatoe that is.

  96. Jc Longaire

    I forgot how much I enjoy these videos
    Bad jokes & all
    Thank you

  97. Eyyamgüder

    add some mozzarella and milk…

  98. Aaron H

    LMAO, “taller people make more money than short people”.. that was great..!! thanks Chef John.
    Aaron (Salem Oregon)

  99. Food AF

    I made this 2 years ago with a twist of my own, and it was one of the best things ever!! For some reason I forgot about it, and it just popped into my head today. Had to find the video to thank you for the inspiration. Now I can’t wait to make this for the next episode. Thank you so much, and we will of course properly credit you!! A truly exceptional recipe, thank you! 👌

  100. arriesone1

    I love your sense of humor! And your food is the best!

  101. ShadowOfOurHearts

    your voice is far more entertaining to listen to than i ever could have imagined possible.

  102. Rufio DIES

    Chef John, I wish you taught all my classes when I was in Uni. Although your voice might have lulled me into sleep

  103. none ya business

    No cayenne pepper, please. Otherwise, perfect!

  104. Robert Roy

    Wow… That was amazing. Is this healthy (carbs) enough for people with diabetes?

  105. Ultracity6060

    I would definitely put some butter between the layers of skin. And maybe jalapeno. …Definitely jalapeno. And maybe habanero…

  106. Leigh Hartman

    4:47 *facepalm* 😀

  107. Richard M

    You are a star. Love your videos

  108. In constant Battle

    amazing these twice baked potatoes I did it for my husband and mol and they loved it!

  109. hesthatguy

    I made these today to pair with a grilled steak and some grilled veggies. The egg yolk idea was fantastic. Instead of grated cheese I crumbled in some sharp cheddar by hand. It created yummly little pockets of cheese as you eat.

  110. zaid diaz

    By any chance you own a candy business?.

  111. psammiad

    Baked potatoes are really *not* suitable for a “fancy meal”, unless you have really low expectations of what fancy means. But it’s a great recipe – bonus is you could prepare these in advance and then just do the final 20 min cook in the oven.

  112. Simon Coppack

    Fun fact: you can put in some filling in first before putting in the removed piece of skin, allowing you to create a double-decker look or keep two different fillings separate!

  113. Sherry Osinga

    Freshhhhhhly ground black pepper

  114. Mermbo Nermberferv

    as an irish lass this channel pleases me , soo many potatoes x

  115. George Tempest

    Great thing to elevate the filling, I am always a bit disappointed when there isn’t enough to fill the spuds up to the brim. I do my mash mixed with canned tuna fish – divine :o)

  116. flexxarnnn

    Potatoes are the greatest tool on the planet

  117. Brandon M. Wilson

    Chef John really floors me. He makes the most nakedly dad-ish jokes in the world, but I find him hilarious.

  118. Demetrice Henderson

    OMG!!! I love Potatoes or Patatoes whichever,😙 but in a weird good way your a sick genius man. I can dream about putting in some extra ingredients like you recommend and putting them on a Grill, Indirect Style , YUM!!!!

  119. Jacqueline Delbrouck

    4 grosses pommes de terre Russet2 c. à café d’huile végétale3 c. à soupe de beurre1 c. à soupe d’oignons verts, ciselésSel et poivre noir moulu1 pincée de poivre de Cayenne1/2 tasse de fromage cheddar, râpé1/2 tasse de crème 15% champêtre ou 35%1 jaune d’oeuf1 c. à soupe de beurre fondu1 c. à café de paprikaPRÉPARATIONPréchauffer le four à 400°F. Tapisser une plaque à biscuits avec un papier parchemin ou un papier d’aluminium.Frotter les pommes de terre avec l’huile végétale et les placer sur la plaque à pâtisserie préparée.Cuire jusqu’à ce qu’un couteau s’insère facilement dans le centre d’une pomme de terre, environ 1 heure.Mettre de côté pour refroidir, environ 10 minutes.Couper le 1/3 de chaque pomme de terre dans le sens de la longueur.À l’aide d’une cuillère, racler la chair de chaque pommes de terre à environ 1/8 pouce de la pelure. Transférer la chair dans un bol.Combiner la chair de pommes de terre avec le beurre et l’oignon vert, mélanger.Ajouter le sel, le poivre noir, le poivre de Cayenne et le fromage. Remuer jusqu’à ce que le fromage soit fondu.Verser la crème et le jaune d’oeuf et mélanger.Placer le morceau de pelure découpé dans le fond de chaque pommes de terre et remplir avec le mélange.Appuyer doucement sur la surface du remplissage avec une fourchette pour créer la texture.Badigeonner les dessus avec le beurre fondu et saupoudrer de paprika.Cuire les pommes de terre farcies au four de 20 à 30 minutes, jusqu’à ce qu’elles soient dorées.

  120. Lon Morris

    I think i watch Chef John more for the awesome dad jokes than the cooking.

  121. Oscar Cazares

    I should be studying

  122. JohnPavilonis

    I did this today and it was spectacular!!! I used Parisian cheese, smoked Gouda cheese, plus a little chopped garlic.

    Thanks for the recipe/technique!!!

  123. Bagelstorm

    i need this right now

  124. Supergoodname 77

    I don’t think a rapper will ever say dud spud or uber tuber.

  125. LetTheWritersWrite

    You are the stud of your twice baked spud.

  126. Love of God

    Looks great! Making it tonight for dinner, can’t wait!

  127. Augusta Sister

    tried the fondant potatoes….only wish my potatoes loving dad was still alive to try them…

  128. Atlas WalkedAway

    Heresy. Those lids get brushed with oil on the skin, get enough filling to come out just shy of pure crisp and they’re dipped in an accompanying stew or drizzled with meat drippings.

  129. Khristmas

    Dope new rhymes lmaooooooooooooooff

  130. Andrew Renshaw

    This guy sure loves Cayenne pepper.

  131. FlyingFoxy

    I made this today for my friends! We all loved it! (I put my extra cheese on top to caramelize as a personal preference though!)

  132. suzie bee

    your vids are the best

  133. Ima Dork

    I love your videos and you’re a great chef but your speaking intonations, sentence endings specifically, are so incredibly odd? Am I the only one?

  134. Patricia Hedegaard

    You make me laugh overtime I watch one of your episodes. Thanks for this one. Uber Tubers!

  135. Ratchet Russian

    Mine weren’t nearly as attractive, but delicious regardless.

  136. Jackadelphia

    “Why have a dud spud when you can have an uber tuber”


  137. Johail Torres

    “that’s right.” – chef John

  138. Deathstar0wannabe

    randome idea, wouldnt this be nice to mix with shepards pie? just because i watched this video right after watching that video XD individual shepards pie!

  139. Stuy Guy

    Short and fat is always better than tall and skinny….. I’m dying. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂👏🏼👍

  140. The Sqoou

    4:17 Illuminati confirmed…

  141. Vinnie Sutra

    You always inspire me with new recipes and wit, stirred gently with a dash of pun.

  142. M. Delacroix.

    Ur the Bob Ross of cuisine

  143. Gregory Richmond

    Voice irritates

  144. seldomseen07058

    love the recipes and the humor…hapy that you could be absorbed by all recipes……you think you can do some on gluten free?

  145. Udit Gupta

    of course, we are going to season it up with some Fresh-

    -ly ground black pepper

  146. Yushi3100

    Chef John your videos are great and you really are funny. Sometimes i watch them just to lighten up my mood. 🙂 <3

  147. GXTitanium

    lmfao @ the comment about rappers looking for fresh rhymes hahahah

  148. Somebody Piano

    This recipe looks amazing and is great for feeding lots of people since it is so easy to make. I’m definitely going to make this for my family.

  149. Rondo'nun Yeri

    Check out “Kumpir”

  150. wjrasmussen666

    I made this last night. Potato fell apart when spooning out the contents and ended up with an open faced version!

    Used: butter, chopped green onion, milk, salt, pepper, 1 egg yolk, yogurt. Tasted great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Amazingly Awkward

    I have to object! I’m 6’5″ and still single :'(

  152. wjrasmussen666

    How about using yogurt instead of milk/sour cream?

  153. Alyna Demosthenes

    his voice is so soothing

  154. raedwulf61

    Looks fantastic! We will try this!

  155. Latika Mani

    Thank you for the inspiration. I added cheese, chive n garlic butter as well as corn and red kidney beans to them. Made for a super yummy weeknight dinner.

  156. Anirudh Sivakumar

    He makes me smile. 🙂

  157. gatewaysolo104

    you get more vitamins if you eat the shell

  158. S. Rodgers

    “By the way your welcome, famous rappers looking for dope new rhymes..” lmao

  159. Blanca Salazar

    Super!!!! 👍

  160. 01artist

    These videos are always Way Cool. . .

  161. Jack Stone

    Ausom, thumbs up

  162. kaiju k

    I like to cook down some shallots and garlic in butter, no color and then mix that into the scooped taters and add cheese, tiny bit of sour cream and scallion then top w more cheese and bake 30 min. Yum

  163. ZeliardFTW

    Salt is the new fat! Down with Sodium! Skip it, throw it out! Leave it in the ocean! Salt is bad and don’t get salty because its TRUTH!

  164. leinaddf

    Defo this will be added to my food list. X’llent Chef!

  165. Sincerely

    lol i instantly like this guy, hes to funny 😅

  166. LarryM

    When I make mine I add a bit of cheese on top to get it nice and browned

  167. Edmonds Stephen

    Uber tuber?! That was funny for sure !

  168. SupremeChickenx

    haha i love this guy’s attitude

  169. Prof Chaos

    Omg im so trying this

  170. neothaka

    Any plans on coming to Taiwan to teach some classes soon?
    Also, I noticed that sneaky social critique you worked in there. Tall people Do get more benefits than short people.

  171. ArcIX

    Awesome commentary for a cooking video. Totally gonna subscribe.

  172. martinez1701a

    I was thinking pepper jack and bacon bits maybe try cream cheese instead of cream.

  173. Lucas Guillemette

    you sound like that sardonic vegan granny. hilarious

  174. settingsoul

    Dope new rhymes 😂😂😂😂

  175. Laura Held

    Great video. Love you voice.

  176. Adam Energy

    wish you were visiting my kitchen twice a week , 😀

  177. Karl Z

    This is a fantastic video. I’ve been doing potato variations for 30 years and everything you’re showing is right on the money, just superb! Well done, which I hope you don’t do to the steak that would perfectly compliment these potatoes.

  178. JEFFC1958

    Oh chef John my wife and I made your twice baked potatoes they were awesome. You da man!


    Thanks for sharing

  180. Robert DuPre

    Half the reason I watch his videos is for the rimshot! “Why have a dud spud when you can have an uber tuber!” “You are the big Willie of your chili!” Love it John. Keep it up. Hi from Wayne County! Let me know if you want to go catch a few fish out on Seneca sometime. Some good hometown stuff never hurts!

  181. tom jackson

    A bit of crab meat makes it mighty tasty.

    1. PumpkinEskobarr

      Oooo you wicked!
      I like the way you think.

  182. bucky13

    This may be the first thing I actually have the motivation to make. Seems easy enough, and I really really love potatoes.

  183. Ray Marcusen

    His voice is so soothing…..

  184. Reginald And Yahqyrah

    LOLOLOL!!! Awesome Chef John!

  185. Carl McGee

    …He shoots, He SCORES!!!👏👏👏

  186. rally618

    Funny when he said to add salt and pepper and I said Cayenne and he put it in next LOL
    He must dream of Cayenne when he sleeps.Looks good,could do anything with these 🙂

  187. HelenaMikas

    A meal in it self … I love spuds and your channel *

  188. Beppe Sapone

    Yum 2

  189. Bill Mayhew

    My variation is to use sour cream instead of the cream (maybe egg yoke), but definately add bacon! Top with cheese too.

  190. Sylvia Fisher


  191. Michael Granados

    should’ve added cheese on top

  192. Jane Soper

    I love your videos! Favourite cooking channel for sure!

  193. Janna Maglinao

    I can’t live without potatoes. Gonna try this one tomorrow.

  194. angelsarereal777

    Very funny and educational too! Great Job!

  195. Eman Nistor

    who is this chef !
    such fun watching this channel

  196. oscar saavedra

    favorite channel too go too after for the next date night

  197. Malcolm Fitzpatrick

    There are never too many recipes for potatoes.

  198. lucas sa

    Sometimes I watch these videos just because the way that the chef speaks is hilarious hahaha

  199. Ashley L

    my favourite way to eat potatoes, right here.

  200. You had me at spicy

    I love your channel so much!!! Your videos always puts a smile on my face.

  201. John Arizona

    “dud spud, uber tuber” hahahaa doff of the hat to you sir

  202. Steven Bowers

    tried these today really good can’t wait to try more fillings I went 4 double Gloucester cheese and red onion 😊

  203. Bill

    I always wanted to see how these Twice Baked Potatoes are made. My sister made it with Chow Siu in the mix with green onions and it was great. Thanks again and I’ll try to make is soon..

  204. Eisdax

    Thank god I bought potatoes, I have to try this!

  205. Robert Doty

    Are any linguists watching this? I’d like to know where this guy’s accent is from. Don’t get me wrong…I love his videos, and he always shows us how to prepare super food! But…I can’t pin down his accent! His speech does the opposite of what a Valley Girl would do, with her (very annoying) rising emphasis at the end of a sentence that makes them sound like they’re perpetually asking a question. His accent is not the same at all. Yet, there’s something about the sound of the end of his sentences that I can’t quite pin down. It’s an odd accent. If anyone can shed light on this, it would be appreciated! In the meantime, I’m going to make some twice baked potatoes! 😉

    1. Ocher Velvet

      Robert Doty, He mentioned in another video that when he’s laying down narration after filming, he pieces it together from many different takes, so the speech rhythms we hear in the finished videos are artificial. I just watched an extended interview with him (also here on YouTube), and his regular speaking voice has none of the little upswings at the end of sentences. Which is a bit of a disconnect, since they’re such a notable and consistent feature of his videos, but he’s still the same funny Chef John.

    2. The Effortless Naturalista

      He has a radio voice to me. I love the way he talks. Reminds me of someone’s on NPR’s “All Things Considered” or CBS’ Sunday morning show. My guess is he’s from somewhere in New England but has radio/voiceover training.

    3. Chrisanna Daye

      Robert Doty I can’t shed light on the accent but I HAVE to tell you to watch his baklava video. His intonation is so much more pronounced in that video.

  206. fv nordby

    so punny..

  207. Janos Pergely

    you have by far the best cooking channel on youtube!

    1. Duh Sushi

      Janos Pergely cooking with dog

  208. Entraya Crosshill

    It just needs more bacon
    Putting a potato in the oven for an hour and then just slopping in some bacon, cheddar and cream is the laziest and comfiest meal there is, doesnt have to be fancy or dignified

  209. Marksman24444

    Dude I love potatoes so much I’d probably bang one

    1. chris lowis

      Are you Irish?

    2. android16B

      Bangers and smash*

    3. stockton350

      Marksman24444 that would add new meaning to bangers and mash

  210. Favorite Child


  211. ykagz007

    omg i tried them with my own recipe and they were so good
    i am ganna try to copy your mashed potato recipe this time and see whats better (i may remove some ingredients that i don’t like/have)

    1. ykagz007

      salt and peper

      no fancy stuff

    2. Dante Alvarado

      can you share your recipe please?

  212. Sequoia Dixon

    I love your voice. I listen to these videos while I do my house chores. They make me giggle.

  213. wuziq


  214. wuziq

    dope new rhymes

  215. Dumitru Stefan

    you are funny af ahahahaha

  216. Dena Redford

    Love twice baked potatoes.

  217. Arthur Kirkland Jones

    Your instruction is just so relaxing to listen to <3

  218. I Heart Umami

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