Your First Turkey! Easy Roast Turkey for Beginners for the Holidays!

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Learn how to make an Easy Roast Turkey for Beginners! – Visit for the ingredients, more recipe information, and over 650 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Easy Roast Turkey Recipe!

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635 Replies to “Your First Turkey! Easy Roast Turkey for Beginners for the Holidays!”

  1. MissWinner

    Thanks! That was very easy!!!!

  2. carl castle

    make a video for calderobo from philippines, 🙂

  3. soulnova

    I completely forgot to comment back in Christmas because I was in a hurry getting everything, ready, but… THANK YOU. You saved my life. Everyone loved the turkey. It was perfect!!

  4. Tomi Igo

    You don’t use period “.” when you speak.

  5. Muddflappa

    Good for you making a video for beginners who might think it’s overwhelming to roast a turkey. thumps up!

  6. Ciarah Brookes

    I feel so bad for the turkey that died but I’m not even vegan or vegetarian.

    1. MrSwanley

      You make it seem like dying is optional – for any of us. Here’s the deal: the turkey gets to live a happy life of comfort, being warm, well fed and safe from predators. Then one day it suddenly finds itself as someone’s turkey dinner. I think the turkey would go for that if it could, given the alternatives that most “food birds” face in the wild. Nature can be cruel: they could expect to get eaten by a predator at about the same age (assuming they even survive past the chick stage) and don’t even get the coddled life beforehand. And btw I assure you that a coyote doesn’t use a humane killing device. I’m absolutely not ashamed of eating meat. Vegan propaganda to the contrary, humans are almost always less cruel than nature. And we create laws and prosecute the bad apples that are the exception.

  7. Rahid Mensche

    Greetings from curaçao chef John
    Thank you for this turkey video.
    It really helped me.

  8. Kilgore [Search And Destroy, Assassin]

    Pun intended, Cavity, Dental Floss!

  9. Shakaama

    do you like thyme?

  10. Jo King

    You know that if a person can give a good turkey recipe, the rest of the food he shares is gonna be good. 😉 Flavored to perfection.

  11. Angelica Lobo

    Do you use gas oven?

  12. ada hazretleri

    🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 I love eat turkey from Turkey

  13. olivia psalms91

    i was 12 yrs old when i made my first turkey, two bars of butter room temperature, garlic powder, onion powder, thyme, a little rosemary,salt, black pepper, ground sage, a pinch of clove and a pinch of Cinnamon. wrapped it in tin foil and cooked low and slow for 10 hrs at 2205 degree all night.
    In the morning I warmed up all the side dishes. I made a corn starch slurry and made gravy with the drippings and neck in which I cooked with celery, onion and garlic, black pepper, garlic and onion.
    I also made the stuffing for the cavity, that was a hit with my whole family!
    Now, I lost my desire to cook much due to health issue’s. But I’m on my way back to a healthy happy life!!

  14. Watson Everly

    how the H do you rinse a turkey?

    1. Ciarah Brookes

      Use a bowl, run cold water, wait, strain.

  15. Joshua Pedro SlangboiNightmarez Garza

    honky tonk

  16. Gaming with Anthony

    Instructions not clear got penis stuck in turkey

  17. Darshak solanki

    , chef John I’m a big fan . Please tell me what do you think about my page.

  18. Jenna Hilton

    I’ve done something similar to this, but I also put the spiced butter under the skin to make sure the breast meat didn’t go dry.

  19. MrSwanley

    After years of avoiding turkey because it always came out powder dry, I thought I’d give this recipe a try. This is the best turkey I’ve ever done, in fact it’s the ONLY turkey that came out well. Thanks for the wonderful tips. The main difference is that your cooking temperature and time was far lower than the wrapping said. I had my doubts but did it your way anyway, and it came out succulent and delicious. In hindsight I’m wondering if the cooking instructions on the wrapper have been written by the safety police, i..e the same ones that tell you to boil an egg until it’s rock hard.

  20. johnw ruddick

    hhhhh i see that you didn’t baste your turkey i like to baste mine every 30 minute when i cook a turkey also put seasoned butter under the skin too

  21. Varun Shinde

    I think, I’m a turkey. PLS Feed me seeds.. 🦃

  22. 23anyer

    Tried this yesterday for New Year’s Day dinner; came out to a T. Everyone complimented on how good it tasted.  Thank you for the easy to follow recipe. Will continue to use it in future holiday family gatherings.  Happy 2018!

  23. Omelette du Fromage


  24. ARI3Z

    you are the best…love your videos. You make things so simple!

  25. Meaghan Salmons

    I love this man. Making my first turkey today and can’t wait!

  26. Azielee Adams


  27. NymphetaminexXxGrrrl

    Oh man i hope this works…. I have never made a turkey, chicken, or roast in my life! I impulsively bought a turkey this year, deciding i better learn how to make a turkey before i turn 30, but my partner (who is extremely picky about white meat) told me he wouldn’t be here and not to make it until a couple days after christmas. It is now 3:00am on christmas eve and now he’s telling me he wants me to make it on christmas after all.. I don’t have herbs, or paper towel, or a thermometer. I’m hoping if i cook it long enough it will be safe without a thermometer? But if i over cook it he won’t eat it. ugh why did i buy a turkey! Anyway staying up all night watching youtube recipes hoping i can make do with what i have somehow.

  28. Halimah Yahaya

    That’s turkey is looking dry and WHITE

  29. Halimah Yahaya

    Poor yt people…. They know nothing about marinating

  30. MayOrMoo

    You saved me today! 🙏🏼

  31. jjonestowne

    the “i” part doesn’t sound good.

  32. J Smith

    Thank You sir! Your gonna make me a hero this Christmas as I have never had to cook for the family b4 until this year!

  33. TheDivagina

    you couldn’t have washed that turkey!!! yulllllllk!!!

  34. The Anna Vlog

    Will it be salted butter or just non salted? Xxx

  35. idk who

    I got turkey but i realed i have no oven.

  36. Irene Lazar

    Thank you for helping me remember how to cook it after long time I stopped,

  37. edith carpio

    you’re so funny

  38. Eugene Nyunt

    I wonder if that guy fisted the bird.

  39. Jas Canuto

    You sound like Seth Rogen. Thanks for the tips btw!

  40. Jessica Rodriguez

    Omg..this was the best first turkey i ever made. It was delicious and just perfect. Thanks Chef John!!!

  41. Amged Alaam


  42. Leslie Lawson

    u have saved my grades!!!!!!!

  43. thrashtildeth247

    Take it out when your temp is just under 165 degrees and let it rest. While the bird rest, it will continue to cook another 5 degrees or so. If it’s past 170 degrees, your bird will be dry. REST FOR AT LEAST ONE HOUR.

    1. Ciarah Brookes

      Ha. You mean 180 degrees. Raw turkey is gross.

  44. Tal Burshtein

    I just followed your instructions step by step. And the result was INCREDIBLE . God bless you for sharing this wonderful recipe with us.

  45. Jackie Salinas

    I did this and followed every step. It was my first time preparing a Turkey. It was a hit. Thank you for saving my thanksgiving

  46. Cindy Barreira

    I love this video

  47. JebNaJer P

    This is perfect. Not burnt, not over baked and it is crispy. I will follow your instruction. Thanks for the tutorial.

  48. H Pn

    Here’s a tip folks…I make a butter mix. 2tb butter, orange zest and tsp caramdom. Mix all and then shove it under the skin! Shove some oranges slices and garlic into cavity’s. That’s it! The flavor us unbelievable! I also use a cooking bag. Less mess and easy clean up.

  49. Dazyie P

    Best bird ever!!! Thank uuuuuuuuuu

  50. X kieranextdoor X

    where…..where is the seasoning….i’m actually upset. salt and pepper….what in the holy fuck..

  51. no one

    Made this for thanksgiving for my first time and it turned out really good

  52. Chicago Rob

    I cooked your recipe just two days ago for Thanksgiving. It came out great thank you. The fresh Rosemary and Sage was amazing. I will repeat.

  53. ebrun110604

    Thanks that really helped

  54. Virlynda Luciano

    Thank you chef John, I tried your recipe this past Thanksgiving and my turkey was a hit!🦃

  55. L P

    Scott Cronk thinks this recipe is a little dry

  56. Erin Doucette

    LOVE this easy turkey!

  57. Sherwyn D'souza

    Unsure if you want to make a turkey? Then do this quiz!

  58. Tommy Price

    Where’s the flavor at?


    I did it. Thank you.

  60. Megaman11

    Happy thanksgiving 2017

  61. Chris Damask

    thanks dude, came out great, the skin was fucking legit.

  62. kewlness41

    Just made this first time ever roasting a turkey and it was amazing! Super easy prep and it came out wonderful will do again in the future thanks and happy thanksgiving!

  63. ron hutcheson

    SCRUMPTIOUS!!! Thanks!

  64. AntonioTDM Garcia

    I cooked my first turkey today thanks to your video! I used an oven bag, but used your method and it was so good. Thank you!!

  65. Judy Hart

    Oh yum, mine just was inhaled. So easy and so good.

  66. Tasha Brooker

    I’m not sure I can do this cuz I always burn food. 😂

  67. Guillermo Lopez

    What does the sage and rosemary do

  68. Abigail Portillo

    He didn’t even clean the turkey correct

  69. wisco

    i did 21.7 lb bird at 325 , and at 4hrs and ten min she was done, but breast were dry, i was told once it hits 165 to pull it out and let anything big rest for 15mins, becuz it will keep cooking, i forgot about that, i use to do pigs on spit, and the 165 rule works , getting old and forgetful i guess, i will have to go back to the jenno birds their the best,

  70. Cindy C

    So funny couldn’t stop laughing I got it so well you give a very clear tutorial right from the beginning.

  71. Orlando

    This white ppl turkey sucks he didn’t even wash the damn turkey you supposed to wash the turkey before you cook it nasty

    1. Fausto'sGeneration

      That doesn’t even matter, the heat eliminates all that shit. Not only that, factories are required to wash every meat before selling.

  72. Brian Stump

    I will be making this

  73. Candlelight Light

    thank you, are you sure you don’t come in pill bottles for anxiety?? you relieved mine anyway…. I love you confidence tho “you did that” I’m just like this is going to be the pice of cake with dinner!

  74. Alex Fedorov

    My god what a perfect video. The perfect intro to how to cook a turkey. Thanks

  75. Joshua Long

    can I use ground sage and normal rosemary?.

  76. LupisLu

    Very simple and looks great!

  77. Me D

    I click on this video every year to make my turkey!!! Awesome simple recipe, my turkey comes out great every time! (3 years in) Happy Thanksgiving!!! 2017

    1. petibonus

      Me D the breasts came out dry por moist? And you cook it to 165f or 175f ? Thanks in advance!

  78. Arturo Guerrero

    How do i position the oven rack?

    1. Fausto'sGeneration

      You want the turkey to be right on the middle of the oven

  79. R King

    Okay, about to do this again. 1st time great! This time I have to put Italian dressing on all my meats, so I am stuffing the butter under the skin all over breast. Salt, pepper, sage, paprika, lemon pepper, garlic salt, etc. Can’t wait. Happy Thanksgiving.

  80. Kayloww F.I

    I am watching this 2:25 in the morning because i have to make a turkey in a couple of hours😭 thank you!!!

  81. SixSentSoldiers

    Make pocket between skin and meat. Stuff as much butter as you can in those pockets. Try not to tear the skin. Apples and oranges in the middle. AWESOMENESS

  82. 。.

    Oh my godnes thank you for making it look so easy! I’m making my first turkey tomorrow and I’m hoping it comes out as amazing as your’s 🍗

  83. 寒山RoboTravel

    I don’t care what anybody says you are a rockstar keep rocking and thank you

  84. Tres Fielder

    Wow! Just thanks!!!

  85. Juan Ramiro Ramirez

    Thank you for your very simple preparations for a beautiful turkey…. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  86. FeroXmoto

    its that month again… and its my first time hosting and making the turkey… wish my luck!

  87. al forno e'

    i like your recipes , are simple but good and effective , i try it few times and always turn good.

  88. Tongan Cool

    LMFAO beginners my booty

  89. Dan Dobi

    You just saved thanksgiving… thank you

  90. DLRS1

    I use this recipe EVERY year, and every year it’s perfect.

  91. Lam Tsang

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. God Bless Turkey. 😀 Thanks for the recipe

  92. Diana Willett

    Why did you not clean the inside of the turkey before you cooked it!

  93. LLMW 88

    Thank you! Heading to the kitchen hehe

  94. Shira

    2017! Happy Thanksgiven!!!!!

  95. emuwalter

    Thank you.


    Used it past 2 years and it’s amazing

  97. Deion Jordyn

    Yay, I’m so excited . My first Thanksgiving with my own family. 😍🙌 . I can not wait, thanks to this guy, I’m using this recipe for my first turkey lol.

  98. Zainab Abed

    Thanks so much I like your video

  99. Samantha Shull

    325′ in over for about 3 enough hours thank you sir. Making a small Turkey meal for my kids and I and the rest is going to be passed out to hungry people.

  100. Johnny Chimpo

    I’m trying that I added a lot more ingredients o’hell I just hope it comes out delicious

  101. Amber Jeffers

    My favorite thing about Chef John is that unlike other chefs, he offers alternatives for the ingredients used. Different types of oils, syrups, vinegars, herbs, etc. Butcher’s string or…. dental floss. Hahaha love it

  102. M D

    Alright. Doing this tomorrow night for my co-workers. Wish me luck.

  103. skababy69

    My first time cooking a turkey. Thanks for the easy step by step video.

  104. Sarah Lin

    Only 2 days until thanksgiving I’m sooooooooooooo exited <3

  105. fernanda maldonado

    Im confused so how long does it stay in the microwave?

  106. Lizzy Liz

    I did this turkey along with this video last year and it was so delicious and so easy! Will be doing it again this Thursday.

  107. Stace Girl

    Your voice is sexy.

  108. Bryant Bee

    Always easy,simple..and most importantly short and to the point recipes!!,salute

  109. youngproscia

    He is excellent I wouldn’t do the turkey any other way.

  110. DesignatedDevon Studios

    6 years later, and you’re still helping people (me) cook their first Turkey.

    I really appreciate this.

  111. Christopher Aiken

    its every day bro for you$$$$$$

  112. Christopher Aiken

    this is so helpful thank you

  113. Jess Cox

    Will this work on a boneless turkey? I got a boneless this year since it will only be me and my husband but the whole boneless turkey is wrapped in netting so I wondered how to do it? Since I can’t stick the sage and rosemary iside. I absolutely LOVE this recipe though and want to use it for the boneless turkey we got. Thank you!

  114. Carmelo Williams

    hay i love this vid keep going with your biss

  115. Naomi Rodriguez

    Thank you

  116. Renuka Brown

    3 and a half 325

  117. Lil Kam

    But do it taste good?

  118. Louise Fleming

    my first turkey..will try

  119. Katie Norby

    Made my first Thanksgiving turkey with this method. All of my friends were impressed – it was beautiful, juicy and flavorful!

  120. Emmaline Jones

    my food wish is Smoked tamales

  121. Emmaline Jones

    Yummy i will have this 4 thanksgiving

  122. kee Iptel


  123. Lupita Lara

    last year I made my first turkey… simple recipe no basting but I did have to cover it, and change the temperature of the oven in the middle of the cooking…I can’t find that method! I don’t care how I season it I just want to find the cooking method! it was soooooo juicy! anyone know what it could have possibly been?!?!

  124. sky 1187

    Did you brine the turkey? This guy can cook👍

  125. james52054

    Thank You So Much!

  126. KM

    great video as always. Just a comment on the dental floss; isn’t there a risk that that thing will melt while cooking the bird?

  127. Ash

    Just salt and pepper?

  128. Bob Backlund

    That voice tho
    Gets me rock hard every time

  129. Amelia Keppel

    I used this for my first turkey this year. I had like no time (I’m talking buy a fresh turkey and hustle no time). It came out FANTASTIC. I’m in charge of the bird from now on lol. I’m so thankful for your videos.

  130. A. Barnard

    When you’ve gotten 170-175 internal temp. that bird is going to keep cooking all the way up to 180More if you have a LARGE TURKEY.
    165 internal is the norm, but even then, pull your bird at 160 so that it levels out at 165 or so.
    Just because it’s out of the oven, doesn’t mean it’s finished cooking.

  131. A. Barnard

    If you tie the legs together, it will take longer for the drumstick and thigh to cook properly.

  132. close i suck

    Omg life saver!!! Thank you so much 😍😍😍😍

  133. Palladio 1500

    175? Why? If the thigh is 175 then the breast is overdone. It is safe at 165.

  134. Annie Lev

    John says there’s nothing more disgusting than burnt wing ends. I’d say all those pin feathers that weren’t removed are way more disgusting!!

  135. Jay Obsuna

    Love this guy

  136. Jenn N

    Does anyone know if I should still brine before using this recipe? I didn’t hear him talk about it and it’s my first turkey so I’m still afraid if the turkey gets too dried, if anyone can answer thx 🙂

  137. bkhaja89

    Seth Rogan you’re a great cook

  138. Tony Ska

    Great, easy vid. My only issue is that you shouldn’t rinse a raw turkey.


    let it rest for as long as you cook it. The gravy will be hot.


    add olive oil to the butter and it will keep the butter from burning.

  141. Chingtian Yang

    And my family are stubet

  142. Chingtian Yang

    Thank you man am crying because I don’t know how to bake a truky

  143. Stephanie Hunt

    Thank you SO MUCH for this video! I am hosting my first Thanksgiving this year, and was completely overwhelmed and intimidated by making a turkey until I found this video.

  144. onegvid

    Good recipe. I was surprised how good it came out.

  145. Señora Gonzalez

    What size is this?

  146. Randy Yuvienco

    Very helpful thank you..

  147. JJ Williamson

    Great video looking forward to making my dog and I a masterpiece? Is there a vegan option by chance? Please respond A.S.A.P! Thanks!

  148. Marlenys Reyes

    I watch this every year for Thanksgiving. Thanks to you. I make the best turkey ever!!!!

  149. Ellen Dula

    Hosting a friendsgiving this week and this was super helpful! Thanks!

  150. Mallory Fraser

    I, the vegan, am in charge of the turkey for friendsgiving. This is very helpful.

  151. Janesea Inman

    I watched this video like 5years ago and made an amazing first turkey! It was delicious, and this is coming from someone who never eats turkey because it’s usually made DRY,. I LOVED the way it came out so much. Every year I searched and searched and could not re find this video. This year we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house, my fiancé and I, and I can’t wait to blow them away with the turkey thanks to this recipe. So happy I found it again. <3

  152. Maddy Altier

    It is November 12 and I am watching turkey cooking videos yep

  153. Pernsky01

    I think I’ll use this recipe. Very simple. I’m making a 23 lb turkey for my daughters Kindergarten class next Friday 11/17/2017. I think I should cook it Thursday afternoon. ( I do work after all and it’s almost 6 hours to cook. ) My question is how long should I reheat it Friday morning(and keep it moist) before I bring it to school. I’ll have to have it there by 11:00 am. If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears…err…eyes…thanks for your response

  154. Lisa Adler

    My father hates sage, what other fresh here could you use instead?

  155. Corey Ptaszynski

    Jamie Oliver said to let it rest 2 hours! Chef John says 15 mins. This is a big difference. Thoughts?

  156. lilac819

    No brine?????

  157. Syntox

    I KNEWWWW that basting was bullshit!

  158. Kimberly Tarin

    Lol he said try something more adventurous the next year lol I’ve made my turkey like this for the past 4 year ! I love how simple and easy it is yet delicious and not dry ! Thank you for this amazing video

  159. J G

    Doesn’t even unflavored dental floss have a wax covering?

  160. ladieessence

    You didn’t even wash the turkey

  161. Claudia v

    I want to thank you. I love your channel and I did make this recipe last year and it was a hit! Simple and good.

  162. mee lee

    My very first time to make turkey, my only question is- cover or not cover turkey with foil during cooking process?

  163. Ryan Kelly

    the minimum setting on my oven is 350. How will that affect this?

  164. sabkhat Allah

    I made it baked it for 4 hoirs but when cut juice ran like crazy it was cooked though i served breast and had to grill legs and rest to dry what went wrong can u help

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  166. maitte martinez

    Amazing ,thanks ……..last year I did it thanks to this super simple video and it turn out just great …today again let’s try!!!

  167. Sang Man

    Using this for thanksgiving in canada

  168. Samantha Butler

    man I can’t even make Kraft dinner properly, but lets give this a shot!!

  169. Cathy Brown

    Love your voice

  170. Girl With No Words

    Thank you, was looking for the tips. Ran out of foil what a ➕.

  171. Brett Andreas

    I watch this every Thanksgiving as a refresher course. Though I’ve gotten a little bit more adventurous, this ensures I get the basics right. Thank you! 🙂

  172. Eugene Nyunt

    Whole Foods Market quality: R.I.P the head off your pet; keep the intestines – bangers and mash time.

  173. Mavi Panda

    Asın bayrakları 🇹🇷

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    The poor little turkey :C

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    I forgot about his channel for months and I just now found it again. PLEASE keep up the good work and I hope your channel will grow even bigger in the future

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    awesome. thank you for this simplistic delicious recipe.

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    You really are an amazing person …and your cooking skills are true .. videos are the best I’ve seen ..thanks so much for all the best qualities you put forward .

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    I drooled into a flood.

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    i cant tell if he is taken off the skin or not?

  182. John Sittel

    To Creaturish Recipe:
    Omit the Rosemary
    Stir in Dill, Parsley, Celery seed
    The effort continue in the non share try and discover.

    There is no proof the above combination is any good at all at the time the roasting is done.

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    Would mint dental floss be good?

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  190. Rashafin

    Generally I agree with this recipe (really like the idea of the Bed of Vegetables). BUT… Turkey without the Tail → Sacrilegious!!! (…and those crispy Wing Tips taste great too!) As a matter of fact I literally have to buy EXTRA Turkey Tails & Wings, through a local Butcher, to keep all of my family & friends happy. Also, call me a “Traditionalist” but ‘Stuffing’ the Bird is a MUST (and so easy to do, why skip this when it adds so much Flavor!?!?)☺

  191. Boris

    Can we do this on a whole chicken?

  192. Icecream gossip

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    Deep fryer 350 turn ypur flame off before you put the bird in 30-50 minutes later you are done

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    @4:21 Mission Accomplished!


  198. waitressman1

    And at 175 internal, you’ve got yourself a dry bird.
    BESIDES which you didn’t roast this upside down, to begin with.
    If your thigh is that “high” then you’ve already dried out your breast meat.

  199. waitressman1

    @3:05 Why don’t you season in between the skin and meat as well?

  200. waitressman1

    @ 2:25 Trussing the legs will not let them and the thigh section not get done properly.

  201. waitressman1

    @ 1:29 The only way to get “burnt wing tips” is if you’re roasting at too high of a temperature.

  202. Angel Coleman

    What was the music used?

  203. Ning Wong

    I tried roasting the turkey with the breast down so that the breast can soak up the juices dripping down. What a difference.

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  207. Charles Sotis

    If you want a perfectly cooked turkey, just follow Chef John’s recipe.  Last night I prepped my turkey, covered it with alum foil and put it in  the fridge overnight. About 8.30 am, I took kit out of the fridge and put it on the counter. About 9.00 am, I preheated the oven at 325° and at 9.30 I put the bird in the oven and soon after left for church.  I got home at 12.55 pm and the turkey was roasted beautifully!!!  It had that magazine cover look that Chef John talked about – and crispy skin and moist, juicy meat.  Thanks, Chef and Merry Christmas.

  208. snelpy

    Thanks so much!! Super easy!!

  209. WeeeWriter

    I am cooking my first turkey this year, but everyone tells me I have to add a bit of water on the bottom of the pan. Is that true?

    1. WeeeWriter

      Thank you 🙂

    2. Nadin m.

      WeeeWriter no,i didnt and it turned out great

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  211. Jerry French

    Thanks Mate, Usually I do a Turkey & it ends up Dry & shrunken. Followed your easy as instructions & it came out perfect.. Happy Christmas… Appreciate you posting this.

  212. beforebirthday cheyenne

    Ehhh… I guess everyone is different when it comes to turkey and stuff

  213. Beatrice Hooker

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    How can I do the gravy? Where can I find the recipe? Thanks!!!

  215. Jason Weinrich

    Thanks, about to try this. Wish me luck! I’ll update later with results.

  216. Picturamadojo

    I have a question for anyone out there who’s good at cooking (not a skill I’ve been able to hone despite my many efforts). We see lots of recipes on how to cook a turkey, but very little on what to cook a turkey in. I know there are all sorts of roasting pans out there made of various materials. What type of pan works best for a turkey in your experience?

  217. major bu2

    i made this a couple years ago and it was a hit came 3 years later I’m back to make the x-mas dinner once again thanks again

  218. danceswithcritters

    what about defrosting?

  219. Freddy Cardona

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    Loosen the skin of the turkey as much as possible without tearing it, and then slide that butter mixture underneath, smoothing it out afterwards so the butter is as evenly distributed as possible.

    Then I generously salt the cavity and stuff with some pieces of sweet onions and apples. Throw some more apples and onions in the bottom of the pan like shown in the beginning of this video. You could also add a splash of apple cider… though I never do because I’m always afraid of it steaming the bird or something…

    Then I just bake at 375 f until it’s done, basting with the juices in the pan every 20 minutes or so.

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    5. A. Barnard

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